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Thu Jun 27, 2024 12:54 pm

I. Equipment Information

» Name: Steingruft Scanner Band
» Description:

A circular band generated from soul Silver and programmed with a derivation of Ehefra Kleinmund's Spirit Script: Scan ability. This device is distributed to all Steingruft personnel and applicable Vandenreich personnel, and provides information relevent to themselves and their immediate surroundings, in addition to transmitting this data to Steingruft databases. Any forward operation outside of the usual network range of this system will generally include a Relay being deployed to ensure these bands can still properly collect and transmit data.

» Effect:

Based off of Ehefra's Scan Ability written as such:

Spirit Script: Scan
A spirit code that uses a reishi field in order to scan a set space within 25 meters of the object performing the scan, as well as produce a display showing the raw data of the scan. These scans can show in-depth information about a subject including approximate power (Spirit Class), Race, and other general information (Height, weight, ect) in a passive instant scan. However, with a total of 3 posts of exposure to an attack or ability, the Scan can provide a full understanding of how the ability or attack functions.

This script takes 2 posts to write and apply to an object. When applied to an object which already has a System AI script applied to it, the range of this scan is increased to the range of the System’s influence.

This however, does not function to the full extent of her active ability and comes in two flavors.

1. Steingruft Issued Scanners:
These bands have the full scanning functionality of Ehefra's ability and scans spiritual signatures and data in their immediate surroundings, in-depth scanning function is activated by Steingruft personnel for other information such as physical structure, composition, ect. Per the written ability, surface information is available immediately, while a full in depth analysis would be available after 3 posts of exposure. While this is closer to Ehefra's ability, the in depth information from the scan is not available until 1 post after acquisition. Giving the time for the information to be relayed to Steingruft systems, and then for the processed data to be sent to the personnel.

2. Soldat Issued Scanners:
These bands have slightly reduced functionality, and specifically only passively collect information about Spiritual energy around the user. This information can be used to collect data on the soldat's own combat abilities and vital information, as well as the information of other living and nonliving spiritual pressures in their surroundings. While this does not collect physical data like the Steingruft Issued bands, it does collect detailed information about the spiritual energy and capabilities of those that interact and engage with Vandenreich personnel.
Passively, this collects general diagnostic information about the soldat and their spiritual surroundings. However, in the event that the Soldat's vitals become critical or unacceptably irregular, an SOS is transmitted to the Steingruft Network after 1 post. Similar to the other band, surface date (Race, General Energy Levels, ect) can be collected immediately, in-depth information requires at least 3 posts of exposure for a full analysis.

-The bands are not indestructible, damaging them can effect their ability to collect and transmit information.
-The bands require being within Vandenreich network. While Operations will involve deployment of relays to ensure data collection, and bands will still store data. This information's ability to be transmitted to the vr can be inhibited by being too far from VR territory.
-Subject to Jamming and other narrative hoohah for events and such.

For equipment page only. Do not put this in your application.

» Relevant Link:

» Obtained From: Distributed by the Vandenreich Steingruft. Non-steingruft members by default are given the Soldat Issued Band, but applications can be put in for a Steingruft Issued Band pending permission from the current Steingruft Administrator, or an officer of the Director rank or Higher.

» Accessibility:

All Steingruft Personnel are expected to have a Steingruft Issued Band on them whenever they are deployed to the field. Additionally, the Operations Commander may choose to mandate distribution of bands pending circumstances related to the operation. Additionally, Personnel of Director Rank or Higher may mandate a Band be worn by a member of the Vandenreich if deemed necessary.

Normal Soldat my also request or be offered a Band for general or specific purposes.

I. Additional Information

Default design is a Wristband, Administrators and higher may request specially designed Bands (Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, ect.)

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Tue Jul 09, 2024 1:00 pm
[adm]Seeing as these abilities are tied to Ehefra's secondary spiritual weapon, any time she manifested her primary spirit weapon, these bands would all cease to function. Beyond this, their scope of existence shouldn't function outside her spiritual area of influence, seeing as it is tied to her spirit weapon. Being able to manufacture and maintain these at such a scale, additionally, would be a significant drain on Ehefra's own spiritual capacity.[/adm]
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