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A Reluctant Memory [Tsubine/Kaminari] - Page 3 Empty Re: A Reluctant Memory [Tsubine/Kaminari]

Sun Oct 22, 2023 2:01 pm
A Reluctant Memory [Tsubine/Kaminari] - Page 3 Kaminari_PH17

"Thirteen," Kaminari sighed and waved her hand to push the conversation off. "Look, I mean no offense by this, but I don't enjoy trying to dig around my own mind for things in my past, so doin' it with someone else is not on the top of my to-do list. I do prefer to keep that to myself. If some memories come back, that's great. If not, they're nothing to worry about. Besides... I do like who I am."

Kaminari stood up and stretched, signifying she was ready to go. "Thank you for hunting me down. I was ready to give up in like... two more people. Maybe I can come around to see that little girl one day? But for now, I gotta get going."

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A Reluctant Memory [Tsubine/Kaminari] - Page 3 Empty Re: A Reluctant Memory [Tsubine/Kaminari]

Wed Oct 25, 2023 3:13 pm

Tsubine understood that. He probably had dug a little too deep. When people, especially friends and those that knew Kanna, had problems, he tended to try to help a little too earnestly. Kaminari wasn't ready for help, or perhaps she just didn't trust him much. It wasn't skin off his back. He wasn't disheartened or sad—let alone angry that she didn't want his help. There were times, places, and the right people for that. One or more of those just wasn't in alignment today. It seemed to put her slightly on edge though as evidenced by her standing up.

Tsubine stood as well. "Anyone who asks about Kanna gets my attention." He extended a hand to shake. "Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. I'm glad we reconnected." Tsubine paid for the table and refused to let Kaminari have a chance at it. As they were about to split apart, he stopped her for a moment and handed something to Kaminari. "Here's a card with some contact information. If you need anything, want to take me up on that offer to pay respects, or just want to throw down like we drunkenly planned on, let me know. I'll make sure it'll get arranged. It's the least I can do for a friend of Kanna's." Normally, Tsubine would give his address. Things had changed. Instead, he handed over one of the new cards that gave the Rukongai equivalent of a P.O. box and a phone number. "Have a safe trip back home." Tsubine waved farewell and two previously-unseen men began following him back in the direction he approached from.

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