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Sun Jun 19, 2022 1:04 pm



It's the day for fathers to unwind and receive unforetold praise or hate for their great (or terrible) parenting. This event is just writing out some kind of letter or thread to a character's father (or father figure). The purpose of the event is to do some character exploration in order to see how this relationship influences their life, how it shaped them as a person and to encourage more growth by taking part in this event.

So, there won't be any grand prizes for this event other than the reward of character exploration and to see some interesting threads or letters made to these fathers/daughters/sons etc.

This event will probably close out around the start of July since that's more than enough time to get some material out. Feel free to either create letters here:

Or you can outright make a thread and link it in this sign-up thread or some kind of character list.

Other than that, quit reading this and go spend some time with yo daddies.



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