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Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:59 pm
Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Hannah Chiza
» Alias: The Deception! Glimmer Ginger
» Age: 227
» Gender: Female

» Association: Lux Orior [loosely, they are downsizing, after all]. Urahara's Shop.

» Appearance Written: Hannah is a girl that stands out in a crowd, regardless of wither she wants to or not. She had short cut hair, of a dark blonde, and auburn eyes that seem to shine with intensity when seen in low-light (This is not a trick of the light, they do literally shine). Her face looks to have a hard beauty to it at first glance, but stare longer and the soft features come into play. The smoothness of her skin, and the curves of her head, accent it into something that can entice with a look.

Zooming one's eyes out - yes, it's a thing, shut up - they could come to see the true scope of Hannah's appearance. Tall, and in that height, making herself look slender rather than skinny, she immediately attracts people with her body, and her breasts are just perfectly sized for her height and weight, making her entire body look as if if was sculpted by a master artisan rather than something that was born. More overt looking would allow the person to see past the illusion of slenderness and see the lack of muscle in key areas, as well as how her eyes seem glazed and don’t focus on anything, either sitting in her head far too still, or wandering about erratically. So Hannah endeavours to avoid people staring too long.

» Appearance Image: Hannah Chiza [Approved, 1-2] [Hazard Rating C] Latest?cb=20130330190138

I. Personality

» Personality: Deviating so dramatically from how she looks that it earned her a moniker to that effect, Hannah is, at her core, a quiet girl by nature. She can deal with people well enough when she needs to, polite, soft of tone and nice to talk to. She can hold her temper well, and does not resort to insulting the other party in practically any situation, feeling that if she made it heated, she would have a big problem returning to the background when she was done. When it is required of her, such as in her shop or local providers - the butchers, and bakers and fishermen - then she is a girl who has a considerable social acumen but generally prefers to be away from the action when she doesn't have to be up front. If there is any way she can let another person be in the spotlight, then she will let them, and potter around in the background. It isn't an introverted nature, or any sociological problems, she just prefers the quiet. Possibly because of this, Hannah has trouble disliking a person or group simply because she is told they are the enemies. Anyone who attacks her will be dealt with as any enemy is, but she cannot hate people on the first meeting simply because she was told to.

However, a new addition to her mentality, is something that she is still trying to get to grips with, something that flies in the face of her pragmatic sensibilities. Soul Reapers, her own people, light such a fire of rage in her heart, she can't restrain her actions. Her hands shake and her visions blur, she is assailed by the memories of that day and she either flees the scene, or lashes out violently, in a drive to cripple them in mind and in body. Her desire to be quiet is strong enough to war with this, on a certain level. Depending on the personality of the Shinigami, she can suppress her feelings into cold civility, but even the nicest would see be able to see that Hannah has no love for them or their people. This prejudice, this hatred that burned towards Shinigami and what they had done to her, would be very difficult to remove, but with enough persistence, a singular person may be able to break through. But then it would be that one person, not the whole group itself.

Her mind wars against itself in this situation if she meets a Shinigami who is cripplingly injured. She feels the need to help them, while also hating everything that they are and stand for. In this situation, numerous factors play in, such as if she knows the person, the immediate surroundings, and if she has left the kettle on back at home. She can leave a Shinigami to bleed out and die if she sufficiently hates them specifically, but this would be a rare situation.

Eventually, Hannah's own personality asserted itself. She still hated the Shinigami for what they did to her, but it wass a chill kind of hatred she had no drive to act upon. The hottest flame only burn so long before snuffing themselves out, after all, and Hannah could scarcely maintain hate and anger in her heart. it was just not her nature. Shinigami were still a traumatic thing for her, but not so much as they used to be.

And then, to culimate this development, Hannah finally got to meet up with Captain-Commander Abalia Kyoraku-Hayden, who's soft and gentle tones, and Peerless Mum powers blew away the last remaining pain and anguish of that moment. Showing her that Shinigami truly were diverse and worthwhile to spend one's time on.

I. History

» History: Born in the Soul Society, Hannah grew up with her family in a nice little shop, in the fourth district of Rukongai. Even when she was a young child, she would melt the hearts on onlookers with her smile. She was put up on the shop floor as soon as she could talk, as such a blend of cuteness and childish beauty made for great sales tactics. However, despite growing up in the retail business, she became a girl that didn't actively seek out friends, didn't spend her free time out playing with the children, but rather reading books, drawing pictures, and other activities that she was happy to pursuit on her own.

Life, was good, but unfortunately, life never stays good. Hannah was, unbeknownst to everyone, born with an incredibly powerful soul, able to produce a stunning level of Reiatsu for a girl who had never so much as seen a Shinigami. This power, was liable to cause great problems for her parents, there were scattered tales of the now-great Shinigami having nearly - or even outright - crippled their family due to the rampant, uncontrolled power. And so without her knowledge, she instinctively suppressed it, keeping it within her so she would not hurt anyone. But she did, she hurt herself. Unable to deal with the strain of such power being kept inwards, constantly bouncing around and reflecting off her unprepared body with only a small amount of it being released to avoid total combustion, her body grew up sickly, and weak.

Her outer beauty was not affected, and in fact flourished as she grew up. Growing more and more beautiful, breaking hearts with the way in which she stayed indoors and never engaged people beyond the casual hello. She caught all manner of illnesses easily, and her strength never developed well under the strain of her ever-growing Reiatsu being suppressed. One day, it all came to a head, when she got news that her parents had been killed in an accident. There was controversy surrounding the accident, some people thought it was revenge. The man who had tried to court her was well known for his violent tendencies and his rash actions when someone appeared to try get in his way, or block him from what he wanted. Hannah's father had tried to keep such a man away from his daughter, fearing that with her weak constitution, she would not survive the first time this man grew angry with her. And as all fathers, his worry drove him to protect his daughter at all costs, and it would appear that the cost of protection had finally become the Ultimate Cost, higher than anyone could manage to pay. Brought to the scene on her own vehement assistance, she stood and looked at the body of her parents. Her first brush with death, as such a young age. From there, she was sure it was no accident. They had said the horse of their carriage had been spooked and flipped the cart which landed on top of them and crushed them to death, but that just seemed far to convenient.

