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Lost and Found (Akira/Giselle) Empty Lost and Found (Akira/Giselle)

Tue Nov 14, 2023 2:03 pm
Lost and Found (Akira/Giselle) A62a9c1fe65df0779303ac82e2029c57


Rumor had spread of the Gentleman who resided within a small, semi isolated town at the base of the northern mountainsides. It had come to be known as a centralpoint for those seeking advice, assistance or a peak into a reservoir of alleged knowledge collected for a very long time about spiritual phenomena. Those who had gone within the town referred to him as such a thing, a Gentleman, also boasted about his tea. Any tea one could imagine and the Gentleman no doubt owned it. To make a walk to this medium sized estate required a small advance upward, moving past an iron gate that held symbols of odd variety.

The large oak doors that lay ahead being a clear indication of either wealth or welt keptness as the garden of which one would move through showed not only an impeccable order to it, but also an evident and clear variety of local planet life and some less local.

It was within the belly of this estate that Akira was practicing some Kido intermanglement, fingertips twitching as a Byakurai and basic Bakudo seal was almost fused into a timebomb, yet finally exploding outward yet easily contained by the Shinigami. This inner sanctum was a training room that held many overlapping seals to conceal both reiatsu and presence alike, assuring privacy and protection in case this got out of hand, beads of sweat dripping down the forehead though the symbols above indicating him of someone who may have ventured in.

Eventually after a quick change into his gigai, of which now his signature to most was that of a Human, a waist coat gripping to a lithe form, did the Shinigami open such large doors, a warmth radiating from within and a smile to match it.

"Welcome. How may I assist you?


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