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Fri Oct 29, 2021 1:43 pm

Coding In Template By:


Spiritual Human Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Rita Grace
» Titles: Widow Gracen (Alias)
» Age: 30 (Born Jan 20, 2391)
» Gender: Female


- A contracted mercenary (under her alias "Widow Gracen". Separate from her civilization identity)

- Contracted weapons/material maker (through her powers)

- Contracted power enhancer (see her powers)

- Business owner

- Stock investor

- Social media influencer

» Affiliation/Rank: Rouge/Hireable.

For the time being, Rita doesn't affiliate herself with anyone outside of her own businesses and services. If you hire her? Sure, she'll work under you. So Rita is willing to be hired by anyone willing to see value in her and give her access to more resources. Otherwise, she definitely considers herself just a rouge businesswoman. This really leans her toward being chaotic neutral as she'll take the highest bidding job! Even if that means having to fight previous clients (though she tries to avoid those conflicts of interest because that also means less potential income if she pisses off the wrong person or organization.)

The objective for the character: My objective for this character is for her to be some type of small to mid-sized business/stock owner and holder. With these resources I want her to engage with characters in order to either give them jobs/missions, hire them, work for them or even provide services to help enhance their power.

Eventually, she may start to build up something for humans or other earth-based orgs and interact with the world by being someone that can provide a variety of resources to the people she either hires or works for. And I also want people to be able to better help her figure out who she is above her obsessive hunger for resources. She wants to strive for something with all these resources and be of use to the world, after all.

» Physical Appearance Description: Rita is a fit woman with a milky white complexion. She stands at 5'8 tall and has varying shades of teal blue hair and eyes that seem to fluctuate in shade and hue from time to time. It's also worth mentioning that her hair appears to flow down to her waist. Additionally, under her dark clothing, there is a nice little bosom there that grew to a good size. Certainly useful for sometimes duping lust-hungry baboons into deals that suit her. Gotta use what you are naturally given to get ahead, right?

» Physical Appearance Image:

[Spirit Class 6] Rita Grace W1VLo1C

I. Personality Traits

» The Personality Of Rita Grace:

Driven: Rita was born in the wastelands. So while one may naturally be in despair with such circumstances, Rita just grew to rely on her street smarts to get around. Whether it be working odd jobs, slaying humans/demons/hollows, figuring out how to manage businesses, flipping things; the woman felt a strong desire to get out of the conditions she was born into. And as long as she doesn't have to hurt people who don't deserve it (I.E. she isn't against killing, but she's not gonna kill a random innocent person off the street), what's the harm? Besides, even with the people she has killed, there is reincarnation, soul cycle, and all that other bullshit. So, as far as she is concerned, this life can be considered a game of sorts and she just wants to be able to reach a respectable score in the game by any means needed without turning into some lame-ass super villian

Bold: Rita is someone who is hella bold. What's the point in living if you are too chicken shit to take risk? If you have nothing, the only thing you can leverage if your life in some instances. Standing your ground is a must if she feels she has to. There is nothing worse than letting someone trample over your resources, crumble your worth, make you feel inferior and otherwise not be able to defend yourself. So even if she gets her ass kicked in the dirt, if the battle is worth fighting, Rita will see it through to the end if she can. Or, if there is a way to make some serious money or life-changing resources, she'll take a gambit, a risk, and do whatever she can to attain said resources. No guts, no glory.

Protective Ego: Rita will admit she has a bit of an ego. Sometimes it's better to overestimate your ability, hype yourself or otherwise do whatever to delude yourself into thinking you are better than you are at times. Being consciously aware of this is key in her mind. There are a lot of things in the world that want to bring you down, or even her own pains from a childhood where she was absolutely worthless. So, as her way to compensate, she definitely likes to think of herself as a person bound for great things; even if she knows it's a crutch. There aren't too many people for her to rely on, so she just learned to love herself to a dangerous degree when going along that type of thinking. She can't let anyone fuck with her head even if she is on the losing side of deals.

Charitable: Sure, Rita is a greedy bitch, but she ain't heartless. With great wealth comes great responsibility, right? If she feels she can contribute in some meaningful way to somebody who isn't on her bad side, she'll see if there is anything she can do to help. If there isn't? Then she just has to let it be and maybe provide some kind type of emotional support. Generally, though, she believes humans are a strong bunch and standing together is better than being divided. So trying to invest in other humans is what she is more interested in because they need to thrive and it was hard to do such a thing during the war. So one could even argue through this charitable nature she sees some kind of pride or unity in serving her fellow humans.

Coachable: Rita considers herself to be hella coachable. What, you expect to get somewhere in this life without being taught by someone? Sorry, that's just not how life works. Rita isn't much for the pride crap, so she is willing to learn from anything and anyone because it will be able to serve her goals and whoever she decides to help along the way. So taking the crap out of her ears and paying attention to the wisdom people have who are better than her will allot a much better lifestyle or goals met.

