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Hey There Empty Hey There

Thu Dec 22, 2022 3:15 am
Howdy! I'm Jamie, poppin' in for a look around and hopefully to do a little RP! This place is a bit fitting for me since Bleach RP forums are the thing that got me into text-based RP like 8 years ago, and although I do a lot less of it now I've got a bunch of lasting friends that I met doing it so it's still got a special place for me.

I've been getting back into Bleach lately, catching up on the manga and anime so I can watch TYBW (even though a lot of it's already been spoiled for me via MrTommo's YouTube channel by exclusively my own fault), and I'm hoping to get back into the RP scene and crack open a few ideas that have been stewing in my head.

Looking forward to meeting and writing with y'all!
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