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Sat Sep 04, 2021 7:51 am

The Grand Witch

Hannah Chiza

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Two miles off the coast of Japan, stood a woman. A platform of Reiatsu supported her from the roiling waves, and a stick held in her hands. The stick was pointed outwards, and then she spoke.


Lines of energy ran through the stick and blasted out the tip, though the stick itself was warped and cracked from the energy. Exhaling in dissatisfaction, she'd discard the stick and draw another one, apparently having a dozen stuffed in the back of her belt. Feeling the energy within her, she would focus on it as it flowed out of her and into the stick. Stripping away that which was not needed, she left only what was required. A sort of natural, spiritual lubricant that helped the easy casting of Kido. Most people used it, to a point that it had become so ubiquitous nobody noticed or thought any different.

But Hannah had made Gen-Kido for thinking differently, and so now would be no different. Filling herself with just the right amount needed, she would direct it out in front of her.


The sea was again churned by the power of Hannah's Kido. She never really had anything else in life, but this. And her singular focus was rewarded with a stick that didn't shatter under the force. Of course, Hadō #1 was hardly anything to crow about, and so she'd step it up a bit. Going through the motions again, she'd fill herself up and direct it outwards.


the sea around her evaporated in a blast of energy, and though the stick was looking a little worse for wear, it had not broken even under the considerably extra strain of the higher numbered Kido. Still, she'd prepared for that and spun it in her hand. This, finally getting out and working on Kido again after so long, was lovely.

"Reach out and pin down, strike from the storm and become a thousand things from the origin of one. Bakudo #62, Hyapporankan" Hannah gave a full incantation this time along with her new technique, launching a fence post that exploded into a hundred about the same time that the stick dissolved into wood shavings.

That stick was discarded and a third drawn. The second was damaged from the previous casting, so maybe if she....let' go mad, shall we?~

This, was a lot of energy to work with. Stripping this down to the base took a while, but she always knew that there would be experience and work going into mastering this so she could do it in a moment while casting the Kido...she'd subtly wrap herself in an Adamant Kiss just in case something went wrong, and then incanted while modifying the energy.

"Boil O'Seas. Crack O'Earth. Sunder, O'Heaven. The Five Great Dragon Kings arise from their slumber and with their coming, the world trembles. For it's end has come. Hadō 99: Goryūtenmetsu"

Even with shadow casting, that was too much for the stick, and it violently exploded, sending high speed wood shards across the sea, followed quickly by a shockwave of reiatsu power smashing the sea into pieces. The barrier Hannah put up managed to survive, since it was only an overload rather than a true and proper casting.

"Yea. I can do this" Hannah muttered to herself with a gentle smile, teleporting home with a Kūkanten'i. All that was left is some daily training to get the specifics down.

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