Greedy: Even if you give this woman nothing but a penny, she'll gleefully take it. Why? Money is power in this world. The more of it you have, the more shots you can make. In her mind, money and resources are what allow people to do as they please. Of course, having raw strength goes a long way in the supernatural world, but even the more ruthless leaders of the world always made sure those under them were well fed and taken care of. And how was that made possible? Right: money. So this woman can be swayed by whatever currency is king in the world and she'll happily serve herself, or serve under others if it means getting another dime ahead in life.

Vice Queen: Rita definitely is a person that likes to rely on vices from time to time. Acid, weed, alcohol, demon blood; doesn't really matter. Whatever fucks the woman up is what works the best for her. Being under the influence in such a stress-inducing world is one blissful mental vacation. Of course, she isn't really an addict. God no, that's too expensive of a habit to have. It's just she needs a break from the strain her life takes and everyone is entitled to that in her opinion. Once these substances or habits start to get in the way of her bottom line, she'll ruthlessly cut it out if need be.

Chatty: It doesn't really matter the circumstance, Rita is a girl that has a big mouth and likes to use it. If you are gonna deal with people, you have to get good with talking to them. So, to her, she tries to make it a point to converse with the poorest of the poor, to the richest of the rich. Having a sample size of people can help you learn more about how people work, how to provide others with value, who to love, who to hate, who to be scared of and so many other things.

Of course, even beside the point of probing people for knowledge, just being charismatic and chatty is plain fun. Life would be dull as a human if one were constrained to only their thoughts and ideas. So she doesn't necessarily feel shy or afraid to have her own ideals challenged, or to challenge others with conversation. That is the amusement of life after all. Humans are social creatures and Rita certainly doesn't consider herself any different.

Lazy: If Rita isn't working on something or trying to make some extra scratch, she doesn't mind indulging in lazy behaviors. She'll leave trash around her house, take shortcuts on certain mundane tasks, outsource work to other people that she could do herself, and so on. What's the point of having money if you can't sit on your ass from time to time? Having a cat nap without worrying about anything is trying heavenly to her. Besides, laziness can sometimes be turned into genius with her other positive traits in Rita's mind. If you can find a more efficient way to do something, why waste time working your ass to the bone for scarps? Capitalize on that shit.

Glutton: Rita loves to have a nice meal. So, one quick way to win her favor is to rub her belly and feed the woman. As part of her own greedy nature, the woman just can't get enough to eat because with all the work she does, she definitely needs some kind of break from reality! Her tastebuds are some of the most sensitive things out there, so she wants to indulge in as many tasty foods as she can and is always open to new dishes.

Resource Insecurity: There are a lot of things to be stressed about in this world. Will it be destroyed by some supernatural god? Will she live to see another day? Will she perhaps be enslaved by some monster race? Nobody really knows in a world as fucked as the PH verse. Hence, given her own background, there is a lingering sense of dread on some days for this woman because everything is so uncertain. Not to mention how strainful it must be to train, manage her powers, different occupations, resources, and things such as that.

She doesn't want to be under anyone's foot ever again. It would be hellish to go back to square one as she still feels fear and anxiety over the way she was brought up in such a dark world. If she wants to call her own shots, be her own woman, and have control over this shit; she needs more power, more resources, and the ability to tell anything to fuck off. And as it stands? She has some resources, but it's not enough and she feels she stands at a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make that generational wealth happen with how open and the free world is. That is where her capacity to thrive seems to be generating from for now.

Hoarder: Rita has a lot of storage units, facilities and other places where she likes to store some of her resources, riches and tools. Hanging on to useful things that may serve a purpose later is something of a hobby of hers. When you grow up without much resources, in some cases it's not uncommon to cling on to things for dear life. So perhaps that is a bit of a problem, but she doesn't seem to care much since Rita can easily navigate the world without a care and not have to live with the junk she has.

Protect Or Be Protected: Underneath a lot of the layers of her personality, there is some part of Rita that wants to feel protected or to protect someone else. A feeling of love perhaps? Connection? Bond? There was a lot of that which was lacking in her life growing up. And to feel safe in another's arms, or to make someone else feel safe in hers both seem equally appealing to her. Of course she has her sights on other bigger and grander goals than love or connection, but it's something that she has noted in herself. It's just quite uncertain how to go about a thing in a world where things are so easily bought and sold. And perhaps she's just trying to fill some void each of her parents had, even she is uncertain of what this all means.

I. Character History

» The History Rita Grace

Enter The Birth Of Rita Grace:

The world had many pockets of hostility and lawlessness even before the likes of Shadow Fall had properly taken over America. Following the aftermath of world war three, there were some places on the earth that indeed did have massive amounts of growth in the fields of technology, health, war, and things of that nature. However, it was not always evenly divided across nations. And, unfortunately for Rita, she was born into a duo of criminals always on the run from wasteland to wasteland.

