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 Fushimi Mamoru Upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Fushimi Mamoru Upgrade   Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:45 am

  • Name Of Character: Fushimi Mamoru
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Partially because of his recent dealings with a 0-5 demon and partially because his abilities were very underwhelming and unexpansive the first time through...felt they needed a boost.
    What Are You Upgrading: Power overhaul, if you wanna throw a tier upgrade at me too I certainly wouldn’t say no!
  • Any Extra Notes: Not really.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

Reaper’s Machete: Thanatos’s blade is formed with concentrated enough spiritual particles to be able to stand up to all manner of spiritual weapons in terms of raw power and allows Thanatos to fight on completely equal footing with all sorts of hollows, shinigami, arrancar, and whatever strange beasts this world might throw at Mamoru. The Machete is a representation of Mamoru’s internal fear and dread and his ever present hatred toward beings that assail him. This manifest itself in the Machete’s primary ability outside of cutting things. Whenever Thanatos’s blade carves into its victim’s souls, it forcibly injects its own Reiatsu into their system. Once there, Thanatos’s reiatsu will pervade his opponent’s system and, like a drug, will slowly spike up their sense of fear and trigger intense anxiety and panic attacks in the victim and after a certain point, the ability will morph their perception of Thanatos in to the thing they dread most.

These effects are not however instant in a majority of cases. Any deep cuts or puncture wounds will immediately assail the victim with the full range of the anxiety and panic and if not overcome, will leave the victim a frightened heap. Small cuts and dings however will not immediately generate the full blown panic. Each cut will however impart a sense of foreboding the a small kernel of fear in the back of an opponent’s mind while slowly building up to and gradually generating the immense panic and anxiety that exposure to the Reaper’s Machete will generate. For creatures such as Shinigami and Arrancar, this compounds the effectiveness of the Reaper’s Machete. Because their Zanpakutō, their primary weapons, are extensions of their soul’s, whenever one of their weapons comes in to contact with the Reaper’s Machete, the fear generating reiatsu will continue to pervade their system, offering the same gradual buildup of fear and panic and the inherent foreboding of dread towards Thanatos.

Funerary Home: Primarily because “Those coffins on the back of that damn monster.” was not substantially epic enough, Mamoru has taken to referring to Thanatos’s overarching power system as the Funerary Home. Adorned around the persona are seven coffins and in these coffins contain the majority of Thanatos’s powers. Each coffin represents a different element or function. Thanatos is capable of detaching each of the coffins and controlling them remotely, allowing them to separate from him and attack from different angles and providing him multiple ways to engage an opponent. Thanatos can engage and disengage a coffin to and from his body at any given moment provided the physical distance is closed. The power of each coffin is also increased exponentially for every coffin attached to it and is at minimal power when separated from the main body. In addition, every attached coffin can only generate one power at any given time, so if Thanatos as three coffins attached to his body, it may only channel the power of one of those coffins at any given time.

(Ma)Ziodyne: The first coffin of Thanatos opens up with one of his more intimidating and potent abilities. A purple light will wash over any coffins connected to Ziodyne and electricity will begin to crackle between them. Thanatos’s hinged jaw will drop slightly as it will funnel the electrical energy to the front of the open mouth. After a short charging period, Thanatos will expel the energy in a purple beam of compressed electricity that will crash in to anything with potency just shy of a Cero Oscuras with all seven coffins connected and obliterate whatever is in its way. Anything able to survive the sheer power of a direct hit from a full powered Ziodyne will find itself feeling muscle seizures from the electrical currents and will need to cope with moderate to severe cramping in the muscles for some time.(Two posts)

The destructive power diminishes greatly when coffins become detached however, and with only four coffins, including Ziodyne, attached to Thanatos the blast barely equates to a normal cero. When fully detached from Thanatos’s body and whilst being operated remotely, the size and power of the blast is drastically diminished, carrying the force of an average Bala in exchange for the speed and flexibility that firing the blast remotely affords.

(Ma)Agidyne: The second coffin of Thanatos takes on a slightly different form than its predecessor. When the Agidyne coffin is being utilized, a fiery red hue will emanate from all coffins attached. Thanatos will then stab its machete into the ground with enough force to split the earth. From that earth shattering schism will erupt a giant, serpentine pillar of fire that will seemingly take on a consciousness of its own as it chases and harries the target until it engulfs and incinerates them completely. With all seven coffins attached, the serpentine pillar will max out at twelve feet long and four feet thick and will decrease in size by an seventh for every coffin that unattaches from Thanatos. When detached, the coffin loses the impact of the gigantic fire serpent and instead functions as an industrial strength flamethrower.

