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Wed Nov 01, 2023 7:06 am
There were a few things guaranteed in life, and visiting the First for allegations of fraud was not one of them. Not that Kokoko herself was particularly worried--she wasn't dumb enough to steal money from the Gotei--but since it was her face used as the figurehead for the clinic it only made sense that she was the one called into question. It's not like anybody else was going to get involved anyways, the captain had little influence over the clinic, the vice captain would only inquire about it when needed, and everyone else pretty much looked at it like a science project. It was her science project and she wasn't going to stand for slander, plus she didn't really have a choice...

Walking into the 1st division barracks, she waited at the receptionist and asked for the person who summoned her. "Hi, I'm looking for a Lyza? We have a meeting scheduled. Mhm, yeah, I'm her 11 o'clock."

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