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Mon Oct 24, 2022 12:26 am
[Spirit Class 4] Amaranta Valeria SP8kjjB


Basic Information

○ Name: Amaranta Valeria
○ Alias: Abrasador Leona(Burning Lioness)
○ Age: 450
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Arrancar

○ Affiliation: “I answer to no one but myself.”

○ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Ideal Mate: Determined
○ Nationality: Hueco Mundo
○ Sexual Orientation: Might-Sexual

○ Height: 6'4
○ Hair Color: Black and Gold
○ Eye Color: Blue

○ Aspect of Death: Glory
○ Estigma: None.
○ Former Hollow Type: Adjuchas
○ Hollow Hole: Beneath her chest
○ Mask Fragment: Seemingly Absent

[Spirit Class 4] Amaranta Valeria CKdo9EG

Psychological Analysis

Amaranta is a woman guided by her philosophy of “History is written by the victors” and that manifests itself within the form of an unwavering determination. Whether it is fighting a fierce opponent or undertaking some difficult task others find impossible to overcome, she will pursue it to no end. Composed and diligent, Amaranta always acts with frightening poise, a fiery will that demands she see something through.

To go beyond the grandest heights, to ride beyond the horizon, to assert and affirm that she exists, nothing fills her with greater joy than continuously finding meaning in her existence, of undertaking an unexplored venture. Sheer grit and determination will win out if one possesses the spirit to keep moving forward. To doubt her purpose, even for a moment, is equivalent to doubting her existence as a whole, and that simply is something she will not abide by.

Of course, Amaranta is not entirely difficult to approach. In all the time she has roamed Hueco Mundo, she has allowed certain experiences with those of lesser strength to mold her to some extent. She was once a meager existence herself, after all. As such, Amaranta is quite welcoming when approached by her own kind, though it varies from person to person. If you come at her aggressively, she will not hesitate to hunt down her enemies until they regret that decision. To those lesser hollows whom most would consider weak, Amaranta is something of an older sibling, albeit an antagonistic one.

She rarely looks down on those her kind would deem weak, and is not at all disgusted with the idea of allowing those lesser than her in strength to tag along. However, Amaranta does not accept stagnation, nor does she allow any of those beneath her to assume they can rely on her forever. Fortune favors the bold, and she expects that those who seek her out in search of assistance, will one day learn to walk on their own. Every hatchling must leave the nest one day, and Amaranta detests the thought of holding them back, even if it means filling their minds with the idea of betrayal. She embraces the leader of the pack mentality, but is wholly against allowing weakness, from her end or the end of others.

From time to time, Amaranta operates between two personalities, one mood may come across as fierce and agressive while the other is full of charisma and boundless curiosity. Naturally, as a result of her time spent in Hueco Mundo, she will typically default to the mood of a guarded woman who might well appear to be stoic, somewhat cold almost. A mask she wears around those haven’t earned her trust. Her trust is rarely earned from the outset, but nor is it an exercise mired in overwhelming difficulty.

She merely welcomes being in the company of those who are willing to evolve, to step beyond their station. To her, strength and determination is beautiful - sacred. What greater joy is there than to assert your will on the world? That is where her true admiration is earned. Those who can overcome their weakness, who can stand before her or anything else in their way, are those she views as unequaled, worthy of her praise and acknowledgement.


Hollow Days

Amaranta does not immediately recall her time as a hollow. She hated those years. They are, after all, a remnant of her past she would certainly like to forget. She was miserable. She was a meager existence, a feeble hollow who chose to operate in packs with others and pick from her fill what she could - an opportunist in every sense of the word.

Of course, an existence as feeble as her own was starting to wear on her. What joy could she ever truly have in the realm of Hueco Mundo? What was her purpose here? To constantly be at the mercy of finding someone strong enough to lead her? She wanted to burn passionately for something, to strive beyond this miserable lot in life. Most of all, she didn’t wish for it to end with her remaining weak forever.

To enjoy her meager existence as some useless hollow that would likely get killed and hunted down when she showed even the clearest sign of weakness? No. She held no desire of fading into obscurity like that. And so, she remembers the training. Recalls the days where she chose to hunt on her own, building a sense of pride in her heart with each kill.

