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Mon Jul 31, 2023 7:38 pm

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ranma Gekiretsu (激烈 欄間, Gekiretsu Ranma)
» Alias: Cat-Eyes, Vengeful Retsu
» Age: 90
» Gender: Male

» Association: Gotei United/Eighth Division

» Appearance Written: Ranma sports a heights of 5’9’’, with a pale but fit build brought forth by well-toned musculature. His hair is flat, crow-black, and reaches down to his neck with flat, rectangular bangs over his heterochromatic eyes – a gold-yellow right eye and a jade-green left eye. On top of his Shinigami uniform, he also wears white bandages that cover his entire mouth and lower jaw, with ends flapping in the wind akin to a thin scarf.

» Appearance Image:
Ranma Gekiretsu [WIP] XqmTlYg

I. Personality

» Personality: Ranma is a curious creature. Events and situations (happening outside of his home district) immediately pique his interest and explorer spirit, demanding him to see things happen with his own eyes. This makes him quite carefree, although it may be a coping mechanism or an excuse to escape the lower slums where he came from as much as possible.

He can also come off as… a bit of a hedonist. Despite coming off as a quiet and serious guy, he enjoys going about life in a pleasurable way, and he will not hesitate to take a nap right after lessons, enjoy a good drink right after getting scolded for dumb shit, or play thumb-o-war with others when things get rough and you just need to unwind. He sees it as a way to keep his mind intact, but he may also just possess a desire to make life easy in spite of his efforts – y’know, so that all the training he undergoes won’t stress him the hell out!

He prefers to feign opposition to the idea of enjoying a fight as a Shinigami or as a fistbrawler, but the truth is that the street life of the Rukongai’s 71st District roughed him up and made him into a ferocious warrior. It even reflects in the meaning of his name, which just goes to show what his parents and entire family line expected of him. At a constant, internal dilemma with that aspect of his life, he can still be convinced to let loose once in a while when faced by a wonderful challenger.

» Likes: Drinks (Sweet And/Or Alcoholic), Naps, Traveling, Romance

» Dislikes: Parents, His District, Fighting (Allegedly), Any blades approaching his face.

I. History

» History: Born in the 71st District of the Rukongai spelled trials and tribulations for young Ranma. Both of his parents were accustomed to using violence and fending for themselves in order to fare in these areas, but in return, Ranma missed many opportunities to obtain valuable lessons and healthy experience as a child… or at least, that would’ve been the case if not for
his aunt and uncle taking better care of him.

However, with their later death at the hands of troublemakers, Ranma's blood ran cold and turned him into a vengeful blood-drawer. He still remembers the sensation of his heart beating in his fists after bashing knuckles into their skulls after what had been done to his aunt and uncle. The scenery was even witnessed by others, who referred to the young boy as 'Vengeful Retsu' from that day on.

Ranma began to focus more and more on growing a backbone from that day on, so that he wouldn't die untimely in these districts - this meant becoming a better fighter, whether he wanted to or not. His real parents be damned, he'd already lost those who stepped up, thus making him feel like an orphan.

However, despite making it through the rough times with his bare hands to fend off any obstacles, an incident occurred one day when he returned back home to find a group of hoodlums and punks waiting to jump the Vengeful Retsu after what he had done to one of their friends. While Ranma had grown to be a shrewd street fighter, he couldn’t fare well against multiple opponents at the same time. He was pushed to a corner, got bruised and battered until half of his face was blistered, but then a punk had shouted to the others that they should flee the area immediately, leaving Ranma confused as to why they’d leave the fight before they’d finished him off or something.

He ran after them with whatever strength he had left, a feat that he’d come to regret until the end of time. He found the punks being apprehended by a Shinigami, and Ranma’s anger at the punks was suddenly aimed towards the newcomer, who saw the bruised boy attempt to attack. This had apparently been intimidating enough to illicit an attack from the Shinigami present - a swordsman’s Zanpakutō in a flash cut through the air, and as if by a stroke of luck, Ranma raised his hands up to each side of his face and grabbed a source of sharp, burning pain that traveled between his palms and… his cheeks. The sides of his lips. The damage was done.