Whether it was knowledge built up over a life time of book reading, or just some instinctual whispering in her mind that she could not doubt, there was nothing she could do against the knowledge that someone had killed her father for his interference, and her mother for spite. And so with a gut-wrenching keen of despair, the Reiatsu so long kept inside her, exploded outwards into the surrounding area, leaving everyone intimately aware that this woman was not something to insult, or upset. Her power, when related to other citizens of Rukongai, was immeasurable. Tears drenched her face, and her mind was filled with a dark cloud of red smoke. There was a voice, soft and on the edge of hearing, that tried to be soothing, but Hannah was too far gone, and the voice to quiet, to make any sort of difference. By chance, or design from some higher power, she happened to glance her stalker in the crowd, smiling to himself. Despite her father’s best attempts, she had met him on a few occasions, but turned him down because she didn’t like him in the slightest. So she knew, on sight, that it was him who had caused her parents to die. With shriek to the heavens, she spawned a large ball of spiritual energy and threw it at him. The crowd quickly scattered and the unstable ball exploded in a wave of kinetic force that knocked everyone on their respective asses. As she was charging a second, a strong voice ripped through the screaming and the panic of the crowd.

“Bakudo 61: Rikujokoro!”

Suddenly, Hannah was frozen. Her ball fading away into nothing and a man appearing in front of her. He looked over the situation and then just picked Hannah up and took her away, leaving people to brush themselves off, and those assigned to oversee the Rukongai to do their job. Without much ability to resist, Hannah was brought to a strange sort of room-cell. It wasn't exactly prison, she had a lot of amenities and it was much nicer than she would have thought a cell would be, but she also wasn't allowed to leave, and there were guards at the door. Investigations lasted a whole week, but eventually it was ruled that Hannah had not broken any laws that would require her to go to prison, and after the truth of her parents murder – it was found out by people who were actual investigators that it was indeed murder –she was allowed out of the cell, But had to have a guard with her at all times, because that was the tradeoff. She was also forced to go see a man specialised in after-trauma care, to avoid her repeating the same actions. It was better than getting locked up for nearly killing someone and hurting a dozen others, so she agreed to the term.

Hannah was quickly brought to Shin'o Academy, where her guard followed, but did not interfere. It was decreed that with such potent pressure from a girl with no control over it, she would need some control over it if she was going to continue. Either that or they could work towards burning it off so she wasn’t a problem. Despite the trouble it had caused, she wanted to keep it, so she went to school. And then life began. She was thrown into lesson after lesson, and the time with her post-trauma man, and between her constant illnesses that persisted after she had managed to grasp her Reiatsu and use it properly - it was thought that her latent abilities had come to the fore-front by way of grief, rather than her repressing them for years, because by rights she should not be able to do that so early - and learning so much, her head was crammed full of junk, it was hard to get a moment to just feel anything other than being overwhelmed.
Zanjutsu was interesting, however her weak body could not allow her to do it for very long before starting to ache and cramp, which was annoying because she had a great deal of energy to burn, just no strength to burn it with. It was a horrible feeling to gasp from breathlessness while still feeling a drive to act, a push to do! Hakuda went the same way, and while she wasn't terrible at Hoho, she truly shined in Kido. Here she picked up Hadō and Bakudo like it was a matter of course, as if she already knew what she was doing, and just going through the numbers. She excelled to a magnificent degree, and for that she was happy. With extensive Kido training she could actually get this eternally burning energy to a more manageable level without her body feeling like it was going to just fall apart. It recovered, and eventually Hannah had the specifics of it down, doing intense practice when it flared, and then letting it recover when it dimmed. With her Kido, she amazed teachers and inspired jealousy in class mates. Of course, she was jealous of how everyone could do Zanjutsu and Hakuda with such ease, so that was the circle they worked with. She was great with Kido and got fans because she was good at that, and she had people that she was fans of. Even one girl she felt something for that made her heart go doky-doky. She wasn’t sure what to do with it, it was new and scary and quite frightening that she would actually want to come out of the shadows and intereact with someone. That was foolish and stupid and stupid and foolish, so she put it out of her mind along with anything that might be related to the idea of love. Who needed love when you have Kido?

Despite her rigorous workout, every time it recovered, it came back a little stronger, and her training got a little longer to compensate. The guard that followed her around, and got her many strange stares from many students – competing almost with the pink haired, silver eyed girl who had no output at all in the Reiryoku area – became increasingly bored at her standing in the yard for hours shooting off Kido and eventually that drove the realization that she was not going to be able to handle it just from what she learned from the Academy. So, when she graduated, she looked to the Squads. Either the Fourth Squad, or the Kido Corps, she couldn’t really decide. Both would teach her higher level spiritual arts that she needed, but which one would be the best in the long run? However, after she thought back on that one Hakuda lesson where the pink-haired girl killed a man with a single punch, she decided on Fourth. If someone there had medical training, maybe he would not have died.

It was here, in the halls of the Fourth Squad, that she thought she was able to shine, and studied Kaido for a few weeks before coming out to the Squad and showing her ability. Such a solid, instinctive understanding of the usage of Kaido, along with a solid Reiatsu and beautiful frame, led Hannah to climb the ranks quickly, becoming a 3rd seat in less than a year. Suddenly she was inundated with people wanting her to teach them, people wanting to explain the concepts of so many advanced Kido and Kaido, and people who looked up to her like the same way most people who pursuited Kido looked up to the masterful Savant, Kisuke Urahara. They thought that they could get in good with her now, and in a hundred years when she was a peerless Captain, they would be her friends and she would use her position to their benefit. Some people honestly just wanted her smarts, or beauty, or company, but there were those, like there always is, that wanted to use her for what they thought they might be able to get out of it in the long run. It was this that pushed her out of her shell. Not exactly something she wanted to do, but something that turned out to be a thing she was going to do because she couldn’t disappoint this many people. That was social suicide.

