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Tue Mar 21, 2023 9:05 am

I. Basic Information

» Legal Name: Soren Welby
» Alias: Soren of the Seidr, Truth-Seeker
» Age: 35
» Gender: Male

» Association: Vandenreich | Albedochiffren

» Appearance Written: [What does your character look like? Write it up.]

» Appearance Image: [Put an image of your character here if you have one]

I. Personality

» Personality: [Please describe your character's personality. Please be sure to use at least 10 sentences.]

» Likes: Academic and Spiritual Study, Discovery, Animals, Wildflowers, Wine, Simple Pleasures, Teaching Others, Terrible Jokes

» Dislikes: Meat, Mindless Violence, Cowardice, Willful Ignorance, Wasting Precious Time, His Work Being Pointlessly Interrupted, Disrespect Toward Ladies

I. History

» History:
Seidr Quincy Background:

Upon ruins of old within the winter-struck Scandinavian wilds, a child was born to the Seidr Quincy, deeply wounded by the genocide taken place centuries prior, displaced and their roots forgotten. The tribe led by his grandfather were kept in safety and guarded by law; None were to leave, none were to delve into the crypts of their ancestors, lest they anger the Goddess Nozomi once more, their tribe to be thrown into further disarray by following the mistakes of their ancestors, erring from the desired path.

It was a miracle the boy even survived; the Seidr having been going through a starvation period that even took his father’s life long before his birth.
His mother, overjoyed, named him Soren the following spring, feeling a strong child deserved a strong name.
His grandfather, however, was wary of the child, fearing the child his daughter was raising would become an arrogant man, like a Quincy king of old.

He proved to be incredibly troublesome as a child, burdening people with questions they couldn’t quite answer, and his bothersome nature got him in trouble often. He felt irritated, limited even at a young age - he wasn’t content with the simple life they lived, he felt that nothing but fear of retribution led their actions.

Soren’s nature was truly put to the test when a horrible plague befell his village; the main water source started drying and was contaminated with something so deadly that any Quincy who drank it fell violently ill or died, though it didn’t seem to affect the animals they reaped produce from as drastically, at the very least not initially. The young boy would ask why they couldn’t investigate, only to be told that couldn’t be possible, it was beyond the ruin’s reach, it was out of their hands; all they could do was pray that their patron goddess would cure the water and allow a surge to return; waiting and watching seemed to work before and they wouldn’t do much different now.

He was not satisfied with this.

Sneaking off in the middle of the night, the small boy would discover it was a hollow blocking up and contaminating the water, rather insidiously, as if it intended to flush the villagers from their home by depriving them of the source. Soren’s people did not arm themselves with the spiritual weapons of old that he heard from his mother, merely using bits of spellcraft that survived to current memory to enrich struggling crops or heal small wounds or ailments. Not a soul in the village was equipped to dispose of the beast, unless…

His nightly escapades would take him to delving into the crypts, breaking yet another law of his grandfather’s. The boy didn’t care, as much as he was young he was bright and aware - if he did nothing, his village would die. To his surprise, there was a full assortment of old texts, rooms, and wall paintings, intentionally left behind by his ancestors, some of the first ones he uncovered telling that they had left to search for their progenitor, Nozomi, wandering the living realm as a nomadic group. Be it consideration that others may come across the ruin, or maybe their journey was fruitless and they decided to return home, Soren had a host of history, academics, and technique to study of his own people, and he had to be quick.

Conditions worsened as the months ran on, the poison affected the crops and weakened the animals, the snow was rolling in, time weighed heavy on his small shoulders, being the only one who was willing to do something. His mother was unusually encouraging during those months, somehow having a fair amount of food and water to give him, though she appeared to only get thinner and thinner. He was far too single-tracked on training himself in the Quincy arts to realize what she was doing for him until it was too late; she had succumbed to starvation.

“I know you will save us, my strong Soren.” Was the last weak words he heard leave her lips on her deathbed.

Only during funeral rites did he realize; she was giving him her share of food and water, she was trying to push him to keep to his goal, to ensure he was strong enough in mind and body to do it. That was the first bout of deep sadness he would experience, pushing through his tears to form a plan to kill the hollow, though he was not careful to hide properly, for his grandfather discovered him, angrily yanking him and alerting the village to wake in the middle of the night, with great shock and fury he screamed of how his own grandson had been working to doom them all with his blasphemy, that the goddess brought them suffering because of him.

