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Shinigami Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Saiko Mori
» Titles: The Mistress Of Glum
» Age: 80
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Bisexual

» Affiliation/Rank: For the time being, Saiko is an unseated member of the Earth affiliation in the Gotei United.

» Physical Appearance Description: Saiko is described as a slim-built woman that has oceanic eyes and long black hair, often in pig-tails. Depending on the day, her skin can range from pale ghost to a light milky pigment. She often wears an assortment of gothic-styled clothing that is black in color but will dress up if the occasion calls for it.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Saiko Mori: The Mistress Of Glum (WIP) KEFi34w

I. Personality Traits

» The Personality Of Saiko:

Saiko considers this second life something of beauty, and she has a deep love for those within it. She tries her best to be kind, gentle, and caring toward others because you never know when this gift of life, good health, and well-being may be taken away. And because of that fact, there is a strong sense of will and conviction within the woman. After having lived parts of her life as a slave of war, she knows how important it is to use her strength to carry that burden other weaker spirits can't endure.

Therefore, she finds her time with the Gotei as grand and purposeful. To uphold the balance of souls, assist her comrades, and keep the earth in check is an incredible duty to her. It gives her a reason to wake up and redeem herself from the miserable acts of sin she committed while operating under Shadow Fall. No one is forcing the woman to change; she knows this desire comes from a gentle heart. So, because there is no external influence, it's hard to take away this aspect of will, passion, and love.

Having been through the fires of heaven and hell, all that matters to her now is spending time with those she adores, taking care of her duties as a member of the Gotei, and finding her inner happiness outside the work and the people she meets. Spending her free time learning how to play the guitar, spending time in nature, and traveling, there is a sense of joy in her heart for even these simple pleasures.

At the end of the day wants to feel loved, happy, secure, and have a sense of purpose, and she knows it's up to her to ensure that happens. So even if she may stumble over herself, be awkward in social conversations, and make mistakes, she knows she wants to be good and has to take her time to make that person come to reality.

I. Saiko's Relationships

Tansouji: Although Tansouji is her zanpukto spirit, Saiko still considers him one of her greatest allies and friends. He is the person she can go to if anything ever goes wrong in her life. If she is ever alone and isolated, he will always be there to pick her up. And because of this deep bond, she feels a great amount of happiness and relief around him. Even when she was a slave of Shadow Fall and demon kind, he was always there coaching her, pushing her through these obstacles, and living to see a day when she was freed of her shackles. So no matter who comes or goes in her life, he will always be one of the people she cares for the most in this life as they are in this existence together as a team.

Murasaki: Saiko believes she owes her current life to Murasaki. If she hadn't given her an act of mercy and understood the circumstances of her being enslaved and forced to work for Shadow Fall, she was fully prepared to die on the first day she met her and go down with Shadow Fall. Instead, she was offered a chance at redemption. Through that opportunity, she was able to forge new relationships, have a new purpose in life, and eventually remove the demonic taint on her soul. And for that, she considers Murasaki a great friend and leader.

Yuuto: This is a relationship forged in familiarity. They both were cursed with the taint of demonic blood and could build a sense of connection through similar life obstacles and the nature of their initial powers. It's almost funny to Saiko that they were enemies at one point or another, as each of them was on opposing sides for a time. Still, she is glad she was able to meet him again as an ally and forge a deeper relationship, and she considers him someone close to her and can sense his fondness for her as well.

In some ways, she could almost see a romance bubbling between the two if the conditions were right. After all, she owes as much to Yuuto as she does to Murasaki because Yuuto was the one who took the risk of removing the demonic blood from her body and helped her become a pure shinigami. If it wasn't for him, Saiko would still be in that maddening hell, and she is forever loyal to him for that.

Hime: This is a good friend of hers who she promises to get justice for. She could see that Hime was another person like her who was trying to eventually make the change to redeem herself from her past misdeeds. Perhaps she's too lost in that sentiment, but she believes there is still hope for her if she is willing to do the right thing. It almost angers Saiko that the woman is imprisoned and still vowes to figure out how to get her out of that situation. Not a day goes by where that isn't looming on her mind.

Arianda: Arianda was initially seen as someone Saiko despised because of her inaction to do anything when leading Shadow Fall at the height of its power. She was one of the Demon Queen's mates and felt that she could have done more to prevent the suffering she went through. Yet, despite that, she could see that at least this demon was trying to move on from that and didn't play as big of a role as she initially thought. In fact, she ran away in the war from what she heard and was trying to atone for her sins, much like Saiko. So, from that sense of redemption, Saiko held Arianda's feet to the fire and wants her to improve, do better and not make any mistakes. Hence, for now, she considers her a friend. After all, if Yuuto can see the good in her, Saiko can as well.

Mizu: Mizu is seen as a mentee, ally, and friend in the eyes of Saiko. At some point in everyone's lives, they need someone to mentor, guide and be there for them to see the seeds of greatness that lay within their potential. And in the case of their relationship, she was glad she was able to provide that initial push Mizu needed in order to see her own greatness. It makes her proud and happy to see one of her mentees becoming a Vice Captain, and it's a relationship she wants to differently continue to blossom.

Hono: Hono is another good friend of Saiko that she met through the Gotei. In some ways, she wants to guide her similarly to Mizu to keep pushing her to find her own potential. Yet, simultaneously, she believes the other woman will be there for her if push comes to shove. She enjoys her cooking and is definitely going to be in charge of cooking her many meals in the future. This is a friendship she plans to keep investing in. Good vibes from her.

Vanyel: Saiko considers Vanyel a good friend. Both of them were working under Shadow Fall and were turned by an Asthavon. However, she believes he had it rough, given the interactions between himself, Algos, Calypso, and the horrid story he told her. She wants to give him someone in his life that he can rely on, and, by extension, she herself will have an increasingly larger circle of people that she cares about in turn. They both could learn and help each other heal from the past traumas they experienced form their former lives with the demons. So she is happy they met as they both can hold a good conversation and she wants to keep investing more into this relationship.

Hisana: Initially, they started off as enemies in the wild, but it seems as if Hisana was able to redeem herself and find a footing in the Gotei training those in the academy. So it was by chance that Saiko ran into her, and they were able to mend this relationship and see eye to eye with one another. It's good to make another close friend and ally, and she still wants to invest more in this relationship. So, she may pop more in Hisana's future to get a deeper bond going between the two considering their both trying to find their footing in this world from what she gathered.

Tenmarin: This relationship is definitely more antagonistic. This spirit seems to believe that Saiko will bring about her own ruin. It makes her uneasy, but she feels spiteful and stubborn toward her for believing that and wants to prove her wrong. So, for now, she's not a big fan of Tenmarin but is still willing to work with her since they are both on the same team, and Saiko believes personal feelings shouldn't get in the way of their duties.

