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Under the Light of the Star Kissed Moon Empty Under the Light of the Star Kissed Moon

Sun Oct 25, 2020 9:16 pm
Saera frowned as she walked through the forest she'd been stationed in. While she generally enjoyed her time on earth, the living humans did tend to make the best food and toys to fill their shorter lives up with joy after all, she had to admit that she was not at all comfortable with her situation right now. She'd be sent out alone to patrol this area because the higher ups were concerned about some strange spiritual readings in the area. Of course everyone's first instinct had been to blame it on increased hollow presence, or they would have if there was much of a reason for a hollow to be there in the first place. The area wasn't densely populated, had no real spiritual draw of it's own like Karakura did, and most damningly, there weren't really many hollows around.

So instead of sending in a group of people into an unknown situation and risk setting something off that they weren't expecting, the Gotei had decided to send one person. Alone. And lucky her Saera was picked to go out and be isolated from everyone else she knew to try and spot the source of the spiritual fluctuations. She was not pleased by this.

Saera stopped, her thoughts coming to a halt as she felt a sizable spiritual presence deeper into the forest. For a moment she just stood there, thinking of how she should proceed, before she drew her zanpakutou, though she didn't release it, and began to silently make her way towards the presence, using what little skill in Shunpo she did have to tread just above the dead-fall that would normally reveal her presence. It certainly felt stronger than her, but Saera wasn't about to let that stop her. Even if it was an hollow or other hostile, at least she'd see someone.

It didn't take her long to reach the source of spiritual energy, a small glade that she could clearly hear the sounds of a small fire burning merrily away from just before she stepped through the trees to find... what looked like a normal, if rather dirty, human roasting what looked like bugs over the flames.

For a moment she just stared at the person, before she said the first thing that came to mind, "You have any more of those?"
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Under the Light of the Star Kissed Moon Empty Re: Under the Light of the Star Kissed Moon

Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:18 pm
Ahh, nights certainly were the hours of magic, eh?

It had been hours since Zephyr rose from the grave - quite literally yes - and had walked the earth one more. Oh well, give or take a while of suffering from a seizure-like state and recovering from such a state, taking in the knowledges of the new world - Apparently there was another continent, too? Huh, interesting. Perhaps he'd come to investigate it some day.

Oh well, for now it was rest and recouperate time, before he went in to interact with modern society - He knew he'd be quite an alien to all the new fresh bodies this world possessed, and thus he decided to take some time to remain out in the wilds to think over how he should present himself to such a world. Didn't want to cause too much trouble, hmm?

Though, on this night the man was set next to a roaring flame, large beetles impaled on a sharpened stick as he was resting, though he did notice the stars were a lot dimmer than he remembered - probably because of whatever new world shenanigans. He reached down to grab the stick, a weathered smile on his face as he did so, as he knew a youngling was ducked in the bushes, hearing her voice as she walked out.

"Oh, you have intrigue in such odd cuisine? I had heard these little fellows had an interesting taste. But yes, come sit!"

With a simple pat of his hand, suddenly what looked almost like electricity flared to life, the earth shaping to make a proper crude seat for the young lady, as he lowered himself to pull up a bag clearly made of plant matter, but it seemed.. Oddly formed, unnatural. It didn't even look woven, more like the plants were just suddenly and briskly.. formed together. The bag occasionally rustled,

"I overdid it a little, but good thing my intuition factored in guests."

Though his mouth was covered, his glowing and sincere smile was obvious in his eyes as he looked at her, intrigue glimmering in his odd colored eyes,

"So, perhaps you can tell me a bit about yourself as I prepare you a few beetles?"
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Under the Light of the Star Kissed Moon Empty Re: Under the Light of the Star Kissed Moon

Sun Nov 01, 2020 9:08 pm
Saera raised an eyebrow at the strange display. The person in front of her certainly felt human, but your average human didn't generally have the ability to so casually reshape their environment as they saw fit. Which also meant that sitting in a chair made by a potentially hostile creature that could then reshape it to try and trap her was probably a bad idea. Then again, she'd already asked him for food, and it wasn't like she'd be helpless to escape if he just tried to make manacles or something. So with a shrug she took a seat.

"That really depends on what you wanna know now doesn't it? We did only just meet after all. Though I suppose I'll have to be asking you about yourself anyway, so it can't hurt to tell you some now can it? Especially if you're gonna be sharing some of that food. My name is Saera Kirin, Shinigami, though the uniform's a pretty good give away for that. How about yourself, who are you?"

It wasn't the smoothest start to an interrogation, but then again, Saera wasn't exactly a member of the stealth corps.
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