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Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:03 am

Blood On The Doorstep, phase one begining JCRrxmK

Kuroshitsuji OST 1 - Song:  - Nigram Clavem Word Count: - 1616

It brought some semblance of hope some emergence of enticement that made them cling to life where only disdain should lay .... they were pathetic, gulls chasing the chips thrown at their feet clawing at each other for some scraps... scavengers.

Toras hands shoke as he walked, the violent mind had been so stagnant awaiting the enticement of some gentle soft skin to tear away at, the ideal of flaying someone whilst they screamed was always a sight he liked to behold after all the ones who never stopped crying where the ones so easy to twist so easy to mark as his. This place closed in around him a box that was like a cell, a cage trapping the ever engulfing semblance of freedom these people were truly the sick ones hoping for some sort of true peace some sort of coexistence that allowed the world to beckon under them like they were the things that stalked the night whilst others hid in the veil of darkness hoping not to be found. But Tora was not hiding ... he was carving upon their friends, there loved ones, their family ... their peace.

Those screams that passed through, begs and cries where so pathetic. Nothing continued to consume the darkness of this streets as much as the begging for death as the sound of something being dragged along the asphalt that was this road. The footsteps touching through the air as some came from their houses yelling and screaming as a figure became apparent from the darkness. Behind this small blackened figure lay a trail of hair connected to a girl girl covered in cuts eyes streaming with tears as parts of her hair were ripped from her scalp. Men moved forward screaming at this shadowed evil to put her down or die ... all before blood exploded from their mouths the figures free hand slightly rising upwards as these people screamed the tissue behind their neck tearing outwards as a snap was hear dropping 10 men alone to their faces their spines being dragged through the opening as they fell by some seemingly invisible force leaving them dead where they stood. Even in a monsters den this was something that stirred only under the true quake of darkness... and the cracking broken toned almost animalistic voice that came forth was true to that nature as it trailed forth with a single word.


This sound however was met with the following of the atrocity to come next. This girl begged speaking of love for the being above her the want for life pleading trying to grasp at the legs of what seemed outwardly as something set to become her end, she saw something as a connection ... a severed connection however. Toras boot slammed into the side of her face, cracking her jaw bone upon impact into simple shards. Her cries of pain were more muffled her hands shook as she reeled onto the ground trying to crawl away now she was free from Toras grasp,but as she clung her fingernails across the ground digging them through till blood poured out trying to drag herself away a hand would reach out and take her. The girls leg broke under the pressure exhorted by the simple clap like grip round it. IT dragged her face along the rubble back to him as he leaned in brushing the hair from her eyes staring into it as her eyes seemed to revert from fear to some form of relief.. all to be trampled away.

The man savagely flipped her from her stomach to her back using her hair as as sort of lever for this action, slamming her head to the ground in the process leaving her dazed and quiet for once. From her his hands trailed down to a part of her he was familiar with his knife sliding from its position at his side before driving into this woman's nether's ripping away and pouring forth blood and tissue that were just torn apart and cut out with his knife, the girl herself was in shock so quickly that her heart stopped beating before tora was even half way through, and once he'd reached his goal he simply yanked free a piece of her that lay within his hands as his eyes pondered over this small street, no man came forth to help her all knew what this evil that lay before them was, and all feared its path tread. Defenses may come but his own hive network was already infecting that of K worlds own inner systems purging files offering a small distraction .. all before broadcasting from a small camera floating above him the entire scene. Delaying their defenses was one thing to prevent interruption, but he feared not for them for declaring an attack on him here was a deceleration of war, a war neither of these pure embodiment void of light needed, this woman was his and he was making an example, those in his path were collateral and nothing else dismissing alliances for something as petty as killing one of his own people was something pathetic in ideals.

