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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Dragon of the West Vanishes (Private)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Dragon of the West Vanishes (Private)   Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:20 pm

The scene settled on an outburst of reiatsu a battle was going down in the outskirts. The energy sent electricity through the air, Jaeden was battling something a creature that wasn't able to be considered anything but amazing. It was keeping up with him, Jaeden tried many tactics but something struck him soon as the fight was getting underway. Swords clashed metal and steel singing through the night as lighting lit up the skies. Reiatsu savaged the area as this fight continued, ruined buildings in the area were destroyed. Time wasn't looking good, Jaedne had several injuries this hadn't gone well. His eyes stared into the blackness of the creature before him. It was not hollow, not demon, nothing he's come across yet. "Damien-Sama I'm sorry but I am not going to win this war..I can at the very least fight this monster..My son believe in me and listen to your aunt..Hehe..Irkio..I'm sorry..that I did such damage to your life..I shall never forgive myself..for it.." Jaeden was brought from his thoughts instantly, bringing his sword up he parried the blow.

What was frightening was that this creature resembled Jaeden himself, though he seemed to be missing color and well he was stronger then Jaeden himself had been expecting. The disappearance of him was something he expected would be a big deal, his eyes and breathing were heavy. He sensed hollows as well, this was a trap was it? Something for Shadow's Fall damn how did he fall for this. The very darkness was coming to life and attacking him but what was more these creatures were feeding on his doubt. He cut and swung his sword, moving his form from left to right swaying. He wasn't slow he needed a break this fight had been going on for days. Seiryu and he were getting tired.. Jaeden raised his Zanpakutō as lighting struck all of them, he was doing his best to find off a strange enemy which the like had not been entered in any place. It was pure darkness of something that came from nightmares and brought about nothing but pain.

Jaeden used a shunpo shooting himself across the field his surprise was evident when the creature caught up with him, it's black coat following a trail. He slashed upwards feeling a foot hit his rib cage as he flew into a building a large amount of dust covering the air. He remained laying there for a moment deciding his next course of action, nothing could be seen here. Jaeden had gone to investigate a possible enemy near Karakura Town. "Seiryu this isn't good the creature has skills similar to mine..someone created a Shadow Being who could match me...This is a rather fierce creature...I have no information to go on...My sister is going to be pissed at me..if we drag this on.." Jaeden's eyes looked around now for now, his feet felt stuck in something almost a puddle of something that was strange. This creature was darkness incarnate and something else felt odd, his frame felt like it was in quick sand. Falling into darkness, he blinked stared down as he released a huge burst of electricity and freed himself.

Jaeden's gaze stared, this damn thing was trying to take him alive. But for what purpose, he felt his body hurting from how long he'd been fighting. Seiryu had been silent somethings hadn't been right so he'd brought a hand to his face. But before that released an electrical distress signal of sorts, it would trigger alarms back at the Vizard Corps. That a Captain had fallen, Jaeden had given his notice it seemed likely that falling was in the future. No not yet, he would run for it and try to draw this monster somewhere else. Whatever it was he couldn't figure it out the creature was feeding on something that kept it going. He'd already cut it and at one point he sliced it into over a thousand pieces and blasted it. Much like the majority of his life this enemy was perplexing.

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The Dragon of the West Vanishes (Private)
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