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Always watching. (Akira/Ehefra) - Page 2 Empty Re: Always watching. (Akira/Ehefra)

Tue Apr 09, 2024 4:58 pm
Always watching. (Akira/Ehefra) - Page 2 I?id=bd83d221d91ee22b041397fdd0519e179cff8148-9181148-images-thumbs&n=13


Ehefra was one of those, huh? They were kindred in that regard. To act with malice for a greater good was a pathway Akira could relate too on a core level, sometimes your hands have to take another's life, other times, their freedom for security on a grander scale. True anarchy forges nothing but destruction, regulated anarchy? Breeds peace. This one didn’t seem to be the type for such. Who was Ehefra? Each word she spoke felt like both a threat and a lull to speak from the bottom of ones heart.

Curiously horrifying.

The way she closed the distance elicited a small cough from Akira, still not entirely comfortable with such close intimacy though was no longer degrading into a puddle due to it. A sensation of unease following suit her questioning, only enhanced more so by the raw enforcement of Zathrusta knuckling in his earlobe. It was at least a saving grace to all of this.

."Of course, Ma’am.

There was that feeling that Ehefra was pulling rank, though he did not mind. It was fun for a bit but the overbearing pressure this one enforced granted him little room to merely leave, what an avenue she should have taken beforehand. Why not grant it to her? Besides, her machines seemingly can detect much but with that insight now in his hand. Well. It was not like Ehefra he thought saw many Vizards.

."Memory. Identity is valuable to me, the reason I outright refuse is because my species holds a different dynamic with their soul than I believe Quincy do. Humans in general. Internally, more is going on that machine data may process, there have been attempts by myself to do as you claim and even more drastically purge it. That one instance resulted in memory loss.

The bluntness could not be overstated.

."If I am to engage with the Vandenreich at my full capacity, then I need it contained until I can discover new methods Ma’am. Furthermore I have heard alleged rumors of the extent of my anomalous nature can reach. Should I succeed then it would be a weapon to use to deter another strike of catastrophic proportion. Should I fail? Then I am a dog that will be put down.


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Always watching. (Akira/Ehefra) - Page 2 Empty Re: Always watching. (Akira/Ehefra)

Wed Apr 17, 2024 7:42 pm
Always watching. (Akira/Ehefra) - Page 2 W7pjcoqmpa7

"Hm? Is that right? Because I've done some fairly extensive research into that sort of thing as part of recent events. A significant ammount of data about reiryoku flow and interaction when Shinigami use their powers, it seemed unique, but also pretty similar in a lot of ways. Would you care to cite your sources? Certainly, if there's any data on the treatment of your condition, I'd very much like to get my hands on it. That IS a bit interesting though... given that I don't think I gave you very much information on HOW I would be doing this work.... you haven't been spying on my powers have you?" She mused, letting a hand rest on her hips before that seriousness evaporated slightly, and that smile returned to the woman's face.

But that didn't quite matter if she could so easily poke holes in his reasoning. After all, he had, at the end of the day, declined. And far be it from her to go grilling the man. THAT was the Todgestalen's job~ And they would no doubt be the ones most suitably inclined to go digging more into the matter. Security was closer to their jurisdiction, though she certainly would be planning on bringing this conversation up to her own boss as well. Especially about that tidbit at the end. Interesting that the man was looking for that sort of power. Without any interest in relying on anything but himself when it comes to controlling it. So he may very well be cultivating a power that would be used on the Vandenreich. But~

"Ehhh, that's a bit of a shame though." She raised her hands and sighed, letting her shoulders slump a bit as she shook her head. "Vizards are hard to come by. Ah well, in the end, it's not really up to me anyway. I just figured I'd offer while I was here."


Beeps floated away from the console and promptly floated over to rub herself against Ehefra's shoulder like a cat demanding attention. That smile on Ehefra's face calming a bit as she reached up and petted the cube. "Neh, that fast? You're getting too smart Beeps~ Welp that's my queue, I have a number of other Training Areas to look at today. Still! It was a pleasure talking to you Akira. Hoepfully we get another chance sometime." She noted as she turned and started to take her leave of the area, waving over her shoulder laxly as she headed back to the Silbern.
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