I. Character History

» The History Saiko


The world that Saiko was born into was a dead one. Born in the desert outlands of Arizona, there wasn't much life or prosperity to be had following the aftermath of the demon's invasion of the world. While the climax of the war had died down by this point, there were will many regions of instability that would be worked on during the years. Constant clashes for control over of the land were all but commonplace. Whether it be by man, demon or supernatural being alike. Bodies dropped day after day, and the fragility of life was more than scarred into the land and it's people during this time of rebuilding in the world.

However, despite the hellish atmosphere of the state at the time, there were still many humans who held on to hope and love. In a band of small but capable rouges, both of Saiko's parents conceived their bundle of light a world of death and decay. Born on Feb 14th, 2043, Anael Azrael was the original human name that Saiko was given by her mother, Ariel Azrael. Each of her parents named them this as they both clung to the faith and belief that perhaps the embrace of angels will help save this world cast in the blood of demons.

Ergo, the name "Anael" was bestowed upon Saiko because it represented an angel of love. While Azrael, their family's last name from her father, Uriel Azazel, embodied the world of death they inherited from World War Three. Thus, their child of St.Valentine was meant to do great good in the world, and they held on to that unfounded belief as strongly as they could. Since, against all odds, they believed that their daughter would be a miracle child and perhaps that she could rise to the ranks of being someone capable of changing this turmoil with these elements of love infused into her birth. It was quite absurd to believe in the grand scheme of things, but they needed something to hold on to and to have hope in when the world was so bleak.


Saiko's childhood was blissful until reality crept it's ugly head in.

Even as Saiko's family ran through the outlands of America to find stability and peace, she came to find serenity and placidity in the midst of nature. This is because they were always safe when the lush forest life surrounded them all like a blanket of protection. For in these years, the ever-constant leash that her parents pulled around Saiko's neck grew tighter. So, whenever they reached the beauty of mother nature, she knew it was safe as that leash grew less and less rigid. Thus, when in these serene locations, she rarely, if ever, felt sadness when coated in the depths of the woodlands.

This was important to her as they ventured through as her family traveled throughout the southwest of the United States. Throughout these travels, and as she grew older, Saiko started to notice how much conflict there was in the world. Humans, demons, shinigami, and so many other beings were always fighting one another or trying to fight them. And it's for this reason, a sense of anxiety and depression started to fester in her soul. As no matter how far they ran, no how much they hid, the fires of this demonic war would continue to find them.

It is for this reason that her parents started to push Saiko to begin developing her own sets of powers on her 8th birthday. They taught her the needed traits to enrich herself and become a supernatural human. They started to push her to fight against the monsters they would find on their trails. Bit by bit, they pushed their baby girl to learn strength, durability, and the capacity to deal with hollows and demons far larger than herself. She learned to hunt, live off the land, develop battle sense from an early age, and see the bloodshed of this world up close. And for this reason, combat would always be second-nature to her from this point onward because of building such a strong foundation from a young age.

Though, given she was still a child, this was still a lot to process and take in. Fear was around every corner, and seeing the life taken out of these creatures brought sadness to her as she never wanted to be forced to do such a thing. Yet, with the circumstances of the world at that time, there was no choice, and she just prayed they would come back as something less awful.

Furthermore, she started to grow some resentment toward her parents. Why would they bring her into such a hardened and miserable world? Why couldn't she have a normal childhood, just spending time with her parents, family, and friends? Why did they have to live in fear and misery?

This period of her life sucked, and it wasn't what she wanted to do, but she just kept forcing herself to endure it because there just weren't many other options. And while she resented her parents for this, she couldn't hate them entirely since they still loved her and tried to do what they can to reward her actions when she did good.

But when the monsters weren't near, isolation was her friend. It is where she learned to expand her mind and find something so far away from the hardships which loomed on the horizon. She lost herself in many books pertaining to the sciences of this existence, histories of the world, fictional stories, and so many other subjects in between. It even inspired her to perhaps dream of becoming a hero or someone that could take away the darkness of this world. Thus, these stories were her comfort and helped to expand her knowledge so that she could further cultivate empathy, warmth, and love within herself with this early wisdom she perceived herself as having.

As it would be something that was key to her finding some of the best friends of her life at around the age of 13. After many years of searching, both Saiko and her parents would find a refuge for those who were affected by the aftermath of the third world war. Placed in an unspecified location in Texas, there was a vast desert where a large gathering of disbanded humans, shinigami's, and other neutral supernatural races alike called home. They made a community and ensured that none of the killers, demonic freaks, hollows, Arrancar, or any other madman of this world would bring harm to it.

Teenage Years

Being at The Ranger Ranch was one of the happiest periods of Saiko's life that she can recall. These days were mystical because she was around other families, friends, and adults who were all on the same team, supporting each other and providing a sense of stability where they had a community to keep each other safe. No more moving from town to town, city to city, state to state. She could find her own home, her own school and build relationships, get to know other kids, and actually be happy for once.

Many of her days would be spent at school learning how to develop her academics, but they obviously also specialized in the supernatural arts. So, being that she spent most of the past 6-7 years already fine-tuning her skills, she was able to ace her classes. Fast, strong, and able to pack a punch, Saiko was seen as someone to aspire to in her classes, and it made her happy she was finding her place in the world at this stage in her life. People would ask her how to develop their powers, how to kill, improve their durability, and other combat tips.

With her school life going well, her parents seemed more relaxed, even if they still had her doing missions to protect their community. It wasn't uncommon around this time for Saiko to be deployed on missions to slaughter hollows, demons, or other human criminals who tried to tear apart this community. But, by this point, she was conditioned to accept this reality and just wanted to make her parents and community proud. So, she adapted and became a combat machine. Something which would repeat in a much darker way later in life.

Often times she was able to dispatch quickly of targets, was fighting alongside other adolescents and young adults, and held a lot of promise as a fighter. She still needed mentors and direction to further develop her abilities, powers, and skills, but she picked on quickly and wasn't afraid to put in the work, sweat, and tears to become a strong supernatural human. As whenever she did well on these ventures, her parents always congratulated her, her friends kept feeding her praise, and it helped to put the dread of this reality outside the compound further and further away from her mind.

So because of these factors, she started to gain confidence, a sense of being, and a purpose to exist to help her keep moving ahead at this time in her life. When she reached her 17th birthday, she was devoted to the work of fighting against the demons, sadistic humans, hollows, and other nightmarish fiends who sought to make the world hell. She liberated people from prison camps, killed these beasts on a daily bases, endured life-or-death battles alongside her parents, and pushed herself to the limit and beyond with her mental, physical, and supernatural training. Everything from honing her skill with all sorts of equipment, instilling the body memory to have her instincts become a weapon to use, increasing the volumes of energy that brew within herself, and expanding her knowledge in order to make the overall make-up of herself dangerous and lethal.

