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 Malice Yokin The Icy Defense

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Malice Yokin The Icy Defense    Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:03 pm

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-Insert Header Image Here-

• Name: Malice Yokin
• Titles: ] The Yokin Wall , The Icy Defense
• Gender: female
• Appearance Age: 13
• Age: 300
• Affiliation/Rank: Yokin CLan

• Appearance Description:Height:5ft 1

Weight: 120lb

Body Build Slender:

Eye Color: blue

Malice’s eye color is that of blue aswell, looking pristine and pure like the clear sky after the impending snowstorm has passed or the color blue that you would see in a sapphire in short she does have a good color in her eyes, a kind of easy and cute blue which accents and brings out her features quite nicely, this is just how her eyes look in general.

Hair color: Blue

Her hair color is of an icy Blue, it is quite honestly because of the fact she is a Yokin that malice’s hair is of that color in the first place, due to both her genetics and this being the easiest was to spot out the actual people in the yokin clan it is easy to see why of course in the first place, Her hair is of this color, and why she is how she is, since of course she is of the Yokin clan through and through there is very little else to say about it than that.

• Appearance Picture: (If you have one, link a picture of your character.)

• Personality:

Rather Reserved/Rather Pissed: Either she is reserved or she is pissed and annoyed there is no middle ground. The real changes between them are easy to see, and literally quite the possible what now moment for anyone that sees the switch when it is flipped. As you see she has what you might call a very varied personality and this is where of course she gets it, one second you may see the chill and rather calm side of her, who would more then love to have a lengthy talk about the majesty of the snow outside, or you get the Destroya Side, which is going to cuss the ever loving hell out of you and then go from there, it honestly depends on the situation, but either side has its perks, like with the pissed side you might get some fun language, but not so fun mood, with the reserved side, language may be on the dull side, but she has a great mood and depth of personality.

Shy/Bold: Again she has the flipside of a coin, either you will find Malice in a very extremely shy state where she might even run away or really break some shit trying to hide, or you will get the Bold side, which of course does have its perks, given the fact that in the first place her bold side is the side that will either love you and show it or hate you and put her foot up your ass. So she can be either very shy and seem to be a cute little girl or very bold and seem like the kind of girl that would normally be the life of the party, It all quite honestly is going to not only depend on the situation, but also depend on how you’ve treated her so far, and even how the day has progressed, like if she’s had a shitty day she’s probably going to show you the bold side, however if she’s had a good day she might be on the shy side.

Tsundere/Yandere: Let’s just say this is the interesting thing about her, either she’s going to act like the tsundere and literally kick your ass and act like you aren’t worth the shit that comes out of your ass, and probably make things hard for you. Or on the flip side you might get the girl that you have to put your first restraining order on, honestly it all depends on her mood, and how she feels like behaving towards a given person, like if she wants to be left alone, you probably have a good bet of getting her tsundere version, but when it comes to when she wants some love~ If ya know what I mean, you’re probably going to get the yandere of your nightmares. Either side of her is on the extreme, so either she’s going to be honest to god extremely tsundere to the max, or she is going to be Extremely Yandere to the max, talk about your typical jeckle and hyde complex.

Silly/Serious: Malice can be either very extremely silly or she can be very serious, it depends on the situation , and it also quite heavily is going to depend on how she feels about the situation in general. This is probably why you could say that in certain situations you probably are going to see different sides of her, as she is a person with many sides and many faces, so you never quite know which side of her in combination that you are going to get, this is precisely why she is not one at least that you are going to get to know very quickly at a seconds notice, rather instead she is the kind of person that will take time, effort and a lot of luck to ever get to know as well as probably well her parents know her.

Maternal/psychopathic: Well with this one Malice views her friends and even family as her children even though her parents are the exception to the rule and of course her siblings, she doesn’t show honorifics generally and this sometimes leads to problems in her every day interactions, yet it is also because of this like her previous emotions so far, she had the dark side of the coin as well, that would be the side of her that is purely psychotic, the one side that would love to stuff your lungs in your ass and then turn you into a minx coat, or a ice-pop depending on the situation at large. So depending on the mood, and again the situation you never quite can know what side of her that you are actually going to be getting, its like a mystery box in Call of Duty World At War, you just don’t know if you get really lucky, or you get screwed.

