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Rokujo Onryo
Rokujo Onryo
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I. Basic Information

» Name: Rokujo Onryo
» Alias: Mahoki Yami (secret)
» Age: 100
» Gender: Female

» Association:
Gotei United

» Appearance Written:
Small in stature, diminutive in status, negligent in power. At the height of five foot four inches (5'4, 152cm) she is nearly always having to look up at those around her. Her hair is ebony in color, extending down past her mid back but is often tucked into a ponytail that makes it appear much shorter. Her skin is pale with a fair complexion. Her eyebrows matching her hairs hue, thin and arched over her light green eyes.

She wears a dark grey Hakama with a black sash around her waist. Underneath she wears a white undershirt. She completes her basic outfit with white socks and basic worn sandals. All in all she looks like any other peasant you'd find scrapping by in the furthest reaches of the Rukongai.

» Appearance Image:
Rokujo Onryo 8cb2f-16720475294281-1920

I. Personality

» Personality:

A valorous hero
For all my beloved comrades
I strike down my foes

In many ways Rokujo is the ideal of what a Shinigami should be. Caring, kind, altruistic. She seems to genuinely care for not only her comrades but indeed all those who inhabit the Soul Society. She donates her pay to orphanages in the Rukongai, provides food for any who ask when she travels, and seems to have a warmth about her the draws in the citizens of the various districts. As an orphan from the furthest outskirts of the Rukongai she is hailed by many as a hero of the common folk. Proof that with determination anyone can join the Shinigami and improve their standing in the world.

The world is so cruel
When the strong act selfishly
The weak shall suffer

The reality is she despises the Shinigami. The front she puts forth is that of her long deceased friend who died to bandits in the lawless land beyond the Rukongai. A kind and gentle girl who despite her surroundings truly tried to see the good in everyone, even the wicked. "Everyone can be good, big sister!" She'd say as she'd tend the wounds of bandits and thieves. She was far to kind for a world so cruel, and her death changed Rokujo.

A hero dies once
A coward dies many small deaths
This was just another one

Makoki Yami was a cry baby. A selfish coward, whiner and complainer who drifted along with the other orphans of the outskirts of the Rukongai. Just another annoying brat sleeping in the dirt and struggling to survive a lawless land, cursing their birth and wallowing in misery. That is likely all she would have ever been had it not been for Rokujo Onryo. An angel in human for the younger girl possessed more courage then most of the adult she had known, and had a kindness that extended even to those who did her harm. She made her want to be better then she was, stronger. But when Rokujo Onryo needed her the most....Makoki Yami was a coward.

A world without hate
Where we can laugh together
That is my desire

And so on that day Rokujo Onryo did not die, because heroes only die once. Makoki Yami cast aside the weakness that had robbed the world of such an angelic presence, and through her the spirit of Rokujo Onryo would live on. And so she joined the Shin'o Academy and embraced her fellow students as comrades who she would truly and deeply love with all her heart. After all, Rokujo Onryo was an inspiration. A hero who loved her comrades and sought to bring out the goodness in everyone.

To avenge the weak
To end all the suffering
A demon steps forth

However Makoki Yami is not one to so easily forgive the wickedness of others. She watches the world through the rose tinted glasses of another, a coward is a coward after all, and quietly bides her time as she witnesses the selfishness and cruelty of those around her. Someday she will have the power to create a world worthy of Rokujo Onryo.

I. History

» History:

The gates of hell sealed
A Sinner enacts their plan
Freedom at all cost

There was once a Sinner who feared death. Oh she had died hundreds, perhaps thousands of times, but Hell does not release its prisoners so easily. Like all Sinners she grew powerful, unreasonably so. Though years would pass between her death and revival each time she'd gain more and more power. This was the eternal cycle. But eventually, no matter how powerful you became, all Sinners would eventually suffer a final death. When their time was up and the final fatal blow hits they shall all crumble to dust, scattered into an endless desert. There is no escape. You fight, die, and grow more powerful then anyone could ever dream...only to fall to dust and be forever forgotten.

The child of a whore
Born in a hell made by man
An experiment

Mahoki Yami was born in a makeshift camp at the furthest reaches of the Rukongai. Her mother left her behind, her father unknown. It was a common story in this forsaken land where bandits ruled and monsters roamed. She wasn't particularly raised by anyone. Passed off from person to person, she never seemed to remain with anyone for more then a day or two. That was just her life till she was able to walk for herself. Luckily she was small, fragile. When bandits or monsters would rip through the area she was easily able to hide, always overlooked as she cowered to the side.

