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Sat May 18, 2024 9:06 pm
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I. Basic Information

» Name: Lilith Blake
» Alias: Kasen (突閃; Flashbreak) [Old]
» Age: Ancient Adult
» Appears: Adult
» Birthday: August 2nd
» Gender: Female
» Height: 5’11”
» Weight: 165

» Appearance Written: Lilith is taller than the average woman and has a toned, athletic figure. She has long black hair that she does minimal care to keep it looking decent. Her eyes are red, though only one is ever seen because of the leather eye patch she always wears. If the eye patch is ever lifted, two wicked scars will be revealed. It looks like her eye should have been destroyed, but it’s clearly present.

» Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
» Association:
Former Gotei 13; 11th Division
» Rank/Position:
Former Lieutenant
» Specialty: Hakuda, Martial Skill, strength, and endurance

» Sexual Orientation: Traditional
» Relationship Status: Single
» Attraction: Strength & Compassion

I. Personality

» Personality: Lilith is a confident and boisterous woman who doesn’t have a care in the world. Nothing bothers her, so she travels from place to place to have the time of her life while everything she has set up in the background just falls into place. She sort of lives the life of a party-girl, with loud “friends” and in loud places filled with music and alcohol. Lilith seeks entertainment in the form of people, alcohol, food, and music. She has a relationship with alcohol that challenges liver regeneration, though she never seems to get real drunk. If asked why she chooses to lead such a party-girl lifestyle, she simply replies, “It keeps me young.”

Even with all the partying, once all of that noise dies down and the night turns to day, Lilith is that friend that everyone seems to go to for advice. She proves to be calm, patient, and caring toward those who might need help, and has often been told she has this “motherly” vibe about her. Since she doesn’t get drunk, she is always that “designated driver” who gets her friends home safely and prevents them from hurting themselves when they inevitably try something stupid. To the surprise of most who see her wild side, Lilith is as solid as a steel wall. She doesn’t panic or stress, and always comes off as having her shit together.

Lilith’s motherly nature shows in another aspect of life, and that is her very obvious soft spot for kids. Now, a kid to Lilith is not just someone that looks like a child, but someone who is clearly quite a bit younger than her. Since her age is somewhere in the triple to quadruple digits, that ends up being a large number of people. Opposing that, somewhat, is that Lilith has an aggressive and competitive side about her that comes out when she’s challenged. Whether it be in all-out combat or a drinking game, Lilith is a woman that despises failure and has slid “lost a bet” under the bracket of “failure,” so she doesn’t half-ass anything.

I. History

» History: Lilith was born in Scotland, sometime in the early 1000s. Her father abandoned them upon realizing her mother was pregnant, so her mother abandoned her upon realizing being a single mother would destroy her life. Lilith was left alone and shunned by many because of the circumstances of her birth, but few took pity on her and gave her food and a place to sleep. She died when she was fourteen, succumbing to a disease she had no money to buy medicine for. Her death was slow and agonizing, but she was happy for that life to end.

Lilith’s early Rukongai years consisted of desperate survival, where Lilith was pushed into intense and violent situations. She fought for her freedom, life, and sustenance, and it led Lilith to her first gang and what was supposed to be a “family.” Amongst this family, she was taught the beginnings of hand-to-hand combat. As a low level thug, Lilith was utilized as a scout or lookout. Occasionally, Lilith found herself being forced into combat, but she didn’t mind it at all. The more Lilith took on, the more she won, and the more she found that liked fighting.

However, Lilith found she despised the morals of her gang and those that began filling up the member list. They were thugs, brutes, and criminals that felt nothing like family. They acted in their own interests, indifferent to the suffering of those caught in the middle of their chaos. This caused friction that forced her out of the gang. From there, Lilith moved through multiple gangs over the decades, trying to find somewhere that she fit in, where people cared more about community and family than how much money they could steal from others, but she never found it…

Lilith worked her way through at least ten gangs, moving around the Rukongai from territory to territory without any luck for what she wanted out of a home. Becoming impatient, her tenure through each of them was shorter than the last. When Lilith finally reached a position of real authority in her last gang, becoming the forth in command, she tried worming her own morals into some of the gang law, convincing them that more kindness could create more allies and more loyalty. Of course, her ideas were met with hostility and insults about her “womanly compassion.” Taking that personally, Lilith was ready to try something new…

