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Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:50 pm

A Selfish Endeavor. [Mag/Shuten] 6EdIfMt

Artist: DJ Okawari - Song: Flower Dance

A week after the events at Victoria, Magnolia was sitting upon a blanket in a clearing under the stars. Her golden eyes luminous as they stared searchingly upon the galactic splash of stars that reached across the sky above in a dazzling display of lights that illuminated the wide-reaching slightly wooded Wyoming landscape. She was wearing her traditional shinigami attire, her geta resting off in the grass neatly set together.

She had taken a break from the war, one that was meant to console her heart from the destruction she had wrought; Despite being hailed as a hero, how could that condone the blood that she had shed for that cause? It was something she had been thinking about a lot recently and was why she had come to this remote corner of the world, hoping to calm her frenzied soul.

Of course, she didn't want to do this alone though, and tonight she had invited another: her beloved shuten. They had not known each other for long, in fact, the truth was their first meeting was by chance; a series of coincidental events that so many would simply call "fate". Magnolia didn't believe in such a convoluted notion, however, that didn't mean she didn't appreciate the chance she had been given.

Shuten was her safe harbor, and more and more these days she had been seeking refuge within her calming touches. It was very much within Magnolia's nature to live proudly, a blazing torch that could last forever, or be snuffed out at any moment. She would cherish every moment, and would continue to carve her path in the tides of time.

Tonight however, the war, the gotei, and her fears would take a backburner to the one thing in her life that remained certain: her love. She had come out here to spend time with her, away from the troubles that plagued the world.

Was it selfish? Hell yes it was. However, Magnolia was okay with being selfish, after all, she was by no means a selfless person.

"Magpie... should I make myself scarce?" Raijin's deep voice rumbled sardonically. It was a token action at best after all, given they shared a finite space.

"Do what you want, I don't quite know how scarce you can make yourself" Mag quipped back before she laid back, her normally long hard short and chopped as it framed her jaw in a pixy cut. She laid back upon the blanket and stared up at the stars. That was how shuten eventually would find her, when she arrived.

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Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:01 pm

Song: N/A - By: N/A - Word Count: N/A

This war... it certainly was not without it's painful moments. Pain and sorrow always was something that came with war. However, there were also those moments of joy and happiness; moments where you could actually enjoy live and love without having to worry and fret over the threats of a war. Today was one of those days indeed, a day in which Magnolia, Shuten's still somewhat recent girlfriend, invited her out to a rather nice area out in Wyoming; her destination being a nice clearing where she found Magnolia. That blonde haired woman laying down and staring at the stars; quite an attractive woman to say the least. No matter how much the war made her worry, seeing such a sight called Magnolia always calmed her down; seeing her love made Shuten's heart feel at ease. She let out a tiny chuckle as she walked up towards Magnolia on her blanket, slowly taking a set next to her; leaning over the woman briefly to kiss her and smile. Sure, she interrupted the view of the stars; but maybe Magnolia wished to gaze upon the new view she has gained.

"Hello Magnolia~ I hope you weren't waiting too long for me~"

Shuten smiled at her lover, slowly leaning away from Magnolia just enough so she isn't above Magnolia. However, she was still close, and became even closer. Shuten soon moved so her side was against Magnolia's and she was laying down with her lover. Eventually, Shuten gingerly turned so her left side was on the ground; her right arm wrapped around Magnolia's waist as she was now able to see both the stars and Magnolia with relative ease. It was there she rested, looking upon her lover with a great deal of adoration. She did not know how much Magnolia wished to simply be silent and enjoy the moment, but she still spoke to her love.

"So, Mag, is there anything in particular you may wish to do~? Unless cuddling under the stars was your main plan for the night~"

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