Being born in Kansas, the start of Rita's life was one of uncertainty. With pressure from the police, gangs, demons and other sorts of threats from their lifestyle; each of her parents had to lay low for the birth of their daughter. However, in spite of that, they knew they were in deep shit. Therefore, having this daughter would be an investment. If they could figure out how to have their kid grow up to be something potent, perhaps having a child could save them from whatever nightmarish life they had.

Of course, they did sincerely love her. They weren't monsters. But they were also people who needed money, resources and all things related to power to get out of their jam and be able to live their life as they saw fit. Therefore, "Rita Grace" was given this name because she would be their saving grace!


Rita's childhood was one where she had to be crafty and resourceful. Starting from an early age, her parents taught her the value of money, resources, and power. If you lacked these things in life? Well, you were just prey and you were gonna have an awful life. It initially scared Rita to her core because she didn't want to be poor, dirty, worthless, and made to be lesser than someone. She wanted to be free, powerful, resourceful and of use to her parents because they were people who weren't blessed with a lot in her mind.

So, what does one do to get ready for that? Well, they invest. She tried to get good at her studies, learn more about technology, gather up street smarts and learn from the failures of her parents. This all occurred at young ages because of the fact she was forced to grow up so quickly to take care of herself and them. Of course, there were limits that a child had. In the realm of combat, she certainly got her ass soundly beat by older humans, demons, hollows and things of that nature. It was a dog eat dog world and it hurt to have her face in the dirt and have that sense of powerlessness ooze down her spine.

Why did life have to be filled with suffering when others were blessed with great powers? Why did she have to grow up so quickly when other children could enjoy their lives? Why did she have to carry so much weight and expectation for parents that were born into nothing? She wanted a happy life. One where she could be free to do all the fun things children do. On her downtime, she loved to play games, talk to people, watch cartoons and things like that; but her parents always made her focus on the aspect of bettering herself even after the constant scarps she'd get into with all the wounds, bruises, injuries and stuff that come with supernatural fighting.

It all -- sucked.

Christ, it was even made worse when Rita recalled always having to move through the dead bodies that were scattered in the wastelands. With all the conflict in the world, it was hard to really make a way for humans who didn't have much power or influence to them. So, there were many times Rita and her family just saw mass piling of bodes from all the excess life that was infecting the earth. There were so many awful corpses that were ingrained into her mind that it still gives her some sense of anxiety. Rita wanted to be safe from such a fate, so she knew even if things sucked, it was best to just keep her mouth shut and try to grow even if she did break down in tears a lot of days and tried to run to her parents who offered no good solutions at times.

There had to be a way out of all this.

Teenage Years:

Rita was a pretty angsty teen for obvious reasons. She was smaller than other adolescents, didn't have a lot of wealth to her, got her ass beat up a lot, and was overall a runt. More and more did this woman wanted to actually be a big shot. It sucked not being able to make your own rules, being at the whim of others, stuck in the bottom rung of society, and utterly worthless as a person outside of what was between her legs. And she would be damned if she grew up to be some damn hooker like other women she saw in these rough and ghetto areas. Rita desired power, but not at the cost of her dignity. So there had to be another way to make it in this world., the world made a way.

Demons infested the nest of America in her lifetime. So it wasn't uncommon for them to do as they pleased for whatever chaotic reason they desired. And after a beating from her father following an argument over money, she roamed the streets bruised, beaten, holding back her tears and figuring out how she could get out of this mess and not be a disappointment. Her body was radiating a strong desire to become stronger, get richer, become a big shot, and be rid of these poverty-stricken chains. Which is just the thing demons loved~

Well, to be more precise, Sin Fall demons. You see, they loved to have people do their work for them, underlings, slaves, or whatever else they needed from the human world as they kept up with their expansion into the world. And when you work with Mana, you typically have a great hunger for these type of things. As such, it wasn't uncommon for demons to move through the earth finding more toys, resources and other goodies to expunge from the planet. Hell, some just wanted to feed more on their element and that's the precise thing that made Jinyou find Rita.

Jinyou was a demon that possessed elements of the world with greed and fortune. So it was to be expected he'd put his talents to use for Sin Fall in order to manipulate the strings of the world to get him in favor with royal and powerful demons as one of the many shadow figures in the organization that made sure their resources, wealth and all things power were managed. And when he found this pathetic bug of a human pining for such greedy things, how could he not turn down another play thing? When you roam the slums, you can always spot desperate people and they made for the best people to work under you.

Therefore, he made a deal to Rita when he could see such a grace such as herself in pain. Being that he loved to feed on the element of greed and fortune being birthed into the world, he'd allow her to work under him to do his dirty work and add another number to his workers. He'd even go as far as to give her empowered tools and sacred gems to further change her luck. She wanted resources? She wanted power? She wanted to be a BIG SHOT? Well then, work for him as a merceny and hired help. The Queen always wanted more firepower and this was an easy deal to make.

