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Monster or Not?  Empty Monster or Not?

Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:36 pm

The Forgotten Hero

Masamune Shiro

Being thrown out of a Garganta into the oceans near Minatumi harbor; he'd plummeted there, into the vast sea. Before washing up on an island near the famed Harbor. His armor had been taken as was his eyepatch. Keeping his left eye closed so the horrors didn't besiege him. His only source of clothing was a wet tattered shihakusho. Feeling especially naked without his armor he walked on. Leaving the beach behind he came across a village. It was a rustic place with farmers by and large. Produce and people all lived in a firm sense of unity. Upon his arrival, a woman offered him a towel. Letting him dry his cold body if for a moment. He felt a need to open his left eye. Just to see a bit better closing it wasn't comfortable. It contained reiatsu inside of it. Making the moments it was closed painful to a degree. But upon opening it the woman shrieked, seeing a black sclera. His iris the color of blood and the pupil shape a swirl of tentacle-like shapes. This would mark the beginning of rumors. The woman panicked without getting to even ask what happened.

Startled by her screams he quickly left the village. Finding his way through the trees and foliage. Albeit a noisy one as he moved through breaking sticks. At his height, it was simply impossible to do this quietly. Coming across a grotto within the forest near some mountainous terrain. He slipped further in finding a small cavern within the grotto. It was tall enough for him to fit into as he went inside laying down. His spiritual pressure was leaking out due to his armor and eye patch being gone. The only thing he had left was his zanpakuto blade. Masamune knew not why people reacted that way. But it had formed a complex in him. He must be a demon after all and not a shinigami. But as he remained here absent-minded of the time. Rumors began leaking to Minatumi Habor of a demonic man within the Woods. What travelers would come from these rumors Masamune would know not.
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