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Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:58 am
Lukas Ätherisch

conference center

The limp bothered Lukas more than the arm.

From the shoulder down, his right arm did not exist. A bandaged rotator cuff, bound underneath the empty sleeve of a jacket, flittering from the open window. Sitting against the sill, his eyes slid across the various attendees, exhaustion replacing his general intensity. Anger at the level he was experiencing needed no expression; a black sea would pour out if he did. The kind of thing that got you send to prison.

"Wonder how many died." Slipping his inattention from the people to the conference itself, a service table caught his eye on the eastern wall; the lack of alcohol immediately dimming whatever optimism briefly shot across his face. "Oh, that many."

Still, a shitty foam cup of coffee sounded alright.

Turning from the table, newly acquired drink in hand, a wince accompanied the man as he stepped away. The air cracked for a moment, speaker system clicking on. ***Thank you all for coming!!!*** A woman's voice, cheery and pronounced, flavored like orange.

***We know how much you all sacrifice, have sacrificed, and will sacrifice for the City of Lights. In honor of your service, we wanted to give all of you a place to talk, express, and grieve for what has happened in Africa over the past year. The main hall will be open in five minutes, all speakers are welcome!!*** Static clicked through the air again as the system turned off, murmurs replacing the mechanical hiss.

Fuck it, why not. The assassin stepped forward, limping towards the main hall to take a seat.


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Fri Feb 09, 2024 3:03 am

Back at it!

Anis Kabal

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After hearing about a gathering thing for people who had fought in Africa, Anis gathered up her savings, rejuggled the budget, got some money off her family - they were awkward and weird now, but it still worked to ask - and busied herself in the background setting up nice cups and good coffee and lots of interesting foods. They were due a break in a good manner after all, and if that meant that Anis just had a week of lean living and a few days of just not eating anything, then it was certainly a well worth thing to do.

She had on a cute catering uniform, so people would know she wasn't here as part of the party, but to just potter around and help out in the background.

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