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Sun Nov 06, 2022 3:42 am
[Spirit Class 6] Mitsumori, Teppei JEcKHLV


» Name: Mitsumori, Teppei____________
» Alias(es):

» Age: 34
» Birthday:
» Gender: Male
» Race: Human
» Association: Yakuza

» Alignment: Neutral
» Marital Status: Baby Daddy
» Nationality: Japanese
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

» Height: 6'1"
» Weight: 226 lb.
» Hair Colour: Black
» Eye Colour: Black

[Spirit Class 6] Mitsumori, Teppei 29mxqG9


Self absorbed but not self important - Teppei takes an enormous amount of pride in his appearance. To the point where if his carefully manicured pompadour is knocked loose, it leaves him distraught. If his appearance draws any derisive comments, he is known to quickly devolve the situation into violence, although his temper is otherwise mild at best. Beyond this volatile self adoration, Teppei is fairly level headed and positive. Irresponsible in most other aspects of life as well, he is not so much reckless as he is willfully ignorant, usually running from situations he cannot solve through the use of his fists. When backed into a corner, he can rise to the occasion, although he will flake out the moment he can.

Perhaps most exemplified in being a deadbeat dad, he is more than willing to take part in the 'fun' of an activity before ditching the difficult. More than capable of spending the majority of his time getting drunk and brawling, he has a seemingly singular acknowledgement of responsibility in his relations to the Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza syndicate. Being far closer to a one-sided relationship that it outwardly appears, his attitude is reserved when facing it's connotations in public. This does not prevent him from admitting to his own personal flaws, seeing his own admittance as yet another way to shirk responsibility. When further mentally challenged in this regard, he has been known to - unsurprisingly - run away, or fight.

While his overall outlook and mannerisms can seem immature, he can be found dispensing nuggets of surprising wisdom to anyone who seeks out his advice. Nothing of a good parent, he still seems to take some desire with mentor-ship, if only in passing. Teppei possesses, in some small quantity, a streak of deceit, well hidden enough that his motivations are largely unknown, if not misunderstood. To speak nothing of his own conviction, his desire for eventual revenge has been held close and quiet for a decade and a half. From perception, one might otherwise assume his relation to the Yakuza to be purely monetary.


Yoked. Jacked. Ripped. By and large, Teppei is defined by his intensive musculature. That and his rather old fashioned, if not distinctive, hair style. Exceedingly long and thick black hair bound into a pompadour, it crests with excessive care and maintenance. Reflective, if not outright dazzling in direct light, oil based product lines every spot of his scalp. Otherwise possessing fairly defined bone structure, his face could be described as 'striking', although his teeth are long stained yellow. Dressing rather bare, he does not own a single shirt, opting instead for a large, fur-lined black jacket. Basic sneakers and jeans otherwise decorate him, a locked amulet dangling from a thin chain on his neck.

Without much scarring, the conditioning of his hands are a notable exception; thick welts and bounded knuckles showing for decades of use and abuse. Tattoos are similarly absent, although there is evidence of a laser removed back tattoo. Having such high standards for self care and appearance, his skin is rather soft, years of lotion and exfoliation giving him the glow of someone much younger. This is betrayed upon finer inspection, crows feet starting to take roost on his eyes and wrinkles deepening in his forehead. Similar inspection can note the marks of laser hair removal on his chest and arms, betraying any claims of being naturally hairless.


Born to Mistumori Yuusuke and Tsumigi under a new moon, Teppei came into the world throwing a punch. The same way he plans on going out of this world, his fate has always been that of blood and muscle.

Throughout elementary and middle school, he would bully, harass, and beat enough students to outnumber his own weight. The epitome of 'problem child', Teppei managed to create an image of near unhinged joy at being "the best" - physically unmatched, socially unstrained, he began to play the role of gangster by the time he was thirteen. One day, after another round of robbing the local schoolchildren, his role would shift dramatically to that of abductee.

Wiping the blood off his knuckles, Teppei exited the alley, a wide smile as he bragged to the other children hanging on his shadow. "See? Gotta beat the stupid out of'em, then beat some manners to replace it." A pack of half frightened laughter, a high pitched giggle cutting through it. Heads turned to the road, Teppei's focus still at the bills riffling through fingers.

As blood splattered onto the money, the teen's head shifted, and he found himself face to face with a hollow. Two of his friends stained the ground, the alley, his face. A smear that separated existing from not. He had ran from cops before, from Yakuza - but hollows had only been in text books. And he never paid attention in class. Hours later, he'd be found in that same alleyway, the hollow's mask broken into the pavement. Caked in blood, broken fingernails, shattered ribs, eyes swollen shut; a ragged breath the only sign of life.

Teppei remembers nothing of what happened that day.

Spending the next several weeks in the hospital, he'd find the heart of a previously unknown admirer. Umagawa Ritsu, who would become the father of his child within the year. Even crippled, the boy still found his vanity overflowing. A fourteen year old father, he ran. As he'd escape the hospital, a new moon hung overhead, and Teppei was born again. To disappear on the winds of change.

He resurfaced four years later as a small time enforcer for the Yamaguchi-gumi syndicate, living amidst the violence freely. Unbeknownst to himself, Teppei had begun to awaken a power known as Fullbring. The first time it manifested, he found himself taking off a man's head cleanly, with a singular blow. Teppei would not stay as a small time enforcer for much longer after.

One of the family's council members would take notice of his sudden spiritual abilities, separating him from the habitat he had known for much of his life. The backstabbing world of white collar snakes, and deeply enfranchised yakuza. At first, hunger and greed overtook him, the money, the booze, the women - but when it came time to learn? He did the same thing he always did, run. He'd learn the yakuza were far less forgiving than his teachers, and while they wouldn't harm him, they would find his family.