Her instincts allowed her to progress further, conceptualizing a new manner of healing Kido - called Genkido - that focused on speed of healing and range, since usual healing Kido was not something that could be done on the battlefield. It was Hannah's goal however, to create Kaido that could be used by the stronger Kido casters to help without being in contact for several minutes. It wouldn't be something anyone could use, as it burned through her Reiryoku stores pretty quickly – although, she did start with one that was equal in power to a #50 Kido, which could be the reason why she felt the burn – but it would be something for the medics and the kido practitioners of a higher level. Through experimenting, she learned a few other tricks not at all related to making a person feel better. The manifestation and creation of certain phenomena using her Reiatsu. She thought this must be how Kido was first made, with one person that had the feel for it teaching others. One person that just knew what they were doing, and then showed that to others once they got it down into a form that could be explained.

In between this, she was focused on her Zanpaktou, setting aside days dedicated to nothing but her Division duties, and Jizen, hoping to get through to her blade and put a face and name to a companion that had been close to her heart, even without knowing it. It was interesting, to actually want to get to know someone, to go out of her way to try and interact with them, even though it was something she had never done before in her life. But she liked it, it was a good feeling. If she got good success with this, she would even push to maybe make a few friends among the Shinigami. Maybe, that was still a long way off, and she was still a little wary of her inability to do something like that. Even though she had made good progress with her post-trauma man, to the point where he allowed her to go about without a guard, she was still nervous, still worried that she would relapse, and with the power she had now, there wouldn’t be minor injuries. A little worried of herself, she just kept reserved as she usually did and focused on her Jizen. Maybe the spirit could help her.

Some days, it was hard to get out of bed. These days when her illness rode her hard and she spent the first hour using herself as a guinea pig for her new healing Kido to try and get herself into some manner activity that could face the day. On rare occasion, she was overwhelmed with despair, and her own uselessness. But, she chased that away with thoughts of Captain Ukitake. He was incredibly ill, such was common knowledge all across the Seireitei. And yet, he was a Captain. He had managed to take his body of cardboard and drag it to a place of great renown and respect. She wanted to do some Kaido on him, but never managed to muster up the courage to ask, and if Captain Unohana couldn’t do anything for him, then what was she going to be able to do?

While she was not forthcoming with her experiments - she still didn't do social well, but for an entirely different reason these days - people still knew she was up to something. And unfortunately for her, they did not like it. She had come, like a storm and taken over the division, raising so high so fast. If she was allowed to carry on, she would become even higher, to the Vice Captain seat, or even Captaincy if she was not stopped. They could not allow a young child who could hardly get out of bed in the morning without a wheezing cough or bunged up nose become a leader of their division. Unfortunately, the Machination were interrupted when the world imploded and suddenly there were Hollows out the Wazoo. Soul Reapers were deployed en masse and Hannah was sent on many patrols, her mastery of mid-level Kido and potent Reiryoku reserves was something that could not be left in the infirmary, despite the need for it as wounded Shinigami were coming in by the truckload. War, was good for development, however, and Hannah’s Genkido advanced in leaps and bounds, even developing a unique trick that felt weird to do, but it was invaluable on the battlefield where a chant would leave you open far too long. By the time the war was winding to a close, fifty years and several billion dead humans later, she had grown considerably with her Zanpaktou – who was called Peach, such a lovely name, and such a lovely Inner World as well, there was plenty of peace to be found there on the very rare occasion that she had a free moment - and had finished half a dozen of her Genkido. Her reputation became one of considerable greatness after a well-timed Gold Dragon Roar – the most powerful of her Genkido to date – was released and saved the lives of her entire team with its overwhelming recovery powers. As much animosity as her frail body and lack of physical fighting ability garnered her, her life-saving Kaido and her devastating Hadō brought favor and respect for her abilities. Maybe this having a friend thing wouldn’t be so bad.

Then came the Demonic Incursion. The defining moment for many Shinigami, the largest single conflict they had ever faced, and the most terrifying in losses. Hannah’s absence was marked by those who knew her as she had not managed to arrive, being bound to her bed by a decidedly crippling bout of her illness that she could not overcome, or subdue. She could feel the destruction that was happening outside, could hear the screams and the death, but could only lay on the floor – having fallen out of bed and not possessing the strength to get back up - in so much pain she couldn’t even scream. It was then that it occurred to her that this sickness was born from her Reiryoku’s malalignment, and as her Reiryoku got stronger, so too would the illness it caused. Why this had never occurred to her before, she didn’t know. But now it had, she could think of ways to fix it. It was just her luck, however, that she would be crippled today, of all days. The day when the presence of a powerful healer and Kido-slinger would be felt most keenly. Hannah’s sharp senses could make out many sources of power, all raging with unrestrained might. And she could help them, could have helped them, if she was able to do anything other than writhe in silent agony. After an eternity, she managed to get up off the floor. Drenched in sweat, hair an atrocious mess, and gasping deeply, she exited her home to help with the healing of those who had been hurt in the incursion. Her body was stiff and so she moved slowly, she had bitten her tongue in the thrashing, and she stunk of sweat and blood. But in the chaos that was, nobody seemed to notice, and so she just carried on, business as usual.

Her absence, had been noted and those who had irritation over her weakness grew bold in their hatred. They took her to the Living World, claiming that a detachment of Shinigami had been there fighting their own fight while this incursion happened, and she was a girl that was strong enough to deliver aid to them without need of help herself, while the rest of the fourth could deal with the people here. Taking this as the fact that her lack of presence hadn’t been noticed in the chaos and the confusion. So she accepted their offer and left to go help the Shinigami stranded and in need of aid. But, to her dismay, there were no wounded in this patrol, just a group of vindictive bastards. A gathering of people, from those who hated her rise, to those who hated how she flaunted her beauty and ignored them, did not give them the attention they were entitled from a beautiful girl. And so they were in on the plan to remove her. Confident in their numbers, they revealed their plans to kill her, and a few of the others had plans to do something else as she died. It was there that she lost it, the several-hundred year old incident where she attacked her parent’s killer was repeated with the magnitude cranked up a hundred times. Exploding into action as a fully chanted Kido was cast within seconds, catching them off guard and blowing a good chunk of them away before they could react. Victory was in her grasp from her mastery of Kido and her High-Speed Incantation granting her an edge over them. However, there was nothing sweet about this. She felt a new emotion bubbling up beneath her. And it was, hate. hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate!

