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Tue Sep 06, 2022 7:19 am
I. Basic Information

» Name: Dama Reno
» Age: 85
» Gender: Female, She/Her
» Aspect of Death: Desire

» Association: Hueco Mundo

» Height: 5'11"
» Weight: 180 lbs
» Appearance Image: Note: Notably doesn't have a hollow hole.
Dama Reno A-shini-hybi-appear

II. Personality

» Respectful: To a tee. One of the things that Dama Reno seems to be a stickler about is respecting other people in their totality, from their decisions to their person. This bleeds into her everyday interactions with people as she speaks in a formal manner that most ignorant individuals find unbecoming of arrancar. She likes to pronounciate her words, and her word choice is very specific to get what she wants to get across as easily as possible. This is so ingrained into who she is as a person that even if you were able to get Dama Reno mad (which is quite a take in and of itself), she'd still try to use the least harsh words possible even if those words are unnecessarily long.

» Slow: While not dumb by any means, Dama Reno is notorious among her circle of acquaintances as a person who takes a while to truly understand what's happening. Jokes that everyone else is laughing at taking her a few extra moments to get, though-provoking questions are the ones the kind she hates the most because of how long she'll be stuck on them, and logical puzzles are something that she stays away from if she can. Luckily, her lack of processing power has been reallocated to her imagination, giving her incredibly out-of-the-box creativity and different opinions in large groups of people.

» Kind: So kind that most people take advantage of it. Dama Reno is a selfless person that dedicates her existence to the goals of others. Being very much a follower instead of a leader, in the entirety of Hueco Mundo, she's probably one of the nicest people you're going to find. Willing to give up parts of herself for others to feed on, taking in weaker hollows under her wing until they decide to leave, and generally views the good in anyone regardless of their history or race. It's rare to find someone out there who has had a bad experience with Dama Reno.

III. History

Whenever her mother brings up Dama Reno's father, it's always with a preface of: "It was a lawless time."

See, Dama Reno's mother was an that was part of the organizations of old, having fought in WW3 herself. While not an actual soldier that did something important or integral, she was there. And at that point in time, she was an arrancar of feral nature. While not quite as mindless and animalistic as most hollows were, she was still driven by mainly impulse and very little thought. When she craved violence, she fought. When she was hungry, she would eat. And when she was horny, well... she'd fuck. Consent wasn't really her top priority, so when the urge washes over her in the middle of combat, the poor sap in front of her is in for an awful time.

This would persist even after the war had ended, so it was no surprise that eventually something would come of it. If anything, it was odd that it took this long for a child to be born from these antics. The first child would be one of unknown origin, it being difficult for her mother to track down or even remember who could have possibly been the father. So eventually the child is born and is named Dama Reno, a name that the mother thought was pretty.

Now having someone else to be responsible for, Dama Reno's "Mama" decided it was time to wise up and change who she was if she wanted her daughter to survive. Calling Hueco Mundo home, the two of them lived a comparably safe lifestyle to the rest of the realm. This was mainly out of their own safety, though it was hard given Dama Reno's peculiar situation. Any hollow in the vicinity was guaranteed to visit them, so they tried their best to find their own little corner away from most of the hollows because eventually, an opponent too strong to deal with would appear if they stayed in a populated area.

Mama raised Dama Reno to be everything she wasn't, using her old self as a great example of what not to be. She would point to the hollows that wandered by and show her that if she were to ever give up who she was, forget what it meant to be herself, then eventually Dama Reno would turn into a mindless husk-like them. And that was no way to live.

And that was pretty much her life, for the most part. Her mother would teach her how to use her Arrancar abilities. Recently, the two of them were approached by an unfriendly pack of hollows. Dama Reno was the only one to make it out alive, with her mother sacrificing herself to keep them occupied. Now wandering the realm of sand scared and alone, Dama Reno hopes she runs into a kind soul to save her. Or end her.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: None, for now.

V. ArrancarTechniques/Abilities/Skills

» Hierro: Through her training, which was more of constant beating until she learned, Dama Reno had learned how to develop her Hierro to take less damage. Having been up against an Espada-level Arrancar, while it wasn't strong enough to block everything that was thrown at her, it was still useful to defend against most abilities.

» Cero: While the principles of what a cero is are easy for her to understand, the actual act of compressing her energy to form one is the hardest part for her. This isn't to say that her cero isn't potent, they just aren't something that she finds herself often falling back on due to her difficulty. Having enough mastery to form on either her mouth or her hands.