the smell of corpses, the rotting flesh as though it had been here for some time began wafting as toras hand devoid of this piece of the girl trailed along her stomach before rising up turning to stare behind him into the fading sun, pieces of her were missing, carved away or ripped apart with his teeth like a vulture was picking from its flesh earlier, the eyes stained with nothingness as they searched for some glance of hope. Tora stood his back to his little camera as his free hand not holding his prize held his dagger. Carving through his face, the mans jaw already exposed as he turned to see what seemed to be something he didn't expect in the form of citizens moving around him staring at the carnage he claimed, Witnesses. The skin of his left cheek and bellow gone leaving only the bloody meat of tora. sitting in his hands as he rose them open for this crowd gathered round was something so grotesque one may not encompass just what this was, what he had pulled from this woman now lying on the floor blood soaking the black tar beneath her that each footstep these sickened people took exposed further with splashes of blood, her legs spread and innards spewed bellow her showed that this man had enclosed the ideal taking what he claimed in the most literal sense.

It's serene, no? pretty things running with blood, its always odd to see how they scream. Carving into the womb of something so tender, so soft ... then plucking out pieces whilst waiting.... I think she thought it was going to be a boy?


With the words simply uncaring drifting forth would turn the fetus in his hand covered in rot as he pulled it to his mouth sinking fangs into the miscarried things neck tearing the muscle away as the dark red surrounded his lips running down his mouth and soaking his already stained white jacket with more red. The trailing smile on his lips never truly faded, the madness in this mans soul sat within his eyes hidden by his white coated hair, the evil that defined him was something more exclusive to the ideal of want then need, and right now it was not necessity that bought him here but simple constructive benefit. His hands trailed along what may had once been this pre birth infants head before gripping the two half's of this thing one could call a child and tore the deformed and soft tissue apart the ripping sound carrying through the silence as blood poured once more, the only thing remotely excusing this sickening sound was the opposing noise of one of these pathetic meaningless people throwing up in pure disgust, reeling over as they watched this psychopath at work. and as it was complete he simply spread this mes of blood and gore outwards dropping it to the black bellow .... road kill in the worst kind of sense.

Toras mind craved no attention no empathy or semblance of thought for others .. he was something outside logic and outside reason. there was a simple idea within his head, the idea that people no matter the way things were had equality within them beyond the capability of any real reason, so therefore if everyone is equal in worth everyone is equal within the eyes of need for death,be it child or old man the actions of ones life decided their true value for those with the strive for something greater than themselves were inclined to something much more than that.

Now this is rude, i come here to speak to a king yet i'm greeted by silence and disgust.... you know something i feel wounded <3 aroused .... but wounded.

With his voice seeping forth his feet fell to the ground one by one as he walked, the crowd that had gathered quickly dispersing running to their homes and fleeing the streets as the white haired male came dropping upon the stomach of his once former love the left over insides pouring out as he chest compressed form his weight, intestines and organs dropping from his carved hole, his hand crashing down smashing the blade of his knife into the girls head as he twisted it round and round laughing to himself growing in stature till the maniacal hysteria rang through silenced completely as he stared upwards that demonic shit eating grin still there ... peace was simple it was these moments that made them that little bit more interesting.

Coding in Template By: [THEFROST]

Blood On The Doorstep, phase one begining M9rTQZk

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Blood On The Doorstep, phase one begining Empty Re: Blood On The Doorstep, phase one begining

Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:48 am

Blood On The Doorstep, phase one begining JCRrxmK

Artist: AQUASTYLE - Song: Ikaruga - Word Count: 1155

He is -- a Lunatic that needs to be put down.

Those were the first words that came to mind when word of the situation occurring outside of K-World's borders became apparent. They were receiving intelligence that the Monsuta's Leader, Tora Lionus, had been on quite the killing spree within the nation they controlled. Now, this isn't to say that The Kokuryuteshi isn't against murder. In fact, it's a tool they see as necessary evil in order to bring about societal change. However -- senseless murder is where they drew the line. They could pardon and excuse murder if it was in the name of a just cause, could not be avoided or otherwise was used to advanced to life. But taking spirits just for the hell of it? Nay, specifically doing it on a terrority they claimed? That was treason. Hence, on that high note, Sing Iramahsa was not pleased when this news reached her ears.