In doing so, her newly adapted body quickly saw vast advancements over the few years she spent honing her skills as a fighter and killer. She could feel something inside of her being satisfied, fed, and empowered each time she engaged in her conflicts. It was nagging at her, pushing at her, and guiding her toward the path of strength to find her own salvation. So while the world was ever turbulent around Saiko, she had the strength to subject it and fight against its ugly fangs with the power given to her.

In fact, she felt quite confident, smug, and downright arrogant with this new strength she acquired. There was still love, compassion, and kindness that she showered those close to her, but they could definitely note the radical change that occurred in Saiko and thought of her as a new person entirely from it.

But as with all things in life, could such a period of happiness ever truly last?


Things seemed to be going up for Saiko. Over the years, as she aged into her 20th birthday, the woman and her family gained a reputation as a hero of sorts that dealt with hollows, demons, and other criminals that put others in danger. In her small region of the world, some people believed she could potentially change things on a grander scale. Saiko never considered herself the strongest in her country, but that didn't matter to her. She just wanted to ensure her home was guarded to the best of her ability. Yet, despite these potent desires, it seemed even that wish was out of her control.

On the night of June 3rd, 2063, Saiko, her parents, and a group of her closest friends and family were making their way to the Grand Canyon to deal with a distress signal they picked up. From the vague reports they received, it was documented that a cluster of demons was slaughtering everything they encountered. Yet, despite the grave warning, they merely brushed it off and figured they could still be dealt with. So, Saiko was one of the first to go gung-ho into battle, anxious and ready to kill off some of her bad nerves at the time.

When they arrived, they had witnessed them mauling the bodies of shinigami, Quincy, and humans alike, as none of the forces they sent at them seemed to kill them. So, not wanting to be sitting ducks, they went on the offensive and tried to contain the outbreak of these demonic creatures. Yet, despite that, they were dramatically overpowered by them. They were able to kill a few here and there, but these demons seemed to be abnormally strong.

As they continued to clash into the night, it was revealed that this squadron of beasts were experiments of the Asthavon. This powerful demonic family was determined to force their efforts into the human world. So, as this fact came to a head, this family would forever be engraved in the memory of Saiko. She wanted to slaughter them for daring to endanger her family and did her best to try and fight against it. However, it just wasn't enough. It ended with her family and friends on the brink of death.

She could feel the demonic poison beginning to seep into her body, this sense of madness and chaos bleeding into her, and the fear that whatever she was turning into wouldn't be pretty. But, as the last lights of life started to flicker in Saiko's eyes, it was fortunate that a sudden arrival of additional shinigami from the Gotei swarmed in and saved what they could of her soul. There was no telling what monster she might've become if the corruption from those devils had lasted. So even if this existence were fading from her, the start of her life as a shinigami would grant her the chance to see a new beginning.

Shinigami Life

When Saiko was born into the soul society, there was a burning feeling in her soul as she had the abnormal effect of retaining her memories. Typically, souls lose their memories of their former life, but given the peculiar circumstances of her death at the hands of a demon, it isn't surprising that something went astray. In the time she spent having her life flood back into her head, she felt an ominous presence looming over her as if she could sense the Asthavon blood nearby. However, in time, it would only be a brief side effect of her death.

What was more important to her was that her family had surrounded her, but they lacked the same memories she had. And while they were lost and confused, Saiko had to lead them. She figured they would eventually snap out of it, so being the strongest at that moment, she did her best to describe their former lives to them. It was a lot for her to manage as she was dealing with the loss of her former life, the birth of a new one, adapting to a new world, and losing her family in a sense as their personalities seemed similar, but they just had no clue of what on earth happened to them. It hurt Saiko's heart and made her despair as if this world was all some kind of new hell she found herself in.

And to add insult to injury, she was born into the Rukongai and was forced into being in the bottom rung of society. She felt she had nobody at this point in her life and was forced to fight for their lives in this hellish reality. Even if she was a newly born shinigami soul, there was an abnormal amount of power to her that allowed her to either beat, draw or run away with her life from most scarps in the 80th district. The battle experience and knowledge from her prior life were something she still could leverage to start building a reputation for herself as the days, weeks, and months passed on.

Eventually, due to the savage nature of her combative prowess, it attracted the attention of a nearby shinigami who was recruiting powerful soul's to add to the Gotei's numbers, given their own going battles against the demonic menace on earth at the time. So, this individual approached her and her family and offered Saiko a deal to change her life, train under the Gotei and form her Zanpukto. In exchange, she would gain new power and a better means to keep her family safe. And without thinking twice, Saiko accepted his offer. What other choice did she have? Stay in the slums and forever live in this depressive hell? That wasn't happening.

In a matter of a few days, she packed her bags, went with her family, and they were brought to Academy, where they all would begin to awaken their powers as shinigami. As it is in the Academy, Saiko was given her Zanpakutō and quickly bonded with it throughout her training and meditation. Throughout constant battles, she continued to forge her spiritual might and seemed to accelerate through the Academy as she grasped onto combat like it was pure instinct. And given her previous life? It may as well have been. Yeah, she needed people to explain things, practice and get hands-on-; but she excelled in anything physical, even if her academics were less than stellar.

At the same time, her parents, family, and few friends remained stuck at her side and started to grow into their own as they adapted to this new world. It was a challenging adjustment period, but much like her days at the Rancher Haven, Saiko found something that made her feel like she had a purpose, and the hard training put her mind out of that state of misery, melancholy, and woe.

So, it was inevitable that a voice reached out to her. Amid a bad storm one night, Saiko had fallen asleep, and her consciousness was thrust into her inner world. This voice was Tansouji, her zanpukto spirit. It freaked her out at first, but she could sense a familiarity with this man, and he looked similar to her in some ways. And as she started to approach him, her inner world was filled out, and he explained the reality of what she was: a shinigami.

And, in time, they started to bond further. Each day she would meditate, spend time with Tansouji and find solace in the loneliness of her spirit. In this way, his powers started to bleed into her blade, and she soon found that this man reflected her soul. And by that connection they shared, they would always have each other if this line of communication were open. So it was why Saiko had a sharp focus on her inner spiritual world, as if she took care of him, he would take care of her in return. Thus she had a reprieve in this world of strife and melancholy.

When this clicked, her powers seemed to accelerate further, and she was put directly into the first division. Loyal and unmoving to the powers that be, she was assigned to many different missions in the Soul Society and Earth and was determined to prove herself as someone worth investing in. She wanted to be there for her family, be that hero she dreamed of as a child, and protect herself and Tansouji by developing this power that seemed second nature.

But, what was most beneficial to her was the bonds that she made. At this point in her life, she had comrades, people who relied on her, and others who looked up to her strength, as she was an abnormality in the soul society. To gain as much strength and insight as she did at a fast rate made her someone people aspire to, and that was a responsibility in itself. So, throughout her missions and time in the Soul Society, she made sure to mentor people, train with them, give them advice, and always be someone brimming and filled with life despite the melancholy nature of her Zanpakutō spirit.

