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Mirja Eeola
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Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:57 pm

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

The hustle and bustle of Kyoto was a strange place. Not exactly a happy one, no many people for her, but she wasn't going to blame them for that. People liked being prolific. And this was Japan after all. She liked Japan. It was where she had met Beetle, the witless wonder of hugs, and the Mafia guy who's name escaped her but had given her a lot of good intel on ol' Caanan. This city was the opposite peaceful, and serene, and that was somehow peaceful, and gave her a feeling of serenity. Cities had a full of permanence about them, an air of youth and resistance that nothing could disturb, and so they were the best place for Mirja wander around, find the best place to set up, and then prep the piano for some play.

The first time she had tried to do this she had wandered around a lot and got rejected even more by people that didn't want some scruffy wolf girl in their place, regardless of the fact that she was, at the time, carrying a Grand Piano on her back like it was a singular potato. She managed to get into a place eventually, as they seemed interested in exactly how she was managing to carry such a giant instrument.

Setting up again in the clear spot, she opened the piano and put her fingers on the keyboard, but didn't start playing. She wasn't sure what she was meant to be playing. As much as she should, she couldn't think of something jaunty to play, so just settled down to play what she wanted. It wasn't something that got people's hearts up, and would probably bring people rather down actually, but it was something she wanted to play right now, and so she would get kicked out if it was too much for the patrons, but until then, she would play. As the piano filled the air, she sung, a soft and beautiful tone.

"New blood joins this earth,a nd quickly he's subdued. Through constant pained disgrace, the young boy learns their rules...."

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