» Bala: Oddly enough, Bala was incredibly easy for Dama Reno to grasp and even develop into an incredibly dangerous weapon. Her energy efficiency as far as what's put into each attack is top tier, to where she can launch a volley of them in bursts without needing to worry about tiring herself. The charge time behind them is incredibly short, and their force and speed are what a higher-level Espada would have been able to throw out. Against the right opponent, a simple barrage of Bala will leave them riddled with holes.

» Bala Atrasada: A Bala which has an incredibly long charge time, multiplying the power of the Bala the longer it's charged. The length at which it can be delayed can be as short as a few more seconds, to entire minutes. For each post that this Bala is held, its power of it is multiplied. So, one post would be doubled, two posts is tripled, and so on and so on. After three posts it becomes as strong as her base Cero. Can be charged for a maximum of 3 posts. This can be used in the middle of another special Bala.

» Bala Untar: Five Bala are shot simultaneously in a 71° degree cone in front of her. These Bala by themselves aren't particularly strong, however, if used at a close range then it's possible that all five bala will hit one target. This ability is also a great way to attack an area.

» Pesquisa Novice: Another skill that was actually taught to her through a process, rather than it being beat into her. At its current level, Dama Reno has a pretty subpar Pesquisa, with it being able to track the spiritual bodies in her general vicinity (100m), though for her to make a distinction of the person takes more effort and prolonged exposure to the person. There is also a blur in her detection when it comes to the power level distinctions between two different signatures, but she is able to tell if they are stronger or weaker than herself in terms of energy pool.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Soltero Deseo

» Zanpakutô Appearance: In its base form, Soltero Deseo is a machete. The blade of it looks well-crafted as if made using the same techniques that go into a katana, while the handle is merely a piece of cloth wrapped multiple times over.

» Unique Power:

» Revolcarse en Pecado: There's no long explanation here. Every consecutive attack landed on an enemy does double damage, multiplicative. Blocks reset the counter, misses reset the counter, anything besides an attack with Soltero Deseo resets the counter. Caps out at x16, aka 4 hits.

VII. Resurrección

» Resereccion Name: Honda Negra Deseo

» Resereccion Release Phrase: Parir presenciar. Honda Negra Deseo. (Bear witness. Deep Dark Desire.)

» Release Actions: To activate her release, Dama Reno drags her tongue along one of the flat sides of her weapon's blade. Reiatsu flows through her and the release is activated.

» Resereccion Appearance:

In her Resereccion, one of the most notable changes is that Dama Reno forms a hollow hole in the middle of her chest. Her feet turn into deer hooves and her fingernails extend into black claws. From her feet to the top of her thigh and from her fingers to her shoulder, Dama Reno grows black fur. Her horns grow outwards, developing more branches and generally becoming larger in size while gaining a black-to-white gradient from the tip to the base. Also, her sclera turns black while her iris turns white.

The weapon also changes drastically. Going from a small dagger to a full-sized battleaxe. The shaft of the axe is made of a black steel-like material and is coated in white chunks akin to bone in material. The blade itself is T-shaped, with the edge going past the top of the shaft, and the longer end seemingly jammed through the shaft rather than being forged into it. The entirety of the blade measures 0.75 meters wide, while the shaft is 6 feet tall, giving the entire weapon over 2.15 meters in size.

» Resereccion Abilities:

» Tentación: An ability that works twofold. The first part of the ability is that it gives a stronger boost to Dama Reno than what a normal Resereccion, with the increase being an additional 200%. The second part of the ability is the techniques which are listed below. While these techniques are technically available to her in this form, as each ability is first used, they reduce this boost in totality.

» Eclipse Escalada: The blade is poured full of reiatsu, giving it a white glow. When it comes in contact with anything, the reiatsu travels along the surface, cracking it if it's weak enough. After traveling 15m, it leaves a white scar that erupts into a fissure of white reiatsu, burning anything caught in its way. These white peaks extend to 15m tall and 10m wide.

» Noche Violencia: Upon activation, any movement that Dama Reno makes is followed by a black afterimage, akin to a shadow of herself. This shadow is able to mimic anything that Dama Reno does, and in the case of a Cero or Bala, repeat spells immediately after at half the cost to herself. This effect can be used 3 times on either spells or physical attacks before going on a 3 post cooldown. The cooldown does not grant back the boost of Tentación.

» Iniciar Cero: Forming a jet-black cero in her open palm, after a post of charging Dama Reno closes her fist. Once closed, the cero flattens out into a 1m long javelin in her hand that can be thrown. Once it comes in contact with anything besides herself, the cero explodes into a 25m diameter dome. Anything caught in the blast is disintegrated, assuming it doesn't have unnatural durability (Beginner Durability or higher), in which case they just get burned.