Energetic/Brooding: Another thing is at times Malice herself will be either very hyper active full of energy, and just brimming to the tippy tip of the full meter when it comes to her activities, this is generally the case when she’s either had a very good time, or something good has happened that makes her very happy. Although like everything she has the flipside of the coin as well, that flipside would honestly be her Brooding side, when she isn’t going to do much of anything, and if you get on her bad side she will cause some fucking problems for you its just as simple as that don’t get on her bad side you will regret it.

• Likes: Ice/Mom

• Dislikes:
Holes in her shoes: Probably because of her fatherly role-model in recent years Malice had the inclination to become paranoid about whenever she got a hole in her shoes, especially her boots in particular, this is particular one of the things that will make her go bat shit crazy, and if you are the one to cause this? Well watch out she will be pissed at you. And concerned about the hole in her shoe/boot.

• History: Well regarding her history there isn’t much to say ,she was of course born in the Yokin clan, and is a daughter of Mizore, being the runt of the family she was always picked on, and rather didn’t have much to go by, She always showed a interest in training, despite the fact she sucked at offense and strength , by far offensively she was the weakest of the Yokin household, she had offense capabilities that where not even worth the shit that went in the toilet to be perfectly honest. It was one of the things that she grew up and figured out at an early age, the fact that she Sucked when it of course came to things such as Offense. Although she lived a fairly normal life in the yoking household being born into it as a shinigami there had been things expected from her from birth.

To cope with responsibilities and the fact that she was weaker then everyone else, she divested most her time to the study of her ice, and intensifying her defenses, in essence she worked to gain her zan, to learn about it and to become more suitable to it. This process was lengthened due to her being gone for long period of time wandering around the brazil it was a lot like she was also the missing child most of the time, she would be gone for weeks on end, a child that loved to sneak out and then go about her own adventures she had quite the wander lust, the innate curiosity as a child and the drive to disobey mizore countless times even to the point mizore tried freezing her inside her room for a week. This of course didn’t work to well For either party, though it still failed to stop her from managing to burrow through the ice, and run off much to her own amusement and her mother’s untamed fury.

However these adventures began to grow tedious at best, especially when she managed to cause one of the main port’s to freeze (long story) that stunt had her locked up on house arrest for 2 years following the incident which of course gave her the time to reflect and even refine her skills even further , it was locked in her room that she figured out how to both use and manipulate ice around her, she studied furiously granted she had nothing else to do, and this was the turning point to her, she began to learn and get better at the ice skills she was given, to the point that most of the kids began giving her the nickname “The Yokin wall” Because of the incident that happened afterwards as she had survived a freak collapse in a cave system surviving 24 days and nights until the cave was fully cleared out , without a scratch on her, (though she was starving)

Although needless to say she got in trouble all the time still, being obtuse and a pig head at times, she would get into spats with multiple members of the yokin clan this was of course in her childish years when she had barely either inclination or the time to actually learn manners, which is why most of her childhood life she was branded either a trouble maker or the black sheep of the family, so to speak, yet this didn’t last long because the thing was that in her later years she seemed to begin maturing at a actually astounding rate, at the age of 13 appearance wise she seemed to become finally what you might call a contributing member to the Yokin clan, not quite the kind of person that was perfect and an angel since she wasn’t but however also not the kind of person that perhaps would be regarded as an outcast in general, from this fact it was just a matter of time, and a matter of what would happen next.

It is why though she was in recent years still just devoted to both her practice and the travels that she was doing all around brazil, even though she still didn’t see exactly eye to eye with her mother she respects and still looks up to her as a role model, someone that is worth actually getting up and becoming better than or just as good as, which is precisely why of course she trains hard, and pushes herself to new heights. Even in her chores she would find ways to improve or otherwise better herself ignorant of anyone other than herself. Even for 300 odd years you could say that she had a rough time of it, and this is probably why most of her life was spent in wandering and or in instances of training or learning some new skill or another, it was just how she was, and what she generally trained to do.

She is a bright child however, and is able to learn vast quantities of information, as was seen she quickly gained her skills in a short amount of time, and was always able to gain and learn information on the fly, it was just something about her that made her who she was.

History ; Specific Incidents:
1: Experimenting With Booze: It was around when Malice was 7-8 (in reality 60 -70 years of age) she snuck into mizore’s wine cellar and proceeded the fun experience of drinking every last drop of booze in their possession, it was rather absurd you see, she had never had or tried booze up until that point which is why she felt like it was something she just had to do, nothing more than that. However the funny part was when Malice began drinking it you see she found out she rather had a strong fondness for booze, and a lovely urge for both drinking that booze and tasting the booze as well. So she decided after the first keg, to have some more, and then have some more, but it was honestly just the fact that she just could not stop herself that was the most amusing thing out of it all.

