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Sun Jul 07, 2024 8:12 am
Fashion Friends [Liltotto/Natasha] - Page 2 Vo9D9cB

Liltotto Lamperd

A soft grunt was huffed with the sudden squish of friendly contact, her eyes wide and rounded for a moment as she didn't expect the movement; though she'd gotten a lot better with receiving human contact, it still had it's degrees of offness... At least she managed to turn down whatever the hell was about to transpire with her friend's idea of what she needed help with. Regardless, she'd give a small laugh out of her brief state of stun to Natasha's admittance of misunderstanding.

Hmm, 'confident Liltotto' huh? She never really thought about it; she carried herself passively and quietly most of the time. Her only real frame of personal reference for confidence was how she operated in the office when she was younger, and smaller at that. She really wasn't one to naturally smile, so despite the other woman's mentioning of it, she defaulted to a particular face: Similar to her typical flat, neutral expression, but she had a look of slight irritation in her gaze - like she was gonna bite someone's head off if they looked at her wrong.

...Ah, right, a smile. Rigidly, her lips parted somewhat to reveal her sharpened teeth. Now she just looked like she was ready to actually eat someone. Why was consciously smiling so awful?

"Yeah i'm doing a godawful job, aren't I?"''

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Fashion Friends [Liltotto/Natasha] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fashion Friends [Liltotto/Natasha]

Sun Jul 07, 2024 5:08 pm
Fashion Friends [Liltotto/Natasha] - Page 2 GErtDg6


"No kiddin'..."

Natasha commented with a playful exasperation in her voice. Bless her heart. She knew Liltotto was not at all accustomed to this, but that rigid face she called a smile solidified that in an instant. It wasn't a supremely difficult thing to smile for the average individual, but holding her to average standards was a fool's errand in the first place, wasn't it? Sighing softly, she stroked her chin as she posed a question in return, with no intent of ridiculing her dear friend. If anything, it was a genuine curiosity.

"Is it that difficult for ya to flash an actual smile? Or is it a comfort thing?"

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