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Tue Jul 09, 2024 3:36 pm


Enter Veralia's Post

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"The fuck...?"

Veralia's voice muttered in disgruntled surprise as she sat up from her beach chair. The sunny skies and welcomed heat around her faded into the background as her vision narrowed in on her phone, and her hands began to tremble. Anger was building up in her chest as her breathing slowed.

Scrolling through messages in her app, she could hardly believe the images she saw. Seeing Stella beaten, tied up, and up brought a sinking feeling in her gut as she knew this day would come when that damn Quincy would get her into trouble, but she didn't expect it so soon.

She stood up with a slight twitching of her left eyelid, and the entire vicinity around her soon felt like a raging inferno. Engulfed in her envious flames, Veralia gripped her chest as fangs protracted from her mouth, a visceral manifestation of her boiling anger.


Her monstrous yell tore through the air as she ripped open a flaming vortex, the fabric of space itself yielding to her wrath. Without hesitation, she soindo'd into it, leaving nothing but embers and charred ground in her wake. As she disappeared into the vortex, her heart pounded with fear and uncertainty about Stella's state and the reckoning she would bring upon those responsible.

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