He was given mere moments to state his case, and he took those moments well despite emotional highs. He explained what was happening, that a hollow was poisoning the water, and that he had primed himself to slay it. There was no law he was breaking, in fact he was upholding one long distorted - To do no harm unto others unless harm has been dealt, in which it was expected to vanquish it with great determination and no hesitance.

His grandfather screamed for his banishment. Soren however, called a rite that hadn’t been summoned in hundreds of years, one he had uncovered while reading the texts to use in this very scenario: The Duel of Rightful Succession, one that only direct kin could call against the head of the tribe, under the circumstance that it is felt the head is leading the tribe astray into danger, and to exercise the law of vanquishing harm upon them. The survivor becomes the new head, and has the right to lead them.

Merely a child, it was his first rightful shedding of blood, a life taken far too easily with how much starvation weakened the older man. He had lost the rest of his family within mere days of each other, crying over his grandfather’s corpse, asking why he couldn’t just listen and trust in him like his mother did. But his job wasn’t done, he would go up the river, his village awaiting his return with great worry - he was the final heir, if he didn’t return then everything would be lost.

The small boy fought the hollow with all he had throughout the night; when a child his age would be sleeping peacefully in their dwelling, he was fighting for the lives of many with all he learned, and by sunrise, he returned bloodied with wounds, but victorious, collapsing upon the discovery of a relieved crowd.

I. Natural Abilities

Prodigious Intellect & Flexibility
From a young age, Soren has proven himself to be an incredibly intelligent and adaptable young man, from teaching himself both academics and the quincy arts from the old texts his ancestors left behind to the point of being a capable teacher to his village, to being recognized for his talent and intellect as he was accepted into a college level education as a child. Despite his roots, Soren proves to be an incredibly intelligent individual, able to learn and work off of complicated subjects and processes with hardly much of a stress, having been capable of performing difficult precise work for hours on end in his profession, and is incredibly informed on numerous subjects to such an extent that he could teach them in a digestible manner.

Blood of Ancients
Soren’s lineage is known to age far slower than typical humans once their power has matured, the nature of their Reiryuko keeping their cells from deteriorating for far longer than a normal human's without complication.

Unwavering Spirit
Life’s been an uphill battle from birth.

Unusual Amount of Reiryuko
As his family over the generations were primed for spellcraft, they formed enough reservoirs of Reiryuko within their souls to the point they do not need external tools such as Ginto in order to use their spellcraft.

Monk’s Physique
From both his lineage and closely following in his ancestor’s footsteps, Soren has entirely fixated on developing his spiritual aspects rather than physical, in addition to regularly being deprived of nutrients at a developmental age, these factors leaving him with a sorely underdeveloped body, especially abnormally inept in Strength. Though his Quincy techniques more than fill the gap for these shortfalls, should he ever be in an entirely powerless position, his extreme physical vulnerabilities will be apparent. His Speed, Strength, and Durability are therefore locked at a Beginner or Lower level with no ability to ever be increased.

Permanent Limp
From his battle with a Hollow as a child, his left leg was badly damaged. Though his wounds healed, he was left with a permanent impairment in his normal walking ability. Though he’s mitigated his weak leg's effect on urgent movement with the use of Blut systems, he does normally walk with a bad enough limp that he needs a cane on the regular.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Blut Sicht

An augmentation of the Blut Arterie system that Soren himself developed, Blut Sicht specifically focuses on and amplifies the user’s sight and perception, forcing one’s senses temporarily into overdrive, the staple appearance of this ability’s activation being vein-like markings appearing from and arching from the eyes and across the face.

While this ability is active, one’s ability to take in information is sharpened to such an extent that the finer details of a particular focus become obvious, such as things one wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye or even perceiving an enemies’ movements in slower motion. This ability’s use is very high risk, high reward, as if it is improperly activated or kept active for too long, it can cause rupturing of blood vessels in the head region, oftentimes the eyes being the most likely to experience rupturing first to the incredible strain.

As such, this ability can only safely remain active for up to two posts in an instance of it’s activity, three posts being when the user will start to experience permanent damage such as loss of sight, or feeling, and anything pushed past that will lead to death by the vessels in their brain bursting.