She couldn't contain it, couldn't control it, and couldn’t even direct it. Hannah was at the mercy of this thing, and it took control of her for its own sinister purposes. All the emotions that had been building up over years, exploded outwards. Her vision blurred and her mind went blank, she couldn't even think to use her Kido properly, instead falling back on her more instinctive magic. She caught one of the assailants off guard and hit him with a power she had been working on in the war but never perfected. Halharl Infigar, a combination of her Reiryoku exerting heat and wind, sending a blast of air that scorched the skin from his bones, and left a charred husk. The rage and the hatred and the fire in her soul that just kept burning hotter and hotter made her push herself well beyond her limits, and she lost her awareness of the surrounding area, focusing just on the Reiatsu she could sense, and her flesh-searing magic. This led to her downfall as one of the surviving attackers swung frantically and his blade sliced her eyes clean out, blood splattering everywhere. It was unclear when her screams of rage turned to screams of pain, but the remaining Shinigami didn’t last long enough to notice the difference. With nobody left to fight, and no energy left to heal herself, she passed out on the spot, surrounded by corpses.

Hours, or days, past before she awoke, and immediately gagged, the smell of burned flesh and rotting cadavers overwhelmed her now that she was no longer driven by her rage. She emptied what little she had in her stomach and then realized another thing. The World was still black, still dark as a cave, deep underground. She reached a shaky hand up and felt the dried blood on her face, and the scar that cut cleanly from one side of her face to the other. She quickly tried Kaido, and then her own Genkido, but while the scar cleaned up nicely, her sight never returned. For whatever reason, she couldn’t get her eyes to see again, which crushed her soul and harrowed her mind. She was a healer, a dam good healer. But she couldn’t fix this. And that made her useless. She, was useless. She had let so many people die from her own weakness in the incursion, and now she was going to be blind forever because of that uselessness.

Soothing words from Peach managed to curb her hysteria as tears streamed from her defunct eyes, but it took her hours to get herself together, and start moving. She felt so helpless, shuffling along without any ability to see where she was going. Tripping over the bodies she had left behind, she eventually managed to get out of the general area, but with no sight and no understanding of the general area, she was doomed to wander blithely until some big, nasty monster came and ate her. And wouldn’t that be a great ending to a girl like this? Hannah resigned herself to it, but when it came, it was not a big nasty monster that came. Well, depending on your view point, at least. It was a group of men who had been drawn in from the commotion, and came to see what was happening. They found the helpless Hannah, and dragged her off, even a blind woman could serve with people like these. They were creative in the use of human property, after all.

They were not gentle with Hannah, stripping her out of her clothes and marking her so that any attempt to escape would be futile. And then they dressed her in some ratty potato-sack of an outfit, and threw her into a cell with two dozen others. It was not the torturous induction, or her growing hatred of her inability to see that was the worst, however. It was a feeling of loss, a deep-seated feeling that gnawed at her very soul. The men had not picked up Peach, believing her a mere sword like all the other fallen Zanpaktous. To be without the one girl that meant so much to her was more heart-ache than Hannah could cope, and she collapsed into a sobbing sleep that went undisturbed until the morning.

In that morning, she was kicked awake and then dragged outside with the rest of the people, to a courtyard, where a man started barking. If she could have seen, she would have been able to see that everyone was on edge, as her Reiatsu was filling the place with a feeling of loathing and hatred, but nobody knew where it was coming from, only feeling it’s effects. He told them that here was a camp for wretches that had fallen through the cracks of society, never to be missed, only used. Here they would learn to accept their new life, or the punishment that came with it, and to that point, he brought everyone’s attention to something Hannah could not see. He claimed that the person – apparently there was a person – had tried to escape last night, and had been caught before getting anywhere. And then the punishment began. Hannah didn’t have to see what was going on to be scared of it, she could hear it. Each crack of the whip was deafening, matched only by the screams of the man, or a very deeply voiced woman. She was not one to assume based upon their screams of agony. She counted twenty strikes before it was over, although the screams had faded by the eleventh, and the air hung thickly with the smell of blood. Hannah shuddered involuntarily, and then the man spoke again. They had two choices in this place, obedience, or punishment. And with that, men came and split the crowd into segments with practiced ease, dragging and pushing them off to wherever they had been assigned to. Hannah, being someone who had little worth, was assigned to the least of tasks, cleaning the worst parts of the camp and generally being thrown into places where she was very glad she was blind. Slowly her Reiatsu spluttered and faded back into her body in response to her feelings, and this led her to become even more sickly and weak that she was before. The captors did not like this, and so the cycle began. Hannah was weak, so they pushed her hard for their own amusement, and she got weaker because of the abuse.

While decidedly unable to do much outside of retch-inducing janitorial work, Hannah did not escape the attentions of some who would use her in any manner they saw fit. They told her that while most would be sold on to others, she was going to be kept here as their toy, and it was a fate she could look forward to. Hannah had a spark of anger at that, but the spark died quickly. She couldn’t muster any drive, any feeling of tenacity or desire to do anything but meekly follow. Her will had been crushed by herself long before the slavers had got their hands on her. So she was forced to do the most demeaning, embarrassing things they could think of, just for their amusement. Their laughter hurt almost as much as the careless groping and slapping, and biting that some of the more drunk and raunchy men indulged in. The first few times, her cheeks heated in a deep red, but she slowly burned that out, and it became just something else they did to her. In this, Hannah became more and more jaded and cynical, as her captors escaladed their attempts to embarrass her. There were limits, however. One man who stunk of booze and bad decisions pushed it too far and while it was a horrible experience for her, she did get the satisfaction of listening to the boss beat the crap out of him for breaking the rules. It was a very small mercy, but in a world like this, it was the small mercies that made up the biggest of motivations to carry on. Despite their attempts, every few days she heard another girl had shuffled herself off the mortal coil, or the lack of any medical care had done it for her.

The whole situation was one to cause great despair, and make one feel totally worthless. In fact, t was specifically designed to make you feel worthless, to crush you beneath their boot and make you nothing more than a shell of a person. But, she was not worthless. While her offensive kido was beyond her grasp, requiring a mindset that she had convinced herself she no longer possessed, her time in the Fourth division was too deeply engrained to ever allow her to lose control of her Kaido, and so she became somewhat of a blind angel. When the horrific gloop they dared to call food invariably caused issues with the prisoners, Hannah was there to sooth their troubles and bring them sweet release. When one of them had erred and been beaten harshly by overactive thugs, Hannah drew the pain from their wounds and set their bones, so they would not die. They understood Hannah’s need to be guided to where she needed to be for the help to be efficient, but anyone who would help them would receive any aid they needed to achieve their goals. However, not everyone appreciated this.