The Shinigami quickly recollected themselves and regretted attacking out of the blue, to which Ranma’s injured form was taken away from the District. He remembered being taken to the Squad 4 Barracks and being treated of a slash that nearly carved into the root between his brain and spine, almost rendering him immobile… but if you were to ask him today, he’d tell that the way from his District to their Barracks felt like it took years. As if the injury had temporarily distorted his perception of reality.

Regardless, his Shinigami prowess proved undeniable when he made a nearly full recovery – strangely enough, the scar remained on his face and granted him an eerie ‘grin’. To avoid drawing too much attention to it, he borrowed bandages from Squad 4 to cover his mouth with, resulting in the recognizable look that he carries today. And despite the trauma it must’ve sown in him… meeting the Squad and the other Shinigami made him desire to join their ranks. After all, they did not just fend for themselves and injure others, and their lives… felt much more like they were in control. His injury might’ve just as well have been a direct product of his environment, given the circumstances.

Therefore, he wasted no time in convincing the same Shinigami who injured him to help him enroll in the Shino Academy. Because of his past, the Academy and the teachings about Shinigami and their duties was a whole new world to him, igniting a lust for seeing more of the Soul Society beyond his home in the 71st District. Without even informing his parents, he began learning about Zanpakutō, the sort of soul-purifying blade that also included the one that scarred his face.

When it came to practice over the years, Ranma realized that he fell behind in the arts of Shunpo. Even today, he groans at his slow Shunpo and how it always ended up slower than the rest of his class. What saved him from embarrassment was his excellence in Zanjutsu and the relationship he nurtured once he received his very own Zanpakutō. Thus, after just managing to graduate from Shino Academy, he was enrolled in the Eighth Division due to the variant, vast potential of his Shikai and Bankai, as well as his strong desire to move between places a lot and be available as aid wherever it was needed.

He'd been using his duty as Shinigami to journey around, sort of using the excuse of purifying Hollows to explore both the World of the Living and wherever else he could get his feet to land on. Shockingly enough, he never returned to his parents back in the 71st District... but that might change soon.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Above-Average Strength:
Brawling and fighting other kids and later adults in the further districts of the Rukongai over many years has honed Ranma's bruised and battered body, allowing it to recover from all that pain in exchange for strengthened muscles. The lad can take a lot of punishment and deliver a hefty flurry of punches himself, revealed by his wide muscles.

Excellent Swordsmanship:
As a byproduct of practicing his Zanjutsu, Ranma's skill with swinging his blade leapt up significantly throughout his studies in the Shino Academy. Afterwards, his skills allowed him to come up with a good number of Zanjutsus to compensate for his lack of high speed.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Below-Average Hohō Skills:
Ranma's skill with Shunpo is rarely relied on in combat due to being visibly slower than those of many other Shinigami. The only times he can rely on it to grant him an edge is by using it within a range of 3 meters, but anything beyond that would render his Shunpo too slow to prove useful in combat, and any Shinigami would be able to see his momentum. Despite that, there are still rare times where it can be used in spite of its limitations.

Zanjutsu Expert:
To accommodate for his lacking Shunpo skills, Ranma spent many years in the Academy as well as afterwards to grow closer to his Zanpakutō and develop a handful Zanjutsus to make more and more use of its abilities. He excels in executing these techniques, whether through its Shikai or Bankai form - with his Shikai, the power to slow down time within a confined space (revealed to him as a blue sphere) can be used to slow down the appearance of injuries caused by his sword if said area is limited to just the blade. If going all the way to Bankai, where time can be completely stopped within a red sphere, then being able to completely conceal the appearance of any wounds caused by his blade is also possible in the same fashion. These are just a couple examples of his Zanjutsus - modeling the space that Hōkamaru can slow down/stop time within is the basis for all of Ranma's Zanjutsus, which he's focused on honing and mastering more than anything else.