Having studied and practiced upon the ancient scripts of his people for most of his life, Soren’s proficiency in spellcraft does not merely stop at a natural disposition for the quincy arts. He has shown the ability to harness and effortlessly control many complex techniques due to years of dedicated training, to such an extent that he taught his entire village the knowledge that had been previously lost due to the cowardly and meek way of living they had subscribed to for hundreds of years out of fear of further punishment. Including known advanced techniques such as Ransotengai, Soren has entire bodies of spells learned or crafted to such an extent that they are best categorized than listed one by one.

Bodies of Spellcraft Knowledge
Archive of Restoration

Perhaps the oldest spellcraft the Seidr has formed and practiced, the Archive of Restoration is the most recognizable grouping of spells that the tribe would be known for throughout history, from those who would have had relations or interactions with his people from the distant past, to scattered stories of kindly travelers with the power to heal both land and man, invigorating the frail, and hastening the ill back to health.

This archive consists of spells that takes of the user’s Reiryuko and gives to others through pulsations of Reishi, capable of speeding up the healing of wounds, nurturing plants and animals, or even saving a Quincy from hollow poisoning by burning away the corruptive energy back into Reishi, employing these techniques commonly by direct touch. The use of this body of spells is as dangerous as it is giving; if the user is not exceptionally considerate and careful with their output, they could deprive themselves of enough energy to result in death, effectively draining the life out of themselves. Any and all users must be cautious when employing these spells, even masterful users limiting themselves to short bursts rather than continuous application for how easy it is to overdo it.

Notable Spells

Nurturing Spread Wings, Warm Rains
The user shoots an arrow of Reishi into the sky, which swirls into a cloud-like structure that quickly extends up to a 20 meter radius, of which it starts raining droplets of Reishi. Any wounded struck with droplets will experience both a small boost of energy and their wounds healing at a faster rate with their pain being temporarily relieved, being an ability good for quickly aiding a large, wounded group to getting back on their feet. The cloud lasts up to a minute before dissipating (1 post).
Archive of Transience

Another ancient collection, with skills mentioned in ancient tales, of the Seidr being able to run with the wind, the masterful of them being able to cross entire lands with a single step. Despite their age, these legends aren’t wholly inaccurate - a common method of travel were techniques resembling that of Hirenkyaku, though they were formulated independent of the modern technique, the Seidhr specifically studying the theories of spiritual leylines or harnessing currents of reishi to move quickly.

Thousand Foot Crossing, Lands Bygone

Winds pick up around the user as Reishi is focused onto their footing, growing into symbols - the user must imagine where they are traveling to and, if it’s within the realm and within 1000 miles of their current position, they will travel to that place near instantaneously. With the use of this technique, the user can cross far greater distances than that of traditional speed techniques, however it takes more time and focus in order to execute safely, lesser experienced users being ill-advised to use this technique as it is very likely, with an improper measure, one can severely hurt themselves hitting an obstruction or ending up in the wrong place whilst transporting. Overall the technique takes a lot of precision and a clear mind to execute safely.

Archive of Mirages

Joint with the Archive of Restoration is where the Seidhr’s namesake was born, having developed techniques of bending Reishi to appear as other things, often using misdirection against the hollows and their enemies within battle or evasion, or using it as avenues for communication or illustration, being the tribe’s primary means of long distance contact at the time. Some users were known to create constructs so close to creature or man that one could barely distinguish it from the living outside of keen Reikaku usage.

Notable Spells

Light Bear Remembrance, Sight Crafted
A user of adequate skill in Reishi manipulation can use this power to form constructs that resemble people, places, animals, etc. The skill is far more recognized in believability of the construct’s formation than mere creation, practiced users being able to have these constructs form realistic movement that is indistinguishable to life’s own. Extraordinary users can even make these constructs look like the real thing they are emulating, even down to appearance, feel, and sound.

However, these are merely projections, and thus cannot actually do much apart from performing visible actions; they cannot grab things or exert enough force to be effective in combat, their use starts and stops at being a visual tool.

Archive of Fortification
Put together not much unlike the Archive of Retribution, this archive is a collection of spells made with the intent of building or reinforcing defenses. Typically practitioners can form temporary shields, seals, or bindings, but with more time and focus can create more sophisticated, permanent protectants. Due to the Seidhr’s typically nonviolent ways and desire to avert conflict, their protective spells lie far more in preventatives, inhibiting other’s abilities or sealing problematic entities away.