» Garganta Grande: Dama Reno gains the ability to create Garganta, something that is typically not available to her for some inexplicable reason. Not only that, these Garganta are larger in size than what would normally be used or needed. Her max size Garganta can be 50m long and 10m wide. Unfortunately, these Garganta cannot be used in quick succession, limited to only one per post.

» Silencio: A simple attack. It greatly enhances the power of a single finger, which she tends to pull back and then flick at a target. The power behind this, if needed to be given a scale, is enough to shatter a hollow's mask or send a target through multiple walls.

» Rozar a Rajar: A move made to deal with the trouble of fighting enemies with a thicker shell. By thrusting an open palm into a target, this move aims to attack what the palm itself doesn't touch. Say for example it was to make contact with a person's ribs, in that situation their internal organs are what would be taking the brunt of the attack. Against hollows or arrancar with hierro, it essentially bypasses their outer defense to still deal damage to their bodies.

» Paso Silencioso: A sonido form that is both silent and delayed to the visual, leaving behind an afterimage of Dama Reno that exists for a post.

» Ultimo Ejército An attack of unknown origin. By getting into close enough range for Dama Reno to keep physical contact with a target, she can activate this technique. Once used, a 20m radius black dome forms around them with the durability of Elite for the sake of someone trying to break in. This dome persists until this technique says otherwise, and for every post in which contact happens between Dama Reno and the target the dome gets 2m smaller. After the dome shrinks 4 times, the next point of contact removes the dome. If Dama Reno has scored more hits, the other person takes damage equivalent to a 1-5 attack. If the other person has scored more points, then Dama Reno is barred from Reserrecion for the rest of the thread.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Arrancar Skills
  • Hollow Nucleus: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Adept
  • Cero: Adept
  • Sonido: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept


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Dama Reno Empty Re: Dama Reno

Wed Sep 07, 2022 1:20 am
Buying a 3-3 to 3-5 slot
-5k creds

I need words to post this.

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Thu Sep 15, 2022 6:11 pm


Her mother would teach her how to use her Arrancar abilities. Recently, the two of them were approached by an unfriendly pack of Vasto Lorde.

I don't think Vasto Lorde tend to travel in packs, as that's a pretty stong block of Hollows. Tone this down to just Hollows and it's fine.

Bala Atrasada

This can't scale infinitely. Give it a cap. As a suggestion perhaps three posts?

Denial of Desire

I don't think scaling inversely with an opponent's Mental Deduction exactly makes sense. Surely smarter individuals would be able to process this faster and thus handle their abilities better than someone who has to dedicate more resources to thinking.


So how does this work? Is the Ress an extra 200% stronger but then the entire bonus of the Ressurection is reduced by the number of techniques?

Also, how does it determine when a technique is applying this reduction? Is it happening constantly or does she decide which techniques to use when entering Ress? Or something else?

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Dama Reno Empty Re: Dama Reno

Thu Sep 22, 2022 1:06 pm

» Hierro
Having been up against an Espada-level Arrancar

I did not read a single mention of this encounter in her history.

» Bala
Their force and speed are what a higher-level Espada would have been able to throw out

They're not, abilities do not exist purely to ignore your own skills.

» Revolcarse en Pecado
double damage, multiplicative

Change this to "double damage, additive." It's your sealed ability.

» Tentación:

» Noche Violencia
This shadow is able to mimic anything that Dama Reno does, and in the case of a Cero or Bala, repeat spells immediately after at half the cost to herself.

And thus half the potency.

» Garganta Grande
What is the purpose of this and how does it fit for this character to have a 50m tall Garganta?

» Silencio
Use the multiple wall example because shattering a Hollow's mask is a sliding scale based on the Hollow, and would be different for every Hollow.

» Paso Silencioso
This is just advanced and elite Sonido, which Dama Reno does not have. Remove or rework this.

» Ultimo Ejército
keep physical contact with a target

So what does this mean? Does she have to physically hold them for four posts? Does it disappear if she lets go or misses too many hits? I'm not following how having 20m is necessary when it reads like she has to be in constant contact with them.

durability of Elite

Reduce this.

1-5 attack

A 1-5 attack as a reward for landing more attacks is far more dangerous than the alternative for her if she fails to do so.

» Overall
So, after all this, what is her actual Ress theme here? Nothing really screams Desire, so where are we at? Almost all of these abilities and techniques are just things she could do if her Arrancar skills were just one rank higher at most.

Leading on from this, why would she even need to use these techniques (and by proxy give up the 200% boost to do so) if she got 2 more advanced Arrancar skills?[/adm]
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