By doing this over and over, she managed to in the span of one evening drink so much wine, that she vomited afterwards for a couple hours straight, oddly enough though it wasn’t the booze that did it, it was the thump on the back mizore gave her that actually started the vomiting incident as it shook up her still digesting the wine phased stomach and from the sheer mass inside her she just disgorged everything that was inside her belly at the time that it happened. In short she just kept vomiting and didn’t seem to want to stop vomiting. This little act was the one and last time she was allowed near the wine cellar, it seems that even for the years after that she was banned and I mean that in every sense of the word, literally she was banned from not only entering the wine cellar but even going within a 100 meter radius, which made it hard of course for Malice to navigate around their home. Of course though this taught the daughter a valuable lesson when it came to alcoholic beverages the quantity of it was not the thing, it was to of course enjoy it when you had it, and then not vomit if completely all over the floor of the basement in literal fire hydrant fasion.

2nd Instance: Sex Edjucation! Folks! [200 years ago]
Well lets just say malice was slow on the curve, when she was 10 though mizore and her had the “Talk” though this talk consisted of two words. "Mom whats sex" and mizore answering. "Go ask someone else i dont care" and by that time little malice was at the very least 100 years of age, and by civilizations standards a old geezer, however due to her genes she was still alive and still kicking, and fairly young too, needless to say though the timing was pretty bad, and neither one of them had fun of it, the resulting arguments and questions on malice’s part directed at her mother where both in quantity and had so much in terms of verbal questioning that it quite literally kept half the household up the following week straight, this was the time of course that malice got banned from talking for the next month and a half. Which of course she had no choice but to follow being if she didn’t half of the current yokin members threatened to sew her mouth completely closed.

This of course was the incident that she learned about the value of being quiet, and is why she doesn’t talk nearly as much as she used too, because in her mind she still does quite clearly remember the incident that took place, and is not really that keen for a repeat of it, and this is partially because she disliked that month and a half, and also it is because of the fact that she down right hated the anger and just how things escalated very quickly and did so with a wide not only range of danger but also a wide range of you keep talking I will hurt you, kinda vibe so yeah, that was Malice’s sex education week.


• Reiatsu Color: Ice Blue

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Illiad the fairy of ice

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:


• Inner World: The inner world is a world of snow, one that in short of many words seems to be pristine and pure, glaciers rim its infinite depths and the crisp cold of the negative degree’s seems to be a regular occurring feature in this desolate tundra. It isn’t that there is much to see here for its glacial beauty and crystal ice-form free made naturally occurring structures are things of marvel, it’s just that given a state of relative wilderness and in the ice tundra as it is? There just hasn’t been much to see nor has there been much that is of any real or useful value, thanks to this though you probably should get a good idea of her inner world, it’s not actually that heavily populated rather it is literally a ice made wonderland.

• Sealed Shikai Apperance : Refer to header.

• Sealed Shikai Abilities:

Tri State: Another peculiarity is that her shikai has 3 stages, due to the rising power she possesses and that fact she further developed and refined the levels of defense she has , the levels of shikai go as the following, Sealed Shikai, Fairy Release, and then Ice Fairy Release. These are the 3 stages of power, her weakest state being the sealed shikai and her strongest being the ice fairy release, though due to being tri state each release has a power jump, so say she was 2-1+ in sealed shikai, and jumped to Fairy release? She would be 1-4+ then, and then say she moved into ice fairy release ? Well then she would be 1-2+ that is how it breaks down each release

Constant Release: Even when sealed Malice is peculiar because she is a constant release type, meaning that her sealed state is instead of a sealed Zanpakutō , is instead rather a sealed form of a shikai, which is why her ice is strong off the bat, she does not have a sealed zan state like most of the shinigami out there. Instead she is one of the stranger shinigami that have a released shikai as their based state, in this case though her shikai does have a sealed state to it, which is sealed shikai State.

Heavy Ice User: Malice Yokin is known to be a heavy ice user, one that focuses skill on both the strength , the cold and the durability of his/her ice. This is the main effect in her sealed state, it comes directly from being a child of mizore, as each child manifests slight affinity for some element. In retrospect Malice manifested the manipulation and expert accuracy in his/her ice techniques that you see at a very young age, and from there he began to further and create a concept of “Depth” and “Cold” and “Density” about this ice, focusing on the factors of a ice’s toughness and ice’s resilient nature and using these to his/her advantage and most certainly making it so that his/her techniques would reflect this very accurately.