And at that point: could anyone blame Rita for taking the deal? Her life SUCKED. She was poor, powerlessness, on her own and she needed someone to mentor her to figure out how to make it in a world that was under the control of these demonic freaks. Rita didn't like it, she didn't want to work under these beings as she wanted to see humanity do better and to be a good person. But -- she needed help. Nobody helped her. Her parents failed her. Society failed her. What was she supposed to do? Just suffer and be poor all her life? NO! She was going to take this deal and run it for as much as it was worth.

The only conditions Rita had for working with this creature were to hide her identity with some kind of mask and to cloak her aura in demonic energy to throw sensors off when she did work for them. In exchange, she'd do whatever he requested since she was desperate and had little bargaining room. Though, of course, she added another stipulation of not wanting to harm children. Adults were fair game to her, and she just wanted to deal with anything related to their war as crimes of war can be forgiven. She just didn't have it in her heart to actually hurt innocents.

Happy with having another pawn, the demon would accept these terms and take teen under his wing. It is through this likely relationship that she started to learn how to navigate the world. Being that he loved having creatures under his command, he obviously had to invest in them. So she was taught how to use her powers better, given more access to money, educated on how the business world worked, and different ways to make herself resourceful by being a contracted worker of Sin Fall.

During these days, Rita would go on various types of missions throughout the world. Sometimes she would take equipment/money/items away from battlefields where Sin Fall had waged battle to plunder their enemy's resources, other times go on missions with other vetted Sin Fall members to steal resources and sometimes even have to kill their enemies. It sucked having to take life, but she vowed to never harm any innocent citizens and any children were off-limits for her.

It was ugly work, but she learned a lot of things along the way. She saw how the empire was run, how efficient the workers were, got to see many different types of people, networked under her alias in Shadow Fall and so on and so forth. In the meantime, during her off time from these jobs, Rita was able to receive lots of money during this time period because of the retarded amounts of money Shadow Fall had.

Since, at the end of her teens, she had saved enough money from her jobs to be able to hide them, change their identities, give them a home and be a daughter that was worth being loved. As, in her mind, you need to be useful in some capacity to be adored in this world. It didn't matter if someone loved you for your looks, wealth, power, connections, personality or whatever; you had to provide value to someone for them to even look at you twice. And after working under demons for so long, she could see she was entertainment, but that didn't matter as she was going to build a way out of this for them all.

Adult Years:

Toward her early 20's was the peak of her life. She had power, some money, strength, resources, and Shadow Fall seemed like a force that just wouldn't be able to be stopped. In this time, Rita was able to retire her parents, hide them from the law, build up her own wealth, figure out how the world worked, amass her skills, and become deeper into the web of contracted workers in the world. Since, at this point, she wasn't just working for Shadow Fall; but anyone who needed extra manpower and experience.

Across her travels, she started to figure out the depths of what her powers were. After all, demons had a knack for wanting the people under them to be useful little pawns. So they helped her to be put in circumstances where she could figure out what her own essence desired: resources. Her soul was a greedy one from a place of insecurity, and they could clearly see that. Hence, trying that element of her subconscious mind to come out wasn't too difficult for a race that was obsessed with possession of things. Through battles, meditation, training and even being forced to help and enhance the equipment and bodies of other people within Shadow Fall; Rita really started to get the hang of this whole supernatural business.

And, in her civilization life, the tools from Jinyou had allowed her to be able to change the winds of fate. While they weren't powerful items, they altered probability to have gambles, bets, conversations, battles, encounters and other things go subtly in her favor with the good luck they brought her. And as more goodwill came, as to did her greed grow as she knew it was the only thing that mattered in this world at the time. Her soul was possessed by her own drive to want to get acquire more things to secure her own insecurities that were rooted in her childhood.

This drive, greed, and desire to be valuable were so potent that even the reach of demonkind could not break it; as even if she worked for them, she refused their blood as what was hers was hers alone. While she would do many things for a dollar, losing herself, her dignity and her humanity weren't on the table. She never wanted to be like them, she just wanted to use them for everything they got to get hers. That's how this world right? It didn't give a shit about her. She'd take from anything and everyone so long as she didn't have to harm innocents. Stick to taking from people who were already prepared for war, criminals, low-lives, and whatever other targets by Shadow Fall who deserved or led a life that would lead them down death.

She didn't want to hurt anyone -- she just wanted to be secured. So perhaps it was her own need to feel good about herself that did indeed numb some of the ill deeds she did in this time. After all: who wants to feel like shit about themselves? It was a needed evil. She wasn't a bad person. She was a person doing what needed to be done -- right?

Yes. This guilt, this burden; it was weighing on her in spite of all that psychobabble in her head. She had to be able to live with herself, so she learned to then take the experiences, insights, resources and wealth she gathered from Shadow Fall to other people who needed it. Giving out money to the poor, teaching children from the wastelands to protect themselves, investing in small communities; it didn't matter how she did it, she just needed to even out her karma so that she could look herself in the mirror at this time.

