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 First update of Kaito's skills also tier upgrade.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: First update of Kaito's skills also tier upgrade.   Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:33 pm

So I need a tier update and these weapons where approved before this update.

Powers being used thread and basic Usage of them.
Power Gaining Thread.

Name: (透明アンサー Toumei Answer
Weapon Type: Dual Handguns.
Weapon Class: SS Rank [Best Grade]
Length: 4.5 in Barrel
Cost: None, Personal Creation
Description: These Handguns were created by Kaito after creating the weapons for Shizuka and Natsumiko. These handguns use an internal railgun design to add more power and speed behind the bullet able to push the bullet past mach 10 in speed. The bullets are spiritally created from the soul of Kaito, and the weapon is able to shoot 30 bullets each in a matter of seconds without even barely touching on the energy levels of Kaito. These handguns do create a lot of heat because of the energy released creates such a heat it can burn Kaito at the same time make his bullets dangerous because they are hard to dodge and if hit it'll hurt like hell. The materials are dark in nature so the weapons tend to seem to give a dark aura. This weapon draws of the energy of the person into the attacks and into the blade, thus causing the weapon to adapt to the user and the user to adapt to the weapon causing a symbiosis between weapon and user.

Name: 人造エネミー (Jinzou Enemy)
Weapon Type: Sword.
Weapon Class: SS Rank [Best Grade]
Length: 45'
Barrel length: 32 Inches
Cost: None, Personal Creation.
Description: Created from ornate materials for the handle, and legendary strong materials for the blade bringing an extremely elegant design and dangerous weapon making using rare materials making a blade that's as red as blood it would seem. The blade itself is tied to the user being that since Kaito uses it the weapon is tied to him, if he were to die, then the person who killed him would gain the right to use the weapon. The Weapon itself is able to create with the users energy skilled amounts explosions, that stem from the users natures, if they have a dark nature then the explosions will be dark explosions, depending on their nature and energy types they will affect the type of explosions. Again, this weapon draws of the energy of the person into the attacks and into the blade, thus causing the weapon to adapt to the user and the user to adapt to the weapon causing a symbiosis between weapon and user.

Weapon Thread.

Soul Evolution Powers
- Natural Attributes:
Unleashed Speed: Kaito once awakening his powers allows the restraints on his speed to be removed because of the sheer amount of training that Kaito has gone through with Sagumi this doesn't mean he can't be trumped by faster people, is that his speed is more like a marathon runner where he can maintain it for long periods of time and then burst to a higher speed without much problems at all, since he's thin and lanky he doesn't have as much of a wind resistance to go through because it's almost like him to do that. This natural ability is based on the fact that his genetics is that of Shadin's and that helps his speed to be faster than most. This doesn't mean that he can't be out sped, but generally once he starts moving he's always fast.

Instant Analysis: As he gained Powers Kaito's insight and Analysis gained such a boost he can almost instantly analyze abilities and skills If he sees them. At least when he sees the usage he can't mimicry the ability but he can understand it and in a way see how it works out. This doesn't mean however that he can necessarily counter it, but it does help him to see the ability and make it work out. This is the way that he makes up for his lack of physical prowess by being able to see and analyze attacks as they come to him, due to his high intellect and his natural knack of being analytical helps him to push this natural skill to the limit. This was a natural gift from his genetics.

Master of Taekwondo: From the harsh training of Sagumi he has learned how to strengthen his core and his legs to the point that it's like getting hit by a missile. In terms of decking someone he'd prefer to use his feet because they are faster and much more powerful. He has learned both ITF and WTF Tae Kwon Do, so not only his his feet strong but his entire legs are used to taking insane amounts of punishment due to the harsh and rigorous training of Sagumi, and pairing with the fact that he kicked Sagumi in the head constantly enough is a tome to this. In short getting kicked by Kaito is a bad thing since the damage capabilities of his kicks are simply dizzying. Although he knows how to use a weapon it's not common for him to use a blade because it was basically forced taught to him since he had a sword and a gun.