Quite frankly though, heavy ice magic and techniques have become a part of Malice’s every day life, in a sealed state this manifests quite clearly, as both a yokin, and how Malice was raised and born both things give him/her a startling head start in his/her control and understanding of ice, just like his/her mother Mizore, Malice is an ice user, and focuses quite exclusively and quite heavily on the ice magic and skills that are centered around his/her main concept built quite literally to be able to both take a general pounding and then dish out a general pounding, though there are key aspects about his/her ice that should be duly noted and these are the following:

1: Yokin Heritage” Ice Lineage” : You could say the first thing is quite literally malice has the lineage of powerful ice users via Malices mom Mizore running in his/her veins. This is why this is what you might call a second generation ice user one that was born with blood ties to a previous (And strong) ice user. Malice Yokin fits the bill perfectly for that definition, it is also to blame to why ice use just “Clicked” For Malice yokin even at a fairly early age, which is why in result to ice magic, Malice Yokin is not only a mishap born with the affinity for ice, but instead he/her was born with direct descent from a powerful user of the element he/her practices literally having the D.N.A of that strong user imbedded within, a natural affinity that was present genetically from birth you might say.

2: Ice Hardness: Malice Yokin has extremely hard ice, this ice is on par with Hierro that is found at the higher caliber, due to being the child of an ice user not to mention being genetically suitable to ice from an early age, it was a natural calling card that him/her was born into . Literally being able to from the age of birth create this flourishing yet latent hardness within the ice that is used and created, although ice manipulation stands at close range radius the caliber at which the ice is able to defend is strong enough to give even higher skill opponents trouble, this ice being able to hold up even in the harshest situations, it is even speculated that the ice if needed could take a direct blunt-hit from a tank, or some other kind of recently developed heavy duty assault , being able to handle large and small bombs, and even a vast array of elemental attacks.

3:Ice range/Ice Control: While Malice yokins ice does not have a high range, it does have ample control which would place the ice user at a top brass ranking, given into consideration that of course, while Malice yoking is indeed a 2nd generation ice user, the type of combat that Malice has specialized in from an early age has forgone the general range aspect for the more safe and useful control aspect. Which is why of course Him/Her is able to not only use the full capacity and manipulations of the ice to its fullest but is also able to control the Ice so expertly like it is the back of his/her hand. It is 2nd nature to him/her , which is precisely why Malice Yokin is not what you would call your “Every Day” Ice user, rather He/She is one of a much higher caliber which is generally not seen normally.

4:Ice Durability/Ice Regeneration: This is where the high caliber part is continued for Malice Yokin as while him/her is a hardy and heavy duty ice user, he/she is also able to use ice in a way that is both Durable, and able to gradually regenerate at a faster pace than what would be normal, because the thing is, while his/her ice is hard to break it is equipped so that when it does break it will be able to recreate itself and then rebuild itself in a cost effective and time effective manner, though of course, the energy drain when such an event happens is most certainly nothing to scoff at as of course when energy is drained it is taxing if his/her defense is beaten down too much, but it is the reason, that him/her is dubbed a Heavy Ice user. Although, the durability part of the ice is deceptive as while the ice can take a pounding its not precisely durable what is going on is high speed replacing of broken ice at a scale which makes it unrecognizable to the normal eye.

5: Ice Temperature/Freezing Conditions: Malice’s Yokin’s ice freezes normal objects on contact not like normal ice would, which is why his/her ice’s range is so very small, it in fact is probably the one thing that he/she is the rock bottom of, distance, instead both the freezing conditions of his/her ice and the temperature of his/her ice are dangerous, being able to flash frostbite or cause water to freeze near instantly on contact even in large bodies, this ice temperature is so cold in fact that normal flames will have a hard time melting it, in general, it is the reason that he/she has such a small range in the first place, given the fact if this ice had a higher range, it would be deadly and unfair for combatants, as with every great power is a sacrifice by sacrificing range and reducing range to the bare minimum he/she has acquired this very intense and dangerous form of ice manipulation.

6: Intergraded Spiritual Frame/ Spiritual Signature: Malice’s spiritual pressure is in a league of its own , in terms of how its manifested, making him/her hard to sense in a battle, as intergraded into each of his/her ice techniques is reishi, as you see the field of reishi and the signature of his/her reishi comes directly out of and from his/her ice. In this way Malice is taking his/her ice manipulation to the next level, instead of having a type two spiritual pressure, or a type one, he/she has a intergraded spiritual frame, and signature, this means that ice that is present in any state around his/her body is different from normal ice, it is treated almost like a Zanpakutō, given the fact that basically that is what it is. This is basically the make up for Her deficiencies in everywhere else.

