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Sun Apr 10, 2022 4:44 am
A Noble Spirit [Ninsianna, Helle] - Page 2 DoVLwGj


In a way, such a request was precisely what Ninsianna would have liked to hear. Not, of course, the fact that Helle would speak ill of herself, but rather the fact that she wished to reach out to her as a friend. It would certainly be good for both of them to open up a bit more, and Ninsianna offered a gentle, almost motherly smile.

"I think I should certainly apologize as well, shouldn't I? I have remained exceptionally distant for much of my time with the Vandenreich, so I cannot hold you responsible for any lack of more personal interaction between us. I would be all too glad to rectify that, of course."

The two of them were friends, and so to Ninsianna, it was only natural that they grow to understand one another better. It was pleasant to know that Helle was willing to be more open to that, and that she was not simply sealing herself away after everything she had gone through. Ninsianna understood the grief of loss, after all, and she would certainly have worried that such a thing might occur. It would be good for both of them to open up.

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Tue Apr 12, 2022 12:41 am
A Noble Spirit [Ninsianna, Helle] - Page 2 V3UAJ9S

Helle Armstrong | Lost Savant

"I think there is an amount of grace allowed, Ninsianna. Rarely did I ponder more about you than the fact you were Cyrus' secretary. Maybe if I had stopped to speak more than just a quick hello... Ah, but that's mere speculation. We are no longer the same as we were then, so let us move forward, yes."

Now Helle has asked for Ninsianna to simply relay her past. The woman is old, older than Helle had imagined. Helle's age has always been a topic that some find privy to bring up from time to time, whether they believe her too young for the way she carries herself or too young for the position she is in. It is comical to imagine Ninsianna has old. The woman sports more beauty and grace than Helle could ever hope to muster. It's hard to not think about the future. Helle is worried how she'll look in 100 years, if she makes it that long. As it stands, she's doing a splendid job at lessening the years she'll exist for. She should really cut out her nonsense.

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