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Emil Grey [2.0] RVBUsu4


Basic Information

○ Name: Emil Grey
○ Other Names:
Dr. Holsen
Maestro (Covert)
The Faceless Angel (Familial)
○ Age: 37
○ Birthday: February 15th
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Quincy
○ Affiliation: The Vandenreich
Psychologist under Todgestalten (Personnel)


Todgestalten Director
○ Alignment: Lawful Evil

○ Marital Status: Widower
○ Nationality: English
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

○ Height: 6'5
○ Weight: Healthy
○ Hair Colour: White
○ Eye Colour: Blue

Emil Grey [2.0] XUsMzjl

Psychological Analysis

To the light of day, he is a man of the people. An ever-present smile and good humor, Emil presents himself as a pleasant character of upstanding reputation. His kindness is warming, his talks are intelligent and polite, he truly comes across as a good and proper gentleman to the common onlooker. To others, he is a man of business, a voice of charisma and respect, to bring the attention of the room to a worthwhile subject or concern. Within the darkness of his work, he is a cold pragmatist who will exercise the most advantageous moves in order to conduct an operation smoothly and quickly.

All of these are true of him, merely differing layers of his ‘self’ to him; carefully crafted personas to switch between from scene to scene. Life is a play to be acted upon, and everyone has their masks - he is just quite aware of his own assortment. Emil is a man with a vast emptiness in his being, and as such an unfeeling man he is, he inversely has a strong fascination for the experiences and visceral emotions of others, eager with poking buttons and digging at other’s psyches to see what makes them tick.

This isn’t to say he devalues others, however; though he sees those around him as little more than entities to be inspected and admired, he has an intense respect and fascination for the emotional experience of those around him, though these inner thoughts would never be of concern to anyone but himself.


The third bastard child of his household, Emil began his days in a large home, segregated from society alongside his siblings and attended to by a staff of servants. This was no soft, comfortable life - from the moment the man took his first breath, it was a competition: only the fittest one of them would be able to claim the Grey name and the amount of leverage and secrets being a proper part of their family gave privy to. However, unlike his far more competitive siblings both present and incoming, Emil was an odd sort, uninterested in the goal and rather was far more interested in his studies, in particular that which concerned his mother - Emilia Grey, known to the world as a brilliant yet seclusive songstress.

While he had to dodge multiple attempts on his life as he grew, being trained in the Quincy arts and taught extensive academics by the staff, his intrigue lied on the woman who concocted this situation in the first place; many times he overheard the concerns of the staff, that since her first progeny put an attempt on her life she had become far more extreme in the practicing of this tradition. As much as he’d find error in her methodology, he was intrigued in knowing her - and that required winning out this race.

Of his siblings, he typically performed most impressively next to his eldest brother, but there were signs of his budding academic and battle excellence. It would all come to a head when he was about ten years of age, he and his seven other siblings were roused from their bedding in the middle of the night for a long anticipated event - their trial. Brought out even further into the woods their home was nestled in, their mother was present and told them one thing: Kill each other.

From the height of dusk to the break of dawn, the siblings fought with voracious competition, until it was just him left, kneeling bloodied and beaten over his youngest sister’s corpse. He was the winner, to be taken back to the mansion as the horrified staff were sent to clean and dispose of the corpses, to simply behave as if this day never occurred.

In turn, Emil was recognized as a son of the Greys, and in turn had the right to learn their songs - using their voices or soundwaves as a basis for Gebet to manipulate reishi in a variety of ways, most famously techniques passed down and developed upon from their ancestor - Emmeline The Grey, Angel of Song. A torturous year and a half were spent with his mother, learning each staple hymn and being exposed to his mother’s own renditions. An emotionally tormenting experience for most, but a ravishing education for an odd one such as Emil, his typically subdued emotional state forced to endure extreme sensations of a multitude of emotions, his interests in learning more hewn into his very soul.

When she determined he was of age - a fresh thirteen, he was told to apply everything he knew to slay a hollow, and not to return until he did so. It was a small task for one such as he, but he returned home to an empty manor, and a letter from his mother. It stated his training has concluded, and he was to forge his own worth to the bloodline on his own from then on. He had many numbers to call and plenty of historic literature of their familial history to consult. He got into a prestigious college to study psychology, and joined the Vandenreich.

