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Fri Apr 30, 2021 7:26 am


Shangri-La. Long ago, in the Golden Age, it was the focal point of the Naku Clan, the nexus of forty eight Fortress-Cities that projected power all across the Himalayans. These days, they fully occupied three, with squatters and lesser beings milling about in another two. Shagri-La was most hard to reclaim because the Onmyoji of old kept it hidden from prying eyes and prevented people from teleporting in or finding it by scrying. The only way one could find it was if you went on a pilgramage and sought supplication from the great city.

So, that was why Ulv was at the foot of the Himalayans, dressed in red Buddhist robes and carrying a staff. With so much power spent on keeping her alive, there wasn't a lot left to be superhuman anymore, so she trekked up the mountian like a normal person. But, even without any powers at all, she was still physical perfection and the greatest martial artist that ever lived. Or one of them, anyway.

The mountian climbing was slow, arduous, and cold, but Ulv knew all those feelings and bothered not a whit. Instead, she just carried onwards and upwards, reciting mandras as she did. Being the Storm Queen of The Wind helped her keep her breath for those even as her lungs started to burn. It had been a while since she had done something proper like this. She had gotten comfortable and deranged in her old age. Though Calypso brought a great point to the forefront, hence this whole journey.

Eventually after many hours, Ulv roamed forth into the great gates of a city that simply appeared before her. A glorious capital of the old times, it gave her a feeling of spiritual enlightenment. Like the Tao was for all who wished it. It was a nice feeling. Though, she was looking for a specific part of the city, something that all Naku cities had. It took her a few hours, mostly because she couldn't stop herself from being distracted by the great sights and wonders of a lost age. So much here would be so good for the people down there to see. But given how hard the place was to get to, could hardly lead an expedition of people to this place. Even now she felt her Garganta and Senkaimon abilities restricted, stunted and unable to enact.

However, eventually she got where she was going. A large open area with six grooves cut into the ground. They were for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, and Yu-Shan. Back when there was enough that group cultivation was a thing they could actually do. At least three of each level would get together and move as one for the betterment of all.

Striding through the six rings and standing in the center, she looked up at the great rotating pillar in front of her. It was covered in all manner of profound sayings and koans, but there was one partition that had a free spot at the bottom. They were moved to the temple when they were full, and a new one brought out to fill again. So she took to using it. Using a precision cero, she carved her own into the pillar.

'Even if I am laughed at for falling with nothing to my name, I chose to live life in accordance to my principles. Rather than live out my days accruing Glory, I seek to die with a satisfied smile on my face

- White Mask Buddha'

'So it's now?' Hvit finally spoke up. Silent the whole trip, probably ruminating on what was to come. Ulv, for her part, assuming a meditative position beneath the pillar, and exhaled.
"Now, is when, yes" Ulv replied. With that, the Hollow energy roiled inside her and bubbled over, Hvit executing a Takeover attempt over Ulv. It was not fought by Ulv, nor could it really be given the lob-sided affair of the power dynamics these days. In a few seconds Hvit had won and departed Ulv's body.

The billowing energy that was bathing the city, immediately dimmed to near nothing. Ulv felt herself so weak she couldn't even call on her Shikai anymore. And the body...the body that Hvit had been keeping alive was not at all slow on the pickup that Hvit was no longer around.
"Samhain...I didn't realize how much I was relying on you these days" Ulv commented, the world muted and dull now. Still, it was a nice feeling. After so long, Ulv felt her mind was her own again.

"I....I can't stay, to watch you die. I'm sorry" Hvit spoke, her first true words in her new body.
"I never expected you too, nor would I ask it of you, my dear. Go on, there is a world out there that needs a Queen to aid them. This old fool is done with life" Ulv was perfectly aware of her own body through her martial expertise, and could feel it slowing down from the cold and the strain of existing. "Besides. Bodhidharma meditated for a dozen times a dozen nights and was shown the Three Lotus Petals. Maybe I'll get something similar" she joked, a warm and friendly smile on her face.

You won't last that long was the comment that hung in the air. But Hvit, couldn't bring herself to say it. Too proud to let a woman who had been with her so long, who had taught her so much, see her cry. So instead she bent down, gave Ulv a kiss, and vanished with speed many times beyond Ulv's perception.

"Nam myoho renge kyo" Ulv chanted to the dead city. When The Buddha was one of the most famous people in all of Wulin ever, people generally tended to be Buddhists, and she had picked up a few things by cultural osmosis.