The captors found out about her actions, and dragged her out of the cell. Apparently, all that ailed the slaves was what they deserved, and they were to learn from it. Hannah’s actions deprived them of lessons, and kept them in the dark, and for that, she was to be punished. Her hands were lashed to a frame, and then the whip came. Each hit made it feel like her back feel like it was on fire, and while she bit down on the first hit, by the third she had lost all hope and was in an abyss of pain and screams, broken only by the crack of the lash. It eventually became too much for her, and the world drifted to black. She wondered if they would just keep her up there as an example, but right now she couldn’t do anything about what they wanted to do. She was beyond useless in every regard that mattered.

A return to consciousness came sudden and abrupt, as the truck she had been loaded into hit a bump, and she bashed her head, the pain waking her, and sparking even more pain from her badly medicated back. She didn’t even care why she was in a truck. Between the screaming monster that was the whip lacerations, and the dark abyss that was her loss of Peach, she was a swirling vortex of negativity, and nothing could rouse her from that. She barely blinked when the truck stopped, but a good minute after that, she did raise her head because she just heard a very strange sound. She wasn’t sure, but it would be what she would expect the sound of someone exploding to sound like. The ripping of skin and the splintering of bone, before the pitter-patter and clink of blood and bone fragments hitting the truck. Whatever could do something like that, must have been a monster of magnificent stature. Death had finally come for her, it seemed.

Instead, what came was a man. He informed the girls that they was in China, and trespassing on Kokuryuteshi Empire soil, and that was bad. Without any care in the world, Hannah hotly retorted that they didn’t exactly chose this weekend getaway. The sardonic response made him chuckle, and focus on Hannah herself. It was then that the man caught on and realized she was blind. The way she stared through things, never focusing, and the discoloration of her irises and pupils, it meant she was unable to see anything. Feeling amused and thus benevolent enough to be a nice person, he got into the truck, and unfastened the bindings that held everyone in position. An offer of help was given, but nobody really heard, as they scurried out of the truck as fast as they could once they were able, not wanting to hang around any longer, risking the wilderness and death, to possible slavery. The only one left was Hannah, with a smile on her face that implied bloody knife-murder in the dead of night if he so much as looked in her direction in a manner which displeased her. Fortunately, Hannah was blind, so he could look all he wanted and she had no idea he was doing it.

The man offered his hand, and made sure to let Hannah know that it was offered and that he meant to harm to her. Hannah thought for a moment, and then realized that she didn’t care if he did or not, so simply let him take her hand and slowly lead her back to his house. Once there, he offered her clothes that were not blood-stained rags, and while they barely fit, they were better than what she had one before, so she accepted them. The clothes felt strange, but she had lost her fashion sense with her blindness and subsequent slavery, so just accepted them as something that wasn’t an absolute mess. The man commented on the still weeping marks on her back, and mentioned they would get infected if she didn’t get them seen too. She gave him a cryptic comment about how it would be seen to regardless, and so he let it lie.

Here she rested for several weeks, lost in lethargic despair. Her whipped back was cleansed of puss and the wounds closed, but she kept the scars there, because they were part of her now. She needed something to fill the void in her heart left by the loss of her Zanpaktou, but nothing came. She couldn’t do anything to help the man who had taken her in – not that he expected her too, but it felt bad just being here without lending a hand with something – and so she just sat in her room, ate when food was cooked, and was little more than a doll. She wondered if it would have been better to die that day, but several conversations with a few others who had come to visit her after her arrival helped in that regard. It seemed that her Reiatsu was not subtle in any manner, and had been noticed by a few people. Some claimed that merely walking past this house gave them shivers, while others were curious as to what could produce such pain, and felt a humanitarian desire to see if they could aid such a girl. At first she gave them no mind, but they kept coming and they were insistent as well as strangely nice. So she decided to start trying. And she could help herself at the same time, her Reiatsu was at the core of the pain that wracked her at night, and sometimes at day. She dealt with the pain silently so as not to disturb her host, but it would be better to not have the pains at all.

So she got down to it. The nitty-gritty of her Reiryoku. Having been suppressed for so long, her body felt like the natural reaction to raging Reiryoku was pain. Wither this had happened before, or if it was unique to her, she didn’t know, but it needed to be sorted out, and fast. So that was exactly what she did. With intense meditation and her skill combined with her natural aptitude, she slowly managed to bring it back to a better level, a level that was not one that crippled her just by existing. Her body’s ravaged nature wasn’t something she could fix, and even with work, it would be weak in comparison to practically everyone else, but she was content enough with the outcome. Being able to get up in the morning without feeling like she had been worked over by a bat in her sleep, was a good feeling. Still, the feeling was marred by still being blind, it seemed nothing would fix that.

Her victory tainted, it seemed like she was going to fade back into her depressive lethargic state, but luck and incredible instinct was on her side. When she had been working to fix her body, something had changed with the way she perceived the world. It was no longer totally pitch black without any input, instead she seemed to have a vague understanding of where things where. She got up and with her hands verified each of her vague feelings, learning that they were accurate, to a degree. Stubbed toes and bashed shins aside, this was an evolution. If she could refine it…

And so she had a new project. The first of which was to find out the source of this new awareness, which, as it happened, was her own Reiatsu. It coated the surrounding objects, and fed the information back to her mind about the general whereabouts and shapes. But it needed refining, so she went about pulling it tighter around shapes, modifying and manipulating her Reiatsu so that she could get much more accurate feedback. This, brought its own problems however. The sharper the feedback became, the more clearly she could perceive-by-proxy, the shorter the distance became. By the time she could make out the contortions of her nightstand, she was unable to see anything beyond it. Which was troubling. It meant that she’d never be able to keep her Reiatsu leashed and avoid all the troubles that a powerful Reiatsu untapped would cause. So she got up and slowly edged her way out of the room, and downstairs, where for the first time since they had met, she actually engaged her host in conversation outside of the dinner table. She was shy and reserved at the best of times, and she had withdrawn for quite a while so she wasn’t as confident as she could have been, nor as well spoken, so she stuttered and faltered a lot. But her host was friendly and polite, and waited, listening as she spoke and didn’t interrupt or look bored in the slightest.