From her life to her death and rebirth, Saiko had seen so much ugliness in the world; but there was still that childish optimism in her heart that she could do some good, and she wanted to pursue that as much as she could. It is why she could smile, stand, stall, and know she was doing her best.

Yet, as with previous periods in Saiko's life, could such a feeling of peace truly last?


By this point in Saiko's life, she was at the peak of her prowess as a Shinigami. She achieved her shikai and bankai by this point due to her strong bond with Tansouji. This came about because of her abnormal acceleration of power, as there was a significant growth of power from her human life that had lingered in her soul alongside the needed combat experience to excel as a Shinigami. Furthermore, given Saiko's need to not want to fall into her despair, she was constantly meditating and training with her zanpukto spirit, and it helped to understand the depths of her power further. And with the repeated exposure to battles by being a frontline more solid for the Gotei, it was inevitable she'd reach such a great plateau of power.

And that power wouldn't go unnoticed.

Around this time, the most important assignment of Saiko's life was given. She would be on a team of division one's finest members to take down and weaken some of the power that the Asthavon Family possessed. They were tasked with venturing to New York State, infiltrating a known Asthavon meeting, and taking out as many members as possible. They assumed this family had most of the royal control over other demons. If they could disband them and throw them into an array, they could cut the snake's head and have the body die after the control they yielded crumbled from the inside.

Therefore, Saiko assembled many of her comrades, family, and friends to carry out this vast mission. By this time, many of them were deemed capable and strong agents of the Gotei after having many years to restore themselves to their peak fighting form. With all of this weight being thrown on the shoulders of Saiko, however, it was going to make or break her career in the Gotei. For the results of this mission, success or failure could possibly even thrust her into the ranks of becoming a Captain for one of the other vacant squadrons.

Hence, there was a high amount of anxiety and tension brewing within the soul of Saiko as she prepared to engage in the most dangerous mission of either her human or shinigami life. And, while Haniel gave her warnings not to engage in this task, she threw her warnings them carelessly aside because her latent desire for glory started to consume Saiko. As once again, she found her ego and wanted to exercise a bit more by taking out these creatures. If she could do that, then she could serve as a symbol of hope for the Gotei and usher them into a new age.

With a whole army backing her, Saiko dared to charge head-first into peril. After that, they could quickly kill the first wave of Asthavon's and their followers. The compound they were holding out in had been destroyed, many of their allies had scattered out, and it seemed as if victory would be had on this day. However, something wasn't right. They were dying a bit -- too easily. It was unnerving for Saiko, but she merely played along with it as she was still pumped and fueled by her growing ego. A mistake that the scattered consciousness of Haniel warned her not to repeat.

It was a mistake she'd rue for the remainder of her life.

In a storm of power, The Demon Queen arose from the shadows and promptly began dropping bodies as she identified her targets. One after one, the blood flowed around Saiko, and she could feel the walls of her new fond life crumbling. Even as she tried her damnedest to fight against the Demoness, her power was just too unreal to counter, and she promptly found herself beaten near death. It was a horrifying feeling to experience, and she could feel absolute terror fill her spine as she was losing what was precious to her once again -- and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

At this point, she felt all of it had been her fault. If she had just listened all the times, she found herself in these circumstances, perhaps none of them would even be here. So as she lay in the crimson remains of her family's essence, Saiko would be the lone survivor of The Demon Queen's savage rampage. Her father, mother, family, friends, and all of her squad mates were dead. Every last one of them was butchered, devoured, and crushed by this monster.

And once again -- she was left with nothing.

She had failed them, and her whole build-up had been for not. Why did she have to be so cocky? Why couldn't she attain the last power boost needed like the heroes in her stories? Why was reality -- so cruel? Because of this grim world, she was now at the utter mercy of the devil herself, and there was nothing left to do but accept her death. Despite all the dread in her heart, she knew she could do nothing against this entity and had given up entirely on finding a way out of this. Instead, she was prepared to go straight to hell with all those she led down the path of destruction.

Yet -- death would not come.

Instead, Mana offered her a deal. In exchange for ensuring that the souls of her family would be tended to in hell and made to have their dreams come true, she would finish the transformation of turning Saiko into a half-ling, and she would serve her as one of The Demon Queens' familiars to work under Shadow Fall. It was an act of mercy.

Since Mana herself stated that if she were strong enough to endure her influence for this long, it would be a shame to waste that potential as she could grow into quite the fearsome hybrid. It would be beneficial to have someone so closely rooted to the Gotei 13 divulge their secrets so that she may further her agenda and power.

So in exchange for betraying her comrades, she would give Saiko another chance at life and her family the salvation they so desired.

Shadow Fall Life

Following Saiko joining the likes of Shadow Fall, she was put through an immense strain by becoming a hybrid of both shinigami and demonic blood. It was an unstable period where her psyche, body, and soul were pushed to the breaking point. It was a wonder that she didn't die by training with the Demon Queen, executing Shadow Fall missions, and being thrust into the darkest pits of the demon world itself.

The only thing that fueled her at this point was the thought of wanting her family not to suffer the horrors of hell, so she knew she had to keep up her end of the bargain. And with the blood of her former comrades on her hand, there was no point in backing out at this point since she was enslaved by their blood and could be killed if she defied her. And it's this pain which caused her to retread deeper into the essence of Tansouji and reach further into her power.

Despite the negative circumstances, this is precisely what her Zanpakutō needed, this catalytic of pain, dread, and woe to tap into its nature, evolve it and become the strongest Saiko had ever been with the help of the demonic blood amplifying her abilities. It was a sick twist of fate that she'd find her potential through such a dark means.

This continued as the years progressed, Shadow Fall grew more control of the earth, and Saiko became an archduke. She was effectively one of the strongest commanders they had and was an enforcer of Shadow Fall's will. The woman was there during the takeover of London as an enforcer that ripped apart numerous humans, shinigami, and enemies alike that dared stand in the way of this demonic forces progress. And again, as time moved forward, she leaped forth into conflicts with the constant invasions that followed Earth in the years that followed. Everything from Madness City to Malaysia and Australia itself.

However, the most brutal operation to this date was Demonic Incursion. It is in this conflict that she was forced into the Soul Society to assist the Demon God's heart in reducing the Gotei to ash. She didn't want to do this, but she knew what would happen to herself and her family if she failed to do so. So she clashed against the first division and was forced to relieve the trauma of her initial betrayal. Making the woman violently ill, she explained the circumstances of her hand and hoped one was strong enough to just slaughter her at this point.