She started with the weak, challenged who she viewed as the likeliest to let their pride win over, seizing the opportunity and striking them down. Each kill, each meal, was more enjoyable than the last, based purely off the merit of achieving the task on her own. There was no one to hold her hand or guide her along. She was becoming the leader of the pack. With enough hunts to her name, she began to develop a reputation.

Now an Adjuchas-class menos resembling a lioness, Valeria was blissfully content, or so she thought, for a time. There were those who followed her, who looked to her to be their leader, and it filled her with unparalleled joy. However, that, too, came with its own share of monotony. She no longer felt as if she had people with whom to fight, to battle, to overcome. She recognized that she hadn’t particularly welcomed the idea of being relied on by those she considered weaker than her. It wasn’t because they were weak and looked to her for guidance, but rather because most of those who followed her seemed to lack the desire to grow stronger, to go beyond their own meager existence, and that made her sick. The more she killed, the more they followed.

She couldn’t bear the sight of them relying on her, of being their sole protector, and so… she did something to make them despise her - In theory, that was her intent. That is what she genuinely believed would happen, but it never came to pass. She had killed those she viewed as weak, and kept a select few who chose to put up a fight. Contrary to her belief, the ones who survived still followed. If anything, they wanted her to see her thrive, to take a true leap of faith beyond the sachkles of an Adjuchas. In time, this would serve as the catalyst of Amaranta deciding to step forward into a greater existence than the one she occupied now.

To become an Arrancar…

She placed her claws against her mask, pulling away at it with hurried excitement. If she could live a life like this, where her existence held meaning and purpose, what awaited her beyond the next precipice? She’d find out soon enough, she supposed. Ah, what would await her next? How would she fare? Endless possibilities… stronger opponents… greater adventure…

It would be… magnificent.

With the removal of her mask, her life as an Adjuchas had ended.


At first, her beginnings as an arrancar presented its own series of obstacles. It was almost as if she was starting over from scratch. There was much to learn, new strategies to adopt. Even so, Amaranta welcomed this new path with open arms. Much like her strategy in her past life, she aimed to fight against lesser arrancar and work her way up, but that proved to be more difficult than she intended based on their varying strengths and abilites. As such, she relied on strengthening her abilities through alternate means.

At some point, she happened to convince an Espada to allow her the opportunity to become one of their fraccion, having caught wind of info that a man known as Sosuke Aizen - a shinigami - had asserted his position as the unquestioned ruler of Hueco Mundo. Amaranta didn’t particularly welcome the idea of following anyone, but diligence was crucial. Pride was meaningless for now. She would bide her time.

She had to play the long game. Amaranta would prove herself to the Espada by carrying out small orders. She passed any test thrown at her, and in time, she would develop into a fine subordinate, adapting to her body as she tempered her resurrecion’. As per usual, things were growing dull and the lioness wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of serving under someone else for too long. She had developed enough to take out her superior, and quite simply, she took the opportunity without hesitation. Amaranta nearly died, but that is what made it her victory all the more gratifying. She wore the number she earned with pride.

Part of her toyed with the idea of facing Aizen herself, but decided against it. He was leagues above her in battle experience, and she wasn’t ready to leap into that type of danger. Of course, in time, it would seem as though her wishes would be answered in the form of Aizen’s defeat at the hands of… Ichigo Kurosaki? She didn’t really care for the name of the victor, given her fickle loyalty anyway. She was just glad he got his ass handled.

Amaranta would use her newfound freedom to find a place far off in Hueco Mundo, an area where others could go to prove their strength and fight for the thrill of competition. An arena for sentient hollows to engage in combat. She couldn’t really turn it into much given the lack of materials, but she built a small arena with enough seats for lesser hollows and arrancars to watch.

While it would serve as a fun distraction, lately, she’d been itching to step out in search of more. After all, this was only beginning. Remaining motionless never was her beat.


○Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Preferring direct engagement, Amaranta thrives in close quarter combat. Nothing excites her more than rushing into her opponent’s radius and executing a myriad of attacks to test their reflexes and reaction time. Her form lacks the particular grace of those who have studied martial arts, her movements akin to a lion that is constantly striking and clawing at her opponent.

