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Sun Jun 23, 2024 9:46 pm

The door swung open as Tsubine strolled in. A young man that barely looked out of his teens walked behind him. The boy tried to conceal apprehension, but youth made him expressive. It was part of why Tsubine liked Kohaku. Not everyone in his group needed to be stern-faced men like the four assembled. "Kohaku. You can wait outside and hold my coat. I think it's only appropriate I speak to these men by myself." Tsubine gave a kind order to the young man who started. He didn't like leaving his boss alone. None of the other men were alone. He slid off the coat with grace and handed it to Kohaku before he could utter an objection. A small glance from Tsubine made the young man bow and step outside, closing the door behind him.

Tsubine stood in a room with eleven other men. Three were dressed well. One wore no shirt and let his fat and muscle glisten in the lanternlight. The other seven were nothing to really care about. Suits or kimono—it didn't matter what they wore. They were clearly below and subservient to one of the four outliers. Genzaburō Yoichi of the Yoichi-kai, Reno Oborigawa of the Kitazume-kai, Junji Itagarasu of the Eikawa Fushihatsu-gumi, and Hyōgo Hōshiguma of the Yamatori Clan. These were the four heads of the crime syndicates that had immense vested interest and could be said to control District 65 West, 66 South, 66 North, and 67 West respectively. In essence, these four were Tsubine's rivals.

None spoke and instead cast dark glares at the reformer. "I wasn't expecting a warm welcome, but a 'hello' would have been nice." Tsubine chuckled at the not-so-funny icebreaker. "Let me start with a thank you for taking time to meet; I know it's very difficult to stop killing one another. So very time-consuming." The glares darkened. "Before you guys start looking like you're going to kill me, why don't you hear me out first."

"Your invitation stated this would be a private function, Shirazumi-san." Genzaburō's voice rang clear like a bell bathed in patient frustration.

"I'd say this is pretty private. It's not like we're at a teahouse's outdoor patio." Tsubine gestured to the room. It was the largest room in a small inn he personally owned. It didn't turn a profit, and he used it more as a vacation house because of the seclusion.

"Yes, it is away from prying eyes, but what are they doing here?" The green kimono-clad man gestured at the other three. "If this is a business meeting, I do not wish to share my dealings with these outsiders."

The others, including Tsubine, nodded in unison. "Of course, of course. If this were a meeting to discuss a deal just between the Shirazumi-rengokai and the Yoichi-kai, we'd be having the meeting between just the two of us. Sorry chops," Tsubine gestured to the muttonchopped guard Genzaburō had brought, "but you wouldn't have been invited."

Next was the large man's turn to speak. Tsubine had been the cause of a couple of Hyōgo's scars he so proudly showed. "So you're saying this isn't just between our respective groups. This is meant to be a meeting between us all."

Tsubine pointed at Hyōgo with his index and middle finger extended. "Hōshiguma-san, you are right on the money. I knew that talking to each of you individually would take time I don't want to waste."

"Just get on with it and ask us to join your banner again." Reno spun his hand in a "hurry up" motion. "Stop treating it like a timeshare. If we wanted to hear someone blow smoke up our asses, we'd go talk to a Noble."

"Issa waste of time anyway. Yanno we don't wanna join." Junji's words made the other three crime bosses nod.

Tsubine, on the other hand, just smiled. "Well, as you can see I'm a bit obvious on some things. I'm always being chided about not having a subtle side. Any time I try, I'm seen-through immediately." He let out a single-breath chucklesigh. "You're wrong though. I've asked you all before to join under the yamadori of the Shirazumi. I've offered you wealth and protection. I've taken out competitors and spared members of your group just to try to win you each over."

"And we are grateful for your assistance and mercy, Shirazumi-san, but—"

"But now," Tsubine cut Genzaburō off, "I've only got one question. How much of your organizations am I going to have reduce to ash before you agree to my demands?" The door burst apart as a sword still in its sheath came to Tsubine's hand. The guards prepared to draw their own weapons, but their bosses each held up hands to stay their men. The calm mirth on his face froze into steel resolution.

"I'm tired of feeling like I'm the only one who gives a damn about the Rukongai beyond just 'it's where I make my profits.' Genzaburō, you don't even live in Sixty-Five West anymore. You're in, what, Eleven West? That house with those freshly-painted blue shutters, right? You got 'not quite sky blue with a hint of seafoam green,' right? It bet it's a gorgeous color. Too bad that you just so happen to buy very flammable paint. I'd hate to see your house disappear when a paper lantern just happens to smash into one of those windows."