He proved to be an excellent young man despite his sheltered background, forming connections with the rest of his family as well as their lessers, involving himself in one of his great uncle’s business ventures as a means to earn money while he was in school, participating in the Vandenreich only as an occasional covert agent at first. He developed his skills in spellweaving, practicing tirelessly among his other commitments. Small business ventures turned into becoming a prominent shareholder and advisor for many goods-producing businesses across Europe, his schooling concluding with a doctorate in his subject, and he was known as a prolific member of his ilk, be it the Vandenreich or his family.

He had much of his curiosities entertained throughout his life experiences, but there was something he hadn’t quite considered until he met a particular woman - one Aase Holsen. The two hit off well, her even catching onto his darker nature, but rather than meet it with fear, it was met with intrigue. Interest turned to friendship turned to love, they would wed five years later. The only thing that held back having children was Aase’s discovered difficulty in conceiving, but she insisted the wish to spend some years with him before they turned to medical assistance.

That was, until years later amongst the war, he received a phone call of his spouse’s demise, having been one of the casualties lost to the attack on Paris; He was preoccupied assisting with combatting the demonic threat and strategizing movements, while she had gone to visit relatives. So this was grief - a powerful, terrible emotion, yet so intriguing…

She was dead and buried, made to go about his life without her - not that it would hinder his work or his interests. Amongst the clearing out of Shadow Fall bases, he was offered the opportunity of being a guardian for a young child - a Danava that had been forced to work for them as a means of information transfer. The request came across as some kind of condolence for his wife’s death, but he hardly was one to pass an opportunity for an experience; he hadn't the opportunity for children prior.

A year or two down the line, the previous Director of the Todgestalten had passed away, and he was one of the recommendations to take their place. He assumed the mantle with little fret or hesitation, having taken to managing the underbelly of the Vandenreich ever since.


Tactful And Perceptive
Emil has a long history of an exceptional skill in influencing others, capable of reading others in order to manipulate relationships and turn things to his purposes. He shows great temperance and control in a situation, never swaying or panicking even if things go unfavorably. He has an aura to him that is attractive to many, and in turn he takes full advantage of it. His sharp wit, extensive knowledge of people, and smooth talk lead him to be successful in his lines of work and responsibilities.

Extensive Knowledge in Psychology
Emil is incredibly experienced in the medical field, specifically that of anything encompassed by psychology, being licensed to and actively practices, having completed a doctorate in the subject.

Great Combative Skill
From a young age, Emil has practiced in fighting both armed and barehanded, with the strength to back it up. He knows how to handle a great many weapons from short swords to guns to even blunt weapons effectively, his knowledge of many hand-to-hand arts leaving him a considerable danger to many even unarmed. Overall he can handle himself in a physical altercation with great competence and skill if he’s without a weapon for any reason with a great amount of confidence.

Naturally High Reiryoku
The Grey are a family who have had generations of selective reproduction in order to produce children capable of forming spellcraft without the use of external tools such as Ginto, and Emil is no exception to this, having considerable reserves of Reiryoku.


From a young age, Emil has had to exercise use in not only using either of his Blut systems, but the ability to switch between them. He often has operated in physical altercations from childhood, to war, to even now, deeming the capacity to take physical hits as well as deal considerable amounts of damage in as few blows as possible to be important to him, not only to improve his natural defenses but to also play into his preference to cripple or kill his opposite with as little loss to him as possible. Though his preferences lie in the use of Blut Vene typically, he will use Blut Arterie as a means to elevate his physical capabilities against more bothersome foes.

A user proven incredibly proficient in the speed technique as he is of the sort to attempt to end the conflict quickly, Emil often utilizes afterimage techniques to confuse his opponents alongside his songs and weaponry, behaving as an evasive foe to draw up as much disorientation as possible when it comes to facing him, often being likened to a phantom in battle.

From years of practice stretching back to his survival-based upbringing, Emil’s ability to harness Reishi into a weapon comes with complete ease, in addition to his ability to create a great many arrows in a short amount of time, said arrows capable of having effects in relation to his nature.