In spite of this dread, the woman was able to succeed in her mission. Fighting against numerous shinigami, vice captains, and Captains of the time, the woman eventually called for her reinforcements to seize the lands and finalize the takeover of this portion of the Soul Society for Shadow Fall's gain. After which, she would slither back into the murky depths of Demon World for a lengthy period of time in order to regain her psyche and keep herself from collapsing inward on her powers. Since, from this battle, she could feel her grip slipping, and she was going to need a long time to repair it in order to ever be right again.

In the following year, the next conflict that pushed her to the brink was the Iceland invasion Shadow Fall initiated. It was a battle that sucked in the likes of the Vanguard, Shadow Fall, Gotei, and other forces as The Demon Princess wanted to make her mark on the world. And it's in this battle that Saiko clashed against Azure's Son Ash, Hayden Desmond, and Tetsuya Crow. It was a long, growling clash for control as she fought all of them by herself, and it was one of her most challenging conflicts to date.

Amid this battle, she was more than prepared to die, yet the constant pleas from Ash not to harm her and his kindness to her rubbed off on the woman. The connection of their powers on the battlefield left her open in this unstable and unsteady state, and it lingered throughout this conflict until his mental prowess clicked and almost killed Saiko. Yet, throughout, all she could think of was his warmness, kindness, and the way he reached out to her to want to save the woman from this darkness she found herself in.

Eventually, despite her efforts, Saiko was defeated after a fight that brought all the combatants to their knees. However, a man named Dr.Hebi had stepped in and delivered her away from the battlefield for Saiko's sake. She did not desire to be spared, but he was determined to work on the woman, recover her and build her back up to the point of being a new woman, as it was within his care that she could train with her zanpukto spirit and understood that she needed to change to prevent the madness of the demonic blood within her from tearing her apart.

So, after coming out of her coma, the woman would destroy the lab she was imprisoned in, reject the chaotic calls of The Demon Queen and seek out Ash because she believed at the time that his light would be able to cease the melancholy in her heart and mind. And it's for this reason she sought him out herself, finding love on the battlefield and having a small piece of happiness for some time. As it's through this period, Saiko was still active in Shadow Fall operations but had a sense of edge to her as she had someone to protect, and she wanted to hold on to that happiness for as long as she could despite the enslavement and hell she was in.

And for the next few years, Saiko continued to live her life this way. After every mission and conflict, she'd come back to her forbidden love until, eventually, one day, he disappeared. And with his disappearance, a deep pain was left in her heart as she knew she would have to linger back to the depths of her melancholy alone, at least if it weren't for Tansouji's guiding her through this trying period. Since, through the fire and flames of this difficult time, the light was nearing.

The embers of World War Four started to rage forward, it seemed as if Shadow Fall had the edge, but the forces of the world seemed entirely united in ridding the demonic menace once and for all. It was a chaotic, dark, and destructive battle. Still, they gradually were forced out of the cities until only the most radical and diehard of their supporters remained, as even the Demon Queen herself began recalling her troops back to the demon world and to seal the barrier which connected their realms.

Not wanting to go back to that hell and forever be sealed in that prison, Saiko felt better to face her demons headfirst and going down with the ship. But, as she did her best to hold Paris, France, for Shadow Fall, eventually, Murasaki had dispatched to the area, and she knew when she sensed this threat that it would be a battle to the death.

Or so she thought.

Despite having every reason to be slaughtered where she stood and finally atone for the blood on her hands, the woman gave her a way out. Being aware of Saiko's circumstances and the withering force which was Shadow Fall, Murasaki managed to persuade the woman to join the Gotei once more and come back to the Soul Society. And not keen on dying for the people who enslaved her, it wasn't a hard sell for the woman to give up, leave this life behind and try to make a new life for herself in the Soul Society if Murasaki could pardon her war crimes.

And with that, she'd leave this chapter of her life to burn in a fire and move on to a new future once again.

Modern Arc Post WW4

The life that Murasaki had given Saiko was one that she could not have predicted with all the hell of her enslavement with Shadow Fall. There was an enormous weight on her that wanted her to do her best to redeem herself. She felt she had to atone for all the bloodshed on her hands, in spite of the fact they were circumstances that she was forced into.

So, the first few months were rather rough for Saiko. It was hard to get over her remorse, guilt, and shame for the actions she had done. But, by slowly opening herself up, facing the discomfort of her inner self, and trying to find people to connect with, Saiko felt bits and pieces of her happiness start to return. Training alongside her allies in the Gotei, befriending other shinigami, and pushing herself to find a new reason to live were what her soul needed the most.

Meeting people like Mizu, Hime, and Hono helped Saiko to learn how to bridge new relationships. Mentoring Mizu and helping her forge a stronger relationship with her inner world and Zanpakutō spirit was something she believes put Mizu on the path to finding her way in the Gotei and becoming a Vice Captain. It filled her heart with joy and excitement to see what her influence could make on the world. The same could be said of Hono and their relationship that blossomed by having another person she could train, shoot the shit with and grow in this new life. It was nice to have someone so kind, close, and able to cook bomb meals for her.

However, in the case of Hime, that relationship grew strained as the likes of Murasaki had her imprisoned despite the fact the two of them were damned souls trying to atone for the sins of their past. She knew how deep Hime was with her shady past, but she still believed there was potential in her to become something more if given a chance. It is why she has not given up on Hime and still visits her regularly to keep her spirits up and bide her time to free her eventually. Hime weighs heavily on Saiko's heart, but she can't allow herself to be consumed by that misery. Instead, she has to use that energy to keep pushing herself forward; perhaps, one day, she will have enough influence to get that woman out.

So, for now, Saiko has also used this new chance at life to mend old relationships, such as her encounters with Hisana and Yuuto. The deepest of which was that of Yuuto, as she had encountered Saiko before her eventual return to the Soul Society. The hardships that these two suffered as demonic hybrids brought them closer together. They trained with each other, got to know each other better, and eventually bonded to the point of him being willing to go out on a limb and convince her to allow him the chance to remove that demonic blood from her once and for all. It was a terrifying process, but he could see the darkest depths of her soul, remove the beast within Saiko, and bond closer to her.

For a while, she had lost most of her powers, but they are steadily returning to her, and she knows she will be stronger than ever with a pure body, mind, and soul at hand. Thus, for now, Saiko is feeling her powers return to her, training for the African conflict, and ready to fight in the frontlines with her allies as she mends her body back together with hope, vigor, and will to do better with this life she was blessed with.


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Shinigami Profile

I. Equipment/Resoruces


Wealth And Land: Being that she was previously one of Shadow Fall's top enforcers, there is a great deal of money, treasures, and other items that Saiko was given by Shadow Fall as part of her services to them. This allowed her to purchase a lot of various pieces of land across Europe. So she has different types of vacation homes, underground bases, and storage of equipment and weapons in these facilities. Saiko has stated that she doesn't need to work again if she doesn't wish to and often chooses to spoil her friends, allies, and those who need it.