Skill breakdown: As you know everybody has a skill breakdown , and this section below in her sealed will map out the highs and lows of her skills that eventually are going to level out into a balanced playing field, these are her strengths and what she’s good at as well as what she average at, and even the things that she may be weaker in , it is the pro’s and cons, a basic breakdown of her skills to show why her ice is so strong and the effects that come from that.
Physical section:

Speed Below Average: Her speed is below average as she is a defensive type even though she can move at high speed she has a lack of needing to do so, this is the main reason that her speed stat itself is so low, and the fact is she isn’t really that fast, she is a defensive type not a speed type, which is the break down, in this case, it is also why she is skilled in defense and rather a bad offensive choice, she is a defender through and through, not what you would call a tank type, which is a physical threat, but a pure defensive type that you would call an extreme defensive threat.

Strength: Marginally Above average: What can you say it’s in her genes, due to who her parents are she is naturally going to have a above average strength but then again considering who her parents are the level of this strength leaves much to be desired as it may be strong compared to a normal being, it is very weak compared to the strength of her parent or at-least one of her parents, which is why while this is better than her speed it is only classed at a “Above Average” Level nothing really that is remarkable but it is something that could be considered at least to be a lot stronger then what one might think it would be.

Durability/Stamina: Above Excellence: This is why she is a true defensive type, as while her physical skills leave something to be desired her defense, and stamina, durability the works are in a class of a pure defensive type. They are strong and severely something that should not be taken lightly, you could say while everything else is normal this as far above the bar as you could get, her stamina and her durability on both fronts is truly something that is absurd, and even remarkable, even though it comes from two fronts, as together they are above average but it is the regeneration part of it , that makes them above excellence as you see her physical durability is only of the High class, but with regeneration added into the mix it becomes of the Above Excellence class due to the regenerations backup prowess.

Weapon Skill and knowledge: Average: Her weapon skill is merely itself average its not something perhaps that would be actually worth considering, being that she has only the same level of weapon skill a novice would have when it comes to actually swinging a blade, being the fact is a lot like her parent.. one of them at least her skills are more of a essence type, being made actually with the skill or element itself, in this case her ice , so she has a lot of experience in her ice techniques but woefully very little in her other techniques such as physical ones.

Spiritual Skill Breakdown:

Spiritual Offense:Minimal: She has literally no spiritual offense, the fact is her defense is much stronger , which is why her spiritual offense capabilities are not only minimal they are as low as you could consider ones capabilities to be, it is because of this, that for the most part she is a defensive fighter, As you see, malice does not have offensive capabilities merely very potent defensive capabilities. You could say that this is very much so the reason that she is defensive and not offensive, because she is not built, nor suited for a role in the offensive class , she is a pure defensive player through and through, there is little more that you can really get through then this, which is why her metaphysical or spiritual offense SUCKS balls.

Spiritual Defense: High: Her spiritual defense just like her physical defense is high, when it comes to defending, she is a top class, though her spiritual defense is not quite as build singular as the physical defense as there is two aspects to her spiritual defense which makes it so capable and able to actually take and give out a pounding, so her spiritual defense is not as high as the bar will go, but it is still not weak, instead it is up there, and is something that makes her no pushover when it does come to defense, precisely this reason; that she is such a heavy defensive type. It is not her offense which is outstanding but again it is her defense that is incredible which is why her spiritual defense is high , while her spiritual offense is Minimal.

Spiritual Regeneration: Above Normal: Her spiritual regeneration is above normal given the fact that her ice is of the regenerative type instead of the purely defensive type, for this reason her spiritual defense is also able to regenerate with a good amount of success. Thanks to this it means that not only is she hard to break but it also means if she does break she has more of a chance to bounce back then what a normal person might have , due to this regeneration, it is what really makes her metaphysical or spiritual defense so formidable, as while her spiritual defense is not as high as it could be, it has this above normal regeneration capacity that is supporting it, making it much stronger.