It wasn't going to be like this forever, right? Surely the world powers would dismantle Shadow Fall, as something like this couldn't exist forever. In her mind, it was bound to happen as when a stock becomes too big, it falls. And with Shadow Fall being the greatest stock in the world at the time, she needed to take her profits from this time spent with them in order to avoid crashing to zero wealth if something should happen to them. All of the planet was beginning to despise them and she couldn't be caught in the fallout if that happened even if they were reaching new all times of wealth, power, and resources.

And eventually -- that day came. The might of Shadow Fall had dissipated across the globe following the fallout of World War 4. For this reason is why she was glad to be a foot soldier of sorts. One who hid her identity as a rouge entity within Shadow Fall's contracting system and opening herself up to other work in the world. Of course, a large part of her profits would go down from having this relationship severed. So it certainly was a hefty loss even if it was for the betterment of humanity. As in her own life she had to scale back operations, which meant a void in herself grew.

If she lacked the previous all-time value that she had while working with Shadow Fall, how could she gain that back? It hurt her sense of self, ego, and so on. Hence, the woman has been spending her time slowly buying up companies, building businesses, and assembling workers across the globe (primarily in America, European Countries, and Canada). Since the world was coming out of a massive war, she used the profits from Shadow Fall to invest in companies that would thrive in post-war settings. Food, medicines, and other essentials were important to Rita. She knew investing and taking part in the transportation of goods like that would net massive profits in some of the areas of the world riddled with war. So she bought stock in these industries, bought out smaller businesses, and hired people to manage the logistics of it.

So, with cash flow, workers, and some business; she needs to figure out how to get more resources from this post-war world. She isn't starting from scratch, but she needs more to become a powerhouse in this world and reach insane riches so that she may never worry about a thing again. That juicy Shadow Fall pay check is over, so now is the time to prove her worth. And the best way to do so? Acquiring resources. With a new world, comes new resources for grabs. Real estate, mineral mines, water resources; doesn't matter to her, she will acquire them and continue to amass them. Perhaps she may help humanity with them, perhaps she may turn into her own force, but she feels she is born to do something and is looking to find it in this new world without the darkness of Shadow Fall no longer loaming over the planet's head.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Alter Tool: The shovel and ax that Rita is often seen with can be considered her own form of a spiritual weapon. It was forged during her time with Shadow Fall and the material around it should be blunt enough to be on par with an adept level of durability. These are just mediums for her to transfer her power into and to store sums of energy into reserves if she is feeling depleted in combat and still needs to use her strength. So the usage of them is for being blunt objects and being another piece of equipment that stores energy in her for to use in order to augment her attacks.

They are rather unorthodox weapons, but that's the point: she tries to be unpredictable with how she fights and often uses the shovel in order to guard against attacks; while the axe itself can deliver strikes on par with an advanced level of strength. The main thing that limits her is the weight of them and it takes some amount of strength/stamina to wield them around. Additionally, Rita has to actively place her energy into the weapons in order for this function to work. Otherwise, this function of her ability won't be active and they are inactive in their durability/strength. And when Rita has her energy infused into these objects, they can last for three posts before having a three post cooldown.

Old Shadow Fall Rehab Facilities: Rita definitely pillaged some resources from Shadow Fall into underground bunkers across the outlands of America and the globe. In most deserted Areas of America, she has facilities where her workers go to maintain her weapons, vehicles, armor, and other energy supplies so that she has something to fall back in if she has to go to war with someone. Most of these places are unmarked and have no affiliation what-so-ever with Shadow Fall now that they've left and are used for storage.

Social Media Presence: Due to her experiences with business, real estate, weapons, supernatural power enhancement, and the resources she has; Rita has a pretty fair social media presence. She isn't some mega-superstar or anything, but she is focused on her niches and has a captive audience that follows her. More importantly, these are other investors, businesses, and combative clients that do provide with some support for the value she gives in sharing her insights. As of right now, she probably has 50,000 followers across her social media and maintains around 100,000 unique views a month. These also allow her to do brand deals and have access to various types of equipment she normally wouldn't have.

Businesses/Stocks: While Rita isn't some massive CEO, she certainly has some resources under her belt. For starters, around the end of the World War Four arc, she did invest the capital gained from working for Shadow Fall as a contracted worker to make herself richer. These investments were focused on businesses that dealt with food, medicines, and other essentials to importation across Northern America and Europe as these would be some of the biggest areas ripe for wealth given the influence of Shadow Fall had left.

Therefore, with the money made in these stocks, she then purchased a lot of small-scale businesses in order to have her own small workers scattered across the continent. With these businesses under her built, it's estimated that she has 2,000 workers at the moment. And she hopes to increase these numbers as she figures out more ways to gain control over properties, resources, land, real estate, and other areas that are open in the wake of such a superpower being distributed.

Regardless, this means she has a healthy source of income coming in, access to materials, connections, transportation, property, and so on.