She never questioned or inquired as to why, exactly, her host seemed so content for her to just sit in her room and do nothing, to never interact with him or try anything for the real world, or why he never lost his patience with her, and never forced her into anything, merely tried to include her. It could be anything in his past, but she was not a girl that liked to bother, and so never mentioned it. Instead, her conversation was that she wanted him to be a man who was exposed to her Reiatsu, and to tell her what point was comfortable for him to be around. When he accepted, Hannah explosively released her power, and then began to rein it in until he spoke up, saying that that was the point that he could handle. Taking that point of measurement and refining it to her surroundings, she got about fifteen feet in total. The only real problem with this is that sneaking and subtlety where forgone concepts due to how loud and proud she had to go with her output merely to see. But, even then, it was just a small concern, not something that really bothered her that much in comparison to being able to interact with the world again, even if it was a strange sort of interaction. Not seeing, but rather, knowing. Not that the differentiation mattered to her, sight was all she cared for, the semantics were best left to others.

With this, she was finally free to live again, to find something to fit. And so she did it with great vigor. There was one obvious path for a girl like her to go, and she took that path with the fire of a girl confident in her powers and her ability. The Enchanters accepted a girl like her with gusto, and she was tutored in the spiritual craft of K-World, as she tutored everyone that she could in everything. As they grew, so did Hannah. Her powers, Being unused for so long, where hard to start with, but when she did start using it, it came back as if it had never been unused in the first place. She even developed a Gen-Kido that could help repair structures, not just people. It was pretty interesting for her, but then so was any development in her power. She loved her job in the K-world because it was a job that she could do, something that she could flex her power muscles. This, peace, was finally what she had been searching for. After so long, she felt like she belonged again. And with this belonging came a drive to do. To power onwards and show everyone that while blind and frail, she was not a girl that was going to fall down easily. She was going to grab life by the balls and squeeze, just to hear the funny noises it would make when she did.

But, before she could get too into it, she was told that all those of K-World were able to get one with from Kin, and so she was taken before him. She didn’t try to hide her Shinigami nature, he was far too astute for anything like that, and would have seen through it in an instant and been insulted for the attempt. But, there was nothing she could really think of needing, so she just humorously asked him to make her into a Magical Girl. The whole transformation thing had endeared itself to her. Kin, wither or not he actually picked up on the lack of seriousness, came through with the request and produced a gem, in which had a high-tech looking staff and an interesting outfit. He called the outfit a ‘Barrier Jacket’ and claimed it would help protect her frail body, while the staff, he would leave to her. Surprised to actually get it, she had no name in mind, but looking it over she felt it resembled her own raging heart very well. It had an ascetic of power and bravado, and once used to test its features, she found that the staff had a potent enhancing ability. So that is what she called it. Being a physical thing, she could probably even get the engineers to look over it and see what could be improved. But right now, she was content with it, and so thanked Kin, not expecting that a wish made so whimsically could bring such joy.

Kin seemed to have some minor enjoyment of Hannah's presence, as she even renamed the Enchanters into the Magisters on Hannah's joking request, and put her at the head, as the Arch-Magister. Not one to let such trust and care go to waste, Hannah put in a lot of work in the RnD, helping with the creation of Kido Cartridges and a modification of her magical staff into a superior version. Her Gen-Kido was perfected here, as she used it daily for the betterment of the populace.

Alas, such days would not go on forever. Eventually, Hannah's personality melted away the hate and the heartbreak. Unable to keep hold of such emotions in the face of who she was, and the ability to act as she had always done, in aid of those that needed it. She felt wrong, to be supporting Kin in a revenge she could no longer stand by and support. Her mood declined, and in her morose wanderings, drew her somewhere she knew, deep down, would give her an out; Karakura.

It didn't go as expected. A discussion with Sou escaladed to a fight, that took her out, and she was arrested by the responders who came to check out the explosion. It might have seemed unfortunate to the outsider, but in reality, she kind of wanted it. To have the choice of leaving or staying taken out of her hands. And now, in Karakura Prison, she could linger, do as she was told, and simply exist without issue.

It was here she spent the next few years. Kokuyuteshi fell while she was inside, but she didn't mind so much. She had her new life here. It took a while to get them to trust her enough to help in the infirmary, but eventually she managed to get where she wanted to be. Where she belonged. While her power was restricted down to the absolute minimum she needed to see, she worked on and studied Kido in an environment that few would ever have access too.

This eventually bore fruit with what she called 'Shadow Casting'. The ability tocast Kido at full power while mitigating the cost of it.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities: Gen-kido: While failing Zanjutsu, and Hakuda, finding it incredibly difficult to build up any degree of muscle mass, and only having a passing skill in Hoho, there was only one path left for Hannah to excel. And that was to use her powerful Reiatsu to create a new set of Kaido powers, to make her mark despite her body's physical uselessness. Gen-kido is not a fully-fledged art yet, still requiring experience and experimentation before she can call it that. Kido was probably developed over hundreds of years, so she is not dissuaded despite the long time since it’s inception. However, it is on it's way there. Being conceptualized as a more potent Kaido that can be launched at range, it is separated into numbers much like it's cousin, Kido, ranging from 1 to 50. They demand a great deal more power than usual Kido, however, and should be used sparingly when they are completed.

Gen-Kido 1 – Kagayaku Hari [Shining Needles]: This technique is the most simple of all her Gen-Kido, used to heal minor wounds or multiple people at range. It creates thin needles which shoot from the user’s palm and feed benevolent energy into them. Each needle is negligible in its regenerative abilities, but can be fired as a massed horde to clear up the scrapes and bruises of a large group. More severe techniques require a stronger technique, as regardless of how many needles are fired, it cannot handle broken bones. The needles can be blocked by objects, and need to be aimed precisely, which make them rather a niche technique. However, the low costs and ability to cover an entire area with it very quickly does add to it's use in the right situations.