Limiter: Like with most Captain-level shinigami, Saiko has a limiter placed on her. Typically, she tries to make sure 95% of her power is suppressed at any given time. However, she can adjust how much she releases of her own will as long as it does not threaten the soul society at large.

Realm Travel: As a hold-over from her days in Shadow Fall, Saiko does have her own means to travel between the Soul Society, Earth, and Hueco Mundo if push comes to shove. These are small, red spherical devices no larger than a cellphone that she can input coordinates and create her own pocket portals if there isn't any type of seal, barrier, or power that is preventing travel.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

High Battle IQ: Saiko never considered herself particularly smart academically, but when it comes to combat, her instinct is hard to match. After spending time researching the different styles of combat that exist, having real-world experience and time to perfect her judgments, Saiko's battle instincts are sharp. She is used to having to think on the fly and adapt to unpleasant situations as she has faced a variety of different fighters and combative situations. That means Saiko can create plans and strategies in the heat of a battle and overcome obstacles while fighting and still keep her focus on the objective at hand.

High Durability: Saiko didn't gain her durability overnight. It took many years of constant war in order to bring that durability to the level it is now. From constant training, war, and battle, the woman's body hardened, and understands how to take critical hits and still keep moving. These injuries have raged from having limbs torn off, holes in her body, bones broken, and being put near the edge of death by many powerful foes. Furthermore, with all the prior experimentation on her body, it can withstand many different poisons, and it takes a high volume or highly potent strain to really cease or bring her down. Therefore, together with her willpower, the woman is used to dealing with high amounts of pain and is near the apex of physical resistance to damage.

Speed: Saiko's speed is near the top of the game. She was trained to be an agent of war for many years, so she knew speed was of the utmost importance as it could determine many battles based on how swiftly you could react. So this means Saiko is able to perceive, think and react to attacks on a dime, and it takes effort or high skill to really catch her off guard. Furthermore, Saiko is capable of air travel speeds, which means she can easily break large gaps in distances without much strain, as she could travel a distance between New York and Chicago within two hours. So the woman's speed is insane, to say the least.

Verastile Martial Skill: Being that she was forced into war for decades, Saiko was trained in a variety of different styles of combat. That means she was trained in hand-to-hand combat but also how to utilize pure sword-based combat and how to use various types of guns, cannons, and other heavy artillery. However, given Saiko's aptitude, she feels swordplay and hand-to-hand are a lot easier given her tendency for brute force. With that being said, Saiko does have a flexible range of combat and is well-developed from years of practice and real-world experience. So whether she is armed or not, Saiko is a dangerous force.

I. Racial Skills

Zanjutsu: The bond between Saiko and Tansouji runs deep. Through all the years she has had her zanpukto, she considers it a friend that never leaves her side. Even on her darkest days, Tansouji was there to console her, guide her and push her through the abyss to keep seeing her strength, potential, and a better tomorrow.

So because of this deepened relationship, she can summon Tansouji to fight alongside her in battle, and many can often feel dual energy signatures radiating from her body. Saiko is more than capable of summoning his pool of energy to help her last longer in combat.

Hohō: Saiko is considered to be an elite user of Hoho. As such, not only is she fast as one would expect, but she has developed a few techniques under her belt that can be of use in combat.

  • Blitz Strike: Arguably, this is one of the most basic Hoho techniques Saiko has. Typically, Saiko can use the kinetic force on any limb in order to augment the strength of her physical attacks if she activates her Hoho.

    After-Image Bomb: This is somewhat of an off-shoot of Utsusemi. Essentially, Saiko is able to use Utsusemi in order to leave an afterimage. However, the trick here is that she is able to direct the kinetic energy that she gathered in order to make an explosion of energy that can surprise the opponent.

    Kinetic Shield: This is only active as long as she is in shunpo, and it takes parts of her mental focus to utilize, but essentially she can use the kinetic energy that her body is generating through movement in order to shield herself from attacks. Often times one knows it's activated around her because a burst of white energy will erupt around Saiko's body.

    Kinetic Shockwave: Kinetic Shockwave is a technique she uses if she is trying to do damage in a full 360-degree range. Effectively, she generates a large amount of kinetic energy by rapidly using her hono. Then, by stomping the ground or punching the air, she'll release a shockwave of this kinetic force in order to generate a large shockwave around her which can repel attacks and destroy the ground around her.

Hakuda: Saiko has a great grasp of Hakuda. Every strike she makes utilizes her speed and is designed to knock an opponent's breath out, neutralize them, and swiftly end any resistance if possible. Working for Shadow Fall forced her into many situations where she needed to use this strength to knock out or kill her targets.

Kido: There is a sense of familiarity that comes with using kido for Saiko. For a great time, it was infused with demonic magic when she was a hybrid, so without its influence, she has noticed it has weakened in potency without that demonic influence, but her kido still is formidable. She typically uses it to either constrain or seal opponents as she can generally neutralize her opponents without using kido and uses it as a means to subdue them after force is applied.

I. Zanpakutō Infomation

» Zanpakutō Name: 嘆総児 [Tansouji, "Child of Grief in Entirety"]

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance Written: Tansouji appears to take on an appearance akin to a male version of Saiko. The primary difference between them is that he seems a lot more toned than Saiko in nature and is much taller than Saiko. So, with that said, Tansouji stands at around six feet even compared to her five foot four stature. Additionally, he has much shorter hair than her and typically has some type of baggy clothing. Otherwise, one might mistake them for twins.

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance Image

Saiko Mori: The Mistress Of Glum (WIP) Dz6ZDyK

Tansouji's Personality

You'd imagine the spirit of Melancholy would be a depressed bastard, but that's far from the case. Tansouji has a more lively personality than Saiko in some aspects. For starters, he often is a lot louder in how he carries his voice. Usually, you can hear him cracking off jokes, making observations of characters, and never being afraid of confrontation or upsetting someone's feelings. Since he often protected Saiko in the past, it makes sense why he'd have a more aggressive personality than her.

At the same time, however, he respects the people Saiko trusts and holds close to her heart. So, while he may give them grief and some jokes, he still has the same amount of care and respect as Saiko would since he still considers himself an extension of Saiko's soul. At the end of the day, he still is trying to make his wielder happy, as she would do much the same for him.

Furthermore, he has a strong sense of conviction and will when it comes to dealing with unpleasant tasks, obstacles, and challenges. He isn't afraid to get hurt, to make himself stronger for a task, and to see things through to the end.

As if he is supposed to fight with Saiko, then he needs to be able to uphold his end of the deal and kick ass. And you can't exactly kick ass with a limp-dick level of will. This is why he makes sure to call out Saiko's own hesitations and mistakes and motivate the girl to recognize her strength if she ever lets her more feminine feelings or thoughts get in the way of things.