Skilled Magic Slinger: Being that he's been mastering Electromagnetic, Electrical, Zero Point, and Cyber energy, Kaito's skill of manipulating and using energy is pretty amazing. He could spell sling on par with mages. Also, he can use his magic to enhace the kicking styles that Kaito knows from learning from Sagumi's Chi styles, and possibly having an affinity to Chi. In Short Kaito's power as a mage is much stronger than him being a melee fighter. The fighting style that he uses is to offset his speed and strength in his legs and use them to the limit and his magic is to back him up and be the first line of offense. His Gun can be out fitted with his energy and that helps to enhance his bullets when he shoots his handgun, although he tends to refrain from using them unless he has to.

Insane Energy Reserves: This is caused by the insurmountable amount of energy that Kaito uses and can house in his body. The fact that he's a mage first allows him to have deep reserves due to the fact he's not a very strong physical fighter, but more or less a mage, and his energy needs to be deep. Steming from the fact he can manipulate the lowest purest amount of energy and bring it to the fullest fruition makes the changes from just a deep pool to an appearance of a never ending one, but even then Kaito can get exhausted quite fast because of the amount of energy it takes, and he's always leaking out bits of energy because his body just has so much. It doesn't help that being a descendant of Shadin Yuudeshi would naturally give him deep reserves, but his own magical skill pushed his own limits.

Area of Sagumi Techniques:
[Note: Not all techs are learned, but will be over time.]

Name: Danketsu
Description: Sagumi’s trademark style, The Danketsu is a style focused on linking Sagumi’s special techniques and maneuvers together and using the increasing momentum of offensive pressure to increase the devastation that one can inflict. The ever increasing tempo and pressure of the style is its greatest strength, but it quickly proves difficult to reliably chain the attacks together given the ease of which a ninja can escape in the split second time in between strikes. Every successive Danketsu technique doubles the power of the previous technique upon itself.

Name: Danketsu: Gatotsu Ishiki
Description: The first attack in the Gatotsu Chain, Sagumi will prepare his blow by dropping into a partial crouch, with both knees bent, right arm drawn back and his left extended forward. Sagumi’s right hand will slide down the hilt of his weapon before grasping the kashira or end cap of his sword and as he rests the tips of the fingers of his right hand on the blade near its tip. Sagumi will then thrust himself and his weapon forward in a powerful thrusting attack. This attack can also be used in a barehanded capacity.

Name: Danketsu: Gatotsu Nishiki
Description:One potential follow up attack to the Gatotsu: Ishiki. Using the momentum from the first Gatotsu, the user will force Chi to their feet and jettison themselves forward while twisting the point of the sword or fist downward to the ground. The burst of Chi will double the speed the user was moving at for the thrust while the twisting motion of the Gatotsu will cause a wider wound when the weapon strikes its target.

Name: Danketsu: Gatotsu Sanshiki
Description: One potential follow up attack to the Gatotsu: Ishiki. Sagumi will slide down into a low crouch before exploding upward, twisting the tip of his sword or fist upward and shooting it into an upward stab, using the power from the earth in his stance to propel himself upward, thrusting up at double the speed of his first Gatotsu.

Name: Danketsu: Gatotsu Zeroshiki
Description: Can either be used as a standalone strike or part of a Gatotsu combination. The user will gather a large amount of Chi to their weapon or fist and thrust that Chi either through the weapon or their fist, allowing them to generate a frighteningly powerful thrust with almost no arm movement, easily punching a massive hole through the human body.

Name: Danketsu: Split Step [Supuritto Suteppu]
Description: A simple technique, the Split Step is performed by lightly bouncing on the user’s toes. The use of this technique puts the user in a better position to move and react to incoming attacks, giving them an extra half second of reaction time, which is often a big difference between life and death.

