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Wed Aug 09, 2023 5:35 am
Ginrou Shikimura [We'll See] Ginro

Basic Information
» Name: Ginrou Shikimura.
» Kanji: 銀狼 識村.
» Alias':
▕ The Silver Wolf.
▕ Head of the Shikimura.
» Age: Unknown.
» Birthday: March 5.
» Gender: Male.
» Race: Shinigami (Wolfman).

» Affiliation:
▕ HImself.
▕ Four Trees Village.
▕ District #80: Jinrou, South Rukongai.

» Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
» Nationality: Soul Society.
» Martial Status: Single.
» Sexuality: Heterosexual.
» Ideal Mate: Bitches (Get it?)
» Special Skill: Basketball. (Tracking).

» Height: 8'5"
» Build: Muscular.
» Hair Colour: White.
» Eye Colour: Golden.

Ginrou Shikimura [We'll See] Ginro2

Psychological Analysis
Ginrou is a pretty straightforward individual, he does as he pleases and does not consider consequences. While it could be summed up like that, he has more character than the image of the intimidating giant wildman that he looks like. He's a brute, that is undeniable, though Ginrou's behaviour gives away tells that he is not inherently hostile towards the people around him. Yes he will certainly kill a man who is behaving in a way that he deems inappropriate like some kind of criminal but any action of his can be summed up as a reaction to something else.

He is quite dated in his beliefs, owed maybe to his lifestyle and upbringing, which is especially true towards women and girls. The short end of it is that Ginrou's lifestyle as living off the land for much of his life and their culture that developed as a result just had him grow up expecting less of the girls. His tastes are as much as well, prefering meek and demure rather than troublesome partners. He refuses to serve under a woman - even one that is stronger than him - on sheer principle that he views it as uncertain and unfamiliar.

As a result one can easily discern that he's not fond of change as even when his little sister inadvertently gave them a step towards reclaiming their humanity, Ginrou was the last one to yield when it came to pursuing that pathway.


Born amongst the outskirts of the furthest reaches of the Rukongai amongst the cursed group of souls that were burdened with the path of an animal. Ginrou was among the largest children produced by Souga Shikimura and through his youngest years proved to be a powerful child who could wrestle his older siblings into submission. It was such behaviour that made his mother take a liking to him though she had a particularly strange way of showing it.

His size earned her attention but she had gone beyond the capacity to express herself in complex ways. Her affection was as harsh as it was gentle, sometimes finding her asleep near him and othertimes she would relish in the challenge that he might provide by playing rough with him. His size was not the only thing that grew, his strength and tenacity improved as a result of his wild mother's quirks.


» Hechi [へ地, Towards Ground]: Something representing the flow of his reiatsu, as opposed to most whose reiatsu flow out and upwards towards the sky Ginrou's doesn't follow that tradition. His reiatsu flows down towards the ground before expanding outwards at his feet. This can be quite beneficial due to the downwards flow granting him a greater defensive barrier as attacks made towards him from above are swept in the current to drag the target, attempts at uppercuts are met with a great deal of resistance due to the downward flow. Attacks made from above by him carry far more pressure due to his reiatsu trying to ground itself through the target.

While this benefits him quite a bit with his physical approach to fighting, it makes it difficult to utilise for more magical applications. If he were to attempt to create kido and fire a projectile, it would be heavy, slow, and fall to the ground if the distance was too great.

» Wolf Attributes: Due to his nature as a spirit that was cursed to the path of the beasts he is a bit different from your standard spirit, Ginrou possesses an enhanced physical condition from his family's burden of the past that has made them strong enough to endure and handle such a punishment with enough to take a bit more afterwards.
» Strength: Ginrou's strength is impressive, with his bare hands he can tear through solid structures of the Rukongai with a bit of effort. He's strong enough to wrestle multiple of his peers into submission and crush a normal human being's skull with one hand.

» Endurance: He is able to endure attacks from bladed weapons without receiving cuts with bones that are not easily broken. His resistance to toxins, be it alcoholic or chemical are easily shrugged off with only the most extreme of exceptions, and his stamina allows for him to achieve feats of hard labour for days on end before tiring from the exhaustion. Wounds are easily healed through his tenacity which allows for anything short of organ removal or amputation to be recovered from with time though not at a level which is instant, or at a high speed. They will simply heal with enough time.