His greatest skill, cultivated from a long line of spellcraft users, Emil was raised and trained to use not only the typical Spellcraft known to the Quincy, but the techniques of his ancestors as well, being able to use them fluently and with little else to compare to his skill. He withstood many years of training and, later on, personal development of his own spells by applying his learning, standing at a level matched by few.


*Note that all of Emil’s Arias are spoken in Proto-Germanic songs or poems, but are written in English here for simplicity.

Spell Name: Schrei
Aria: ‘Cross the waves - The mourning wail of the widow sounds - Veiled as on the day of her rites - She cries of death that is to be
Aria (Shortened): Mourning Wail
Effects: Emil releases a deafening screech magnified by reishi to attack, violent shockwaves bursting from his proximity to blow away attacks or inflict rupturing and damages to those struck by them. The longer he screams, the more potent the shockwaves that shake and stagger the immediate area.

Spell Name: Schweigen
Aria: Song of the soul - The heart’s words spoken - Be still, be quiet, be enraptured - Within this vow of silence sworn
Aria (Shortened): Vow of Silence
Effects: Emil forms an intangible bubble of Reishi that acts as a soundproof chamber, controlling sound from entering or leaving the field. Even the loudest of sounds will not escape or be let in if not permitted by the caster. Though the bubble cannot be physically interacted with as to allow others to come or go from it’s field without restriction, it can easily be dissolved by manipulating or otherwise disrupting the reishi construct with spiritual energy.

Heilige Lieder (Holy Songs)
Songs preserved through generations, these spells manipulate Reishi in such a way that it casts particular vibrations that disturb one's mind and emotions, twisting them to the tones of whatever song is sung. The Greys pick suitable heirs proven both in mental fortitude and musical skill throughout generations to learn of the Gebet-hewn music in order develop their own, the root songs having been passed down for generations. The user speaks the beginning verse not much unlike a typical spell, and sings. More skilled Gebet users are able to layer these songs onto their natural voice to enable them to covertly influence others.

Spell Name: Frieden
Aria (Shortened): Be At Peace
Effects: This song puts it’s listeners at ease, instilling a sense of calm that can settle down even those in full panic if they put up no resistance to it’s effects. This state of calm can go as far as putting others to sleep if the full aria is sung.

Spell Name: Ermuntern
Aria (Shortened): Be Pleasured
Effects: This song will cause those who listen to feel happier and invigorated, capable of lifting the spirits of even the tired or depressed. It can be used to motivate others or lighten the room.

Spell Name: Druken
Aria (Shortened): Be Disordered
Effects: This song will cause it’s listeners to feel confused and disorientated, not much unlike a state of intoxication. Effects such as an inability to understand one’s surroundings or current situation are most common, causing those in it’s grasp to be less likely to react to a situation as appropriately or quickly than they normally would.

Spell Name: Furcht
Aria (Shortened): Be Dreading
Effects: The listeners of this song will feel pure, inexplicable fear and anxiety, as if their very life is in danger. It is intense enough to trigger one’s instinctive survival responses, though to such a degree that it makes operating with a clear head and comprehension of where the danger is difficult.

Spell Name: Anregen
Aria (Shortened): Be In Ecstacy
Effects: The listeners of this song will feel excitement and be far more inclined toward reckless and overconfident behavior. A sense of euphoria and hyperactivity takes the reigns over most logical thought, a lack of inhibitions often leading one to commit acts based on whatever impulse or desire they hold strongest, though it often throws the situation into chaos.

Spell Name: Wüten
Aria (Shortened): Be Furious
Effects: The listeners of this song will be taken by an intense feeling of fury and hatred, often being directed to whatever could hold their frustrations tightest. They may become overly fixated on enacting whatever sense of justice or vengeance upon this subject, regardless of risk or injury that would be considered first in a calmer state of mind.

Spell Name: Betrüben
Aria (Shortened): Be Sorrowful
Effects: The listeners of this song with be wracked with the worst sensation of sadness one could ever conceive of. Be it dredging up memories of their lowest moments or simply exasperating any existing feeling of depression or grief, it leaves it's targets suffering from painful heartache and seemingly endless tears, the motivation to continue dampened by the dark weight on their woeful soul.