As time went on she met others like herself. They'd travel together, helping each other survive in an inhospitable land. Sometimes they'd manage to make a fire and tell stories in hushed tones, always keeping a ear out for the sounds of bandits or monsters nearby. Her favorite were the stories of the Shinigami, noble warriors who lived in their golden palace at the center of the world. They had the power to slay monsters and could protect the weak. Some doubted that they even existed. But as a young child the idea that any day the Shinigami could arrive and save her world gave her hope to continue on.

Nightmares unending
An endless desert of sand
Unknown memories

Around the age of eight Mohoki began to suffer from vivid nightmares anytime she tried to sleep. She could never quite remember them, the visions at the edge of her mind like old memories one can't quite recall. Waking up in a fright she would scream and cry, earning her the scorn of the group as any loud sounds put them all in danger. She would eventually be forced to leave, wandering aimlessly for what seemed like days till she arrived in the Zaraki district. There she was taken in by another group of Orphans who taught her how to survive. The Zaraki district was far from ideal but it was much safer then the furthest outskirts from which she came.

A faithful meeting
The light that showed me the world
I can not forget

At the age of thirteen she met the person who would change her life forever. Her name was Rokujo Onryo and she was ten years old. Even at this young age she was unlike anyone she'd ever met before. The other orphans in the gang were like her. Dishonest, cowardly, always whining and complaining about the world around them. They held no qualms about taking what they wanted, sometimes by force, and would often fight over the smallest scraps of food. Rokujo was different. She never told a lie. Not only would she not fight back when someone stole her food, she'd willingly offer it to the others before she'd taken a single bite.

Mohoki found herself enthralled by Rokujo. She found herself tagging along on the younger girl's adventures, though she'd never admit she was purposely following her at that time. Eventually the two came upon a field where local bandits had fought one of their usual territorial disputes. Without hesitation Rokujo took out her makeshift first aid kit and started to help the nearest bandit. "What are you doing you idiot!" She'd yell at her. "That's a bandit! If you aren't careful he'll slit your throat or worse!" She had tried to pull her away only to be met with unexpected resistance from the younger girl. "Everyone can be good, big sister! It doesn't matter who they are. If I see someone in need I have to help them."

Mohoki stood, stunned by the younger girls words. Bandits like this had killed so many of their friends. But Rokujo didn't care. All she knew was that someone needed help and she could provide it. It was so typical of her that despite the rage eating away at her Mohoki knelt beside her friend and helped her tend the wounded. Somehow Rokujo made her feel like that statement could be true despite everything she'd experienced in her short life. It was a euphoric feeling, this hope for the future.

A world without hate
Where we can laugh together
That is my desire

At the age of Twenty one Mohoki was a citizen of a small village that had started to form in the Zaraki district. Former bandits, orphans, and other denizens of the district had come together over the past couple of years and together they had managed to till the fields and grow their very first crops. For many of them it was their first honest work, and even though it was hard they were happy and content in this simple life.

At first Mohoki had been against the idea of trying to set up somewhere permanently. Anyone who had ever tried found themselves raided by bandits and burned to the ground come the first harvest. But when she expressed her concerns to Rokujo she just said "I want to make a place where we can all laugh together, big sis. A place where it doesn't matter if you're a bandit, an orphan, a noble, or even a Shinigami. Everyone deserves a place they can call home." It was just like her to say something so naively optimistic. She didn't have a choice but to try to make that dream come true.

It was around this time that Mohoki started to hear things from time to time. Vague whispers when she was all alone. She had always suffered from nightmares but recently they had become slightly more vivid then usual. She could almost make out words being said, though they came off as inhuman to the ear. She put it off to the back of her mind though. Rokujo needed her to meet the new citizens who had arrived to help with the harvest and so she headed to the fields as she did everyday, the sky crystal blue and the wind light and breezy.

Despite trying to not judge her fellow citizens on their past, she couldn't help but feel apprehensive about the amount of former bandits that had moved in recently. "They are our precious comrades." Rokujo would say, and because she believed in them Mohoki decided she would to.