Shinigami Skill Breakdown:

Hoho: Minimal: Malice is the kind of girl that has absolutely no prowess or use for hoho in battle, which is why she is very bad at it, for a defender has to be able to defend a position when needed however also be able to take hits without moving as much, This is why of course she is minimal in this regards, she is able to use hoho outside of battle for traveling distance but in battle? The thought of her using hoho (flashstep) would be out of the question as again, she is defensive and not built to be flitting around the battle field, so her defense itself is what she has focused on , and thus she didn’t find much of a need for hoho, and this is precisely why her hoho skill again is low very low, actually it is what you might call rock bottom, to the point it is pretty much as low as you can go with it.

Hadō Skill: Non existant: It isn’t to say that she isn’t a practitioner of Kidō but she has found no need for the offensive spells, which is why she has none of them in her possession As malice you see had the sole focus of practicing what she needed to become a pure defender and Hadō wasn’t on that list, because you see it just was useless to her, and there was no need for someone who wouldn’t be a fighter in offense itself to actually learn these skills in the first place, which is why even though she might have skills in Kidō she has literally no skills in Hadō itself, which is why her Hadō skill is not in existence since basically she has no Hadō Skill what so ever case closed and moving on.

Bakudo Skill: Medium: Her bakudo skill is medium again she isn’t a master at it but she is above the normal brass, because of the fact that she needed to have a good all-around defense she focused time and effort on learning bakudo techniques, given her build, she does accelerate in the learning of it, but she isn’t what you would call a perfect ace of it, that being said she knows enough to cast cantations of the higher caliber spells at will, and can use multiple spells without incantation, she is no novice and what you could call a long practiced veteran of bakudo itself, though not a master.

Barrier’s and Seals: Medium High: Her barrier and seals skill is higher than her bakudo skill. This is probably because malice found the idea of barriers and seals much more useful than the other which would have been bakudo and standard Kidō, in this way she is able to use and cast strong barriers, and able to read and create seals of higher classes even though mostly unnamed and generic, she understands the structure of seals and barriers, and has learned it diligently which is why of course she is able to in the first place use them and expertly wield them but, again she is not a master at this, although she is very adept and skilled she hasn’t practiced long enough just yet to be considered an master of barriers and seals, merely someone who is competent and very gifted in it.

Kaido: Medium: After all she is a defensive type, malice knows medical techniques that generally are left for the 4th division, in this case she is well versed in the art of healing and can use the basic technique to heal or fix minor to major wounds. Although this does drain energy as a normal healing technique would, she has no unique healing techniques as she just knows the basic practice of it, and doesn’t know enough to actually go about and fully heal or fix people from the brink of death. She knows less than a specialized healer would but more than a normal individual would in short she is just medium above average but not high, she is decent at healing, as again she is built for defending.

Over all Kidō would be around Medium .

Zanjustu: High: Her Zanjustu skill is very high, being able to know her Zanpakutō like it is the back of her hand, this is mostly however because of the fact that in essence, she is a defensive type which uses her ice to the best of her abilities, and because of this she must display a wide and vast knowledge of her zan, in order to use her forms her blade and her techniques to the fullest of their capabilities so this is why of course she knows her zan inside and out, like it is the back of her palm, and thanks to this of course she is what you would call one of the people that is extensively knowledge gifted when in regards to the partner in crime that they possess so to speak.

Hakuda: Average: Her hakuda is nothing really that is to be scoffed at she was trained in base hand to hand combat, and that was merely because she needed to know how to defend herself and be more than a basic wall, but also thanks to this she is strong and skilled atleast in the basic principles of hakuda, and is no spring chicken so to speak when hakuda is involved.

Ice Skill Breakdown:

Ice Durability: Moderate High: Her durability with her ice skill is pretty decent in terms of how strong it is, this is because of the fact again of her genes partially and also because of the type that she is, being a defensive type and all, it makes sense that the defensive element that she is using in this case ice is able to be durable and also able to take a pounding, that being said it is not as strong as it could be given that her ice isn’t all about the strength of her raw defense and rather it has something else about it that is equally important and is what makes her defense just that much stronger, and something that is staggering and hard to deal with. Thanks to this though her durability with her ice though is certainly not something to scoff at, it is infact something that should be taken into account before she is assaulted because again it is pretty dang strong, and fierce at the exact same time, and because of that its pretty insane.

Ice Regeneration: Moderate High: Her real power though lay in the actual regeneration aspect of it, her ice isn’t as strong in defense as some other defensive types but unlike other defensive types her ice is going to be able to regenerate at a rather high rate of speed, and thanks to this it means that she is able to in the first place regenerate the damage that is going on in her ice as it is happening making her a very hard cookie to break even though its not impossible again it makes it pretty darn hard.