Spell Name: Binden
Aria (Shortened): - And So - (Spoken between two other Arias)
Effects: Used to bind the songs of two spells in order to combine their effects and give rise to new variations in order to evoke different effects on other's emotional states.

Spell Name: Entzücken
Aria: The full Aria is a short song in length, sounding much like a lullaby.
[w/ OOC Permission/NPCs Only]
A fickle, difficult to conduct song carried from parent to child for generations by the Greys, the nature of Entzücken's effects require a delicate process to achieve. It's target is best placed in a state of complete isolation, away from any distractions or possible deterrents that could interrupt the song's pull, a situation in which they're forced to listen to Emil, as significant auditory interruptions can be enough to lower the spell's grasp on another.

If the ideal conditions are in place, the song places it's target fully into a state of suggestion, vulnerable to questioning or new ideas to be placed in their subconsciousness. Though Emil is unable to erase or change what fundamentally makes up his target's person, he can lay new, specific things on top of what already exists, or suggest they block out certain topics or events, as to use the mind's faculties to his benefit.


Name: Seraph

Appearance: A rather elegant bow, dainty in shape, resembling a harp in shape with small lined protrusions that fade toward it’s wielder.

Stottern Patrone
Emil’s typical arrows, being capable of transferring a burst of vibrations to a target depending on how far they are from him. Close range shots are the least effective, only giving typical piercing damage one would expect from a typical arrow, but farther away targets are met with an attack of soundwaves so powerful the explosive force of a single arrow could level a building, making this ability ideal in long distance fights. He can create and fire multitudes of these arrows with ease.

Schütteln Patrone
These arrows create a concussive shockwave to deal damage to whatever they may strike, distributing violent vibrations through their body, being hit with several high decibel pulses. This could cause considerable internal damage or even death in the ill-defensed, especially with a swarm of arrows seeking one out.


Sinfonie der Hölle (Symphony of Hell)

Appearance: His bow transforms into a long, black sword with a harp-like structure formed by the handle and a hook towards the end of the weapon, dark reishi overlays his hands to appear almost like the flow of soundwaves. Dark, coat-like wings decorate his attire, equalling to about six in total. His head also transforms into an unrecognizable swirl of sounds and reishi.

Appearance Ref:

Gnade der Seraphim
Upon releasing, the Reishi within his Spirit Class' level of influence become flowing currents similar to wind, swirling around as structured "paths" in a loop. It enables a 50% increase of efficiency in Steigen usage for any Quincy within this range of influence due to the more structured flow of energy, making the gathering of Reishi somewhat easier and by extension giving a little boost to Steigen user's speed.

Worte der Seraphim
Being in this state extends the reach and effects of Emil’s songs by several fold, able to influence entire populaces or warzones with his voice alone, carried along by currents of Reishi for any manner of purposes, be it to demoralize enemies or whip the battle into a chaotic frenzy.

Tränen der Seraphim
Strumming the Reishi strings of his sword’s harp, the soundwaves fleck off and create multitudes of small lights that float around his head, resembling music notes until they are released upon his targets, transforming into and sending a hail of countless of arrows upon a wide sweeping field, capable of decimating anything within a viewable radius.

Zorn der Seraphim
With the Reishi currents created by this form, Emil uses these to both ride upon them and channel them into his sword, greatly increasing the weapon's speed and usability to deliver quick, decisive, powerful strikes unto an opponent with such speed, many would be unable to perceive that they had been harmed until it was too late.

If a fight were ever to come to a point where Emil feels he must take care of his opponent quickly and decisively, he can activate a burst of power that is double his Vollstandig power level's percentage, his wings turning pure white before disintegrating into a single arrow wielded by a white bow with the appearance of a tuning fork, who’s concentrated power would be enough to fell a great many beasts, piercing through their bodies and violently sending vibrations strong enough to tear it's victim apart into mere particles, if not, severely damage their soul in some way.

*Upon use, he cannot use Vollstandig for the rest of the thread, this is meant to be a last resort attack.