As she reached the fields she heard a scream. Her heart raced, sprinting as fast as she could to the source of the scream. A figure in a black kimono wielding a katana sprang into the air at the large masked creature that was stomping its way through the cabbages. Suddenly the world seemed to slow down as she saw Rokujo running towards the storage house. The figure was thrown back by the monster, their body flipping and tumbling through the air and into Rokujo as she tried to run away. She felt her heart stop. Her ears began to pound, and heart sinking as she stared at the scene wide eyed. The Figure stood up, dust from the broken field scattered in the air. He spoke but she couldn't hear what he said. All she saw was the fire consume the monster in a burst of smoke.

The next thing she could remember she was on her knees. The monster was burning, smoke pouring in the air. She was scared. She couldn't move. Couldn't think. As she knelt there watching the monster fade away. The robed man walk away the dust settled. Even though she couldn't make it out she could smell the scent of burnt flesh already. "R...." She began, her voice stuck in her throat as she felt tears form around her eyes.

On this day Mohoki Yuki died so that Rokujo Onryo could live.

Those of noble birth
The Shinigami of lore
God forgives I don't

In the years that followed Rokujo Onryo was forced to grow up. The idea of creating a village in the Rukongai for people to make a new start in wasn't bad, but it was naive. There was a sickness in the world, and until it was cured there would never be a place where her beloved comrades could smile and laugh together. So she packed what she could from the village and wandered inward, towards the inner most parts of the Rukongai. She was unsure where she was going or what she'd do when she got there, but something told her that eventually she'd figure it out.

Along the way she helped out those she could along the way. Passing through small settlements or encountering fellow travelers. It didn't matter who. She'd offer them what she had if she thought it'd help them make it to the end of their journey. It delayed her more then once, but eventually her kindness would pay off. One day she met an old beggar on the side of the road. She left him there, heading to the nearby inn where she'd purchase a loaf of bread. Once she presented it to him he offered her something in return, a first in all her wanders through the Rukongai. It wasn't much, just a rusted old katana he'd found in a muddy field years before, but she promised to treasure it nonetheless.

Her nightmares had started to change as well. Rather then the feeling of vague memory she felt as if a she were somewhere....alien. A black void. The feeling of floating in a cold lake. It wasn't necessarily a bad feeling, almost relaxing even. it was a nice change of pace from the normal at least. But she had the feeling of something else being in the void with her, just out of sight. She was still hearing the vague whispering when she was alone, and so she would take to humming softly to break the silence.

Eventually she made her way to the Shin'o Academy. Rokujo Onryo idolized the Shinigami. She loved the tale of the legendary beast of the Zaraki district, said to have become the strongest Shinigami ever. This would be her calling. Until the Shinigami could protect this world it wouldn't matter what else she did. She needed to join their ranks, rack up achievements and show her strength. Someday she would become their Commander. Someday she would have the power to create a place where everyone could be happy no matter what. That was Rokujo Onryo's dream after all.

And so she began her training. Though she was offered a Zanpakuto she declined it as politely as she could. After all she already had her own, given to her by a dear friend. Though she tried her best no matter how hard she practiced she could never perform a kido, not even partially. But where she failed with kido she excelled in Zanjutsu, becoming one of the top students in her class. She also had a knack for knowing what others moves others would make during a fight. Years running from bandits had taught her to always keep aware of your surrounding, and how to split her focus to keep aware of what was going on around her.

Though she didn't particularly stand out she managed to graduate from the Academy. The first step to her goal had been completed. That night she celebrated with her classmates, her dear comrades who she would join the Gotei with. She raised a cup for their shared achievement and to the comrades she would soon make.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

No Spiritual Power: While she was best with swordplay in the academy she has no discernible abilities. In fact it would that she has absolutely no Spiritual power what so ever. It is uncertain whether or not she would even have been capable of forming a Zanpakuto spirit from an Adauchi. This also means that she can not fully comprehend the scale of Spiritual powers of others, instead getting very generalized feelings such as intent.

Keen Observation: Having grown up in a dangerous area she learned to keep an eye out more then the typical fresh graduate of the Shin'o Academy. She applies this ability in two ways. She observes the way people behave. The way the breath, the way they move, the way they smell. Combining this with the general feelings of intent she gets from someone she can make very basic predictions of what actions one might take. At the moment this is limited very general to threat or not, but in time it could become more complex. Additionally she observers the way people use their unique skills to fight. She enjoys thinking of ways to apply them to her own, though she finds at current she often simply doesn't have the skills to fully mimic others Zanjutsu styles. In time, as her skills grow, she may become better at practically apply observed skills.