In secret, Lilith began recruiting specific types of people: women. She brought in strong women fighters, maids, and scholars just to try and match the men of the gang. She also caught the attention of the second in command of the gang and brought him over to her side. With this extra power and support, Lilith planned a full on coup. With no deaths on either side, Lilith was named the gangs new leader. She implemented new rules that angered many, and while most stayed out of loyalty, there were a few that deserted the gang. The lack of criminal behavior caused the gang to lose money, giving a reason to force Lilith out of her position…

The night of the second coup, Lilith fought harder than she ever had before. In the midst of the battle, the punches thrown broke through the walls of their home. Desperation to win caused Lilith to utilize reiryoku for the first time. Each punch that found purchase in something, whether it was an opponent, the walls, or the floors, it crumbled beneath her power. Some on the battlefield found themselves unable to stand and breaking out into sweats as Lilith’s reiatsu released and crushed them. So focused on the battle, she did not realize what was happening until she was surrounded by seven different people trying to stop her, even those originally on her side. Refusing to lose, Lilith did not stop until she was restrained.

Their hideout was completely destroyed and a quarter of the gangs members died. Those left were injured, Lilith included. With her defeat, the old leader retook the gang. Proud that he had proven her wrong, he did offer Lilith her old position, but she knew the gang would return to their criminal ways and declined. Lilith decided that spending over three centuries moving from gang to gang, fighting for survival, and never accomplishing anything of note was enough. They were holding her back, and Lilith had more important dreams than a gang could provide.

Lilith set her sights on the Gotei Thirteen and enrolled in Shino Academy. As she expected after spending three centuries perfecting her skill in martial arts, Lilith excelled in any class that had to do with close quarters combat. Even though it was the first time she really utilized a weapon in training, she did not find it that much difficult. Fighting was something that came naturally to her, and she had enough understanding of her body to know how to gain new skills. However, kido was a whole different beast. Lilith had very little control over her reiryoku, preventing her from being able to excel in kido, like she was used to excelling elsewhere. Lilith’s kido often ended in explosive backfires, so her instructors told her to practice alone. After class, Lilith privately trained to control her reiryoku. In the end, Lilith proved herself in kido enough to graduate, but she would not rely on it…


Lilith’s time at Shino was not only about study and training. Due to her skills in combat being much more advanced than other students, Lilith was able to take on some extra curricular activities within the Gotei itself, acting as an intern of sorts. She worked on minor missions where squads were lacking aid, filling spots of those who were sick, ill, or had died. These missions brought her against her first hollows and the reality of battle, which she seemed to naturally shine in. One one of these missions, Lilith was the one who dealt the final blow to a hollows mask. On another, she lost her first ally, her first friend. A small, erratic hollow caught Lilith off guard and Honami Egawa took a shot through the chest for her.

While the others were still fighting, Lilith tried desperately to save Honami. She was not good at kido, so trying to use the healing version proved her a failure. With Honami’s blood soaking her hands, she yelled out for help, but no one could come to her. Honami died and Lilith quit the internship, even though people reassured her it wasn’t her fault. Lilith blamed herself and decided that she would become strong enough to protect anyone, so no one would ever have to die for her again. All of Lilith’s training intensified, focusing on her techniques, her strategy in battle, and her perceptive abilities. She even took the extra time with tutoring and challenged every teacher to after school spars until she broke herself or them.

Lilith graduated two years after most students would. She stayed in the Academy until she felt proficient enough in all categories to call herself a shinigami, the blood of her friend Honami being her driving factor. During this time, she did push herself beyond what students would ever learn in subjects like hakuda and zanjutsu because she already understood them, but it was kido that held her back. It was her eighth year, where she could control her shakkaho and other 50-60 level kido that she finally accepted graduation. It was a big deal, but what was more important was what Division she would join. Lilith’s first Division was the Eleventh, joining under one of the Kenpachi’s after Unohana had left her position.