Since, as far as he is concerned, he doesn't have much hope in things outside of his master. So, for Tansouji, that gives him a sense of freedom. If the world is a place filled with glum, disappointment, and all that other angsty shit, why waste time worrying about it? It's like a matter of logic and fact: are you going to be angry all the time at reality? Are you going to let it ruin the essence of who you are and spend every waking moment in pain? No. You are going to live your life the best way you can, and that's what Tansouji tries to do for himself and Saiko regardless of whatever happens to the two of them.

» Inner World: When corrupted by demonic blood, this inner world lived up to its name as a depressive place filled with an endless, plum night sky. Yet, after turning into a pure shinigami, Saiko's inner world is filled with a large meadow. There is still a great sense of grief, melancholy, and woe felt here, but that is because Saiko now sees this place as a containment for the pain that exists in this world. Her heart feels more clear to take on the burdens of others, to help the world, and find her place.

Hence, Tansouji accepts this world and relaxes with a sense of familiarity in his element. He often spends most of his days chilling in the sun, meditating and waiting to spend time with his wielder or training himself to deal with whatever threat will come next. Even in this period of peace in her soul, he knows this world will inevitably change when more pain is brought into her life, but for now, he seems content to enjoy the moment. There is no sense in dealing with despair that hasn't come yet, even if it is inevitable in his mind as long as you exist in this reality. So, for now, he wants to keep the sunshine in their heart.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: There are two states that her sealed Zanpakuto can take. The first state is considered a dormant state; as in this form, her sealed Zanpakutō resembles a sword (As seen in her appearance picture). Then, there is a second activated form it can take when there is an active threat she wants to dispatch. When this happens, she drenches it in her spiritual essence, and it becomes engulfed in her infamous blue flames. While in this state, she can more freely control its shape and length and extend flames from it.

Sealed Zanpakutō Power

Zanpakutō Shifting: As mentioned in the appearance of Saiko's Sealed Zanpakutō, Saiko is able to control the shape of her Zanpakutō to a weapon of her choice when it's in a fully offensive state. Typically, when it's engulfed in fire, she mends it into a sword shape as it's the most familiar. However, she is capable of shifting it to chains, a cannon, brace knuckles, or a gun if she wishes. It's also possible for her to wield dual blades as well from the flames of her Zanpakutō.

Inferno Of Melancholy: The flames of Saiko's right eye and Zanpakutō are a reflection of both her and Tansouji's will and spiritual energy. Being that Tansouji has a strong sense of will, he shares that with Saiko when the flames are active, and he views it as a way to enforce his ambitions in the material world. So, typically when they use these flames, it's used as a means to throw their excess power around in the form of waves of fire and energy-based attacks.

It's typically also used as a vehicle to infuse the effects of her melancholic powers and increase the potency of her attacks. So it is possible for characters to begin to feel the effects of melancholy start to wear down on them if they get hit with too many of these flames, which makes it harder as this attack targets their focus if they take moderate damage from these flames. However, these influences can be fought against with strong willpower or by treating the burns the flames leave you. So, none of these effects are ever permanent and go beyond the thread (unless the character/owner wants them to be for narrative/story purposes.)

Absolving Grief: When Saiko amplifies her Reiatsu, she is capable of absolving mental blocks from others around her if they are on the same level of willpower or below her. It works by feasting on the negative aspects of their mind and soul and Tansouji consuming it within Saiko's inner world. This will typically allow for their willpower or focus to be augmented. However, it is only a temporary effect for as long as they are within five hundred meters of her presence or they are coated in her energy. (I.E. If Saiko created a shield around them) Additionally, characters can reject this influence if they have an ability that allows for it, or they resist it with their own reaitsu. And the augmentation effects last for only two posts before resetting back to baseline.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Shikai Release Phrase: Grieve, Tansouji

» Shikai Release Action: N/A

» Shikai Appearance: There isn't a major difference to Saiko when she releases her shikai. The primary difference is that her right eye will have an eruption of aqua fire extending from it. Along with that, the energy around Saiko may grow brighter, and the flames will feel more intense around her body, with a deeper sense of melancholy and woe pulsating from her aura. In fact, this powerful influence may even change the weather to darken and rain in some instances of her release.

Shikai Power: Saiko's shikai works around the notion that depression is draining to a person's spirit and body and works around that concept. Her shikai is designed to wither away and restrain a person, much like grief and depression do to a person's physical body as it gradually aches, decays, and loses itself in pain and lack of energy.

Shikai Abilities:

Grief's Hand: The inverse of Absolving Grief, Grief's Hand is when Saiko amplifies her reaitsu and tries to lower the focus or will of an opponent by using her willpower and reaitsu to crush them under the weight of their minds own grief. It attempts to sedate them into a state of depression, doubt, or trauma by bringing the conflict of their soul to the forefront. It can be fought against if they have an equal or higher willpower than Saiko's own, but shields and barriers also work against it so long as you can figure out a way to avoid making contact with her reaitsu.

Scathing Grief: Sccathing Grief targets living beings only. This is an attack that is meant to induce more physical attributes of depression in a person as a means of offense or restraint. It's not uncommon for depression to produce aches or pains in the body, so Saiko amps up this facet up to eleven by making physical contact with a person and attacking them.

If the opponent is hit with Scathed Apathy, it won't cause damage to their body as it's designed to strike the soul of the character and induce a blinding amount of pain to the opponent in order to either stun them or make it hard to focus on the fight at hand. Their body may face heavy aches and random shooting pains and feel as if every movement is tiring to make. Its effects aren't permanent and will typically only last two posts with a one-post cooldown.

Griefs Venom: One of the effects that Saiko's shikai can have on a person's body or attacks is drainage. (So this ability can drain living and non-living things) Typically, she will have to make direct contact with an opponent or attack in the form of a punch, strike of her weapon, or an energy attack. If she is able to land an attack while Griefs Venom is active, then she can induce a physical effect of depression in a person and attempt to drain their energy. Depending on the amount of damage done to the opponent, this drainage can be negated or cause a heavy effect on the body.

For instance, if a person is able to shield themselves from her attack in any form, then Griefs Venom will have no effect. Whereas if they take moderate damage from it, they can begin to feel their energy reserves being harder to tap into and like their body is being depleted of power. This is because each attack from grief's venom acts like poison and seeks to sink their soul into a state of depression until they are too consumed by apathetic decay to put up a fight. This also means anyone can remove it from their body like any other poison if they have the skill to do so, but they will still deal with a thick sense of exhaustion afterward that may put extra strain on using their abilities.

(None of these effects last beyond the thread unless the person playing the character desires to do so for plot/story purposes.)

Shikai Limits

Will Resistance: Those with strong willpower can either mitigate or resist some of the effects, which can lower the potency of her overall zanpukto abilities against certain opponents. This does not apply to any of the physical effects that her attacks can have, however.