(Ma)Bufudyne: The third coffin of Thanatos is of ice, which is a sharp departure from its fiery predecessor. When the Bufudyne coffin is utilized, a cool, icy blue hue will wash over the connected coffins. When utilizing the Bufudyne coffin, Thanatos can angle his coffins toward his opponents and from their tips, fire Reishi based icicles. These icicles are as big as the coffins themselves and upon detonation will burst outward and freeze whatever they collided with and anything in the immediate surrounding area. The amount of shots possible at once is dependent upon the amount of coffins attached to Thanatos. The Bufudyne coffin is the only one to fully retain its ability whilst detached, being able to fire its icicle projectile remotely and away from the main body.

(Ma)Garudyne: The fourth coffin is that of wind, rounding out the elemental coverage that Thanatos is afforded. Whilst in use, a vibrant green will permeate from the attached coffins for a brief moment before the air around Thanatos will begin to shift. Picking up speed, the wind around the creature will begin to spin violently around the creature and while interspersed with its own Reishi, will cause an immense shield of wind. This wind affords Thanatos with a wide variety of defenses from projectiles and physical attacks while also affording him a means in which to ram in to his opponents and shred them with the high velocity winds. Focused, small and piercing attacks can easily break through the wind based shield and the shield of wind prohibits Thanatos from utilizing his weapon, as he’d merely crash it against the wind bubble he has constructed around himself, but offense is not the chief function of the Garudyne coffin. When detached, the Coffin is capable of generating a mini Garudyne shield around itself. The Coffin is then capable of using this to ram itself into a victim for a surprisingly painful amount of concussive force.

Megidoloan: Most likely the most devastating, the fifth coffin combines the strengths of the previous coffins and takes their powers on step beyond, creating a devastating barrage of energy that is more than capable of laying waste to multiple. Thanatos and his coffins will be awash with a bright white light, signaling the use of the Megidoloan. After that short charging period, the tips of each coffin will fire twenty bright white energy projectiles, each with the strength of a potent cero, at a target. These projectiles possess a homing capability and will hound the intended target until they hit him or her, or anything near by them. In addition, when colliding with something, the energy blasts will explode, destroying anything in a two meter radius around ground zero. Unlike the other coffins, there is no variation with this ability and it requires all eight to be attached for it to be utilized. In addition, it may only be fired after a two post charging time after the bright white light is shown and after the execution of the attack, Thanatos may not utilize any coffins for three posts. It also has no abilities when detached from the main body and can only serve as a pseudo battering ram.

(Me)Diarahan: Now a truly far departure from the other coffins, the sixth coffin is one of healing and causes a soft pink hue to radiate from the connected coffins. As Thanatos is more an extension of Mamoru’s psyche than an actual living creature, reconstructing damaged tissue is considerably easier for the Persona than it is for a creature of flesh. As such, the sixth coffin allows Thanatos to reconstruct any destroyed coffins and to regenerate any damage it had incurred. Whilst detached, the coffin grows in size enough to accommodate for a full sized bipedal creature and the coffin is able to bestow a fraction of its healing capacity on to an external creature. It is limited in that it cannot regrow damage tissue with the same impunity and speed in which it can do so on itself, consequently unable to regrow limbs or extremities on a whim, but it is capable of prolonging a mortally wounded victim’s life for a period of time or healing minor injuries.

Pralaya: The final coffin of the Funerary Home is Thanatos’s physical combat engine. Whilst the Pralaya coffin is active, Thanatos’s strength and speed are drastically augmented. When all seven coffins are attached, Thanatos is granted a speed and strength an entire tier above what it is normally capable of. The benefit Thanatos would gain is decreased with each coffin that is detached from his body and goes down to the most marginal of benefits when it is the only coffin remaining. Once separated, the Pralaya coffin functions similarly to the Garudyne coffin and is used to crash in to and damage an opponent, however while the Garudyne coffin is a more spiraling, piercing effect, the Pralaya coffin is one hundred percent, unadultered destructive concussive force, able to inflict far more blunt trauma and damage.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Fushimi Mamoru Upgrade   Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:17 am

This isn't bad at all.

Tier Increase as well to 1-5.

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Fushimi Mamoru Upgrade
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