As a member of the Eleventh, Lilith spent her time fighting, fighting, fighting… Whether it was killing hollow, sparring, or accepting challenges from other members, Lilith was always participating in some form of combat. She became one of the most feared members of the Eleventh, wiping the floor with nine out of ten challengers that came her way. As she became stronger, he zanpakuto became large enough it had to be held on her back, and proved her immense amount of reiryoku and difficulty controlling it. In seeing this, her Lieutenant and Captain took time out of their days to attempt to help her control her reiryoku, but even with their help, she proved she was an overflowing well of reiryoku that they feared could go off at any moment. When she willingly released her reiatsu, they could sense how heavy it felt, like they were being crushed under the weight of miles of ocean.

As Lilith climbed to Fourth Seat, she instilled her Captain’s values in those beneath her. The trust and skill she obtained over the years put Lilith in a position where she became the baseline for new entries into seated positions. If she was not impressed, she wouldn’t recommend you, and her superiors often listened since it was rare her recruits failed or embarrassed the Division. It was during this time that Lilith put forward multiple changes to the training regimen her peers went through. Things got harder than they expected as swordsmanship and hand-to-hand styles became the most important part of their training. The Division found that it was beating itself up a lot. Spars between members intensified and to justify the brutality, Lilith made a deal with the Fourth to be able to practice their kaido skills on Eleventh Division members who were injured. Two birds, one stone.

At the end of every year, Lilith took her top four fighters into Hueco Mundo as a test. She put them against gillian and adjuchas level hollow for an entire month to make sure they could fight up to her standards. In some ways, this was seen as brutal, but she insisted it was completely voluntary, so most who went took it as a challenge. For a long time, it worked well and the Eleventh Division became known as the toughest Division of the Thirteen. And with the success of her Division, Lilith began to seek higher things, some more personal than others.


Born of the desire to finally become Lieutenant of her own Division, Lilith began training for her shikai. She previously focused so little on the bond between her and her zanpakuto over the years that she assumed it hated her. Besides, Lilith was not one to ask for help. She rarely needed it because of her natural strength and durability. Lilith took on higher level missions, focusing most of her power toward Arrancar in order to boost her strength and bring about her zanpakuto spirit. During her down time, she meditated in an attempt to communicate, which always felt like a waste of time. If it had not been a requirement for Lieutenant, Lilith wouldn’t have been wasting her time with her zanpakuto, so the lack of response made everything so much more frustrating for her. After a whole decade went by without hearing anything, Lilith let frustration seep into her blood and threw in the towel.

During these years, Lilith’s combat motivations were split with the desire to feel something more than the excitement of battle. She watched as many friends found lovers, spouses, and had children. She once again remembered that for all of these years, there was something else she desperately wanted, but kept putting on the back-burner to further her career: a family. She had not dated with any real commitment, and it was time for that to change. As if fate was in her corner, Lilith met a man by the name of Kenshin Nakano and the two hit it off great. His strength, conviction, and desire for a family rivaled her own, but they both had a habit of putting their careers as Shinigami first, a fact that frustrated them both, but they also found sort of humorous. With the Shinigami lifespan, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Lilith was given a high level mission against an Arrancar whose abilities were unknown. It turned out that the Arrancars abilities were quite unique, as it shrank down into a small snake like creature with two long arms and razer sharp claws. Lilith was used to Arrancars getting larger and more intimidating in their Resurrección, but not this one. It focused on stealth and speed attacks, utilizing the ground with its burrowing abilities. Disappearing underground and reappearing suddenly by shooting by her, the Arrancar used its abilities to claw Lilith up, cutting open her arms, legs, and stomach and laughing when she struggled keeping up with him. An attempt at a counter attack caused Lilith to leave her face open and it swung its claw up and over her left eye, completely destroying her vision.

Bleeding heavily and unable to see, Lilith was forced to fight at an extreme disadvantage. She was fast, but this thing was a monster, and not being able to see where it was coming from creating another problem. While it was underground, its presence seemed to vanish. While unable to defend herself from the continuous onslaught of attacks, Lilith would only swing wildly, desperately trying to find purchase. She needed help, a feeling she was unfamiliar with and hated. However, she heard a voice, a desperate scream rising up from the cavern of her own mind. “Please, hear me!” it said and Lilith felt intense heat. “Say it! Hōnaishinretsu!” As if knowledge was poured into her mind, the power of her shikai came to the forefront as Lilith yelled her zanpakuto’s name. The Arrancar emerged in a flash again, and she sensed it. A mere backhand slammed against the small Arrancar, her speed catching up and a loud snap echoed out as a blast of hyper-heated air exploded from the point they connected. Fire overwhelmed the area, trees were knocked over, burnt to charcoal, and Lilith finally obtained her shikai, a moment of desperation and willingness to accept another’s help revealing Hōnaishinretsu’s call.

