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Wed Jul 03, 2024 11:34 am
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Bambietta had certainly maintained a good attitude about things throughout this meeting, but as Momo touched her shoulder, it took a moment or two for her to register the full scope of what the older woman was really saying to her. Such a kind invitation, alongside kind words, was far from what she'd ever really known. Sure, maybe it was just being polite, but it wasn't as if anyone had ever really offered her a home in any capacity. She sniffled briefly, and tears formed in her eyes as she instinctively gave Momo a hug.

"Thank you. I really, really, really appreciate it. I promise, I'll keep visiting when I can."

Someone believing in her was a rare thing. If there was ever something she refused to do, it was let down such a kind soul.

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Wed Jul 03, 2024 12:50 pm
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While she was a little surprised by the sudden hug, Momo responded in kind almost instinctively, her arms wrapping around her new friend in return. A smile crossed her face, warm and gentle, precisely what she hoped the hug would feel like for Bambietta. For the entire conversation, Momo’s heart had gone out to the woman and as they embraced now, the brown eyed Shinigami felt rather protective over her fellow Kido expert. How could she not feel that way towards a woman who’d been through as much as she had?

Words were a little slow in coming from Momo, as she briefly had to hold back the tears herself, empathising with Bambietta to such a degree that it was as if she could feel the strength of her friend’s feelings. When she finally did speak, her tone was soft and tender, her hand brushing through the long strands of her friend's hair. “You’re not alone, Bambietta, no matter how it may seem. We’re two of a kind.”


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