Tsubine glared as the man shot up. "How dare you threaten me?! I control the drugs that supply the Shōjin's authorized dealers! Without me, you wouldn't be able to make a profit on th—"

Tsubine flickered and appeared a few steps behind Genzaburō and in the guard's blindspot. "I overshot it again, damn." Tsubine spun, drawing the blade. Genzaburō's guard had drawn his sword and was looking to swing at the new threat. Tsubine made sure he was disarmed. Ignoring the screams, he pressed the sword against Genzaburō's neck. "For one, I actually aim to not make a profit on addictive substances. If you weren't so far up your own ass, you'd know that. Second, no, you're not. Those routes are mine now." Tsubine plunged his sword through the man's neck. One down.

"As you can tell, I'm quite serious this time. He'll be found having fallen on a broken railing while running to escape his house being on fire. Horrible way to die—having your neck impaled on a wooden spike." Tsubine flicked the blood off. The guard's screams finally subsided. All but one of the other guards had drawn their weapons and moved to protect their lord.

"Yer feckin' crazy. Ya can't just go around killing us all at once." Junji was protected by three katana-wielding suits as he slowly crept towards the door.

"I'm done asking you all to join, Itagarasu. I want to build a better society out here, and you're all wanting profits over improvement. I don't want to kill you, but I will—if it's to make the Rukongai better."

"Yeah, but yer just one fella. Ya can't do it. And I'm not fixinta get got 'cause ya figured ya had enough. Git 'im." Itagarasu and his guards charged. Tsubine was surprised. He felt the scrawny man would run. Knowing the Itagarasu dojo focused on coordination, he couldn't do a surprise attack like he did against Genzaburō. He adjusted the grip on the scabbard.

"Isshin Kensei—Number Four: Lunatic Gate." Tsubine deflected one sword with his own, then slammed the scabbard into the guard's skull. He twisted to avoid another strike and sliced into the second guard's torso. The third guard came from above and Tsubine barely blocked it in time. This guy was good. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye and saw Itagarasu charging at his flank. He shifted the grip on the scabbard. As his attacker tried to stab, it instead went into the scabbard.

Tsubine took the moment of confusion to push back the guard. His motion put him into another spin. .With one motion, he pushed Itagarasu back and into a stumble—his katana now bare. The guard was spun with the block and sent flying onto Itagarasu. Tsubine didn't kill Itagarasu's guard, Itagarasu's own naked blade did. How insulting. Sheathing his own sword, he grabbed the guard's dropped sword and threw it into the boss's skull. Thankfully he had a tall head.

Tsubine turned towards the remaining two bosses. 65 West and 66 North were now his. He raised an eyebrow. "I think tonight's a good night to retire as any." Reno leaned on his cane. "I'm not looking to die tonight. Just don't burn my house down." He began walking out and glanced back. Tsubine didn't pursue. He gave them a choice, and he was glad that at least one was accepting the offer.

There was one left, and truth be told, Tsubine didn't want to fight Hyōgo. The guy was big, and he knew the 'guard' Hyōgo brought in was just a formality. He was likely there to read anything, as Hyōgo was infamously illiterate. Well-spoken, but couldn't read his own name. He held up two big, meaty hands as Tsubine turned towards him. "Shirazumi, I would have said yes if you had just asked again. You didn't have to go this far. I thought this was the old way of doing things."

Tsubine sighed again. "If I thought I could get by with just doing things my way, I'd be in a much better mood, Hyōgo. I've tried so many times to try to get those three on my side. I want a place where we don't have to spill blood like this to make the world a better place. Once I can make that, I'll follow Reno and retire."

Hyōgo laughed. "Then you're going to be working a long time, boss." Tsubine let his shoulders drop as the tension dissipated. "Hyōgo, I'll let you keep calling me Shirazumi. Hearing you call me 'boss' sounds weird." The two shared a laugh and a few words. He had made strides today towards his ultimate goal.

Once the living had left, Tsubine called out to his token guard and coatboy. "Kohaku, go tell Michikawa that we're going to need a new..." He surveyed the room. Blood, bodies, and steel ruined fabric and scratched wood. This was going to be expensive. "Tell her we're going to need a new everything."

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