Ice Range: Minimal: Because she is a defensive type, her ice is very basic in range ,and has very little range, it is because of this that you could say that she is more of a defensive type through and through then she might be an offensive type. In essence she is the classive support type, and not the normal offense type as she is able to defend heal and defend some more, she is not that suitable for offensive combat.

Ice Control: Medium: Her ice control is medium, it is not as good as her mothers but its not bad either all around she knows enough to be able to effectively use her ice, to its fullest a good portion of the time, that being said however it is not going to be a masterful thing. However it is something that she is okay at, while not the best again as I said she is okay at it, nothing more and nothing less.

[strike]• Release: Freeze The Lord , Fairy Release

• Normal Shikai: Fairy Release Description: (Your character or your sword's new appearance. The appearance is totally up to you.)

•Normal Shikai: Fairy Release Abilities:
Defensive Ice : Hard ice, heavy duty ice. Ice that can take a beating. That is what defensive ice is, a type of ice that even the tongs of flame itself will have a hard time melting, this ice works with the principle of Solid, immense and deadly defense, the frigid cold being of Insane proportions made to block from the deadliest assaults, being the child of Mizore, and Daughter Of Hakai, it means that she is a exceptional defensive user inheriting gene’s that have been from the best of the best, this shows without a doubt. Her ice Malice’s ice is a step above and beyond that you might call to be normal ice, it is a class of its own in a sense due to its qualities that make it both very deadly and very powerful though she has no supplementary skills or Kidō, her ice Is not something to take lightly, it is instead something that is very strong, below is the key characteristics of this High Caliber ice.

1:The Ice /The Regen: Her ice, as it is known is not all about hard defense, it is about astounding and amazing regeneration as well, being able to regenerate to fix itself at rapid high speed, when damaged. That is the main power of the ice beyond its insane level of defense, it is not its cold, it is not the durability of the ice, all these things have been gained when she decided to be a defensive user, no the Strength of her ice lies in the regeneration asset, being able to regenerate damage to the ice itself at high speed, replacing damage as it comes, meaning that the hard And strong, ice must be overwhelmed before you might even have a chance of fully destroying it. This is not bodily regeneration it is ice regeneration, And the regeneration in the Shikai state is much stronger then the sealed state, even though of course it drains just as much energy when in use.

2: Iced Shell/Fortification: Her ice is like a shell, it at the absolute defense mark the closest point you can get to her body, if all else fails, lies the defense of extremely hard armored ice, this is the fortification ice, which is the hardest she has, it is the last lines of defense for her body incase all else fails and damage, seems to be a certainty. If there is nothing else she can do, then this is the ice that supplements the assault and last form of defense, without it well she would be lost, which is why this ice, is 2x harder than any ice that is expanded around her, for the reason that the ice that is exterior outside of the Iced Shell perimeter is only half as hard, as energy is distributed in a criteria of importance the body is the most important to protect which is of course why It is the hardest part of her defense.
3: Chill Temperatures/Iced Out Factor: Her ice is special coming in contact with it in the shikai faze causes “Ice crystals” In essence even fire users will find some effect from this, the chilled temperatures and icy corruption that extends around her ice, is most certainly able to be felt as her ice freezes over objects that have come to close to her radius not full on freezes but npc objects such as buildings and tree’s will certainly find a freezing jolt from being too close to her, it is just a natural effect of being around her, given the fact that her natural ice temperature is cold enough to cause permafrost on the ground and even for buildings or people to freeze in a low radius around her, making it certainly dangerous, this is also why her ice is so hard, if heated up by ample temperatures it can just as quickly re-freeze.

4: Icy Chill: The Enhanced Reishi Factor: Her spiritual signature that is imbedded in the ice, is quite crazy you could say that quite literally her ice and the radius around her finds frigid temperatures that are cold enough to cause onslaught hypothermia given the fact that she is the daughter of mizore, and a daughter of hakai, it is without a doubt that the temperatures that she gets down into are quite frigid her being a 2nd generation ice user and all, this is partially why when she releases it is a pain for her opponents, as ice expands around her, and it also causes increases in the ice hardness and density, this is another means of defense as well, due to her ice’s chill it makes it harder to heat it up.