Real Estate: Rita has used her funds to purchase a variety of different real estate across Northern American and European countries. These range from regular homes, to facilities and empty buildings or factories. These are useful to have in order to start renting them out, storing resources and things of that nature.

Land: Rita does not have governmental control over any country (as of now), but she is noted to have purchased large amounts of empty land across Northern America. These are places to potentially expand her own outreach when she has more people working under her or followers of some kind. They can also be used to rent out and have people build their own housing/businesses on top of them.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Rita's Natural Skills And Abilities:

Negotiator: Look, Rita isn't the baddest bitch to ever grace (heh) the earth. So, sometimes before things escalate, it is a rather nice skill to be able to negotiate with people. Once you enter into the realm of combat, your life/health is on the line and it's best to diffuse things before it even reaches that point. Hell, you may even be able to strike some hella' nice deals from just learning to set aside pride/ego and figure out what value you can give to a person. And given that she is a female, she has even noted that she sometimes has an easier time with males given the calming aura most feminine energy radiates. Still, if all else fails, she is ready to whoop some ass. This is where her other skills come in

Durable: Rita can take a beating. While she isn't some superman indurable freak of nature, broken bones, blood leaking, wounds, or none of that shit is really gonna be unbearable for her. She is CERTAINLY going to feel the pain and can be stunted physically with enough damage, but she definitely has the mental capacity to still fight through it with enough active focus. Add to the fact she has served as a mercenary for different types of organizations and clients, and she's been in more than enough circumstances to be able to endure supernatural and natural attacks. She has to be hungry as fuck mentally and physically if nothing else when the chips are down.

Nimble: Sometimes you have to know when to hold your cards and when to fold them. And, in Rita's case, speed is a reason why she seems so fit and nimble. Being able to get out of dodgy circumstances is one of the most important things in her mind as being hefty, slow, and bogged down only makes you a sitting duck. So, while she doesn't appear to be a master of anything (for the time being), she does seem to favor having momentum above all else because it can make your attacks harder to read, easier to navigate the environment, and is suited toward her adaptable sense of combat because she is a character that proves to improvise above all else.

Dirty Fighter: As far as Rita is concerned, fights are not about honor unless you are sparing with someone. In the real world, it's about living to see another day and using all the resources possible to make that happen or terminate the other opponent. And coming from someone who has been resource-hungry her whole life, this point hits home hard and fuels her during combat. The other person is trying to take away her resources and she uses whatever is at her disposal to make sure that doesn't happen.

Going strike for the jugular, limbs, organs, eyes; doesn't really matter as long as she can leave some pain on the opponent. She'll change up her fighting style on the fly to go from short-distance fighting to mid-range in order to throw them off of her. Or she may even use lingering weapons on the ground, objects, buildings, or her own superpowers in order to turn the tide in her favor. It doesn't really matter as she doesn't seem to specialize too heavily in any one thing, but has experience in a variety of combat styles from her time in Shadow Fall.

Hell, Rita will even outright lie to opponents in order to throw them off her scent. She'll lie about how her powers work, how strong or weak she is, feint attacks, and do whatever she can do to bullshit her way into letting people either put their guard down or over-extend themselves.

But, more than anything else, it seems Rita values being more versatile than just investing in any one particular fighting style. As in combat, things can change on the fly, and she wants to make sure that whatever encounter she has; she has an answer to it and to use whatever is in her arsenal or environment to bury her opponent. Even if she has to fight dirty or cheat, it doesn't matter. This world doesn't care about her, so she'll do what it takes to secure the bag.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Powers:

Source Alter: Source Alter is a personal reality that is subconsciously leaking out of Rita's body and synced to the particles of Rita's energy. Being that this is a supernatural world, it's natural that Rita's energy acts as a medium for change. And throughout the years it has realized one thing: Rita wants power, wealth, resources and all things money to keep herself safe, secure, and winning in life. There is a deep desire in her not to go back to the way she was in her youth, so this woman's power is one of resource manipulation. Essentially, Rita's energy is geared toward manifesting the resources of the world to her favor.


Scale: Source Alter can be scaled based on her power control skill usage. The more she is able to master this skill, the more potent her ability will scale to be. If it's based toward beginner, then it will be difficult for her to manage some of the abilities associated with Source Alter and the scale can be limited to a city block or so. If she is able to get higher up on her skill, then the scope of range can improve to go greater distances.

Living Beings Excluded In Combat: One of the first limits of this power is that Rita cannot influence anything that comes from another living being or is in possession of someone else at all times because it produces no value. So she couldn't use Source Alter to take manipulate someone's armor, tools, resources, or anything like that during battle circumstances. She is able to offer services to help amplify others powers, but they must consent to that and is listed in her story ability under her abilities.

Two Per Turn: To keep things fair, Rita is only able to use two abilities of Source Alter per turn. This does not apply to anything that is passive or running in the background, but they can lessen in potency or strength if the main application of her power is taking up a heavy toll.

