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Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:17 pm
Laughter could be heard throughout the bar as the Shinigami clashed their cups together. It’s funny how they spent the entire week arguing over where they would go and what they would do, but it did not matter. Bilbo wanted to go to remain in the seireitei as Cameron and Robert wanted to dive deep into the Rukon District. Maybe as far out as the sixtieth district. Axel wanted to go even farther, the human world, but at last such a commodity was rare. In the end it was the mysterious Pipen that got his way. The man could not say any word but his own name. However, in his ramblings he managed to lure us here. When we entered the smell of baked bread stole our hearts away. Ebongail Family was the name of this glorious bar. One could not help be at home while here. I was a strange thing for a bar to have especially since it was over forty districts out.
Prices were cheap, the service was good, and they served the best drinks. Not just saki but ale, whisky, meed, vodka, and several combinations of each. And the food, the food, “Forget about it.” Robert said trying to explain the beautiful taste of their cheese sticks. A smile on his face for the first time in weeks. In response the short but clever Bilbo leaped on his chair giving his own introduction. “Without further ado the great and noble Bilbo!”
He began going on about human ingenuity and the new crazes that they came up with. That was something that the living had in common with Bilbo. They never wasted a second when adopting clever things to craze about. With a clever speech and a crack of a good joke he had everyone in laughter. Especially, the big and mighty Pipen who looked like he was going to cry. “Pipen, Pipen, Piepen!” He cried out in laughter clapping his hands together. The big guy was the strongest of all of us and he carried a brilliant mind. He could use Kido at the snap of his fingers and was his spiritual power was top class. He may not be able to say much but he had an eye for the simple things. Those simple things we all seem to forget about when shit hits the fan.

The ever sly Cameron lifted his european styled cup filled with a fine wine to Bilbo. “You sir are truly full of shit.” He gave a smile and took a big sip. Robert could not help but laugh to his comment and he wasn’t the only one. Even Bilbo was laughing in response. Robert noticed that Cameron kept his bow in his lap holding onto it so it would not get tangled in his hair. Like Robert Cameron also carried two Zanpakutō but unlike many Shinigami one was a bow with sharp blades on its limbs.
“What about you Robert, The Red Mockingbird?”
Alex asked mocking the silence of Robert. Having been ever so curious about what the Red Mockingbird’s eyes have seen. He was the one who had given the nickname to him. Having said, “You’re silence mocks your enemies you know. In this world were we all chat and chat you remain silent. So in a weird way you’re like a mockingbird except you’re covered in blood.” Robert responded back then in silence. He had never expected the name to stick with him but he was not complaining. Robert gave out a laugh to Alex’s questions. “I was running errands for squad thirteen and that was all, sorry but nothing amazing happened to me.”

“Nothing amazing?” Cameron said in protest to the unsatisfying answer Robert had given.
“Yea, you humble bastard we want to hear the good stuff.” Bilbo joined in and soon everyone, even Pipin was complaining. Robert gave a smile and with further ado said, “Alright, this morning we were training in the dojo.” “We had this new guy and he couldn’t fight to save his life.” “In fact outside of Kido he was completely incompetent.” “So since I am also new and in need of serious practice I was asked to spar with him.”
“What a poor guy to have you as sparring partner.” “Did you at least explain why you didn’t talk to him?” Alex responded with a laugh.
“So what is his name?” “Was his posture good?” “Did he learn?”, Bilbo inquired wanting more details.
Robert’s mind drifted off to that day. The kid could not fight in the slightest. It was more like flailing away. Robert regretted not saying good job. The kid may not have known how to fight but he never stayed down. Every time Robert knocked him down he kept getting back up. It was those kinds of spirits that Robert loved the best. He looked to his crowd of friends and around the bar. As waiters and waitresses served other guests, his friend looked at him awaiting his answer. “His name was Luis and I am proud to say he is my new comrade.” Robert responded looking them in the eyes.
“However, his posture was as good as Bilbo’s here.” Robert said now laughing.
“By the spirit king he was that bad!” Alex broke into tear laughing. And Bilbo’s reaction was priceless as he said, “Hey, I can fight a little.” The group lost it.

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