The fight ended when Lilith decided to destroy the Arrancars hiding area. She used her explosive shikai to destroy the ground it was burrowing through. Even with its speed, no longer being able to hide underground crippled it. Realizing its inevitable defeat, as it tried to hide, only to have her destroy the ground again, the hollow ran off as fast as it could, leaving an injured and pissed off Lilith behind, with her bitter sweet victory. Returning home, Lilith took some time to heal, covering her loss with an eye patch, and spending time with Kenshin, the man she was sure she was falling in love with. They both realized she was going to struggle with one eye. Depth perception was a problem, along with a few other things, so Kenshin spent a long time helping her adjust to the loss of her eye, both at home and in combat. It took Lilith years to truly understand how to fight like normal when she couldn’t see the left side of the battle. What would normally be a small turn was a large one, and she became frustrated with anyone who dared talk to her from her left side.


After getting used to the loss of her eye, Lilith was back in action. She tested her skills on her boyfriend, her Captain, and any hollow she came up against on missions. Her reaction time was perfect, her skills were back where she wanted them to be, and that meant it was time to take her place as Lieutenant. During her recovery, the previous Lieutenant was killed on a mission against an Arrancar, so the spot was open and Lilith was the only one the Captain wanted to take it. Others had applied, but the spot was intentionally left open as she recovered from her injuries and returned to prime fighting capability. Still, there was something that Lilith wanted, and that was to get faster, especially after her battle with that unique Arrancar proved that speed was a huge weakness for her.

Soon, Lilith was given the name “Kasen (突閃; Flashbreak)”. This title came about when she challenged speedster after speedster and began to repeatedly win. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. Initially, Lilith was losing every match. She made sure to go up against those much faster than her as a way of increasing her own speed. She tried keeping up with them, but her body wasn’t built that way. After constant failures, she realized that she could not reach the insanely high echelons of speed that so many seemed to go for. So, she focused her learning elsewhere, such as predictions, reactions times, and patterns. After spending years being beaten by them, she had gained enough knowledge to understand most fighting patterns that speedsters put out. Because of this, she began countering them much easier, utilizing her strength to stop them in their tracks when they got cheeky. The blows she took over the time it took to perfect these predictions made her tremendously durable, so she proved difficult to even damage when they did hit.

Toward the end of the century, something Lilith had never seen before occurred that she could not get behind: The Quincy Genocide. Having risen in the ranks enough, she was privy to the information when it was decided Quincy needed to be dealt with. Their refusal to adhere to the Gotei’s requests in not dealing with Hollows for the sake of the Soul Cycle led to this horrible situation. She actively spoke out against such a thing, knowing that meant innocent children and those who “might” become Quincy were all on the list. For the sake of the Cycle, Lilith’s protests were squashed. On the day of the Genocide, Lilith was sent to slaughter as many of them as she could. Lilith was assigned to a colony of Quincy hiding out in a forest and was ready to do her job as a Shinigami, or so she thought.

Lilith decided that killing any Quincy was just senseless murder, even if the cycle was a problem. She understood the big picture, but would never allow her hand to take the life of a child. Instead, Lilith tried working with them to figure out a way to hide them. At first, they were suspicious of her and wanted to fight back, but when a newcomer made his way onto the field, Lilith realized she was in more trouble than she wanted to be. In taking caution about Lilith’s protests, Head Captain Yamamoto sent someone he trusted to guarantee that Lilith’s loyalty was to the Gotei and that she did her job: Kenshin. When this spy found out that she was going to help them, he showed up to slaughter them all himself. Desperate to stop it, Lilith put herself between them and fought to protect the Quincy. She told them to run as fast as they could and that she would hold him off, and that is exactly what she did. Through desperate pleas to stop Kenshin and get him to understand why the Gotei was wrong, Lilith defended herself against the man she had been with for years.