Some weeks later, with his head forced onto the ground, he'd watch as Mistumori Yuusuke's head was reduced to paste, his mother raped in front of him before meeting the same fate. Driving the nail home, his mouth was forced open, brains shoved onto his tongue. Even now, his nightmares consist of chewing on bits and pieces of broken skull, clumps of hair and scalp sticking between teeth. Teppei kept much more easily, after that.

Established as a right hand man, his abilities would be tested and honed under strict supervision. From collections to raids, the next decade was fraught with death, although he found some comfort in that. Channeling his frustrations, his body and style became refined, even getting a few small-scale modeling jobs as a result. An understood resentment kept him trudging along, even taking some lessons in personality from the Yakuza he loathed, willingly or otherwise.

Enough time passed that eyes shifted away from Teppei, and he was finally given a semblance of free reign for his own existence, so long as he'd continue to do what was asked of him. In his thirties now, the man has been slowly building something for himself, if not more importantly, against the Yakuza.


» Seven Stars Real Rich: Teppei's preferred brand of cigarettes, his jacket can be expected to contain anywhere from one to three packs at any given time.


» Street Brawler: Not traditionally trained in combat, Teppei has experienced more than enough violence to be a fairly capable self-taught brawler. This is mostly comparable to boxing in fundamentals, possessing some capable enough footwork and devastating striking power with his fists. The brutality of his attacks is not to be understated, being most at home when he can utilize the environment around him to fight. Be it braining someone on a fire hydrant, slamming them through glass, or making them bite a curb, Teppei does not fuck around. This is further reinforced by his favor of grabs and throws, making the use of another body more than common enough to be feared. Kicks, knees, and elbows are notably less often used, headbutts being particularly rare - a personal refusal to ruin his hair.


» Acts of Worship (Mikumano Moude) is the full manifestation of his fullbring, possessing the ability to draw out Teppei's soul through his muscles. Activating this fullbring requires nothing more than exerting his spiritual pressure, augmenting his physical attributes. Vain as he is in regards to his appearance, this augmentation is only as worthwhile as views himself. The more skin he's showing at any given time, the more impactful his fullbring is. Traditionally shirtless, it acts to mildly increase his abilities, stripping further enhancing this quality. In the event of total nudity, his Fullbring can reach its peak power.

Taking after his vanity and pride, he can further draw out individual talents of his body through various techniques.

Fountains in the Rain: The rarest actuation of Acts of Worship, Teppei believes that a grown man's tears are a true show of character. In the event that he is brought to tears, he can draw the soul from their compassion, sadness, or even celebration: monstrously raising his abilities by 800% for a three post duration. A near sacred act, its power cannot be drawn on more than once per thread, "tears running dry". When it does end, Acts of Worship has it's total output lowered by half for the remainder of the thread.

Raisin Bread: Food allows for the body to be restored, good food all the better. By pouring his energy into foodstuff as he eats, Teppei can restore fatigue and wounds at an accelerated rate. A food's quality does not tend to matter as much as the perception of the food's quality - ie, price. An expensive, multi course meal at a fine establishment can restore broken bones and large gashes, while a convenience store piece of raisin bread will only act to restore some stamina. The amount of spiritual energy is similarly taxing, scaling as the food's price would.

Sword: A purely offensive technique. Drawing not only the soul of his muscles, he draws out entirely the power of his fist. A singular strike's power is augmented, an explosive surge of spiritual pressure released at impact. Throwing multiple in rapid succession piles up excessive recoil, his limit generally being four 'Sword's per arm per thread. Pushing past this limit can cause permanent damage, rupturing the muscles in his forearms and shattering the bones in his fists. This further lowers the output of 'Sword' by two-thirds.

Sea and Sunset: To allow the beauty of nature to reflect off his muscles. Comparable to Hierro, by striking a bodybuilder's pose Teppei can temporarily magnify his spiritual pressure to a monstrous level and withstand brutal attacks. During this, his skin becomes shiny, as if covered in oil. For one post, his durability is massively increased by 400%, but as an expression of his muscle has no effect on his clothing. To no surprise, this act is somewhat strenuous, becoming a third less effective each use (280%/196%/etc) in a thread, eventually becoming worthless to even attempt.

Cigarette: A heavy smoker from youth, Teppei can replenish his spiritual energy via the simple act of smoking a cigarette, drawing out the soul of the memory of his first toke. Far from a full restoration of energy, it takes a full pack to restore 25% of his total reserves, and only if his preferred brand of smokes. In the case of smoking another brand, the restorative nature is noticeably diminished, being roughly 8% of his total reserves instead.

Martyrdom: A last resort technique that can only be activated on death's door, costing Teppei his life in the process. Also requiring a fairly strong bond with a target, Teppei draws on the entirety of his soul and their connection, passing on a (temporarily) exceedingly powerful version of Acts of Worship to the target. For the remainder of the thread following his death, the target will be able to act as if they possessed the power of a fully nude Teppei benefitted by Fountains in the Rain, suffering none of the drawbacks for technique repetition. Following the thread of his death, the target gains the general powers and abilities of a Fullbringer, but require training to once again access the powers of Acts of Worship.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Fullbringer Skills
  • Fullbring Affinity: Untrained
  • Full Manifestation: Advanced
  • Bringer Light: Untrained
  • Hollow Factor: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

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Wed Nov 22, 2023 9:19 am

Initial Check:



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Fountains in the Rain
Added a percentage.

Raisin Bread
Discussed in discord - all listed abilities only affect himself unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Sea and Sunset
Added percentages.

Added percentages.

Added some more wording for clarification on how it functions, along with additional detail in 'Acts of Worship' for better understanding.

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