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Tue Jan 17, 2023 12:02 pm


Fu~ It was a good idea to come here during the early hours of the morning to Kiyomizu Temple, a buddism temple of sorts and being the famous tourist spot, Shou wanted to come here as early as they can allow visitors to drop by so that she wouldn't get drowned in the crowd of people. Since it was heckin' cold up in the mountains at this time, Shou dressed herself a little more than usual - a mismatching v-neck sweater with blue track pants on to counter the cold.

"Maybe coming here isn't such a good idea."

Standing over the large veranda of the temple, she looked over the city of Kyoto, silently enjoying the sights in front of her for a good minute with her sleeve over the mouth to keep the heat before she turned her sights back into the temple and spoke to herself,

"If gods really do exist, you're doing one hell of a terrible job.", she muttered so nearby priests wouldn't hear before her eyes had this hint of sadness and returned back to viewing the city.

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