Kido Practitioner:
As a way to compensate a little more for his lack of speed, Ranma has practiced a handful defensive Kido techniques to amplify his own defenses. If speed lets him down, he can still summon constructs of high durability or similar Kido abilities that allow him to tank attacks from enemies.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: 日月放歌丸, Jitsugetsu Hōkamaru (Sun-Moon Loud Singer)

» Zanpakutō Spirit:
Ranma Gekiretsu [WIP] X5pPh2W
Jitsugetsu Hōkamaru (or just Hōkamaru) is not very fond of noise. That comes with a grumpy attitude, a quick-to-be-annoyed look on his tired face, and just terrible company overall as all he wants is to be left alone in peace. The very essence of wishing to stop time, so that nobody would be able to bother you... yeah, that is all embodied within this Spirit.

It goes that the more annoyed Hōkamaru gets, the more willing he is to aid Ranma in combat. Scoffing at those who constantly disturb his peace and quiet, Hōkamaru can be a surprisingly cooperative fellow if you do his bidding and aim to recreate the peace that he desires.

» Inner World:
Ranma Gekiretsu [WIP] Ja4rJaU
Hōkamaru's inner world is a replica of the entire Soul Society, along with Shinigami and residents present... but every person in the Inner World is completely still, frozen in time. Not a sound is emitting from them, not a tone can be heard. Hōkamaru's ideal world where everybody's quiet.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
Ranma Gekiretsu [WIP] PCTIHKW

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power: When not released, Ranma is able to use a bit of his Zanpakutō's power - specifically its Shikai - to slow down time... on himself. This aids in waiting for things that might take forever to commence, and it can be a good way to feign meditating.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Move, Hōkamaru!

» Shikai Release Action: Ranma holds up his Zanpakutō in a straight, vertical line right in front of his face when releasing his Shikai.

» Shikai Appearance:
Ranma Gekiretsu [WIP] X2MwG1k
The straight katana turns into a slightly wider, longer and wave-formed jian.

» Shikai Abilities: Ranma gains the ability to emit a bluish sphere out from and around his Zanpakutō, not visible with the naked eye. The sphere's size and range is variable at the behest of Ranma, but it can at max reach a radius of 50 meters. Its Reiryoku is more than detectable by other Shinigami, Hollows and other enemies with the ability to sense such things, but for any who are caught within the sphere other than the user, time slows their movements and actions down. However, the area can be dispelled by high Spiritual Pressure, and the sphere only lasts for 5 seconds when used in such a wide fashion (excluding its smaller use in Zanjutsus, which ca last up to a minute or longer). After reaching its duration, it needs a cooldown of 1 minute before it can be released again. To perform Ranma's Zanjutsus, this spherical area has to shrink in size and lose its max range, so that it only covers the blade of his Zanpakutō.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: Ban... kai. Jitsugetsu Hōkamaru.

» Bankai Appearance:
Ranma Gekiretsu [WIP] PYa67ik
Ranma's Bankai is not very different from his Shikai in appearance, with the only notable difference being the new, red hue across the blade itself.

» Bankai Abilities: Once Bankai is released, the blue sphere of Ranma's Shikai becomes a crimson, sharply outlined space that can reach a radius of up to 100 meters. For 1 second, everyone within the crimson space are completely frozen in time, after which Ranma needs to wait for 7 seconds before reactivating the Bankai again. Just like his Shikai, shrinking the size of this crimson space for the purpose of performing one of his Zanjutsus greatly increase the ability's duration.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: Ranma carries a wooden gourd on his hip at all times, so that he can have some refreshment during his missions.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Adept
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Adept

Will Skills
» Willpower: Beginner
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Beginner

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner
» Kidō: Adept
» Zanjutsu: Elite
» Hakuda: Advanced

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: Link to Previous RP Sample (check edited note at the bottom :3)
RP Sample:

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