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For All It's Worth [Liltotto/Ehefra] Empty For All It's Worth [Liltotto/Ehefra]

Fri Jun 09, 2023 10:21 pm
For All It's Worth [Liltotto/Ehefra] 99fVDKo

Liltotto Lamperd

Normally in her life, Liltotto only felt weakness of the mental variety. Depression was normal, that sinking feeling was just a familiar touch she had the means to ride out or minimize.

That wasn't the case right now.

A mere few hours after being returned to and treated at the City, Liltotto did nothing but lie awake or be fed as those around her tried to treat her wounds, conventional methods such as pain killers or stitches being a total loss on something like her. She herself never imagined what it was like to be injured terribly enough for others to feel like they should be doing something. Honestly, she wished she wasn't here, taking up a bed that could've gone to those in far worse states, her body covered in bandages and gauze as they were the only things that seemed to do anything for her injuries.

She could tell trying to treat her only brought stress and visible helplessness as any tries or even successful tests just threw up a new wall, but ultimately things would calm down and she would be left to be stable in the quiet of night, staring at the ceiling as her eyes drew to a miserable one or two who were either sleeping or trying to in the same room as her, a dim light to go with the agonizing silence that let all manner of shitty thoughts through.


She couldn't stand this. She was tired of her brain telling her how much she sucked, not even the TV being enough to drown out her miserable mind. Grumbling curses under her breath, her eyes drew to her belongings, in particular the bracelet Ehefra had given her. There wasn't any way she wasn't awake at this hour.

Bracelet on and supported by a crutch, she'd have gotten herself into a change of clothes and made her way down to the hospital's foyer, either brushing off or telling any remaining in the halls where she was going and that she had full intent to come back. A bitter feeling stabbed her hungry stomach - they didn't need to worry about something like her so terribly. There was more important things to attend to than making sure her health was fine - she just shouldn't have been injured in the first place. She WISHED she wasn't just interested in the first place, the doting made those pangs of guilt nauseating to experience.

"M-miss Lamperd!" A meek voice peeped from the reception, a girl she most certainly met before, "You should go back to your-"

"I'm just getting some air," She didn't even turn around.

"But your injuries-"

"Don't you have more important things to be worried about?" Despite how low her voice was, it was shockingly cold and anger-filled, a sudden expression of her spiritual pressure both frightening drowsy waiting patients and gently rattled anything that wasn't nailed down in the immediate vicinity. Realizing what occurred immediately, she'd grunt and rush out the door, steadily making her way through the city and to Ehefra's lab, at which she would give a firm knock on the door,

"It's me. Got that combat data?" She'd call through the door. It felt like cold shadows were sitting on her back, her head low.


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Sat Aug 05, 2023 8:32 am
For All It's Worth [Liltotto/Ehefra] HEADER_CXaN6XIUEAA7QPb

"Oh Hi Ehefra, how are you doing today? I'm doing great Liltotto, thank you for asking." A little bit of a dry response as she noticed Liltotto's aggressive arrival. She spun around in her chair a few times before ultimately stopping to look at the Sternritter.

Of course she knew exactly why Liltotto was here, and she even took a moment to let her gaze travel over the woman's frame, but not for the usual reasons. She was still half-patched up.

"Shouldn't you be in a hospital bed being patched up? I can certainly do the job, but I think you'll find my tables are a lot less comfortable." She stated calmly enough, folding her legs as she pointedly neglected to answer the question that Liltotto had asked. What did she think she was, an idiot? Of course she'd gotten the combat data. But for the time being, she was content admonishing the woman for rushing her way over here.
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