"Nam myoho renge kyo" She hoped there would be enlightenment at the end of this. She hoped that the Lotus would blossom and show itself to her. She hoped for a lot of things. But most of all, she just hoped the world would not mourn her passing. She was not meant to be mourned. It was anethama to her.

"Nam....myoho.............renge......................kyo" The cold was coming in hard now. Her body stiff and her breath stuttered even with The Wind as her aid. How long has she been here? It was hard to tell, she had just focused on this mantra with all her heart, and spread it to the world. Maybe this was Karma for not practicing more. She'd make sure to get a shrine when she returned home. Make sure to practice more.

"Nam...................myoho................................................." Her soul spluttered, burning itself in one last attempt to stay alive. Too long had she pushed on against impossible odds, she had imprinted on her soul never to give up, to put everything in to carry on. But fortunately for the soul, it did not need to put in so much effort, as Ulv's body froze to death in peaceful serenity, and it was time to move on.


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Tue May 04, 2021 3:05 pm


Enter Algos's Post

The air was colder than a devil's heart as the frigid winter winds wisp throughout the tops of the Himalayans. With the dawning of the rising sun, the glistening light of the flaming giant brought golden rays of light upon the lands on what should be a beautiful day for most. Yet, for the foul presence in these mountain tops, it was anything but pleasant. Instead, an ozone of emptiness, loathing, and woe bled into these sacred ruins as a blood vortex ripped open into the landscape and brought with it The Princess Of Demons and all her venomous aura.

Adorned in nothing but her shade dress, the bare feet of the royal bled darkness across the icy light of the mountain tops. As her blood eyes adjusted their visage to the deceased body of Ulv, she stopped her movement and stood over the woman who was insane to love such a wild monster as herself. Reduced to nothing but a frigid corpse, Algos kneeled and gently caressed her right cheek. It was hard to understand how to feel when you someone you truly -- loved -- or maybe cared for -- perished. Even at this moment, the demoness wasn't sure if she wanted to possess Ulv or love her, but something in her black heart chipped, crack, and felt a pang of sadness for someone willing to give up so much to love someone who has taken so much.

"Ulv, I seem to have only cared about you and our children recently. I don't care about anyone else as much as I have you these past few months. Whatever happens to them, I can say from the bottom of my heart I truly don't care. I've made the world and my family itself my enemy and I'll have to lay in bed with that."

At this point, Algos was now curled up beside her corpse as placed Ulv's right hand on her forehead. Recalling the warmth she felt whenever the woman assured her all would be ok brought a sense of comfort to her being. The demon could see that the mother of her children was deceased, but it would indeed live on through her. Even if she roamed this world alone with nothing but her daughters, she would give to them the love that this Sage deserved for devoting the last of her flickering ember of life to this devil of hell.

Thus, blood bled around the two until it shaped the form of a heart, and Algos herself smiled through the tears. As for once the demoness didn't dirty the attire of Ulv with her iron-scented sobs. It's for this reason that the woman chuckled quietly.

"Well, would you look at that, Ulv? I can cry like a normal person. You'd be happy to see that."

Muttering under her breath, the woman flicked away her tears before she closed her eyes.

"But more importantly, I never knew how much it would hurt to stand alone with this strength and power without you. I know I've committed evil in this world, so for the both of us, I'll just have to find the will and power to carry on in whatever form I can no matter how ugly it becomes."

While pulling the deceased woman's waist toward her, this lonely devil oozed out a silent cry before her demonic energies cried out and forged a potent crimson and silver sphere around the body of Ulv. This world was a dirty one, so she had no desire for her beloved to be pouched or soiled by the rotten beings the inhabit this world. Through the potency of her demonic magic and daunting energized might, the bond these women shared forged a barrier that would leave most at a loss with how to dispel or destroy it without putting forth the utmost of their skill and power. And by then, Algos or her familiars would certainly come marching in.

"It may be harder for me to see you as I'm aware this world wants to see me dead, but I know you wanted to die here so I won't drag you back to my hell in Demon World. Instead, I'll tuck you into bed one last time before I leave this miserable rock."

In a single movement, the demoness positioned her warm body against Ulv to give this woman a long, lasting kiss as she savored the moment. No matter if her lips were as cold as death's touch, the infinite warmth of the long-gone woman's determination bled on in Algos and would preserve the beautifully sculpted body of the deceased for eternity. Knowing that her presence may cause others to come, Algos moved herself upward as her eyes were overfilled with cool tears.

"It all feels just a little bit...lonely, but I love you, Ulv. Goodbye, and thank you for the fun."

And with that, this creature of suffering bled back to the depths of her own world baring the essence of her beloved within.

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