Overpowering It: It is possible to cancel out some of the effects of this power with a high enough energy discharge from a character if they know where to focus said energy. Of course, Rita can try to increase the durability/potency of it to avoid that, but that would take more resources from her. Generally, this can vary from the potency of a person's tier/magic/energy-based skills. (there are a lot of different racial skills, so take your pick.)

Therefore, if one is to overpower it, it varies on the tier difference. If Rita is a 3 tier, then anyone on 2 tier can potentially nullify 25% of her attack. If they are 1 tier, that goes up to 50% and 0 tiers can potentially null 75% of it.

Mental Strain: There is a lot of calculation that goes into her active abilities. This ranges from accessing her memory of objects/materials, the trajectory of attacks, momentum, how much energy is needed to achieve her desired result etc etc etc. Hence, the more grand or complex the application of Source Alter, the more resources it may take away from her mentally. And in some cases, if an opponent is swift enough, they may be able to break her focus or attack her mentally in order to tamper with the effectiveness of Source Alter.

Claimed Objects: Most things that aren't owned by something or somebody are not fair game for her power to manipulate. Rita grew up in the wastelands where there were a wealth of abandoned things. Therefore, her personal reality forbids the manipulation of things that are owned by others unless she outright steals or takes them by force through her other abilities or powers. Now, if someone is able to give her permission to alter said objects, then it is possible for it to influence things that are not in her possession.

Energy Awareness: It's apparent when something is influenced by Rita because some type of teal aura will glow around it. This is to also help make things fairer in the sense of being able to become aware of when the ability is being used to other characters.

» Pure Abilities:

Resource Alter: (Control elements)

Source Gems (Passive): You are what you eat, right? Well, Rita's power is able to be farmed if she digs it in the ground and lets it fester. These are then able to produce digestible gems which can act as a means to restore her energy and stamina in combat by up to 20%. However, anyone who digests these are limited to only being able to eat them two times per thread. Otherwise, the body will not be able to break it down and they will turn ill. Typically she carries about four on her person. Two for herself, then two for other people who may need it or she can sell these items to.

Resource Guard (Passive): Items that are in the possession of Rita will have a supernatural influence around them. Since she is greedy and wants to hold on to the things she has for dear life, her energy subconsciously takes account of this, and things such as armor, knives, and other small weapons or tools can have an extra layer of durability around them. This is from lingering leaks of her energy forming a thick layer of energy meant to lower the impact of attacks against her equipment.

Source Aura(Active): This is actually more to do with the actual resources of energy that exists within Rita. She is able to materialize it into beams of energy for the most part. These can be of any color or variety, but they serve as a means to do basic energetic combat. These will often scale up alongside her power control scale, so these energy attacks will become more potent as she becomes stronger in her tier. Often time she uses them for makeshift energy shields, energy type attacks or even weapons in some cases (I.E. extracting her energy to make something like a beam sword)

This is probably the easiest way to use her Source Alter power because it's just basic manipulation of her own energy. However, since she is able to use two functions of Source Alter, it can make for some interesting combination attacks if she were to infuse it with other abilities.

Alter Grasp: This ability of Source Alter is one that pertains to her controlling resources which are free for grabs in the world. By using her energy as a medium to induce a change to the reality around her, it is within the principles of her power to possess other natural resources in the world that could benefit her. That means she could take a burning fire around her, grasp it with her energy and attempt to utilize or empower it through this ability. She could also find something such as an abandoned building and try to amplify things such as steel in order to make quick shields by making the durability of it more potent with her energy.

This ability may also be able to be applied to things that are supernatural in nature, but they would have to be from something that isn't already claimed. For instance: it's not possible for her to just alter the values of a person's attack with this ability in order to negate it. However, it may be possible for her to siphon energy from abandoned equipment.

Resource Renewal (Active): Rita is capable of restoring natural resources back to their prime state through her energy. One can consider this a form of reality manipulation to a degree, but things such as objects, weapons, earthly materials, and gadgets have the capacity to be restored to full functioning strength under her control. So this would mean that she would be extremely useful in the wastelands because there is nothing but broken and shattered equipment, resources, and tools for her to work on and make a profit out of.

Of course, there are limits to such a power. For instance: if it goes above her power scale in regards to the PH tier listing? Then it isn't going to work. So, for instance, she couldn't just wave her hands and have an entire city's equipment brought back to normal. That's not within her power. However, if she focuses on something like a building in despair for a few posts, she could reasonably bring it back to its original condition. It scales alongside her power tier for the most part.

Additionally, the bigger the object, the more focus it will take. If she is restoring something like a pocket knife, gun, shield, or anything that can be held in her hand? Those typically could be restored within the same post if the specifications around them aren't too difficult to restore. If it's something like the size of a building? She is going to have to spend more time with it.

Furthermore, if there is any type of magic or seals used against an object, then it's going to take more of her resources or it may be impossible if she cannot overpower it or understand how the magic works. So, if she were trying to unseal some ungodly weapon, it may either be out of her scope of power to restore it or she would have to study and figure out how the system of magic works in it to make a reasonable application for her power to break said seal.