Name: Danketsu: One-Footed Split Step [Kata Ashi Supuritto Suteppu]
Description: A slightly more difficult technique when compared to its multi-footed cousin, the Kata Ashi Supuritto Suteppu is performed by quickly bouncing on one foot at the moment of reaction instead of one. This gives almost three fourths of a second extra in reaction time in a specific direction.

Name: Danketsu: Buggy Whip Shot
Description: A simple but tricky and potentially devastating technique. The user will perform a simple slice of their sword that in actuality is far from simple. At the start of the actual swinging motion, the user will pump a wave of Chi from the length of the blade. The blade of Chi will then travel in a wide arc and strike the opponent from an odd angle. For example: If the swing was a horizontal slash across the midriff from the opponent’s left, the blade of Chi will arc one meter to the opponent’s left and strike him in the side. Whichever angle the sword is swung will determine the path of the blade of wind. The projectile itself is not capable of cutting through bone or other strong tissues. Skin and other soft and fleshy tissue however is easily sliced through.

Name: Danketsu: Rondo Towards Destruction [Hametsu e no rondo]
Description: A very situational technique, the Rondo Towards Destruction is potentially a very viable killing stroke. The user will channel Electrical Chi into his sword and right before the weapon would make contact with another blocking weapon, the Electrical Chi will jump from the user’s sword into the target’s weapon, forcing it away. This move is not without substantial drawbacks however. In order to maintain the amount of Chi in the weapon, the user is required to maintain almost absolute focus on it. Consequently, the user’s body must be completely inert before the strike and a few moments after, which makes the move highly impractical unless the user is being propelled by an outside force. Typically, this outside force is gravity, but ingenuity can lend to the move being slightly more practical.

Name: Danketsu: Triple Counter: Swallow Return [Danketsu: Sanjuu Tentou: Tsubame Gaishi]
Description: The first of the Triple Counters, Tsubame Gaishi is a riposte maneuver. When an attack, generally another weapon based manuever, is aimed at the user’s midriff or legs, the Tsubame Gaishi becomes available. The user will quickly hop into the air and parry the incoming blow, typically guiding the blow beneath his airborne self. From there, using the supreme Chi control of the Sumashuu, the user’s sword will glide up the opponent’s weapon and lead into a slice to the opponent’s chest.

Name: Danketsu: Triple Counter: Bear Drop [Danketsu: Sanjuu Tentou: Higuma Otoshi]
Description: The second of the Triple Counters, Higuma Otoshi is strictly a parry, but a powerful one and is meant to react to an overhead strike. The user will meet the overhead strike with the flat of his sword. Instead of the two blades actually connecting however, using the supreme Chi control of the Sumashuu, a small pocket of Chi will form at the point of impact. From there, the user of the Higuma Otoshi will sweep his sword to the side, causing the pocket of Chi to violently jerk and rip the opponent’s weapon from their hand.

Name: Danketsu: Triple Counter: Dragonfly Illusion [Danketsu: Sanjuu Tentou: Kagerō Zutsumi]
Description: The fourth of the Triple Counters, the Kagerō Zutsumi is a rather flashy technique. After blocking an opposing weapon, the user will create a force a negative charge into the opponent’s weapon while inserting a positive charge into his own. This will keep the weapons effectively stuck together. Then, using proper leverage and ideally surprise, the user will rip the weapon from their opponent’s hands.

Name: Danketsu: Triple Counter: Star Fireworks [Danketsu: Sanjuu Tentou: Hoshi Hanabi]
Description: The fifth of the triple counters, the Hoshi Hanabi effectively counters projectiles and physical Technique. By channeling Electrical Chi into the blade, the user will lower the tip of the blade to the ground before swinging in an upward, violent arc. By combining a powerful swing with the enhanced cutting power of Electrical, the counter will cleave through lesser weapons or jolt the weapon out of the opponent’s hands. Any common weapons will be immediately broken and anything more potent will be forced out of an opponent’s hand. Any other weapon will simply be knocked from the opponent’s hand. Given the relatively slow nature of the counter, the opponent’s attack needs to be slower and heavily telegraphed for this technique to have use.

