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Tue Feb 01, 2022 1:29 pm
Beauty Through the Pain [Chidori/Yoruichi] HEADING_sample-549e764ab3fd9e8bce5d5f40b7506119

She was sure that Chidori was aware of her presence. Beyond simply the funeral of her late ..... her late Brother Yuushirou. There was the fact that she had also taken a considerable ammount of time to be more....present around the estate and soul society in general. There was no chance that Chidori would have NOT known about her hanging around. But... even so, she suspected that what she was going to do would come as a surprise. Making her way into the Shiohoin estate, she wasted no time in tracking down the woman's spiritual pressure and began to stride her way in their direction. Suppressing her spiritual pressure simply by virtue...of the fact that Chidori probably wouldn't recognize it anyway.

Finally, the Shihoin woman found herself at the final barrier between her and the current Head of the Shihoin. She could sense her just beyond, and she couldn't help but feel the faintest sensation of dread as she had, in all honesty: no idea how this conversation would pan out. She knew a fair amount about Chidori, but that was nothing to say that if nobody else, one could rely on a member of the Shihoin family to pull out a surprise now and then. Taking a slight breath, she promptly spoke up. "Chidori." Her voice clear and crisp, probably one that the woman had not heard in quite a long time.

"May I come in?"
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