Creative Mind: She often spends time practicing the stances and skills in Zanjutsu she observes others using. Though at the moment she often finds herself unable to fully mimic them she enjoys the challenge of finding a way to take what she can and applying it to what she can do. In this way she aims to someday create her own unique fighting style.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:
Having no Spiritual power of her own she is entirely reliant on her Inner Sinner to emulate the racial abilities normally associated with a Shinigami.

» Zanpakutō Name: Unknown

» Zanpakutō Spirit:
The spirit that inhabited this Zanpakuto is long dead.

» Inner World:
An endless dark void with no discernable beginning or end. A vast, cold nothingness.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
Rokujo Onryo Black_clover_demon_slasher_katana_by_ryuryugami_dflsjr3-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9NTA5IiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvNmM2YzgxN2QtYjA5MC00ZGYzLWE0N2UtYzViNzQzNmUyMGFkXC9kZmxzanIzLTQzMzY5MjNjLTQyN2MtNDRiMi05M2QzLTVlZGJjMmQ5OWIxNC5wbmciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9MTI3In1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0

An ancient and rusted blade. Dull and chipped. The owner of this Zanpakuto died centuries ago and along with them the Spirit that once resided within. All that remains is this rusted husk. Any elegance it may of once held is long gone.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power:
By touching a Zanpakuto she drains away a small fragment of the power within. This allows her to utilize the basic effect of the power of said Zanpakuto. Though she can not copy any abilities she can over time potentially figure out ways to combine and utilize these basic effects for her own purposes.

If she were to touch Momo Hinamori's Zanpakuto she would gain the fire effect of Tobiume but would not have access to any of the techniques unique to that Zanpakuto. The effect gain and the extent to which it can be applied to any techniques applied for would be subject to moderator approval through the upgrade application process.)

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: N/A

» Shikai Release Action: N/A

» Shikai Appearance: N/A

» Shikai Abilities: [What abilities does your vizard gain when released?]

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: [What is your bankai's name?]

» Bankai Release Action: [Does your vizard do any physical action to release their bankai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your vizard look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your vizard gain in bankai?]

I. Vizard Information

» Inner Sinner Name: Shidonai

» Inner Sinner:
Rokujo Onryo 4d3c465493e61e0de9556fa397f98a88

» Inner Sinner Powers:

Soul: Though it is now great diminished this was Shidonai's original power and how they were able to escape the confines of hell. She could manipulate the souls of others which would allow her to steal their powers for herself. But her mastery of souls was not limited to simply draining them. At her height she was able to completely reforge any soul, changing its very nature in any way she saw fit. She was even able to create new souls from nothing before her final downfall. Using this power upon her defeat in the depths of hell she was able to resurrect herself into a new form, however this power has been greatly diminished and she finds herself unable to completely subjugate the original soul of her new form.

Body: Complete and total control over every aspect of her body. Through this she can emulate powers such as a Hollows high speed regeneration or high speed movement techniques like Shunpo.

» Sinner Mask Appearance:
Rokujo Onryo Cd30c1ff1404a57198673f653e1fc8bd

Unlike traditional Vizards she does not actually have a mask which she can pull out to utilize the power. Instead her very body begins to change in form and structure in order to resemble that of her Inner Sinner. Her skin becomes pitch black along with the sclera of the eye. Her iris's become a glowing blood red, the eyes itself highlighted with a brown splatter patter around them in slightly lighter color then the rest of her flesh. Her hair color begins to fade, first into a dull grey and eventually becoming white as snow.

» Sinner Powers:
Unlike a traditional Vizard her access to the Sinners power is limited and considered transactional at this stage. In a way they are always active, akin to a leaky faucet. It is how she is able to minimally emulate basic abilities such as Shunpo. This would be considered less then a single percent of the Sinners power and is all she is currently able to handle. In the future she may be able to naturally draw more power from the Sinner, but at this stage should she be desperate enough to need more of its power she would have to make a verbal contract, turning of some part of her body in exchange for temporary access to a greater percentage.

(With a normal Vizard they can use the mask for a short time before they begin to lose control. For her since she is always using a very small bit of that power constantly in order to use a greater percentage, (use the mask) she must give up a level of control to the Sinner. As she advances in Control and Durability she will have access to more of the power naturally pending moderator approval through the upgrade system.)