Assets & Tools

Personal & Familial Assets
By earning his right as an inheritor of the Grey name, he in turn was also introduced to the family's many contacts, Quincy families and their descendants whom were impacted by the genocides of time and taken in by the Greys, many of them indebted to the family whether they realized it or not. From personal servants to businessmen as well as his long tenure in the Vandenreich and his own career furthering of the family's musically-inclined reputation to the public, Emil has a good share of resources to phone in for his needs, maintaining good relations or applying an appropriate amount of pressure to obtain or look into things from even the dark underbelly of the world, able to live in comfort and reasonably acquire a great many things.

Synth Helm
One of many tools Emil had custom made for his purposes, the Synth Helm is an electronic helmet that fully encompasses the man's head, the face entirely blacked out to any onlookers apart from a waveform that appears when he speaks. The helmet preforms many functions, from obscuring his face and voice during field work, analyzing and giving statistics of various spiritual readings, recording or taking pictures, act as an air and vision filtration mask, and a communication device linked to the Vandenreich's network.

But primarily, the helmet is used in order to magnify his vocal abilities' power and reach significantly, amplifying sound waves by roughly 5x their natural strength at max, carrying his power of song further than his voice could alone.

If conditions such as crushing or systemic meddling occurs, the helmet detects this, immediately deactivates, and folds back into it's dormant state in order to prevent it's user from being harmed.

Emil always carries an extra helmet in it's dormant form, but only two models exist.

Multipurpose Gloves and Boots
A set of tools he's had personally tailored for himself, the elegant black gloves and dark, leathery boots that Emil regularly wears are in actuality potential weapons. By channeling his Reiryoku through them, the equipment's features will activate, though they do require a skilled user of spiritual energy for proficient control and access.

Creates arcs of electricity, the strength of said electricity depending on how much the user wishes, the voltage dependent on how much spiritual energy it's user channels. Direct touches with his gloves or boots results in a nasty shock that can do anything from stun, to knock unconscious, to even killing dependent on placement and intensity of volts.

Creates a gripping surface that allows Emil to hold onto or stick to surfaces more easily. Though he cannot walk on walls, it definitely greatly reduces sliding on surfaces lacking in friction or aids in preventing him from losing balance or otherwise being knocked away as easily, the strength of this sticking dependent on how much of his energy is fed to the devices.

His own spiritual reserves are used to increase either his hands' or feets' weight and durability by means similar to magnetism, turning normal punches and kicks into some that would be powerful enough to shatter a wall in one go with maximum concentration. However, using this does make the equipment heavier for him and will slow his normal movements during use.

Moonkissed Clover
A precious blade passed down the Grey bloodline for generations, the right to wield it only given to the successor of the name. The blade consists of soul-synthesized damascus steel, the blade adorned with weaving patterns. The blade is thus suitable for striking the spiritual with little issue, as well as withstanding attacks with an impressive degree of durability.


Ella Holsen
A recently created Danava of Messages who was brought into custody during the clearing out of Shadow Fall's bases during WW4, Emil saw potential utility in the young one's abilities for the good of the greater organization and consequentially adopted her, giving her the surname of his late wife supposedly in her honor. She is a highly efficient postal worker in the City of Lights on the face of it, though she also works for Todgestalten to transport or store sensitive information or items, a trustworthy agent to her very core bound to secrecy.

The Achters
A notable Quincy family in relation to the Greys, some of their members act as servants within Emil's home, though they are a considerable force trained to protect himself, his dwelling, and any others he may request they cover. They are his sword and eyes under the guise of the mundane, fiercely loyal and unwavering to their cause.

The Todgestalten - As Their Director
Although their Director, many of those in it's lowest echelons aren't aware of Emil's true identity, let alone his face or real voice, typically communicating through either other people or distant means such as phone calls or emails. Despite this level of detachment, he is ruthlessly efficient at conducting those under him as well as possessing plenty of foresight and good judgement that would make any aware of his involvements to, at the very least, admire his work ethic and competence. Any who have interacted with him would find his manner of discussion rather polite, professional, and to the point, occasionally with tasteful humor.

The Todgestalten - As A Guise
To the lowest ranking or newer of the Vandenreich's cohorts, Emil is simply known as a veteran who had settled into merely being a psychologist for prisoners, appearing to only helping out with affairs such as training or field work if requested. Even so, he's well received by his peers and rather unassuming to most.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Advanced
  • Gebet: Elite
  • Kreuzen: Advanced
  • Steigen: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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