Asset Aura (Active Story Ability): While it goes against the laws of Rita's power to tamper with living beings during combat, in the terms of providing value to the world, she is capable of having story-driven threads where Source Alter can try to alter the sources of power within another person. She will need verbal permission from then, following that she will often need to focus on and spend some posts trying to comprehend and analyze the spiritual make-up of the person. From there, they will have to make some type of deal and an exchange must be made by both parties. And, before or after, the affected party needs to specify in detail what internal resource within themselves they are seeking to improve or restore.

If they can resonate and share that information, she may try to find certain aspects of their abilities or powers to try and amplify through training. Often times this ability tries to find more efficient ways of using powers or energies within a character to help evolve and leave them improved. This will take a heavy toll for Rita during the person, and there are often no assurances that things will 100% always go as corrected, but this is a worthwhile ability to have in a world where you need to be able to sell yourself and have some utility to people.

Obviously, it wouldn't be in her power to make some 5 tier character a 0-2++ god, but perhaps she could force them to awaken a new ability or find some new usage of the power that could make it easier to use or evolve around. Overall, the point of this ability is to make her a character that can engage with others and providing these services could force her to understand the soul of other characters better, have them develop and create various events or missions where they could find their own growth through Rita.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it)

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Adept
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Adept
  • Physical Augmentation: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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Mon Nov 01, 2021 1:37 pm
[adm]This was a joint grading by myself and Locke.

Alter Tool: ...while the axe itself can deliver strikes on par with an advanced level of strength.
As it stands this just ups her strength to Advanced for free. That definitely shouldn't be the case.

Source Alter
Move away from tier scale towards power control or energy usage

Living Beings
Probably should just exclude living beings at all times, without consent.

Overpowering It
How powerful does the effect have to be to counter this power? Just greater than her power control or what?

Mental Strain
So, mechanically, how does this limitation function? Does using her power drain her mental deduction or? Please clarify.

Claimed Objects
So if anyone owns an object, she can't manipulate it without stealing or taking it? How does she know if an object is owned? Does she just know who owns anything at any time?

Source Gems
How long do these take to fester?

Source Aura(Active)
Change from scaling with tier to scale on a related skill, Power Control?

Alter Grasp:
Is this just an ability to make anything around her into an attack on the level of her tier?

Skill Sheet
Please add your General and Human Reiatsu sheet.[/adm]
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Tue Nov 02, 2021 11:19 am
1st Issue With Item: I can lower it to adept. And if that's not enough, I can also lower it to trained or make it to where she has to actively use her energy to empower it and put a time limit on when the effects are active.

2nd Issue With Scale: I can definitely change it to energy usage

3rd Issue With Living Beings: Not a problem.

4th Issue With Overpowering It:
Overpowering It: It is possible to cancel out some of the effects of this power with a high enough energy discharge from a character if they know where to focus said energy. Of course, Rita can try to increase the durability/potency of it to avoid that, but that would take more resources from her. Generally, this can vary from the potency of a person's tier/magic/energy-based skills. (there are a lot of different racial skills, so take your pick.)

Therefore, if one is to overpower it, it varies on the tier difference. If Rita is a 3 tier, then anyone on 2 tier can potentially nullify 25% of her attack. If they are 1 tier, that goes up to 50% and 0 tiers can potentially null 75% of it.

If you wanna suggest something else, I'm open to suggestion

5th Issue With Mental Strain: As far as the mental strain goes, I'd probably say some of her mental skills could temporarily go down which help manage the ability since it's a mental thing. So, how I'd write it out is that if she got strained/overwhelmed, it would ultimately cause her to make it more unstable and harder to use. This could result in the power harming her body due to a lack of focus when controlling the properties of her energy/attacks. If you want, I can write that out and make it more apparent.

6th Issue With Claimed Objects: For the most part she cannot take/control objects that aren't her own. If she wants to manipulate it, then she'll just have to take it by force without the usage of her power (I.E. natural abilities/equipment/skills etc).

And her power could give her a sense for these things, yes. As, from her point of view, there would be an energy block that disallows her from influencing it. I can write that down as well.

7th Issue With Festering: If we are talking passage of time, I'd probably say one or two weeks after making a thread farming them would be fair. So she could make a thread and then wait IRL for that time to pass. I feel that's fair

8th Issue Source Aura: Changed from tier to power control

9th Issue: I'd probably scale this one with her power control tier. That would make more sense considering it's based off the skill she has with that racial skill. I could also add another limit of it being limited to one or two things in the environment as well to further try and put some restrictions on this. I definitely am looking to get some versatility from this particular ability, so whatever adjustments I need to make to keep it fair and balanced I'm open to if those limitations don't work.

10th Issue: Done. I forgot I didn't add them lol

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: D
  • Influence: D
  • Resources: C

Comments/Notes: Centipede
Tier: 3-5
Hazard Rating: D
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