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Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:32 pm

Within Eternal Darkness

Somber golden eyes stared upon the frigid city, when finally she had from half a world away had sensed that brilliant light gutter and go out. The warmth that had stayed her hand, the light that had given her hope for this world, that had wanted her to be better. To be more, and to be unafraid of herself. As the queen touched down beside the body that lay still in the snow, whose eyes no longer sparkled with that familiar warmth, Inami couldn’t help but reach a hand out to caress that cheek, tenderness, and sadness filled the Queen’s eyes.

”I know you wish to rest, but as selfish as it is, I cannot let you leave. Not before you live a life of joy, and peace. Not before you enjoy what you truly deserve.”

Inami ignored the cold that numbed her skin, and the air began to shimmer, Inami’s power causing the realm to change, the snow that lay there upon that peak, It would slowly melt under the onslaught of Inami’s power, and as the world changed, the snow would be replaced by resplendent green. Flowers blooming, tree’s blossoming with their myriad of brilliant hues. Spring in the middle of this frozen realm, if nothing more than because she wished for when her friend opened her eyes, for the realm to greet her with new life. She knew her friend’s soul was gone, but those memories, the consciousness, what made ulv her, hadn’t completely extinguished yet, it’s vestiges remained there.

”This world did not deserve you.”

The queen murmured more to herself than anyone else as myriads of darkened threads slowly slithered there way into Ulv’s skull. The darkness slowly encroached into the woman's mind. Besides inami, the ground slowly shifted as the queen slit opened her wrist. The ichor, black like night leaving her as it spilled upon the ground. From the ground came bits of flesh, of bone, of slain bodies that she had brought with her just for this. When those bodies were bathed in her blood, saturated to the point that the queen’s face was blanched as her head spun, the threads within slowly began to adhere, weaving together, instilling energy, instilling themselves into it’s heart and lungs, into the tendons and muscles.

”Neither do I, but..”

Inami crooned softly as she gently kneeled, caressing her friend's face as the blackened threads slowly spread from Ulv’s head to the skull of the blank humanoid shape that was beginning to take shape next to her. Everything in this world was made of energy, of power. Be it reiatsu, aether energy, life energy, death energy, or even their own demon energy. It bound everything together. The power of the mind too, was a different form of energy, and now as Inami’s power flowed through herself that energy would begin to take what made ulv her, the memories, the emotions, the inclinations--her likes and dislikes. All of it. The threads that lay between the two heads glowing faintly as Inami’s very nature as the goddess of Puppets was brought to light.

”I still need you, even if the world does not.”

Then Inami closed her eyes, as she sought out not the soul that had long since vacated this world, gone to algos to be reborn as her pet, but the mind that lay within Ulv’s skull. The otherworldly willpower, the burning beacon that lay on the last burning embers of ulv’s dissipating power.

”Come to me, friend.”

Inami spoke not with her lips, but with her mind. Her voice like the night, or darkness incarnate as it spanned the darkness, searching for the fragment of ulv’s self that undoubtedly remained within the dissipation. She did not seek to bring Ulv back in her own body--because she knew her friend had lived that life to it’s ending. No, she called to her friend so she could give her a new life, one that was gloriously eternal. Even if it was not her friends dearest wish, all it would take would be the faintest of murmurings. A shred of contact for the magic to begin to work, only then could Inami begin the second phase of this plan. creating her friend anew.

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Sat May 01, 2021 8:51 am
The very essence of Ulv was, on some level, primed to go elsewhere than the Soul Cycle. It was a vain, stupid and hilarious hope given her current state of being but she did have a shred of desire to be taken to the Hundred Clouds and live in eternal tutorship of those below her. So pulling her together into the new body wasn't too difficult. Though Ulv was far more unaware of the situation than most might expect, given that the whole thing was beyond what she thought would happen, let alone could happen...

"Holy crap, it actually worked? Hahaha! Sorry...Not, very, Arhat of me. I might have broken the door coming here" if anyone ever needed proof that Inami had indeed brought Ulv back to the world, they needed only interact with her for a few moments. Then, casting her gaze upon the hottie in front of her, the new body cracked a coy grin.

"Didn't take Shaka Nyorai for a letch, or a dullard. This place looks very much like Shangri-La" she'd comment before her eyes lit up. "Wait, is Shagri-La the precipice? Everything out there is Hundred Clouds? going to kick me out now? I can't imagine I have very Buddha, despite the name I took back in the living world"
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