Supernatural Healing: While it isn't quite high speed regeneration she is able to heal notably faster then normal even without the use of healing kido. Minor cuts, scratches, bruising, and other small injuries are of no concern. Broken bones, torn muscle, or other severe injuries are beyond what can be healed within a short period of time.

Emulated speed: Through manipulation of muscles and blood she can enhance her physical abilities slightly allowing her to emulate high speed movement techniques. In the instant she performs the movement her muscles become incredibly dense. Dust and other small debris will be kicked up since unlike with proper high speed techniques she needs to launch herself off.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your vizard has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
» Durability: Beginner
» Speed: Beginner
» Strength: Beginner
Martial Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Adept

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner
» Kidō: Untrained
» Zanjutsu: Adept
» Hakuda: Beginner

Vizard Skills
» Power Augmentation Beginner
» Hollow Control: Beginner

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

The sun was setting, the sky brushed with crimson hues as the light blue particles of Reishi scattered into the northern wind. The hollow that had been attracted to the lures they had set up earlier gurgled, blood gushing from its sliced throat as its body began to fade away. It's hulking form, something between a frog and a bear, towering over the group of Shin'o Academy students. The tense feeling in the air was suddenly alleviated, and the gathered crowd began to celebrate with a cheer.

"And with that..." A man in a proper Shihakushō said, hopping down from the air conditioning unit he had perched on to watch over the students as the completed their final assignment. " have now all completed your final exam. Congratulations." He crossed his arms, a smile of pride on his face.

Rokujo smiled, sheathing her rusted blade as she turned to watch the sun setting behind the skyline of this city of mortals. This was her first time seeing it, and the rumors whispered in the halls of the Academy had if anything downplayed it. She hadn't really had a chance before now to fully take it in, the task of setting up the lures and sealing off the testing ground having taken her full concentrated. Now that she was she found herself feeling an odd mixture of being both overwhelmed and dispirited. Despite its bright lights, massive buildings, loud noises, and strange people it was all too...disappointing.

The Soul Society, as she had learned was its proper name, was a harsh place filled with cruelty and injustice. A wicked place of wicked souls who spouted insincerities and idealistic platitudes. She had hoped the the world of Mortals would be something different, but as she looked from the roof, higher then she'd ever stood before, she began to wonder if evil was just the nature of the human soul.

She was suddenly stirred out of her thoughts by a voice to her side. She turned to face a young woman, a pout on her face as her black hair hung low over her eyes. "You didn't hear a word I said!" She cried, stamping her foot down as if to punctuate her sentence. The girls name was Shion, and she, like all the students, was someone she truly cherished.

"Sorry, I guess I was just taking it all in," Rokujo says, a gentle smile on her face as she gestured towards the mortal city laid out before them. "Isn't it beautiful, Shion?" She turned back to the view, the sounds of the city echoing around them.

"I don't know, I prefer the cherry blossoms in the courtyard." Shion replies, her arms crossed behind her head as she stretches her back, shifting back and forth slightly with a slight twist. "Kind of smells funny too."

This caused Rokujo to smile, a laugh coming forth as she turned away, looking back to the girl. "It may not share the same beauty as the Soul Society but that doesn't mean there isn't any. So many different people living and working together to achieve their dreams just like us. It's truly a world worth protecting."

She took a final look at the mortal world before turning towards her comrades. "We'll protect it Shion." She says, turning to offer her hand to Shion who had returned her arms to her side and turned with her. "Together. All of us." With that she offered out her hand.

Shion eagerly takes it, pulling Rokujo into a hug. "I'll hope we get the same assignment. I think it'd be pretty miserable to join a bunch of strangers alone." To that Rokujo chuckled slight, embracing the girl for a moment before moving towards the Senkaimon that the instructor had opened. "I'm sure you'll brighten their lives just as much as you did mine. Besides, they might start as strangers but soon they'll be your comrades, just as precious to you as any of us." She heard the sound of Shion following behind as she makes her way to the small group that had formed at the Senkaimon, offering her congratulations and sharing smiles with those she had come so far with. As they exited the mortal world she turned to take a final look as the darkness of night overran the sky. The last specks of Reishi from the hollow danced around her, pulled in by the Senkaimon.

The first major step to achieving her dreams had been completed. Some day she would return here, to the mortal world. Together with her comrades she would end the darkness that was consuming it and usher in a golden dawn.

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