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Tue Apr 11, 2023 10:25 pm
Genji Takahashi [WIP] KyluKFX

Basic Information
» Name: Genji Takahashi
» Aliases: The Black Hound, Twisting Blade

» Age: 300~
» Birthday: Claimed December 3rd
» Gender: Male
» Race: Shinigami

» Affiliation: Gotei United - 5th Division | 6th Seat

» Marital Status: Single
» Sexuality: Bisexual...?
» Ideal Mate:
» Special Skill:

» Height: 6'5
» Hair Colour: Black
» Eye Colour: (left) Brown (right) Light Blue

Genji Takahashi [WIP] NVNqYSE

I. Personality

» Personality:
For those who possess little knowledge of him, Genji is a rather pleasant man to engage with, conversation coming by with such ease and a lack of hitch that it’s almost uncanny to the more observant, a smile never leaving his face and words alone being enough to sway favor even amongst strangers. Though he is rather soft spoken and polite in speech, there is a weight behind his words, often able to instinctively instill a level of respect and trust with a short amount of engagement with others.

He speaks assuredly, full of confidence, lacking doubt in himself or his words - but that isn’t to say he can’t handle doubt or questioning thrown his way, dealing with conflicting subjects and ideas with a surprising level of coolness and is plenty capable of admitting defeat; he is sensible and doesn’t allow his own ego to outweigh work, relations, or plain common sense.

Though, there are aspects out of the ordinary when it comes to more emotional affairs; scenes that would often shock or sadden the average person leave Genji rather unfazed and perhaps even disinterested. His instinct to comfort is far more active than birthed from emotion, profound displays like laughter or tears are just as controlled and deliberate, outbursts almost never occur unless it’s for a clear purpose - he just proves to be an abnormally placid individual, to such a degree it could cause one to question his humanity.

It isn’t as if Genji is unaware of this void in himself, it just doesn’t trouble or interfere with his ability to get work done or speak to others, seeing interactions and relationships more like a game to win and advantageous to foster than inherently seeking out relations. Though it isn’t wholly inaccurate to call the willingness to play the “game” as instinctive or primal; even if his own emotional experience is deadened, he gets something out of experiencing it with other people, especially attracted to extreme emotions like ecstasy or agony. Though he will not purposefully inflict these extreme states unless it is required of him, he does actively seek out situations where they would naturally exist in, be it parties or a war field.

» Likes: His 27 Dogs, Tea, Painting, Studying Other's Emotions

» Dislikes: Calm Days, Poor Work, Laziness, Boring People

» Favorite Food: Any Seafood

I. History

A sloven child dwelled in one of the Rukongai’s outer districts, having awoken with no friends, family, or memory to call his own. He appeared as a small, weak child, a frail thing that possessed unusual features; in better conditions he would have been mistaken to be ilk of the nobility, such a thing leading to him being picked on and attacked by envious onlookers.

A cursed existence for a boy blessed with features of beauty, something he hadn’t much a grasp of. The mistreatment didn’t bring suffering or distress upon him, if anything he maintained a kind smile and calm disposition, such things soon leading his tormentors to believe he wasn’t human, and to keep well away from him out of fear some evil would befall them. This was noticed by a local gang, willing to take in a child they saw as tough, despite his oddities.

He was brought in as family, trained to wield a sword and survive on the street, and was given what little education of the world he was dropped into that the group was capable of sharing. He followed their commands with peculiar diligence, living amongst them until a turf war had rendered them nothing but bloodied bodies. Genji was one of the few survivors of the battle despite being such a young boy, faced with loneliness once more.

Though the result of this battle did not shake him, if anything it proved him capable of being amongst the Shinigami hidden away by white walls at the center of the city. The young one made the journey on his own to the Seireitei, to rise from the hell of the Rukongai to serve a greater purpose.

His age and apparent little strength gave others no faith he would make it through the academy; all some others saw was a tiny whelp trying to walk amongst their betters when he first arrived, a shock he even passed the entrance exam, but Genji proved to be both sharp in mind and skill, outperforming his peers by a considerable margin and graduating in three years along with achieving Shikai, proving to be rather prodigal despite his age.

