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Mongol Sized Inspection Empty Mongol Sized Inspection

Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:35 pm

The Dragon Rising

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

The question could be asked often what someone would do with a country. Tatsuya was no different in that instance. His frame sat on a Mount Altai looking over the landscape he'd been given. Tsubasa left him quite a bunch to do and the people here. The first thing needed to be was to transport people from the homeland here. Set up technology and teachings about the culture from home here. The techniques were already stored inside of Nobu and could be used from there. So making a place a fortress they could defend and call home came first. Organizations and many other things we're interested in such things. The farmer population and culture here was in decent shape. Labs used to further the technology and culture here were going to be important. Building blocks for what would become the new home. Tatsuya itched at his scalp as he stared down. Mongolia was the home of the Unabara among the humans. So it now became the home of the Oda Clan since it was given over to Tatsuya. But was he strong enough to protect a place like this with all his might? He reached out sighing a bit as he thought to himself. "Tsubasa you left me with a mess, I'm not you so raw power won't cut it. I don't have the brains to complete these sort of things. " Certainly he could move Oda here with his father and the other Shoguns. But Tsubasa didn't want them involved did he? Perhaps his pupils intent was to introduce him to this world. These people needed some guidance and help to begin building anything. Materials and structure aside his pupil and the Unabara had prepared. Strength was something he had realized keenly he lacked in spades. Tatsuya stood up slowly on the mountain as he looked down. Ulaanbaatar was the name of the main city. Its population was respectable and could be considered useful. Technology here had jumped several decades due to Tsubasa's impact. What could he provide to this place that his pupil hadn't? He could see things and look through plans of tactical importance.

The Grid of the Soul Society required a great deal of power to construct. It wasn't a simple task or an easy thing. Tatsuya's hand rubbed at his jaw as he sat contemplating. The defenses his A.I had in storage were useful indeed. But the question was how did they proceed from this juncture. "Nobu, pull up defensive structures that would fit this place please." Tatsuya didn't have the lecture to remain a country bumpkin anymore. He had to mature into this duty left to him. Before his vision, several forms of barriers and wall based devices began emerging. Each one fit the needs desired so from a defensive point they could isolate this place. The first step was to make this place safe from those who'd call themselves masters. Tsubasa's affiliations alone were a problem for him in the long run. The Gotei's grid structure was good but not able to be copied in this place. Defenses would require something more effective for this. He ran his hand through his hair sighing again.

This entire thing was frustrating beyond reason. They all looked like scribbles of a mad scientist and a child. Why couldn't it be simple as crush your enemies? Nothing was that simple since he left home anymore. Everything was complicated and required attention. Tatsuya had heard reports of a lot of things among the notes Nobu provided. Mongolia held a naturally untouched amount of reserves and minerals. With Thailand providing a high amount of different materials for each task. So the thing was he had to begin the construction of it. He didn't hold the capability of a scientist but he could do this much. He could provide them with blueprints and allow them to use those. The mind of a genius wasn't his any more than the next. But perhaps he could stand to brush up on things. Tatsuya's frame vanished landing in Ulaanbaatar's city square. Dusting himself off he headed towards his place of business. He would have to make this count with the blueprints he held. They didn't have the luxury of being in the backwoods.

Tatsuya wore a kimono of the traditional meetings he would attend. This time he didn't bring Sachiko or those with him again. He could provide workers and a surplus of supplies for them. While also helping the nation maintain something akin to freedom. Tatsuya didn't hold power like others but he was a war veteran who'd seen hell. It's funny he would consider this meeting a bit more intimidating than those. People wouldn't trust him through words or meetings. He needed actions to prove he could do things. While Tatsuya's intellect wasn't the greatest in the world. He did strive to become smart and study each moment. Having Nobu there to educate him was like cheating. He could access crop rotations and check things from different objects. Along with being able to make the Fully Mechanical Dolls that few else could. Tatsuya's own intelligence had been questionable since a young age. But on this trip, he'd begun to realize pure strength simply would not do.

He gave a polite bow to the people who sat before him dressed in suits. It was time to begin a presentation as he closed his eyes and inhaled. "I am not my protegee in terms of power or skill. Tsubasa Unabara was someone who held a power and reckless abandon I don't hold. the power base that he did and what I can bring here is strong from there. But may not hold a candle to this world's strongest. We bring resources and minerals from our homeland along with techniques to improve. " He paused not for dramatic effect but to see those unimpressed stares. They could defect to the surrounding nations and that would be true. "I hold access to all of Tsubasa's documents and files as well. Blueprints and designs which I am able to execute to help this place. " Tatsuya said finishing the statement with confidence as he saw realization dawn on them. He may not have been Tsubasa but this also meant he lacked the negatives the Pale Rider had. People wouldn't deal with him because of the way he was in the end.

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