» Agility: Fast enough to cover a hundred metres with just a leap. Ginrou is easily able to outpace most forms of ranged projectiles that come his way and blitz his prey to force them into submission by rushing them. Combined with his stamina it becomes possible for Ginrou to cover the entire length of the Rukongai from edge to centre in only a couple of days with his speed.

» Senses: Due to his canine characteristics, Ginrou has an acute sense of smell, hearing, and instincts. This lends to his great deal of focus that he displays in a fight though at times his very acute senses can be a detriment more than a benefit such as with high pitched or loud noises, and potent fragrances which overwhelm his sense of smell. He is a highly proficient tracker though without the usage of reikaku which is credited to his heightened senses.

» Wolf Transformation: Unlike his kin, Ginrou has a lack of the immediate features that his family possess. There is no tail present nor is there any kind of canine ears either. He is the most normal looking of his family with the exception of his size. While that makes him standout, Ginrou possesses the capacity to transform into the form of a large silver wolf which stands as tall as an average human on all fours.

» Shiragen Ryouken [白原猟犬, White Plains' Hound]: A unique form of Hakuda, Shiragen Ryouken is a martial art that was created by the wild environment of Ginrou's upbringing. It is a unique kind of martial art due to the fact that it does not only represent the capacity to fight as a humanoid but as a beast as well. This can make him a dangerous adversary who is able to maximise the usage of his wolf form and his human form to deadly results with his hakuda.

» Sajuu-ryuu [野獣流, Wild Animal Style]: The style that he created which is a simple but incredibly potent and efficient method of combat. It is a style that adjusts and is easily adapted to his situation when he requires it to which lends to his dominating presence. Sajuu-ryuu is a kind of hakuda which cannot easily be learned by those who are not cursed to the animal path themselves due to the prerequisite of having the physiological attributes of the beastmen. As a result, it is one that could be replicated by his kin if they cared to observe or learn for themselves however he does not go out of his way to teach others.

There are only four techniques to Ginrou's hakuda though to refer to them as techniques is an overstatement. These "techniques" are anything that fits the idea of what they are supposed to represent. An example of this is Hone, a punch or kick can still be called Hone. In the broadest sense of the word "Hone" is a means to absolutely crush whatever is in the way of his body so anything that accomplishes this goal is suitable for Ginrou.
» Hone [骨, Bone]: The "offensive" techniques of his Hakuda are all referred to as Hone. Whether it is a kick, a punch, a headbutt, or a bite it does not matter to Ginrou. Everything is designed to inflict damage and break whatever he is setting his sights onto. While simple in design there is some complexity and nuance to his "Hone" which can stagger opponents due to the more impressive attributes being more subtle such as attacking someone's chest with a punch before they are hit with an aftershock from the punch.

» Chi [血, Blood]: Chi is any hakuda technique which is designed to increase his vitality, stamina, and regeneration. It is more supplementary to his unarmed combat rather than designed to inflict harm. For the purpose of hunting where he needs to run for multiple days on end, recover quickly after a fight, or he is feeling ill. Anything that he might refer to as Chi is designed to assist in his recovery and sustainability.

» Niku [肉, Meat]:

» Kawa [革, Leather] Kawa covers his defensive techniques.


» Zanpakuto Name: Oukami Tenjin [狼天神, Wolf Among Heavenly Gods].

» Spirit Summary: Oukami Tenjin is noted to have two forms which depend on whether his master is in the shape of a wolf or a human. As a humanoid, Oukami Tenjin takes the shape of a giant wolf as large as a mountain within the mindscape of Ginrou with deep grey fur that can make him appear as a slope in the horizon if he is sleeping. When his master is in the shape of a wolf he adopts a more human appearance where he takes the shape of a large wolfman about twelve feet tall and dressed in hides.

His personality is one of grace and refinement, contrary to his wild appearance Oukami Tenjin speaks with an voice of authority and behaves like a teacher or father. Raising his master to greater heights through challenges but ready to discipline him immediately if he was to be required.

» Zanpakuto Appearance:


» Shikai Release: Ambush, Oukami Tenjin.

» Shikai Appearance: Releasing his zanpakuto, Ginrou's sword grows into a greatsword as large as he is tall which gives off the shape of a fang. It loses its handle to make it look like a blade that has been unfinished, up the blunt edge of the blade there is what looks like fur lining it.

» Shikai Ability:



General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Adept

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Beginner
» Focus: Elite

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner.
» Kidō: Untrained.
» Zanjutsu: Adept.
» Hakuda: Elite.


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