Betraying the Gotei Thirteen was not originally in Lilith’s plan, but this path they put her on was awful. Realizing Kenshin refused to see her side and would not stop attacking the innocent Quincy, Lilith activated her shikai and began truly fighting him. She knew it was going to be a hard fight, but she trained up to a rather masterful usage of her shikai in the last century, so she was confident in her ability to at least delay him for some time. Unfortunately, Kenshin was a kido user, so he preferred fighting a longer ranges, when she wanted to get in close. He kept dodging and using shunpo to evade her, while firing off kido toward the fleeing Quincy. Lilith utilized her shikai to disperse the reiryoku that made up his kido, preventing him from getting to his targets. Using the force of her shikai to propel her forward, she closed the gap between them for a while, getting a few attacks in before he released his own shikai to fight back. His destructive power was impressive, and it ended up a battle of sound against her explosions. Lilith’s ears began to bleed the more he attacked. Each attack came with a rush of vertigo, nausea, and even more difficulty hearing. She knew he was going to win…

Lilith had to rely solely on her reikaku to fight him. She sensed his reiryoku as it welled for kido, his movements when he used shunpo, and the power behind his sound attacks that still made her dizzy even while deafened. Finally, a decent blow was landed, but it wasn’t on Kenshin. Lilith became distracted as he took advantage of their relationship. “I wanted to marry you, Lilith,” he said, causing her to hesitate for just a moment. That brief second allowed him the opening he needed. Lilith collapsed, and she choked on the unbearable pain of his weapon ripping through her body. He stood over her, cold and uncaring eyes staring down at her, with his blade raised to finish the job. A rod of blue light pierced Kenshin’s chest and then another and another, until her vision faded to black.

When Lilith woke, she was in a building she did not recognize, with people she did not know, and her zanpakuto was laying by her side. She was wrapped in bandages, including one around her left eye. She had been rescued and recovered by a few of the Quincy she attempted to protect. They bandaged her up and threw away the bloodied eye patch that had been damaged in the battle. After she rested, they informed her that the damage done would likely prevent her from conceiving, which didn’t initially bother her, but grew to bother her as she realized her dreams of motherhood were destroyed by the man she thought would get her there. For a couple of years, Lilith stayed in hiding with the Quincy. She trained with them, and since she knew she was a traitor to the Gotei, she had no problem divulging information on techniques to help them fight back. Lilith stayed with them for a few generations, helping train the next each time she was needed.


This was Lilith’s century for discovering bankai. For the most part, Lilith kept to her training in the underground, wherever she was welcome by her Quincy allies, specifically the Arant Family. Lilith and the Arant’s became close friends, almost a family. Since she helped them with their training and knowledge of Shinigami, they had no problem helping Lilith achieve her own bankai by providing her with a safe space to practice and train for it. Even though Lilith succeeded in all of the steps to gain her bankai, her zanpakuto spirit refused to release the power for her to test. Out of some sense of shame, Hōnaishinretsu also would not tell her why for quite some time. When Lilith finally convinced Hōna to speak up, Lilith discovered she could force out a bankai if she wanted, Hōna would allow it, but she needed to understand the consequences of doing so. Lilith’s bankai is the equivalent of a reiryoku nuclear bomb and usage of it could hurt her, everyone around her, and cause some catastrophic after effects. Lilith’s bankai was one she should only use if she had no choice and would accept the consequences.

This knowledge of her bankais destruction brought Lilith to the northern most coast of Greenland, where couldn’t hurt anyone. She made sure that absolutely no one was in a ten mile radius of her. No roads, no towns, no people. Within that icy wasteland, Lilith released her bankai and quickly became aware of how dangerous it actually was. A enormous explosion of reiryoku blasted out from her entire body, releasing an amount of energy that she had never experienced before. The air pressure and the heat was so intense, that her own power proved to scorch her skin. When the dust cleared, for as far as she could see, the ice melted, the left over water evaporated, and the ground crumbled. “You can’t feel it,” Hōna spoke up as Lilith walked to find the end of her bankais damage. “It would have no effect on you, but the reiryoku of your opponents would become unstable in this field, the heat would make it hard to breathe as the air singed their lungs, their eyes would burn... if they survived it.” Lilith collapsed before she could find the edge. She was utterly exhausted, and she had no desire to use her bankai against another person…