Gen-Kido 6 – Za Kiri [The Fog]: an advancement on wide-area healing, it requires more power than Shining Needles, but has a much wider area and a better chance to actually hit what they want, due to its semi-physical nature. Absorbed through the skin and lungs, it can reach internal damage and stabilise it, but hasn’t got the power to heal it outright. The distance the fog can cover is determined by how much Reiatsu she puts into it. However, regardless of how much energy goes into it, the regenerative abilities of this technique stay the same.

Gen-kido 13 – Kage Hogo [Shadow Suture]: A more specialised Gen-kido designed for lacerations and open wounds, this creates black strands of energy that launch forwards, as incorporeal as shadows themselves, and flying at a great speed to meet their target. Once it has hit, it quickly seals the wound and then the remaining energy is burned off to accelerate creation of scar-tissue, to aid in the prevention of infection. While this can be used on internal lacerations, it requires a much greater level of control. It can also be used unorthodoxly to stitch broken bones back together until she can get a moment to use a more powerful Gen-Kido, or return to base. The further the person is from Hannah, the more energy hse has to expend to get to them, but with her eyes the way they are, she can see through buildings and obstacles to make use of the incorporeal nature of this Genkido.

Gen-kido 14 – Taiyo Hantei [Sun’s Judgement]: Another specialized Gen-Kido designed for the unseen, this creates a blinding bright light which, once its beams touch a person, they are filled with the burning energy it possesses. This can ignite infections, and some poisons, driving them from the body and bringing it back to better health. It is better used on poison that infection, as it does not heal the wound itself, only the ailment taking advantage of the wound. It can also be used on colds, sore throats, fevers, and other minor illnesses, making it pretty handy even outside the battlefield.
Gen-Kido 15 [to 40] – Shokunin Onkei [Craftman’s Boon]: A strange, unique Gen-kido that is designed to ‘heal’ structural damage, rather than damage that has been incurred by that of a human. Unlike most, this Gen-Kido has several levels of power, which can increase the rating based on how much energy was expended to manifest it.

Gen-kido 31 – Daitaiyo Hantei [Great Sun’s Judgement]: An enhanced version of Sun’s Judgement, for the more dangerous, or embedded infections, or more potent/fast-acting poisons. This Kido operates identically to its brother, but has greater strength, at the cost of greater energy expenditure. Only the most esoteric of poisons can survive this, and even they are weakened considerably. There is, as of yet, no known illness or wound-based ailment that can survive the gaze of this Gen-Kido.

Gen-Kido 50 – Kin-Ryu Goon [Gold Dragon Roar]: The most powerful of Hannah’ Gen-Kido, it spawns a mighty Chinese Dragon, shining gold and curling around the area in which it has been commanded to restore. It then opens its mouth and lets out a great roar, spraying incredible energy and healing all most the most grievous, fatal wounds. A man mere seconds from death would be stabilized, his wounds regenerated to a point where he no longer had to fear the coming of the Reaper. This drains even Hannah’s incredible reserves rather deeply, and so is used sparingly.

Oceanic Reiryoku pool: From as long back as could be remembered, Hannah’s Reiryoku has been vast, and with all that she has been through, it has grown to become something as broad and as deep as the oceans themselves. This allows Hannah to fire off potent Kido at a rate that can shock lesser beings, and impress even the best slinger of Kido. Her recovery rate is also considerable. While she won’t be springing back from dry in the middle of a fight, she has considerably less downtime than one would expect from the amount of power she routinely displays.

Abnormal Reiryoku potency: Another effect of having Reiryoku out the wazoo, the power of her soul possesses a level of potency rarely seen in Shinigami, and rarely understood even by herself. This allows her to use her Kido to much greater effect than other people of the same level, as there is much more potential power packed into each little drop of her energy, allowing her to make her Kido very well fed, and the resulting kaboom, or indeed whatever sound affect Bakudo makes, is more considerable as a result of this.

Body of Cardboard: Repression of her power ravaged Hannah's body in the younger years, leaving her sickly, weak, and unable to do much physically. As her powers grew in intensity and strength, so did the ravaging, forcing her into moments of great, agonising pain and occasionally crippling her completely. This has happened in some of the most inopportune moments, and screwed her life up royally. While she has recently fixed the power form actively laying waste to her, she still has to bare the damage that has been inflicted until now. While she has been trying to heal it with her powers, it has come to no avail so far, and she feels as if it will never come to any avail as long as she is alive. The source of the damage was her spiritual power, so as long as she possesses that, she is going to be crippled by it in body.
[Hannah's Strength and Durability count at the bottom of whatever level she is on at the time]

Anima Mea - Sound of the Soul: While researching her Genkido, Hannah became aware of her Reiryoku's deeper mysteries. wither it is just her skill and control over her Reiryoku, or if it is something unique to Hannah, she doesn't quite know, but what she does know, is that there are four paths within her Soul. Heat, Wind, Force, and Light. With these four paths, she can cultivate amazing new techniques that have never before been seen, such as her Halharl Infigar, which pushes the Heat and Wind. The only other techniques she has right now, is Hadika Hadeka, pushing Force to create a powerful blast from her hand, knocking the enemy back, or launching herself back if she needed it - an interesting outcome of this is that the force is not a single thing, but rather fixed for several seconds, hitting the target over and over, or granting Hannah a very limited flight capability - and the exhaustive Belior Goldoreza, which pushes Heat and Light to create a beam reminiscent of a laser. As she grows in power, and experiments more, then more powers are sure to come from this. These techniques are akin enough to Kido to work under the same rules as them, only without needing a chant. It could be called a sub-category of Kido, but she has not been able to get out to see if others can learn it, and so she is stuck on what to classify it for now.

High-Speed Incantation: A trick Hannah developed on the battlefield, when incantations were far too long for battlefield conditions. The power that a full chant could bring to bear would be one that would save the lives of many due to it eliminating the target rather than simply wounding it. But rarely was there time to speak it all, so instead this was developed, from need and necessity. It grants the ability for Hannah to bend linguistically rules, and speak several words at the same time. This dramatically speeds up a chant, but also burns her Reiryoku at a faster rate, as it is used as the catalyst for this power. As such, it is used strategically, rather than with every casting.

