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Light Up My Night [Emil/Candice] - Page 2 Empty Re: Light Up My Night [Emil/Candice]

Sat Aug 19, 2023 12:04 pm
Light Up My Night [Emil/Candice] - Page 2 W2aIvOk

Emil "Holsen" Grey

There was a select few people that Emil could identify as 'putting one down with their gaze', and this Catnipp mistress definitely seemed to be of the sort. Even so, his cool smile and kind expression was maintained like he hadn't picked up a single sour glance or comment. That was the thing that ruffled women such as her's feathers - the impression she was 'losing', yeah? That she was failing to get the miserable rise or reaction she wanted.

"Such is life, my darling," His smoothly sculpted tone shot back, a slight gesture of a gloved hand to accentuate his point, "There is a role for all and it is nothing but play. Humans may pretend they 'grow out' of their playful nature, but such a thing simply irons in the more you 'mature'."

He gave a small greeting or two to the occasional affluent that recognized him, politely nodding his head and maintaining his cool in the otherwise measured chaos of people. Looking about, it didn't seem the energy levels would get any higher; no one was particularly causing problems.

"Would you like me to grab a bottle of something nice and we go someplace a little more private? I'm sure the host won't mind me shirking duty a little with how controlled things are - we'd just be on the roof anyhow."

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Light Up My Night [Emil/Candice] - Page 2 Empty Re: Light Up My Night [Emil/Candice]

Sat Sep 09, 2023 7:37 pm

Light Up My Night [Emil/Candice] - Page 2 WVemPJw
Candice Catnipp | Heiress Extraordinaire

And there it was, the reveal of Holsen's true colours. Quite the diligent protector he was, willing to shirk his post at the first sign of trouble, but Candi supposed she could hardly blame him. It was not like these events were often a scene of anything more than a polite little tantrum or drunken stupor, and she was by far the most interesting thing in the room. She could have refused him, of course, and simply bid this strange man a good evening before vanishing off to find the next aspiring little bachelor but there was no fun in that.

"You could have just started with that, Holsen." Knocking back the last of her drink, the martini sliding down with practised ease, she pushed the glass back into his hand and gave it a slight squeeze. "It would be nice to see the sights from up on high, so run along and I'll meet you by the stairwell. Don't keep me waiting now, I would hate to think that you got cold feet."

Smirking at that final remark, the heiress began to slowly meander in the direction of the stairs. She was not the type to rush, especially when she wanted to hold someone's attention, so Candi made sure to take the route where she avoided simply vanishing into the crowd until the last possible moment.

Setting herself up at the stairwell entrance, Candi propped herself up on one leg and leaned back against the wall. The din from the party was already becoming background noise, her focus having shifted to the matter at hand as she began to tidy up some of those blonde locks that had previously fallen out of place. It would not do for her to have a bad hair day if they were to go to the roof, after all, so she discreetly deployed an extra layer of hairspray to keep it all in line.

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