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It was a warm day in the Rukongai. Looking at the sky the small artist couldn't help but look at the sky above her. The vibrant shades of blue with the fluffy white clouds above. There was a sight that she wanted to spend more time looking at but she dared not. This place wasn't the best for someone to space out, while not the dirty slums of this place it was at least somewhat civilised but Izumi knew that at any point crime could rear its ugly head at you.

I need more paint... Oh dear..

Looking around with concern she took a moment to consider where she could get some paint. She never ran out of paint! Today was a rare case of her own mishap affecting her passion. Quickly she took out some of that dollar to look it over and consider the cost of paint. It was a quick decision. She'd rather go without a meal than be without paint and so off she took with haste to find the nearest paint store.

"I should have plenty of time to get some but where do I get some?"

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