Reiryoku Sonar: Being blind sucks. So Hannah decided to make a way to get around being blind, and made this, her Not-Being-Blind power. It allows her to send out her Reiatsu, and then get feedback from what her Reiatsu interacts with, granting her a map of the area and allowing her to move while still being entirely unable to see. This can’t overcome powers such as Death’s Cloak or Castiel’s Concealment however, and she is a constant beacon, due to the way this works. and she is a constant beacon of Reiatsu for anyone with even the slightest bit of spiritual sensing ability, due to the way this works. Her incredible pressure and power works against her as it is very difficult to miss her if a person can sense energy.

Grand Witch: Hannah's life is steeped in Kido, in the study and invention of new powers like Gen-Kido and Anima Mea. Every day is a new day to progress, invent, and ascend previous boundaries. This constant usage of and reliance on her Kido has led to a very potent, and very large pool of Reiryoku and a familiarity with Kido, a synchronicity unrivaled by most. With this, Hannah can use Kido #10 higher than the usual limit, (potentially enabling her to create Kido numbering in #100s with 0 tier power)

Shadow Casting: Expanding forever on her kido capabilities, Hannah tested a new form of casting that she dubbed 'Shadow Casting' due to it's nature. Stripping away all but the bare essentials of a Kido, it can be used much more efficiently than otherwise possible, allowing for greater longevity on the field and easier use in the more powerful Kidos. This reduces the overall train of using Kido and allows them to take a lesser hit to their stamina when used.

The drawback is that it requires a great amount of control and capability in Kido to use, and so is limited to people who have a minimum of Elite in Kido, though the full blooded variant is locked off until Master Kido is achieved.

I. Sealed Powers

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Daisy

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Petite and unseeming, Daisy does not look like someone that would ever be noticed by anyone. Something she finds rather amusing when compared to Hannah's striking appearance. The question of why she looks so much like Hannah's old spirit is not brought up, they both understand exactly why that is, and it doesn't need to be said.

» Inner World: An infinite field of daisies are found in Hannah's inner world, where the sun is always bright but not too hot, and Daisy is always around to talk and support if she needs it. Sometimes, the air is filled with massive clouds of daisy seeds, blown on the wind in brilliant patterns. Sometimes, Hannah plays with the seeds herself, dancing along with the wind she blows as Daisy watches on.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance: A pathetic physiology means that regardless of Hannah's actual skill in the art, her physical Zanpaktou is practically useless, so she uses her size control to keep it as a tiny sword-pendant around her neck.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Blossom of Summer: Daisy can store and regulate Hannah's almighty reiatsu flow to an extent, taking some of the burden off Hannah and allowing her body to rest. This allows Hannah to recover her Reiryoku at a slightly quicker rate, as well as draw an emergency capsule of power in times of need. The store fills slowly however, and so she can only pull from it once a thread.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Grow for me, Daisy"

» Shikai Appearance: A simple Shikai, Daisy takes on a bright yellow shawl that wraps around Hannah's shoulders, and does not move for the most violent of gales.

» Shikai Abilities: Field of Flowers: Daisy can enhance the power of Hannah's Kido, Kaido, Gen-Kido, and Anima Mea by a considerable margin - roughly two times her base power - , refining and purifying the energy into it to increase the payload before firing it off like a cannonball shot.

Seeds of Next Summer: Daisy can 'store' one Kido, Kaido, Gen-Kido or Anima Mea within her. These stored abilities do not lose their potency, and so a chanted Kido can be stored to be released suddenly and unexpectedly, either blasting the enemy or trapping them in a more powerful prison than they expected.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Appearance: The Shawl grows into a full length dress, complete with wide-brimmed hat. They are bright white, and billow gently in an unseen wind.

» Bankai Abilities: Enhancing upon her Shikai capabilities, Hannah is further empowered to four times her base capability and can store a total of two Kidos within Daisy to be used when she needs. Further, she can rapid fire Kido without having to call them each time, a constant stream of fiew as long as she keeps the same spell going.

This is understandably dangerous for her prolonged unconsciousness even with Hannah's great skill and potency if she decides to launch off a dozen 88s, so it is more a tactical weapon than something to simply waste the entire country with.

The final ability is to dissolve the dress and hat into an endless storm of daisy petals, where upon Hannah can launch her Kidos from any petal in the swarm. This, along with the second power, can allow her to savage a foe with a wild storm of Kido. But this swarm-form only lasts three posts before blowing away on the wind, preventing her from releasing her Zanpaktou for the rest of the thread. As such, caution is required.

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Untrained

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Elite
  • Hakuda: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

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Application Checklist
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Was considering asking for a time period on removing certain posions, but I trust that it will be a case to case basis as you mentioned. So I'll be approving this with no problems, I look forward to seeing her around and within K-world. I feel like Chun would like her.
Tier: 1-5, due to high amount of reiryoku, but lack of zanpakuto/related abilities

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[adm]Due to changes to tiers, this character is being adjusted to 1-2.[/adm]

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[adm]Just as a heads up/reminder, Lux Orior isn't an active group OoC anymore, so while you're entirely welcome to have the character still be involved with them, it might be worth thinking of where she can go moving forward.

The history needs a little bit of adjusting as far as its timeline to line up with the Realm Reset. Nothing major, but the chief change is that K-World in the current timeline was defeated roughly 50 years or so ago, so that would be about when Hannah went into prison, I imagine.

Additionally, adding a few updates to her history to reflect her more current situation and her recent activity would be good.

Grand Witch
This'll need a bit of adjusting since it makes reference to 0-tier power, which wouldn't exist anymore, and it isn't really feasible to cast spells above one's own Spirit Class. Also, casting Kido noted as Above 99 is something those with Master Kido can presumably already do, so this might actually just be redundant as an ability if you don't want to necessarily rewrite it.

Seeing as shikai already provides a shinigami with a universal increase to their abilities across the board, a further doubling of her kido's ability is fairly excessive for a release of this nature, and should be removed. Seeds of next Summer is fine as is.

As with the shikai, a further increase to kido ability beyond what the bankai already provides should be removed. The bankai's other abilities of rapid fire and its petal storm are fine.

Pain Endurance should be removed from her Skills.[/adm]
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