The Monsuta and The Kokuryuteshi were supposed to be allies, but their leader was engaging in such deplorable acts on their soil? It was madness, but that was the nature of Tora it seemed. At least those demon's kept to themselves and seemed to have some overall arching goal to their madness. This was just -- pointless. So it angered The Princess and she knew that urgent action was required to deal with this menace. Therefore, most soldiers were told to not be deployed to this scene of carnage and murder. Instead, she herself would go alone and deal with this maniacal soul.

Sing would depart for the path of battle, but not before a few things were taken care of in her stead. Additional intelligence reports confirmed that the Monsuta's technological tools were being used to try and hack into their systems. They weren't going to have that. The instant the threat had made unauthorized protocols to K-World's internal systems, their defenses went into effect and thousands of firewalls blocked the operation outright. The files which were attempting to be removed were recovered and sent back to their data analysis depart to deconstruct and review.

From that action, it seemed apparent enough he was asking for someone to smite him down and Sing was more than happy to oblige. Thus, after their defenses were secured, it only took her a matter of moments to fixate and hone in on the disgusting aura of Tora Lionus's maddening spiritual pressure. It felt as if she was sensing an absolute beast, but she was not afraid. No. Monsters like this were meant to be slain by valiant souls such as her own and she'd strike him down if he dared to keep this absurd path up any further.

Ergo, in an illumination of golden light, Sing bridged the gap in distance between the two. Through Chaos Warp, Sing teleproted herself from the undisclosed Kokuryuteshi Base where she oversaw her chain of command, to being straight to the nerve center of the front lines to meet this bloodied display of carnage and death. It disgusted her that a man who is suppose to lead a military force such as The Monsuta was so reckless, heartless and unsympathetic to the plight of those around them. It's one thing to stomp down the path of war, Sing GETS that because she has DONE that herself. But to see this type of slaughtering done to the people she was sworn to protect in the name of his own ego? Unforgivable.

Therefore, Tora was not greeted with a smile or welcoming party, but instead, the harsh scowl of Sing's burning gold eyes. It was if he was staring into the sight of a furious lion ready to pounce, attack and maul its prey for daring to step into its den and harm its cubs. So, according, and without much further ado, The Maiden of K-World would not waste time with words. Instead, in another eruption of silver light, the enraged Princess aimed to dig her fingers into the throat of Tora Lionus and take off at immeasurable speeds.

Moving from the city to the out lands, her intent was to choke the very essence of life out of him and slam him into a remote cliff side far away from the metropolis. In this way, there would be no one else endangered should this escalate and turn into a full scale battle. If he wanted to butcher and kill innocent souls, then he'd better damn well fight someone his own size.

Thus, as the sonic boom spread for dozens of miles on end, the impact alone would have been enough to shatter bones, rupture organs and outright take the air out of his lungs. For as Sing became further appealed by this male, the more enhanced and lethal her strength became. This being shown by the fact there were flares of golden light spewing from every inch of her body. In this way, the powers that lay within The Princess were coming to surface to purge this disgusting threat, but not before asking a few questions as to his motives.

"You Vermin. How dare you have the nerve to act so callous and uncaring. Have you no sense of morality or self-awareness? Tell me, why would you commit such a heinous act upon our people? Did we not have an alliance or was that nothing but a sham? Tell me, or I'll end your life here and now, scum."

The tone of Sing's voice became filled with absolute malice, revulsion and intent as she meant every bit of what she said. If her desire to annihilate The Vandereich could be materialized from the war crimes they committed against K-World troops in Australia, then she'd ensure the same fate upon The Monsuta if this was indeed not a case of possession or sickness. This was inexcusable and he was going to pay dearly for the crimes he had enacted upon their land. That was an absolute fact.

Blood On The Doorstep, phase one begining WVMWLOu
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