~2000s +

It wasn’t until after the disaster that was Aizen’s betrayal that Lilith began taking a second look back toward her home realm. She arrived late, only to witness the strangeness of Karakura’s sleeping population waking up as it was returned to its original place. Lilith helped with the little damage that was done when the citizens fell asleep, and only stuck around long enough to realize that was where she did not want to be. Afraid of being discovered, she fled Japan completely and made her way to China. She spent time exploring the country until the Demons showed up during World War III and threatened to destroy the world. Lilith, excited to get some real action, found herself studying demons and their techniques. She ended up back in real battles of destruction, where she could really let loose. During this time, the world became spiritually aware, so her mission to destroy as many demons and hollow as she could was for public entertainment. Humans and their cell phones…

Lilith became somewhat of a celebrity as the Spiritual became so known. She was filmed fighting off multiple powerful demons, hollow, and Arrancar alike, and became known as “The Juggernaut,” a title blatantly stolen from some comic book character. When the fighting was done, she was interviewed on the occasion, and she did her best to explain what she could to the general population. Millions were terrified of what was happening as a whole new world appeared around them, so she did her best to calm that fear. Many others were doing this as well, as powerful Shinigami and Quincy were coming out from all sides to calm the chaos, but that wouldn’t happen. Demonkind were relentless in their selfish and evil pursuits, so the fighting never really stopped. It wasn’t until World War IV, where the Demons were suddenly gone, cast from the world, destroyed, killed… Lilith didn’t really know, but they were finally gone, and she could finally take a breath and live a life.

During this time, Lilith took what little fame she gathered through her vigilante behavior and made a bit of a career out of her name. Having saved up a few major valuables over the centuries, she invested time in a few entertainment, medical, and technology companies. After one of these technology companies proved promising, Lilith bought them out and renamed them BlakeLabs. She hired some of the best minds to create unmatched prosthetics on the market to this day. Once it was finished, one of these prosthetics was ready to replace the eye that had been destroyed. She has had a few upgrades in the last couple of decades, but since the prosthetics are working, Lilith has made it her companies goal to guarantee that anyone who wants that second chance with another limb does get it.

For a small number of years, things were normal. Well, humans could see her, hollows were a daily nuisance, and Arrancar were proving more complicated than originally thought, but “normal” nonetheless. It wasn’t until the catastrophe in Africa that Lilith had to really let loose her power again. Lilith found herself fighting dozens of hollow that emerged from a hole that an entire city fell into. Having been across the world at the start, it took her a few days to get there, but the carnage was devastating. Millions were dead, being consumed by hollow that appeared. She tried her best to perform as many konso as she could, but the number of hollow was too great. Seeing the Vandenreich and the Gotei come together to fight this monstrous event, Lilith knew that something was going wrong in one of these damn realms, and became determined to figure out what it was. After the fighting was done, Lilith turned her sites toward the City of Light, with the intent of catching up with an old friend… ”What the hell is going on here…?”

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities:

Analyst: Centuries of experience has given Lilith a great amount of knowledge and understanding of people and how they work. She has spent years honing her abilities both in and out of combat, discovering what motivates and dissuades a person from getting to where they want to be. Her years training hundreds of Shinigami has allowed her to quickly identify where they’re failing and how to fix it. Her hundreds of battles, whether losses or wins, have helped her gain enough experience to react and adapt in the blink of an eye. She can predict the movements of her opponents, giving her an edge against many, even those someone like her should not have an edge against. For example, since Lilith has spent years studying speedsters and their techniques, even though she physically can’t keep up with them, she has learned to predict their movements in a way that allow her to react accordingly and still hold her own against them.

Durability: The number of scratches, cuts, bruises, bumps, broken bones, and damaged organs Lilith has has to heal from over the centuries of her time as a Shinigami is only the beginning of what brought her durability to reach the absolute pinnacle that most would never hope to reach as a Shinigami. Her body is able to survive blows from the most powerful and destructive opponents there are, a result of constant and intense training that has hardened and conditioned her body to a level of damage reduction. Lilith’s entire body is so efficient at fighting off damage from both out and inside sources, that a point-blank RPG to the face wouldn’t leave much more than a scratch and a naked lady. Of course, what comes with all of this is the ability to fight off almost all diseases and poisons as well.