Making up for her lack of martial prowess, Amaranta is a naturally acrobatic foe. Much like a fierce lion, she can leap from one position to another, applying sonido along with her natural speed to strike at her enemy from multiple angles, leaving no stone unturned in her aggressive approach.

She is a rushdown fighter by every metric of the phrase. Up close and personal. Ranged combat isn’t entirely concluded from her arsenal, but it becomes immediately clear what she prefers over the course of any battle. The most exciting combat is those centered around the fists. Of course, it should be noted that while Amaranta isn’t technically sound, she has learned to develop utilizing her other abilities in tandem with her body, considerably enhancing her overall striking power.

○Physical Peak: Countless battles have chiseled Amaranta’s body into a true work of art. From her senses, to her movements, and even her physical composition, she has worked herself to the bone to be one hell of a matchup for her opponents, has trained her body to be able to withstand a wicked blow and still rise up, aching for more. Amaranta does not particularly enjoy the idea of battles ending because of her own weaknesses, and will always aim to correct any issue in her frame that may hold her back. Indeed, one can never truly enjoy the fight if their body is incapable of enduring fierce impact and high-scale damage.

○Hierro: For one who so brazenly welcomes facing her enemy head on, Amaranta has tempered her Reiryoku with what she views as an ideal state of defense. She has mastered condensing it enough so that no one opponent - unless they completely outclass her in terms of strength - can cut through her skin without significant effort. Amaranta always welcomes drawing out her battles until she is satisfied, and her Hierro is a fierce representation of her pride in her durability and her will to prolong the battle. No tool is neglected in the aim of enjoying combat to the highest degree imaginable, and Hierro presents a path through which she has committed herself to learning the finer nuances of the ability. Even if someone happens to cut through, they might be fooled into thinking their strike didn’t land properly, simply by merit of her overwhelming determination to aggressively pursue her opponent. There are times where Amaranta will purposely allow herself to be hit simply to gauge her enemy’s attacks, and others where she will certainly adapt and layer the energy necessary to face those who are clearly superior in skill.

○Sonido: Due to years of combat, Amaranta is deceptively fast, capable of performing movements with her body that don’t necessarily require an instantaneous speed burst. Even so, Amaranta is never one to rest on her laurels when it comes to improving on her racial techniques. That’s a bad look in her eyes. Of course, Sonido lines up exceedingly well with her ideal approach to any battle - that is, closing the distance between her and her enemy. An accurate description for her current level regarding Sonido would probably fall within the category of efficiently advanced. True mastery eludes her still, but she has cultivated the Sonido skill around her specific style of combat that she can make up for any flaws with her ability to strategize on the fly. Through combining her natural speed and Sonido, Amaranta consistently reaches such a degree of speed and ferocity that her opponent might well find themselves overwhelmed as she soars in, only to evade and circle around them again, utilizing her wit and mobility to leave them frenzied and disoriented.

○Pesquisa: Naturally, Amaranta is highly perceptive towards her surroundings, purely by merit of all the time she spent to develop that trait. After all, what type of lion would she be to lack the one quintessential thing most predators pride themselves on? To put it simply, Pesquisa is Amaranta’s primary means of threat detection, allowing her to read the area, constantly tracing her surroundings with her eyes and ears, allowing her to avoid being caught off guard. In addition, this skill is particularly helpful in allowing the lioness to hunt down her enemy if they choose to run away from her. Unless an energy signature is truly difficult to pick up, it is a tall order to attempt catching her at unawares.

○Cero: An adept practitioner; that is how Amaranta would describe herself and how most who see her in action would as well from analyzing her in battle. She certainly has a unique technique or two revolving around Cero but her use of it is clearly amateur compared to someone with a more advanced grasp. As one who prides themselves on closing the distance between her and her enemy, she never particularly focused on this skill, either. Honestly, the long distance connection isn’t her beat quite yet. She’ll certainly employ the skill if needed, and again, to some degree, she has conjured up a few ideas of unique blasts of energy to take her opponent down, but there is certainly a threshold of power to reach before she can truly be feared. Amaranta is proficient enough to work it into her combat style, but cannot yet formulate anything one would deem remarkably unique.

