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Tue Jun 27, 2023 8:27 pm
It's easy for Sumera to forget sometimes that she is just a teenage girl. Being so caught up in her job and her own life she gets lost in things and forgets to just live sometimes. Having woken up this morning to that revelation, today she made some plans to go out with a couple of her friends from school and take the day to actually relax.

So fast forward to now, where Sumera found herself entering a shop. She's passed by it multiple times in her life but never really had any interest in going inside. However, one of her friends had and mentioned that one of the guys that worked there was really cute. And the thing about Sumera's friends is that they're all weird--minus one who was weird and pretty--so when the idea of going in and seeing for themselves came up it was quickly voted to be their next course of action. The one thing they forgot was that none of them knew how to talk to a boy, let alone flirt, so they all stood awkwardly outside doing nothing. Sumera eventually got annoyed that most of her day off was being wasted on dumb teenage girl shit and decided to just walk in herself. Out of everyone she was probably the least invested, but if nobody did anything then they'd be here til sundown.

Figuring that someone noticed them from inside the shop, Sumera walked in with her head down, waiting to be served. Fingers crossed he was actually there today.

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Fri Jun 30, 2023 6:16 am

Just a Boy

Aidan was usually a busy boy, but lunch time today was tame ironically because it was the weekend. That meant most of the people going out for lunch were going to an actual district with more, fancier restaurants at them. The shop that he worked at was actually in the business district of Karakura, or at least, closer to it than anywhere else. There were plenty of ramen shops elsewhere in more convenient places than this one, so every time a customer came in they were almost immediately met with a very calm, surprisingly not busy boy with his boss off to the side simply catering to the shop's needs and preparing for when the week started back up.

"Welcome! Menus should be right there in front of you in one of the baskets. Feel free to order whatever you like, we've got plenty in stock!" Aidan chimed with his usual big dumb grin. His attire wasn't anything special. Just an apron over a plain t-shirt, stuff he could get dirty without caring, and jeans. He wasn't super remarkable in his own eyes, but his cheery demeanor and somehow attractively messy hair had caught a few girls' attention in the past, but none of it had ever worked out for... reasons.

That brief moment of him welcoming them in with a polite bow was the only time Sumera got to check him out before he was turning back around to chop up veggies and sort them out into metal tins for later use, Aidan not really thinking much of what was going on and just treating it like another customer visit.

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