Strength: Due to her style of combat, especially when utilizing large weapons like her zanpakuto, Lilith’s physical focus as intentionally been strength. Her rise in durability is more environmental while she has nurtured her strength to the same degree. Lilith’s strength has reached levels of impossibility that no human could imagine beyond their movies of superheros. Her great strength is what caused the collapse of her gang’s hideout, allowed her to crack the mask of a hollow while only a student, led her to Lieutenant of the Eleventh, helped her fight off Kenshin during the Quincy Genocide, and destroy dozens of hollow during Africa’s event.

Martial Skill: As a close quarters combat focused Shinigami, Lilith has honed her skills with the martial arts and swordsmanship to a masterful level. Her knowledge, experience, and training in truly intense combat situations have left her unrestricted in the techniques of combat. She can adapt her style and movements on a whim, merely by observing her opponent and knowing what sort of style she needs to utilize against them. She has mastered multiple martial arts over year of travel, including Aikido, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga. While she is not the type to really develop her own style, during her time with the Quincy, Lilith did decide to do just this out of boredom. Combining Muay Thai and Taekwondo with the use of her reiryoku, Lilith has technically created her own style, but she left it unnamed.

Lilith’s usage of large weapons, like great swords, has shaped her weapon style into one that utilizes wide and powerful swings that keep the area around her a very dangerous place to be. Since her weapons are often long and heavy, the area the blades cover end up being the place to avoid, but also hard to get beyond, since Lilith implements spins, utilizing her own momentum to keep up faster attacks inside of changing the direction of the blade when she doesn’t need to.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Extensive Reiryoku Reserves: Lilith has always had a large amount of reiryoku, and over the years that has only gotten worse. Luckily, her control over it has not worsened, but that does not mean it has gotten much better either. She still cannot shrink her zanpakuto like most people can, and if it leaks out, she has a habit of dropping weaker people just by walking in their vicinity. It also does not help that Lilith’s reiyroku holds some interesting traits. Those who feel these effects notice it just feels unnaturally heavy, like the water weighing down on someone who dove way too deep. It also feels weird thick, like you’re wading around in mud or syrup.

Reikaku: Lilith utilizes her reikaku at all times and therefore has a perfect mastery of it. She can sense the smallest amount of reiryoku being released at great distances, but also can focus it down on her own battlefield to pinpoint the smallest of movements. Her reikaku is very accurate at short distances too, almost giving her a mental outline of whatever she is focusing on. This helps her deal with the absent eye and increases her predictive capabilities in battle.

Hakuda: Lilith is extraordinarily talented and trained in hakuda techniques. It is her primary form of combat, since she only pulls out a weapon if the intent is to destroy. Even though her control over he reiryoku is lacking, her active usage of it is not. She may have a hard time putting a lid on the jar that is overfilling with her reiryoku, but the moment she is pouring it where she wants it, she is as refined and efficient as she needs to be. The reiryoku used in her hakuda attacks comes off heavy and blunt, not sharp. She can manipulate the energy within her body with ease, and in her case, a simple flick of her finger can create a destructive force.

Zanjutsu: Lilith has spent over two centuries with her zanpakuto spirit, Hōna, and so they have truly grown to understand each other on a level that one expects of siblings. There is a level of respect and trust between them that has always kept them fighting as one, completely synchronized. It was Lilith’s zanpakuto that taught her that reaching for help when you need it was a good trait to have, allowing her to learn how to work as a team member and a leader, something she had originally lacked in her younger years. Once Lilith accessed her shikai, and she realized what had originally been holding her back, she never let something so foolish hold her back again. Due to being treated like a friend, not a tool, Hōna has always been thankful and friendly with Lilith, guiding her in the mastery of their power whenever Lilith decided that advancement or refinement was necessary.

I. Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Hōnaishinretsu (放内心熱; Release of the Innermost Passion)

» Zanpakutō Spirit:

[Spirit Class 4] Lilith Blake ZanSpirit_400x550

» Inner World:

[Spirit Class 4] Lilith Blake InnerWorldLilith_Small

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
[Spirit Class 4] Lilith Blake Lilith_SealedZan

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Erupt

» Shikai Release Action: Lilith holds out her sword, releases shikai, and fiery red cracks form along the blade. The blade seems to shatter and then reforms into two fiery, steel gauntlets already around Lilith’s fists.