○Puñetazo Cero: By generating enough energy around her first, Amaranta can close the distance between her and her enemy - through her natural mobility or Sonido - striking her fist toward them, effectively punching the cero towards them at a remarkably deceptive speed. She can generate energy around her two fists and repeat the same technique, punching two cero at her enemy at the same time. Given her lack of ingenuity with cero implementation, these only work best when she is in close proximity or even a few meters away from her opponent. They don’t track the enemy directly after they are launched, making them easy enough to avoid if the enemy is quick on their feet.


○ Zanpakutô Name: Rebelión(“ Rebellion”)

○Zanpakutô Appearance: Rebelión takes the form of an exceptionally large claymore. The blade itself is colored within a dark crimson hue, golden outlines burning brightly across the blade’s edge. The dark, gray hilt of the claymore resembles a cross. At the center of the hilt, there is a crimson red opening that flucuates during the battle. When utilizing her abilities, the opening is filled with fire. Although the sword appears heavy, Amaranta wields it with remarkable efficiency, as if it were an extension of her body.

○Zanpakutô Sealed Power: Rebelion’s natural ability allows Amaranta to magnify the friction around her body to create and ignite fire. She can magnify friction around her body through her movement, and by extension, each swing of her zanpakuto, creating a fiery wave of blades she can launch in her enemy’s general direction. As an additional buff, by repeatedly cutting rebellion across the golden pieces of armor that adorn her body - her hands, arms, and feet specifically - Amaranta can this sealed power in tandem with her close quarter combat prowess, allowing each strike to deal additional damage through both her strength and the intense heat surrounding every direct hit. This allows Amaranta to fight independent of Rebelion, though she rarely does unless she is forced away from her weapon. Additionally, Amaranta can achieve the frequent creations of flame through the sparks on her blade. This can occur through clashing her weapons with her opponent - to dragging her weapon across a surface to create the friction necessary to create her flames. Repeatedly abiding by this one act, she can swathe her zanpakuto within flames, extending the weapon's overall range. If she were to commit to this action for one post, she can create enough friction around her sword to release a large arc of fiery energy, launching it toward her enemy with unbridled fury.


○ Resurrección Name:El Abrasador Leona(“The Burning Lioness”}

○Release: Raising her Zanpakuto in an upward motion, Amaranta, with a mighty roar, cries out the release phrase "Fan the flames, Rebellion". Amaranta is subsequently enveloped within a golden orb of Reiryoku, as a fierce heat wave envelops her entire body, spreading throughout a ten meter radius.

○Appearance: There is no overly detailed or drastic change in Amaranta’s appearance beyond three notable alterations to her body. Her fingernails, a burning bright red, now resemble the claws of a lion. Her hair, engulfed in a sea of fire, a lion’s mane set in fierce red flames. Of course, to complete the motif, a long flaming tufted tail extends ten meters from her rear. Amaranta’s eyes, once a bright sky blue, are now colored within shades of flaming orange hue.

○Abilities: Beyond the typical boons one would associate Resurreccion, Abrasador Leona allows her to manipulate the element of fire without requiring friction as the catalyst to create it. Each attack is now painted with the infernal attribute of untamed fire, enhancing the overall damage of any strike executed with her body. Even her claws, tail, and hair can be utilized as a weapon to incinerate her enemies without mercy. The sword and her body have now effectively become one, allowing her to amplify her sealed zanpakuto’s abilities to an extraordinary extent. Mere movements of her body now create a fierce heat wave around her - encompassing a forty meter radius - drying up the moisture in her surrounding environment. This, too, is a boon that allows her to create enough friction to create small explosions with her strikes the moment they land against her enemy’s body.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Elite
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Arrancar Skills
  • Aumentar: Advanced
  • Cero: Adept
  • Hollow Nucleus: Advanced
  • Sonido: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept


- New Year Burst: Spirit Class 5 - Spirit Class 4
- Upgraded Durability: Adept > Advanced
- Spring/Golden Burst Claim 2023
- Removed High-Speed Regeneration in Racial skills. Adopted Aumentar Instead. Removed Ress time limit
- Loading.
- Loading.

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