Though such successes would of course be met with equal misfortune, as mastering his Shikai itself was a tumultuous path; -name- would not bend easily to a user it perceived as weak, incapable, and unrealized, and regardless of Genji’s latent talent, the use of his Shikai would often leave him severely injured with overuse: broken bones, dislocations, seizures, and loss of control of limbs were frequent effects. Despite this, Genji did not fear using his Shikai, he in fact would continue to use it despite outer warnings and threat to his body, forcing himself to use and understand his spirit regardless of the suffering he experienced, as he knew in the end his efforts would release him of that suffering.

In his years in the academy and soon after a part of the Onmitsukido, Genji went from being nothing but vermin of the streets, to a valued member of the secretive branch. He was trained well in Hakuda and building his body’s strength and toughness between both discipline and physical exercise, along with having to adapt his body and mind for his rather brutal Zanpakuto, proving himself dutiful and without argument with his duties in his time as a part of the organization despite his young age.

By time he was a young man, he would be set to the first of many large missions; to carry out a genocide of the Quincy - humans who held the power to erase hollows from the cycle, who’s very existence threatened the balance. He, along with many others, were to seek out their dwellings and make their locations known, as well as assist in terminating any stragglers.

He fulfilled his duty with a clear mind and lack of hesitation, striking down all manner people with equal drive to fulfill his mission. The morality of the act was not a concern of his; the duty of Shinigami was to maintain the cycle, and if anything threatened it, it was to be removed.

His service would extend past this, serving in the various corps, gaining and losing yet gaining more peers as he would go on to master his Shikai and wish to attain Bankai as any dedicated Shinigami would wish to. Of course, -name- would not be so easy to achieve such a thing from, as it had always proven to be a rather ominous and hands-off spirit, twisting strange answers and never giving clarity of any kind, motives uncertain as fate’s own.

It wasn’t until he was swallowed by the demonic conflict of WW3 that he would achieve his bankai. He was sent down to sniff out and destroy any restful occupant demons and any hollows they may have corralled, but dealing with such beings of unpredictability and mystery turned what would otherwise have been a smooth mission into a bloodbath, many of his squadmates slain whilst trying to fight the entities they were meant to cleanly dispose of. He himself was one of the crowd who was struck down by the mad creatures, crumpled to the ground with various wounds and pierces through his torso, sheer will alone tethering him to his current state of being.

His Zanpakuto spirit manifested itself as he was laid to watch the remains of his team be slaughtered, cackles fading into the background as the hound addressed him. They spoke, of the nature of his power, of his life, of the duality - he was in the deepest pits of despair, the closest death had inched to him, and as if in some raw reaction… The scales tipped opposite.

“The Dark Binds, The Light Blinds.” was seared into his brain.

Blessings filled his wounds, his arms, his very spirit. Curses bubbled and spit at the bodies of his enemies, becoming enraptured in the agony they brought. Of course they could not realize much past it, in hindsight: they were beings led by impulse.

He held true to the line of curses and blessings, the demons could not, dying at his awoken blade. Pain, then Joy, then Pain, again and again, everlasting. Upon the gleam of a maroon puddle as chaos died, he swore saw himself in the shape of something inhuman, yet so incredibly human, until his Bankai ceased.

Returning with a single other survivor, Genji would deliver intel of their enemy, and til the end of the war would continue information gathering and suppression, full memory of that night leaving a yearning for what he could not have in the depths of his soul.

He'd continue his dutiful work for the Gotei, throughout war and peace, witnessing the changing of leadership and structure from what he had previously known.

What pain or joy will come next?

I. Natural Abilities

I. Racial Abilities

I. Zanpakutō

[b]» Zanpakutō Name:

» Zanpakutō Spirit:

» Inner World:

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Burden Me, Bring Disturbance, Fray The Path, -name-", he must say the release phrase or else -name- will refuse to manifest.

» Shikai Appearance:

» Shikai Abilities:

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: "Twist Our Souls, Tangle Our Fates, Weave The Path, -name-"

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Elite
» Martial Skill: Elite

Will Skills
» Willpower: Elite
» Deduction: Advanced
» Focus: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Advanced
» Kidō: Adept
» Zanjutsu: Elite
» Hakuda: Elite

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