» Shikai Appearance:

[Spirit Class 4] Lilith Blake Lilith_Shikai_1

» Shikai Abilities: The simple description of Lilith’s shikai is that she creates powerful explosions in the direction of her fists, at least that is what it initially looks like. In truth, her gauntlets act as the match that ignites the air and causes the area to explode. She could do this with a flick of her finger or a backhand, not just a punch. These explosions have the same traits anyone would expect of them: fire and force. The fire burns around the normal range of orange-yellow fire, so up to 1200 degrees Celsius. The maximum force, power, and range that her shikai can achieve is equal to the capabilities provided by her spirit class.

    Focused Shot: By focusing her reiryoku into a thin area, Lilith can reform the large explosion into a more condensed beam, allowing for double the destructive force, but over a much smaller target. She can utilize this technique four times per thread with a one post cooldown.
    Mid-Air Movement: Lilith can utilize a smaller explosion to move her body mid air, suddenly repositioning herself mid-battle. These small explosions take such a small amount of reiryoku, that unless she’s performed it 3-4 dozen times, there really is no limit on her usage.
    Forced Flight: By using a barrage of small explosions, Lilith can keep herself airborne if needed. These explosions take the same amont of reiryoku that the mid-air movements do, so there really is no limit on her usage unless she reaches a rather insane number.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Name: Hōnaishinretsu, Enrō Shadan (放内心熱; Release of the Innermost Passion, 縁牢遮断; Lockdown of Destiny's Prison)

» Bankai Appearance: A fiery ball of doom.

» Bankai Abilities: The simple way to explain Lilith’s bankai is that it is an extremely limited use thermobaric bomb that “sets the air on fire.” With her body at the epicenter, upon release of her bankai, a massive ball of fire bursts outwards to the range of her spirit class. She can also choose to half the explosion's range to double the power. The fire in Lilith’s bankai is at temperatures three times the amount of her shikai, so approximately 3,000 degrees Celsius. Normally, the explosion does not damage Lilith because she has a 3ft radius safe space surrounding her. It is possible for another to occupy the safe space and be unharmed by the explosion, though she can disable the safe space.

After Effect 1: (Narrative) Reiatsu in the area of Lilith’s bankai becomes unstable, causing strange and unpredictable effects. These effects can be anything from backfires, sudden explosion of kido, forced sealing of forms like shikai, failure to cast an ability, and more. This is decided narratively and by the person in control of the affected character. The effects last for the entire thread, or a week for anyone who wants to utilize it, but only in the area that Lilith’s bankai was cast.

After Effect 2: Due to the intense heat and the nature of Lilith’s bankai, the air in the area is extremely hot, making it difficult to breathe. Those who survive the explosion will notice that their lungs, eyes, and skin are constantly being lightly burned while still within the radius of Lilith’s bankai.

Immunity: Lilith is immune to the explosion of her bankai due to the “safe space.” She is not immune to the after effects, but she has a minor (25%) resistance to them. If Lilith turns the safe area off it will prevent her immunity, not the resistance.

Usage: This bankai can currently only be used once per thread.

I. Equipment and Resources

» Equipment:

EyePro V_5.9: This prosthetic eye comes from Lilith’s medical technology company, BlakeLabs, which focuses on replaces lost limbs and body parts. It has two functions: vision and identification. The first function lets her see like normal, with a black-light, thermal, or night vision. The second function allows her to identify the race of a person using their bodily make-up, as in whether they are human, shinigami, quincy, or ‘other.’ Since this eye does give Lilith a bit of a headache, she normally keeps it off, utilizing it in disaster situations to rescue people in need.

Resources: Lilith owns three major companies: BlakeLabs, Lilitech, and Blake Film Entertainment. Each are successful in their own way. BlakeLabs is a prosthetic and pharmaceutical company that focuses on whatever they need to return soldiers to the line of duty. Lilitech is a entertainment technology company that focuses on the “next big thing” when it comes to music, film, and how citizens are going to watch it. Blake Film Entertainment is a notable film company that focuses on action, adventure, and superhero movies to entertain young adults. Having all three of these companies under her belt has made Lilith an extremely wealthy woman.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability:
» Speed:
» Strength:
» Martial Skill:

Will Skills
» Willpower:
» Deduction:
» Focus:

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho:
» Kidō:
» Zanjutsu:
» Hakuda:

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