Name: Samurai Zone [Samurai Zōn]
Description: A very potent KenTechnique, the Samurai Zone is supremely effective against other KenTechnique users. Upon making contact with an opponent’s weapon, the user of the technique will selectively charge an opponent’s metal weapon with electrons while maintaining a positive charge in his own weapon. This effectively allows the user of the Samurai Zone to funnel his opponent’s blade into the general area that the user wishes, making it very easy to parry and negate an opponent’s offense. The effect lasts until dispelled.

Name: Sagumibattou
Description: An advanced form of Iaido, the Sagumibattou is a style fixated around using the sword sheathe as a funnel to reduce movement and air resistance in the sword slash. The release for the Sagumibattou however is far gentler than a typical Iaido draw with less wasted movement, effectively making it faster than a normal Iaido draw through completely refined movements. Because of the lack of wasted movement, the free hand does not need to brace the sheathe for the draw to be efficient.

Name: Nitōryū: Two Swords Style
Description: Unlike the name suggests, this style only involves one sword. It does however focus on the capacity to switch sword hands effortless and promotes the capacity for using the momentum given by being able to swiftly and effortlessly transition from one hand to another. Masters of this style tend to be much more defensively sound, being able to cover all angles of attack with little trouble and have effectively improved reaction time.

Name: Danketsu: Bagua Steps[Baguazhang Kaiho]
Description: A very basic footwork maneuver that the technique practitioner has been able to perfect through use of Chi enhanced movements. When an opponent attacks,the Bagua user will circle around his side, and appear behind him. When someone attacks with a punch, the practitioner will put his same sided foot behind their opposite sided foot, with his two feet pointing towards each other. After that, follow up with your left foot, circle behind your opponent's left side and you appear behind the opponent. This can be used as a starting point for a throw or a strike. Using Chi to enhance the movement makes it difficult to the untrained eye. The trained eye, I.E. shinobi, will usually be able to follow the movement, but it is very useful for gaining better positioning in hand to hand combat.

Name: Danketsu: After-Image Dash[Kasumi Gake]
Description: A useful technique, the Kasumi Gake causes the user the shoot forward in a straight line at greatly increased speed, leaving only an after-image of their body behind while their body seems to be a blur. This however needs to be a completely controlled movement and as such, cannot be used as an attack itself. The user needs to already be moving and building momentum to use the Kasumi Gake and all movement ceases completely once they exit the Kasumi Gake, leaving another lull before an attack can be executed, giving an opponent ample time to react if not caught completely off guard.

Name: Danketsu: Illusionary Dash [Kaihou]
Description: The name, while the technique is no illusion, is frighteningly accurate for this Technique maneuver. The human eye has a weakness, a blind spot. Light gets into the eye by passing through the pupil. It hits the retina at the back of the eye. The retina is covered with light-sensing proteins. They relay what they sense to the optic nerve which carries the information back into the brain. The problem is, the optic nerve ends in the field of the retina itself. This creates a dark spot in the human field of vision. When these dark spots overlap or if the person is forced to look out of one eye the brain just fills in the spot looking at the surrounding picture. This is the tendency with the human brain that the Illusionary Dash exploits. After a time of watching and studying the opponent’s optical tendencies (2 posts) the user of this technique will be able to locate that blind spot. From there, is where the illusionary dash takes place. By channeling Chi to their feet, the user will increase their speed by 10% for two posts while constantly moving into the dead spot in their opponent’s field of vision. Considering the dead spot changes whenever they move their head so much as an inch, it will seem as if the user of the Illusionary dash is flickering in and out of focus, making it difficult to effectively read the Illusionary dasher’s attacks. If the opponent loses or has lost functionality in one eye, the user can cause themselves to disappear from view entirely. Given the location of the blind spot, this Technique functions are a range of six feet.