Archive of Retribution
This archive is one of the younger ones in comparison to the earlier practices of healing and illusions, created in conjunction with the Fortification body. It wasn’t that the Seidhr were incapable or unwilling to wield these spells until later eras, but that any formal documentation of these spells were made far after others, a collection crafted by individual spellcraft users rather than techniques most of the tribe knew or were customarily taught.

This host of spells are derived from fending off hollows and dealing with enemies at a distance with swift, devastating attacks. It is thought that the spell’s authors had studied the movements of animals, spiritual creatures, and the natural world as a whole, mimicking the rhythms of the living and dead as a basis for their spells.

Spells of this collection often take after natural elements or animals, mimicking their attributes and formulating it into long distanced spells they can throw off without need to hold a spirit weapon, executing them with swift accuracy and tact. However, the nature of these spells demands considerable focus and aim, the full extent of these spells requiring the user to be able to stand still, often leaving their defenses wide open if they don’t have any backup.

Notable Spells

Thousand Crane Cry, Crashing Skies

Reishi quickly accumulates around the user in a swirling sphere of bird-like projectiles, able to be fired at any time in which the projectile will grow considerably in both size and strength in order to attack an opponent. Anything struck by the projectiles without significantly developed defenses will be dealt a devastating, explosive blow of Reishi. While on their own they aren’t a significant threat, the danger lies in the fact the user is skilled enough to have a constant flow of these projectiles being both created and launched, significantly increasing this spell’s destructive power.

However there is one crucial flaw; the user is unable to move whilst more than five birds exist, being forced to stand in one position the entire time with the amount of focus and control required to maintain the swarm. Up to twenty birds can exist in the swarm at a time, their combined might in proportion to the user’s Spellcraft level.

Hoof Crushing Earth, Disorder Underfoot
The user manipulates low lying Reishi within a 20 meter radius, abruptly forcing the energy through the floor. The earth is then broken and churned, any unsuspecting parties who are unable to pull themselves off the ground will find themselves sucked in by shifting dirt and rock, either being trapped by the shattered earth or even crushed if the user so wished.
Brilliant Light Screech, Raking Talons
The user’s gathered reishi begins to react violently around a focused point, normally fingers or a spirit weapon, creating arcs of energy not much unlike an electric current. This rapidly builds into a saber of volatile energy, in which the user will then either throw or shoot, a brilliant flash and a shriek-like sound going off as the attack’s full glory is revealed; a giant hawk-like structure forged from lightning flying at the opponent with incredible speed.

The effect of this attack is resemblant of several hundred electrified Heilig Pfeil rained upon an opponent at once, normally covering a 20 meter area.

Flame God Wreath, Reaching Hell
Reishi in the area begins gathering into small, concentrating, flickering orbs around the user, appearing as a rather unremarkable attack until the user launches one, in which upon impact the Reishi ignites into a devastating explosive, leaving behind hot blue flames to lick the battlefield, harshly burning spiritual entities that may come into contact with them but leaving the living unharmed. These aren’t ordinary flames, needing to be put out either with spiritual abilities or Reiatsu that is higher than that of the user’s power, though as they are still Reishi they can be absorbed and used by other Quincy with no issue.

I. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Kasta

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Kasta takes the appearance of a traditional Quincy bow, albeit far smaller than average.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: Kasta doesn't have any unique abilities outside of being used as a tool for using certain spellcraft techniques at a range more efficiently.

I. Vollstandig

» Name: Ás-Smed (Smith of God)

» Appearance: [What does your quincy's release state look like?]

» Abilities: [What abilities does your quincy gain upon using their released form? Keeping in mind that Letzt Stil are usually much simpler and basic as a result of it's greater output and short timeframe whereas a Vollständig will have more flexibility and a greater range of abilities for the quincy to utilise.]

I. Equipment & Resources

Patriarch of the Seidr Quincy

Head Developer & Founder of Alma Technologies

Danava Workforce

Project Yggdrasil

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Beginner
» Speed: Beginner
» Strength: Untrained
» Martial Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
» Willpower: Elite
» Deduction: Elite
» Focus: Advanced

Quincy Skills
» Blut: Advanced
» Reishi Absorption: Elite
» Quincy Spellcraft: Elite
» Spirit Weapon: Beginner

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