5: Iced Out Factor: Refreezing The Elements: She can freeze water, such as large bodies of water if near them she finds a 50% increase in her power, due to the fact that water is an amazing source of ice creation, and this is why the elements of water can be refrozen into ice if she is around them for over a turn. This way she can ensure that her energy is not being fully overextended and that she has a steady and quite useful supply of ice. It is also thanks to this that she would be able to for the most part Keep herself from fatigue , as with fatigue would come a kind of pain in the ass for her, as her ice does drain energy, which is precisely why this is one of her methods for actually gaining and keeping energy, or in short making herself stronger, as the water itself is a means of hydrating humans but to her it’s a means of replenishing her element of ice.
]• 2nd Release: Freeze The Sea’s, Ice Fairy Release

• Released Shikai stage 2: Ice Fairy Release Description: (Your character or your sword's new appearance. The appearance is totally up to you.)

•Released Shikai stage 2: Ice Fairy Release Abilities:
Blue Ice: Blue ice is unique to Malice, as she has developed it for her released state, what it does is widely speculated but it seems to be a harder variety of her defensive ice, which has been heavily augmented for the purpose of quick defense, but this ice also seems to have a higher content and density, it is unlike the previous ice a crystal blue, clear and deep like gemstone. However this ice seems to have less of the regenerative capabilities of the previous ice via defensive ice, although the one thing that it seems to possess is a much higher defensive content, being able to take much more of a beating you could say this is the defensive mode of her Shikai a type of Ice that is much stronger and at the same time, a lot more formidable then the defensive ice found itself to be ,this ice introduces a new form of her ice magic ,so to speak which is going to be explained below, in the following sections you will get a feel of both new and old and how it applies to this ice.

1: Ice Generator: Winter’s Fairy: Ice fairy release is where you begin to see more then ice regeneration itself, lacking about half slower regeneration then defensive ice, this ice has something else that gives it a unexpected edge, that is Ice generation. You could say that her ice in this stage introduces the factor of generating more ice, at whim she can create within a span of every 4 turns a max of twice the current ice content for defense, and freeform create ice for offense, even though her ice itself is only slightly harder then seen in defensive ice, this ice has more than the ample higher ratio for defense then the defensive ice, or Heavy ice user contained. This is mainly because in this stage regenerating isn’t enough if she’s pushed to this she also must be able to shore up and recreate more ice, which is why even though it drains more then regenerating it is a needed factor.

2: Blue Iced out Defense: Ice fairy’s released shikai state has malice’s first real heavy defense since her regeneration has been compromised if she has gone into this state, you could say that her defense is 25-50% stronger than the normal shikai state would find itself to be. In this state blue ice, is also much harder to melt and deal physical damage or metaphysical damage too then the normal ice, its tolerances are not only stronger, but because of her heritage they are also built to withstand large amounts of damage, even though they still have a stage of regeneration, they are not going to be actually as tough as say some of her other family members ice or defenses would be but this is because they regenerate faster than her families defenses would.

3: Iced Destroyer/ The Absolute Line: Ice fairy release generates a iced shell around her form, that may not regenerate but is much harder than the average ice, it is like garaa’s sand shell, so to speak it is a hard and ultimate last line of defense that is on her body, due to how intergraded her spiritual signature is with her ice, it is normal that the ice in general would have a defense like this, as of course this ice is not going to be much of a problem other than this , as it has the regenerative ice capabilities around it that generate more than the needed actual amount of defense so this is literally the last line of defense it is built to withstand insane force and because of that she cannot regenerate it, it would be nearly impossible to regenerate it due to just how thick the ice itself is in general.

4: Ice strength: Her ice’s strength Is above par even though the fact is that strength in this case happens to be a balanced strength, as for example while her ice is versatile hard and can regenerate, as well as enhanced natural effects the fact is that her normal stats such as her range, and the ice’s range are not as versatile, meaning her ice is contained in a set radius around her body, it is because of lack of range of and an obvious lack of techniques as well, as her ice is plain and simply ice, it makes it so that pretty much her ice and the way she uses it leaves much to be desired. However this is the balance out for her skill and techniques. When it is involving ice anyways;

[strike]• Bankai: Ice Fairy Merge Description:

•Bankai: Ice Fairy Merge Abilities:
Fortress Ice: -


[b]• PhatomTech:
(Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

• Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

• Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


• Roleplay Sample: (Please show us how you role play by either posting a previous post from another site or creating a new one. We do this so we know your RP skill. If you already have an accepted, you need not do another RP sample)


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Aivee Clean-Up Time!
This file has been in here for over two weeks! Therefore, I am placing this into OLD WiP!! Don't worry, you can still edit it and such! And if you want it checked, simply post Here!

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Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

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Malice Yokin The Icy Defense
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