Barriers/Seals: Since most of Saiko's attacks need some physical contact, characters who are able to create seals or barriers may fair better against her released powers.

Extraction: If a character is able to extract the energies out of their body, then they can reduce or stop some of the lingering effects of Saiko's attacks.

Ability Usage: Saiko can only summon two abilities from both her released and sealed powers at a time during a fight. The reason for this is because it can become quite extensive and exhausting to fully utilize multiple facets of these powers at once. This is due to the fact that her shikai is one that is rather highly powerful and has many advanced applications to it. Therefore, she often prefers to either focus solely on one complex ability or summon basic usage of the numerous abilities associated with her shikai.

I. Bankai

Bankai Name: Emon Tansou Haien (歪懣嘆総廃媛; Abandoned Princess, Agonizingly Distorted by All-Consuming Grief) is the name of Saiko's Bankai. Her Bankai is considered the second evolution of her depressive cycle and plays on the fact that depression often descends into anxiety and anger. So, most of her bankai abilities are based around this general theme.

Bankai Release Phrase: "Scream, Emon Tansou Haien"

» Bankai Release Action: Saiko will typically close her eyes, take a deep breath and punch her fist into the ground. Since this transformation brings on a lot of adrenaline, she often does this to brace for the rush that soars in her body after transforming.

Bankai Appearance: When Saiko transforms into her bankai, her hair and clothes change from black to bright white. Following that, the blue flame in her eye becomes a hot pink, and the aura of energy around her radiates as a strong shade of white and pink. While attached to her back is two wings of silver, black, pink, and crimson shades. They are composed of four smaller wings each, and they appear to turn downward and symbolize an angel's halo upon closer inspection. Lastly, when she summons her Zanpakutô in this state, it takes the form of a large curved scythe. Once this final weapon is materialized, the body of Saiko will then begin to prejudicially flicker with static, and it will signify the completion of her transformation.

Bankai Side Effects

Loss Of Abilities: While in Bankai, Saiko losses the ability to freely transform her Zanpakutō in addition to using Grief's Hand and Absolving grief. Saiko is free to use all other abilities associated with her Zanpakutō, however.

Psychological Effects: Saiko's bankai is one that generates a great deal of power, but it also is a very intense state to be in. Saiko can become more aggressive, restless, and focused on eliminating any threat that she perceives. Because of this, it takes a great deal of focus to keep under control, and she doesn't like transforming into this state if she doesn't have to due to the fierce nature of her bankai.

Bankai Powers

Saiko's bankai abilities are based on the stress that anxiety induces on the body. Therefore, much like her shikai, all of its abilities are based on direct physical contact. So she focuses on overloading an object or person when attacks made from her bankai are able to make a direct hit.

Bankai Abilities

Peak Strength: Even without her bankai abilities, Saiko's abilities are at's peak during her bankai release. And with her heightened state of adrenaline from this form, her senses are as sharp as ever, and she often can pay attention to even the slightest change in the air from her fight or flight response.

Pain Reduction: In this state, Saiko's body is running on pure adrenaline. So it's harder for her to feel pain and be stopped by it. Together with her already strong will, it takes a heavy amount of damage to make the woman stop.

Smothered Frenzy: By spreading a purple mist across the area, she is able to induce a sense of breathlessness in an opponent. This is because the particles of energy target the respiratory system and induce shallow breathing and a heightened sense of panic. The primary way to dispel this is to either dodge, or extract the particles from a person's body, dispel the energy from the area, or have some barrier or mask to negate or lower the effects of the attack. Otherwise, it will continue until the opponent is knocked out.

Panic Gaze: Panic Gaze is a more straightforward attack that is based around the will system. Effectively, if you are in the eye-sight of Saiko and she is able to have a streak of her energy hit your eyes, she is capable of inducing a great sense of panic and fear, which can produce visions of a person's potential demise or visions of a bad future (death of loved ones, destruction of home, entrapment etc). This can then induce rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and disorientation, though it will never cause death. It's meant to paralyze the opponent and induce mental and some physical fatigue from the energy spent in this state of dread.

This ability is only active as long as you are in the eye-sight of Saiko and she spreads her energy to your location. Furthermore, this effect is temporary and will only last for two posts. Though, those with a master level of focus will be able to see right through these visions and break this trace easily. Additionally, by closing your eyes, you can also avoid being influenced by this attack as well. There is also a two post cooldown for this ability.

Overload: This is the main offensive ability of Saiko's bankai. Excess anxiety leads to stress which overloads the body, and Saiko's zanpukto turns this concept of overload into a physical effect. With this ability, Saiko's bankai is able to induce a state of overload on objects and living beings around her.

She must influence a medium of her choosing first (fist, energy attack, weapon, etc). Then, she must make DIRECT contact with the object or person. Once this takes place, she is capable of overloading it and trying to destabilize it. However, she must vocally state the effect she is trying to induce with the attack to give it the strength it needs to manifest in reality. And afterward, the person may also feel a heightened sense of adrenaline, stress, and anxiety.

An example of how this ability is used is that Saiko may try to hit a character with her scythe while Overload is activated and seek to overstress a bone in the person's limb to break. And, in this illustration, after hitting the opponent, she must vocally state "Overload: Bone Strain," and it may attempt to either strain that person's arm, break it or have no effect at all depending on how the character's powers or durability reacts to it.


  • One Application: To prevent this ability from being too powerful, Saiko can only have one effect at a time. So, Overload cannot just over-stress a person's energy reserves, break their bone and remove their energy at once. She has to pick something within her power and attempt to execute that into reality with her attacks.

  • Living-Beings: When it comes to living beings, this does not mean Saiko can just automatically make your character self-destruct and be thrown out of the fight. The stronger a character's durability, the more odds they are they can walk off the effects of Overload. Grand Masters of durability may not even notice much effect unless she is able to land multiple powerful strikes on them, whereas those with untrained durability will suffer the most behind overload and most likely be critically injured on impact.

    Additionally, as with most of Saiko's attacks, this requires the character to be DIRECTLY hit. It cannot be a side attack, it has to impact a body part. Therefore, this means characters that can produce barriers, shields, or attacks that shield them have improved odds against the attack. However, those barriers or shields may overload in place of the character, depending on the potency behind it. (I.E. if a Master kido user put up a strong shield, there is no way Saiko can one-shot it. Whereas if you have an untrained kido, then odds are she can destroy it.)

  • Objects/Attacks: The more potent the object, the more chance it has of not overloading. If an Arrancar with master Cero clashed against an attack of Saiko's that was influenced by Overload, odds are, it wouldn't work and might be negated since her Zanjutsu is at a master level. Whereas someone with untrained cero may have their attack negated. So this type of interaction varies on the skill that is reinforcing the object/attack and will be varied in usage in actual combat.

  • Cooldown: After this ability is used, it cannot be used for another two posts.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Sheet
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kido: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Master


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