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The Broken Road Empty The Broken Road

Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:51 pm
Everything felt fuzzy as the Young Quincy began to stir from his slumber. Awakening to the cloudy afternoon skies of Japan. The creatures flew about with careless abandon. His eyes looked around as the man sat up holding his head. He'd likely passed out here hadn't he? Dmitri's frame slid next to a tree for a minute. Gathering himself and what he knew about the situation. His clothing was torn in several places as he looked down.

His gaze studying the scar on his hand with confusion. When did he get this scar here on his arm? How did his clothing become so tattered? Did he get into a scuffle with someone? But why would he fight someone? That must have been it, he was always pretty weak. Something bigger must have come along and beaten him up. Dmitri dusted himself off getting up and glancing around. Walking back to the path he rubbed at his eyes.

Dmitri was dirty and looked like he'd fallen through some of the trees. Unaware of the impact left on the ground behind him he looked around yet again. His head still hurt as he glanced around these woodlands noticing an abundance of life. It must have been a short battle since none of the birds left.

That was a nice feeling at least, it gave him some comfort. Dmitri's frame came from the Forest slowly walking out to a clearing still in the middle of the wood. Unsure of the direction he was traveling but knowing something felt important. He felt called to this location. But it still felt like he was in a fog, walking around. His body felt sluggish and so did his thoughts.
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The Broken Road Empty Re: The Broken Road

Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:18 pm
Prior to heading to the City of Light to fully recover from the terrible beating he had just recently received William Cadmus Helios journeyed across Asia to relax and recuperate mentally. While still in pain and battered and bruised he was not exactly aiming to interact with anyone else on this little field trip of his and kept to himself when possible while also taking the safest known routes. Choosing to meander a bit into nature occasionally kept him grounded and calm with such isolation having long since become the norm for him.

Walking through a wooded area, though by all accounts perfectly safe for tourists and wanderers alike, William signed and leaned his head back to let the sun's warmth bake his skin like it had for most of his life in Namibia. Somewhat dreading the oceanic cold of the Pacific the City of Light sat on William was grateful for the heat reminiscent of his previous home. Though the Skeleton Coast had it's fair share of cool nights, some even freezing cold due to the desert climate, brutal heat had been the name of the game there. As an isolated adolescent William never felt truly alone there so long as he could look up and see the mighty ball of gas and fire millions of miles away. Though he could never explain it he always felt a special connection to the sun and had grown accustomed to it's presence.

Looking straight on William continued making his way across the foliage-strewn forest floor the dull ache where his arm should be doing little to break his focus. Vowing to never be caught off guard again he worked to remain ever-aware of his surroundings and thus quickly noticed the haphazard movement of a stranger in the distance. Whoever it was clearly was dealing with issues of their own as they sluggishly moved through the woods before exiting from the trees into what seemed to be a small clearing of sorts. Thinking they may be wounded or need help William slowly and cautiously made his way over while keeping as hidden as possible eventually making it to the edge of the clearing. William kept an eye on the stranger from behind a particularly wide tree and waited to see what he'd do next.

The Broken Road Empty Re: The Broken Road

Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:46 am
His eyes looked around as though gaining perspective on this location. It was a clearing in a forest, but where was he? What had happened, did his family rid themselves of himself here? He had no recollection of what happened with his kin as his head ached. His head turned left and right for a moment, looking around before spotting Caesar. His were weary and tired as he touched his head. Feeling the damp sensation of blood dripping from his scalp. Questions range in his ears or maybe it was a concussion.

His frame wobbled a bit before finally sitting down. Dmitri wasn't sure how long he'd been out. But his wounds had been sealed up. He'd been treated by someone the blood just remained from the prior injury. He needed to take stock of this situation and further his understanding. Licking his lips and swallowing he caught his breath and ignored the pain. He didn't have the best tolerance for these things. Slowly shifting his form his eyes narrowed a bit squinting.

"Who..Where am I?" He was about to ask the man who he was, but a more pressing question came to the boy Quincy's mind. While who did rush forward his attention drifted to the where. The confusion was clear on the lad's face as he glanced around again. His digits gripped a ginto tube just in case. He could use some reishi yet and could still manipulate his powers. But it felt distant and weary to draw on. So the question became was this to be a fight or was he a savior?
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