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Sun Mar 10, 2024 7:09 pm
Lukas Ätherisch


Enough know-how. But slow. Dumbasses always circle around, always from behind. Thoughts springing to life at Kokuto's reflex, giving no time or curiosity to the 'how' or 'what' of his abilities. Hell, if everything went right, he wouldn't have them any more.

Lukas' eyes glittered in the light, the demon's hand grabbing at his wrist. It would be a bad habit to form, but this time? Ah, where was the harm; he'd play with his food.

Relaxing his muscles, Lukas let himself be lifted, flying through the air with a whistle in his ears. The spiritual pressure that poured off him restricting as he'd attempt to focus it, shattering with his concentration on impact. Sharp pain shot across his back, but muscle nor mind did submit, his eyes glaringly open as Kokuto continued coming at him. Ahnengeist had faded into nothing as he flew through the air, the hilt once again shining in his palm.

Swinging down, the blade shifted into reality, forming as chains slammed towards him. Metal wrapped around the weapon, Lukas digging his heels into the floor, its surface cracking, buckling worse for wear moment by moment. Strength, toughness, skill. The demon had enough of it in spades. If he was going to tire him out, maybe it was a tug of war they needed.

Nah. Relaxing again, he was pulled up, into the air - disengaging as he faded the blade through the chains, turning with the guiding hand of reishi underheel above Kokuto. Ahnengeist formed in whole again as he pointed it down, a flash of blue erupting into a rain of arrows.


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Raked Over the Coals [Lukas/Kokuto]  - Page 2 Empty Re: Raked Over the Coals [Lukas/Kokuto]

Fri Mar 15, 2024 9:36 pm
Raked Over the Coals [Lukas/Kokuto]  - Page 2 D8NK3rT


Lukas' response was notably simple, a rain of arrows. His first instinct was to incinerate them all, but, instead, orange flames erupted from Kokuto's back, the surge of energy from Immolation swiftly pushing him forward. Despite his general lack of quick movement, it didn't stop him from utilizing his powers creatively to forcibly propel himself forward.

However, it was far from enough to keep him from being unharmed. Several arrows nicked him in the advance, though they still crashed hard against the shield of energy, forming visible cracks as he surged forward.

The chains that he had used to throw Lukas around quickly unwound from the man, retreating to the broken links at his wrists. Immediately after, one of them snaked back out, attaching itself to his sword.

As he closed in on Lukas to continue a string of pressure, a burst of silver flame erupted from behind his right leg, his body suddenly erupting in speed to swiftly kick Lukas in the stomach, intent on sending him flying backwards.

Regardless of whether it hit him or not, the entire building would creak and groan, every instance of strength released by Kokuto acting as a test for the architecture and the ground itself.

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