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Tue Jan 23, 2024 11:35 am
A Good Day For a Whipping (Open) - Page 3 2476073-sariya

A smile crossed her features as he stated his approval to her compliments. Those who tried to downplay their own gifts were rather off putting in Sabriel’s opinion and she believed that embracing one’s talents was far more preferable. Alright, she was not all that fond of overly arrogant people either but fortunately, Isamu was most certainly not that. He was right in the sweet spot when it came to such things and the Arrancar was definitely approving of that. In all honesty, he was a pleasure to be around and it bode well for any future meetings between them. She could be rather judgmental when it came to her favourites and tended either to like or dislike without much of an in between.

She was rather amused as he spoke about his experiences and did not doubt the accuracy of them. Sabriel had the feeling that he had explored his fair share of women in his time and judging from the impact that his hands had on her so far, that truly did seem to be the case. Waves of pleasure continued to travel throughout her body as he worked and a part of her hoped that they would never end. He had most definitely performed the same act many times before although Sabriel wondered if she was perhaps the first Arrancar. She mused to herself that it may have seemed a strange way of a human and a Hollow to interact but the lavender eyed woman had always had her own way of doing things. One that was far more interesting.

It was almost as if he had read her mind when he posed that particular question to her and her smile grew. “Please do. I place myself in your more than capable hands.” It was not a sentence that she uttered lightly nor often but she felt so comfortable with Isamu that it came to her quite naturally. “Make this night one that neither of us will ever forget.”

Placing her drink on the table beside her, Sabriel would stand up and place a towel on the ground, before laying down on top of it, her head resting on her arms for comfort. “Whenever you are ready.” The Arrancar then said, a chuckle escaping her lips, waiting eagerly to feel his hands once more.


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Wed Jan 24, 2024 11:21 am
A Good Day For a Whipping (Open) - Page 3 BACDviJ


"As you wish. Allow me to work my magic even further then, Sabriel."

Isamu hummed softly as the gorgeous raven-haired woman rose from her chair after accepting his proposal. His bold question elicited a pleasant reaction, reaping benefits that brought him no small amount of joy. Observing her body was already an experience in and of itself, exploring it was an entirely different phenomenon altogether - otherworldly, was, perhaps, a fitting term.

He rose from his chair as well, shifting his tall frame over to assume a comfortable position at her side. From this angle, he found himself enthralled by the view. For an Arrancar, her body cut quite the striking figure, though perhaps that was to be expected. His hands would sweep across her back, repeating the same delicate and measured pace he employed against her legs.

"With pleasure."

With that statement left in passing, he allowed his hands to explore any and everywhere she desired, no doubt prepared to make this evening one that wouldn't leave their memories for some time.

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