Name: Danketsu: Lightning Legs [Hyakuretsukyaku]
Description: This technique is, at its core, simply a kicking technique. The user will initiate a direct forward kick in front of their body. However, it will not remain a simple forward kick, as soon as the first kick finishes, the Technique will proceed to throw four more kicks that connect each a quarter of a second after the first, effectively kicking a target five times within a second. With more Chi applied, the technique strikes ten times within that second.

Name: Seikūken [Control of the Air Sphere]
Description: The Seikūken is a defensive style of combat that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length/the length of a weapon, creating a metaphorical spherical shield around oneself. This style dramatically speeds up the the user’s reaction time to any attack that enters his sphere of control by absurd levels, allowing the user rather difficult to assail. The Seikūken can only be erected with a calm, still mind. If the practitioner’s mind is not calm, it would be impossible for him or her to erect the Seikūken. Consequently, this technique is meant to be used while stationary and is incredibly difficult and impossible naturally to be used while moving quickly, consequently, slow walking is the full extent of movement possible with this technique.

- Racial Powers:
Cyber Manipulation: Kaito's initial internet addiction was caused by the genetic testing within his body being that a Yuudeshi and a descendant of Shadin, that his body was crafted to have powers, but they were locked away so the boy could have somewhat a normal childhood and high school life, unfortunately they awoke during the last year because of the increasing amount of spiritual beings placing a lot of mental and emotional strain on him. This brought his eyes from their normal color to a red color mimicking that of Shadin Yuudeshi. While this activated, his eyes began to see the inner workings of the internet as if it was a part of this world. Allowing him to access the Yuudeshi network on his own without using any device while his eyes are stuck like this when in battle, he can view the vectors and see how they work in the sense of that the science behind them allows him to either counter them and user their energy and create a cyber-equivalent and manipulate them in their own way. His eyes don't drain energy until he starts using them, but once they become Red it can be assumed he can be manipulating the vectors within the Cyber world. That means that within that world that his manipulation is strengthened by the natural affinity of electricity. The stronger the electricity is in the area the more he can manipulate the vectors of the cyber world around him. These are always active, but the manipulation of them takes energy, the fact his eyes are red during this state is more of an after effect really.

A.I.M Fields: These fields are able to be seen by Kaito due to the manipulation of electricity and his Hacking of the cybernetic area allows him to see and manipulate the fields that are based off of magnetism. Basically he can see and manipulate them to breaking and bursting like explosive blasts, but it's electromagnetic spectrum that Kaito is known for bending and breaking to his will. These fields are around all types of people, and it doesn't tell him what their abilities are, but he's able to differentiate between the different races and how strong they are. This is the most basic function of the fields, being able to see how they are manipulated and to manipulate the fields around himself. This doesn't mean he can bend other people's fields, but it means that his fields with the right frequency and manipulation by his other skills can definitely disrupt the energy flow of people. This is normally hard to see without him using manipulating factors of the cyber world as a medium to see the fields, but as he gets stronger and more in touch with his powers the better he can manipulate and bend his AIM fields to their limits knowing what he can do to make them more applicable for himself. The Aim Fields are created naturally by all beings with powers, and as such most people can't see them because they are so difficult to understand, for Kaito the only reason why he can see them is because of his connection to the cyber world. Which allows him to note other species, but this doesn't mean that he can know everything or even remotely anything about their powers except that they have powers, and how powerful they are because their waves are either stronger or more changed as time goes on and he sees their fields shifting and moving around.

Soul State Evolution

- Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance:

- Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: First update of Kaito's skills also tier upgrade.   Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:17 pm

Approved have fun with it bro, show them something, tier 2-1.

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First update of Kaito's skills also tier upgrade.
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