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Thu Sep 14, 2023 10:12 pm

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Hono Kaen
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details:
Durability: Beginner -> Adept

» Supporting Material: Hono is still on her bullshit, she's been training with quite a few people trying to hone her skills.
For Endurance, she's been taking hits from people far stronger than her (of course they were holding back), plus her general training likely would boost her endurance. . In her many "fights" against Elyss, Hono took a few clean hits that knocked the wind out of her. . Additionally, Ari (someone far stronger than her), has also done some scuffling with her.

I. Hazard Rating Information

[Has your character done anything to necessitate alterations of their hazard ratings whether that is gaining greater influence with other characters, acquiring greater resources and equipment, power reflected in this upgrade of their notoriety has increased? Please list a short summary of your character's actions between now and your last upgrade for the purpose of ensuring that they are still up to date or if they should be altered to reflect your character's growth.]

» Power:

» Influence:

» Resources:

» In-Character Summary:

I. Additional Information

[Anything extra to add?]

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